I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1428

Chapter 1429: support

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"What? The ship is sinking? You hold on, and I will go over at once."

Liu Mingyu was taken aback. He knew the crisis of the battle, but he didn't expect the crisis to reach such a situation.

In fact, Liu Mingyu values the safety of zombies more than ships.

Although they were converted from zombies, Liu Mingyu regarded them as human beings. In Liu Mingyu's eyes, they were his brothers and sisters and his family.

It doesn't matter if the boat is gone, the important thing is that the people are still there.

Staying in the green hills, you are not afraid that there will be no firewood.

The materials in Shanghai and Hong Kong have been there for several years and will not disappear for a few days at night.

The ship is gone, just send another one.

People are more important, not to mention that Liu Mingyu spends a lot of points on them.

Although it is simple to make a zombie, it consumes a lot of points.

Liu Mingyu immediately fixed one of the fixed crossing points to Chen Guosheng's side.

He did not rush to Chen Guosheng the first time, but called the Tier 4 and Tier 5 zombies.

Facing the attack of more than 100,000 seabirds, the low-level zombies did not have much effect in the past, and those high-level zombies must be brought along.

Since the system was upgraded, Liu Mingyu allowed those zombies in the peak state of Tier 4 to successfully advance to Tier 5.

Although the number is small, there are also ten zombies advanced to Tier 5 in total.

As for Tier 4 zombies, the number is even greater.

Liu Mingyu brought the Tier 4 and Tier 5 zombies together through the communication means provided by the system.

The zombie conversion plant has the function of a warehouse, which can store those zombies.

Under normal circumstances, Liu Mingyu is unlikely to use this function.

Unless it is to let those zombies enter the real world, they will use this function.

When crossing, you can't carry living organisms, but as long as you put the zombie in the warehouse of the zombie conversion factory, you can avoid it perfectly.

This can be considered a bug.

If it is not the warehouse of the zombie conversion factory, only zombies can be stored, and Liu Mingyu can even bring people here into the real world in this way.

Although it is not often used, the zombie conversion plant can store enough.

The five-level warehouse can hold 1,600 zombies.

However, Liu Mingyu doesn't need so many zombies to pass.

Mainly because there are not enough Tier 4 zombies.

After the zombies were notified by Liu Mingyu, no matter what they were doing at the moment, they put down their work and rushed to the designated place as soon as possible.

The other survivors did not know the identity of the zombies. In their eyes, these zombies all had the same identity as them.

Some people are helping to count the supplies. After receiving the news, they immediately put down their work and arrived at the designated location as quickly as possible.

Those survivors who worked with him became stunned when they saw the speed of this person's eruption.

"If I'm not dazzled, the person who just left is Xiao Li, right? The speed at which this erupts is far more powerful than those from the warhead."

"I can be very sure that that person is Xiao Li. I was still checking the list with me just now. I didn't expect that the person disappeared in the blink of an eye, so fast that I didn't even react."

"It turns out that Xiao Li is the master around us. With such strength, it is a pity not to participate in the warhead."

"Everyone has their own ambitions. In our logistics department, it is actually quite good, at least the risk is greatly reduced."

"That can't be said. The reason why we are able to be stable in the back is because the people with the warhead are blocking the zombies for us in front. If it is not for my strength, I will definitely apply to the battle front."

There is no time to be quiet, it's just that someone is walking forward with a heavy load in a place you can't see.

Similar situations have occurred not only in the logistics department, agriculture department, research and development department and other departments.

Everyone was shocked, the colleague who turned out to be silent by his side turned out to be a super master.

After this happened, some people even advocated to find the real master hidden among the people.

However, this kind of thing will not end in the end.

All the zombies who received the task arrived at the designated location as quickly as possible.

From the notification to the completion of the assembly, it took less than two minutes in total.

You must know that these people were originally scattered in various departments, and two minutes was basically to maximize their speed.

The Star Base is relatively better here, and the distance we work is not too big.

There was a lot of trouble on the side of the Sioux City settlement.

Even when several zombies were notified, they were still fighting outside.

Without saying anything, they arrived at the designated location as quickly as possible.

Knowing that the Sioux City settlement is relatively large, when Liu Mingyu gave the order, he deliberately set up a meeting point on the east and west sides of the Sioux City settlement.

The two-minute assembly time is barely enough for them.

The point where they gathered was the crossing point that Liu Mingyu re-determined.

After Liu Mingyu confirmed that they were assembled, he used the real world as a springboard to directly appear in front of everyone in the next second.

These people are all zombies, and Liu Mingyu doesn't need to be taboo in front of them.

Moreover, many survivors now have awakened abilities, even if they were seen by them, it was only when Liu Mingyu awakened a rare space abilities.

Although among the many survivors, no one has awakened the spatial ability, but it does not mean that this kind of ability does not exist.

Most of the abilities of survivors can find corresponding abilities on the zombies.

They have encountered space powers on zombies, so even if they see them, it doesn't matter much.

At the moment when Liu Mingyu arrived, he instantly recovered the zombies in front of him to the warehouse of the zombie conversion factory.

Soon after, disappeared in this world again.

In the next second, Liu Mingyu's figure reappeared in the Sioux City settlement tens of kilometers away from the Star Base.

This ability is not teleportation, it is better than teleportation.

Liu Mingyu did the trick and took all the zombies in the settlement of Sucheng.

A total of ten Tier 5 zombies and 369 Tier 4 zombies were gathered this time.

Except partly because of the mission, he was performing the mission outside and was unable to return.

It is almost sad here that Liu Mingyu is currently able to gather high-end combat power.

bring it on! Have a fight.

Liu Mingyu looked serious and let out a long sigh.

In the next second, Liu Mingyu, who used the real world as a springboard, appeared next to Chen Guosheng.

Liu Mingyu was mentally prepared before crossing, but when he crossed to Chen Guosheng's side, he was still taken aback.

He walked directly into the carcass of seabirds. There were carcasses of seabirds in all directions, and a strong stench rushed straight into his nose.

Liu Mingyu stretched his hands outwards, and the dead seabirds beside him suddenly spread out.

Only then did he notice that Chen Guosheng was standing next to him.

Chen Guosheng is like a hero descending from the heavens, and with every shot he can kill one or even multiple seabirds.

At the moment Liu Mingyu appeared, Chen Guosheng thought he had encountered a special enemy, and suddenly a huge fist waved towards Liu Mingyu.

"it's me."

Liu Mingyu easily escaped Chen Guosheng's fist and slapped the seabirds who wanted to attack him to death.

"Boss, you are here."

Chen Guosheng was overjoyed on his face. The boss is here. This time he will definitely be able to withstand these seabirds and reach Shanghai and Hong Kong safely.

Liu Mingyu released the zombies he brought over for the first time.

Those zombies who were released again were overwhelmed by the overwhelming birds before they had time to see the surrounding situation.

These seabirds, no matter why there are so many more humans on the ship.

They only know that all the creatures on this ship are their enemies, even this ship.

They attack everything that can be seen in front of them.

"Everyone obeyed the order and tried their best to kill these seabirds."

Liu Mingyu shouted loudly.

In fact, without Liu Mingyu's order, they had already launched an attack on these seabirds.

Apart from their partners, there are only these seabirds on this ship, and they don't need to be specifically identified.

Compared with Chen Guosheng leading the Eastern Exploration Team, the more than 300 zombies brought by Liu Mingyu have improved several levels in strength.

Each of these zombies showed their magical powers and used their own housekeeping skills.

For a time, the ship that was originally shrouded in darkness had scattered rays of light scattered from inside.

As time goes by, more and more colorless rays of light, penetrating through layers of dark clouds, scatter in all directions.

It's like the sun's rays passing through the dark cloud-enclosed sky, shining brilliantly!

With their participation, the ship that was about to fall has slowly stabilized.

Liu Mingyu was not idle either. After releasing the zombie, he immediately summoned Wan Youliang and the others.

The advantage of being a summoner is that you can summon your own summoned beast anytime, anywhere.

Wan Youliang and their four-dimensional attributes are not high, but their fighting skills are enough to enable them to deal with enemies stronger than themselves.

What's more, although the number of these seabirds is large, their individual strength is not strong.

Many seabirds have only the second-tier primary strength, and only a few seabirds have reached the third-tier primary strength.

Although the number of seabirds is large, the number of people who can really attack the zombies is not much.

The zombie only needs to face a few seabirds.

So these zombies seem to be at risk, but in fact they are still safe.

This encounter caused many of them who had only second-tier strength to break through to the third-tier elementary.

This is thanks to Liu Mingyu spending points to improve their four-dimensional attributes to their peak state.

Otherwise, even in such a crisis state, it is impossible for most people to advance.

Although, under extremely strong pressure, as long as you can survive the pressure, you have a great chance to advance.

But this is also necessary to reach the peak state first.

If you are just a person who has just advanced, facing this situation, the most is to gain some combat experience. Only a small number of geniuses can continue to advance several levels in this state, and finally successfully advance.

Everyone showed their magical powers and released their own abilities.

Liu Mingyu also took out the incomplete version of Frostmourne from the storage space.

After taking Frostmourne out, Liu Mingyu felt a wave of excitement passing from above.

As far as Frostmourne is concerned, his favorite is the corpse. The more corpses he has, the more he can exert his strength.

Liu Mingyu wielded Frostmourne without any moves.

With a light wave, you can take away a large swath of seabirds.

You know, Frostmourne can cut through Godzilla's skin.

These ordinary seabirds, in front of Frostmourne, are as fragile as tofu.

More and more seabirds fell in front of Liu Mingyu.

When killing the seabirds, Liu Mingyu noticed that every time he touched the seabirds, a black air seemed to be absorbed by Frostmourne.

I don't know if this thing is good or bad.

Judging from the current situation, it does not seem to have much effect.

Liu Mingyu ignored it for the time being, he concentrated on killing the surrounding seabirds.

With Liu Mingyu and the zombies brought by Liu Mingyu, the speed of seabirds falling to death has become faster.

Almost every second can see a large number of seabirds, falling on the deck or in the sea.

If it were an ordinary creature, it would have already disappeared when it encountered such a slaughter.

Don't say it was the slaughter like this, I'm afraid it flew away at the moment of contact.

However, facing the death of their companions, these seabirds didn't care. Instead, they seemed to be crazy, attacking them frantically.

But there is a way that you can't give up if you don't kill them.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

In a loud shout, they were like butchers, slaughtering these seabirds frantically.

They don't know how long this massacre lasted.

All I know is that the surrounding black clouds are becoming thinner and thinner.

I don't know when, there are only a few seabirds still hovering in the sky.

It is also thanks that they are all powerful zombies. If they are ordinary survivors, even if they can defeat this group of seabirds, they will probably be exhausted.

Since Liu Mingyu came here, he has been paying attention to the situation in the sky. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

He found that not all seabirds attacked them.

There is also a part of seabirds hovering in the sky, seeming to be monitoring the battle, and it seems to be passing the battle situation from this side to other places.

Liu Mingyu once asked those zombies who could fly to attack the seabirds.

However, this group of seabirds was very vigilant, and when they found zombies flying up, they all increased their flying distance.

Avoided the attack of the zombies.

Zombies who can fly, although they can fly, have a limited flying height and cannot fly up without restrictions like those seabirds.

After trying several times, they were easily spotted by the seabirds, and Liu Mingyu could only give up temporarily.

This battle lasted for two hours, and finally eliminated all the seabirds in the sky!

On the deck, there were dead bodies of seabirds. There were too many dead bodies, causing many seabirds to fall into the ocean.

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