I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1429

Chapter 1430: Invisible enemy

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The battle seemed tragic, but in fact, there was no death on Liu Mingyu's side.

Only some people were injured, and these injured people quickly recovered in the hands of the zombies who were specially responsible for the treatment.

In addition, a large number of Tier 2 zombies have successfully promoted themselves to Tier 3 through this battle.

As for those Tier 3 zombies, they don't have such a good opportunity. Apart from adding some actual combat experience, there are no cases of successful advancement.

These seabirds seem to be fierce, but in fact they can't pose too much threat to those zombies of Tier 3 and above.

In particular, Liu Mingyu's support from behind made the entire battle a physical activity.

If Liu Mingyu's support is a little bit late for about half an hour, there may be some Tier 3 zombies who can take this opportunity to be promoted to Tier 4.

However, if you really do this, it may not be as simple as some people get injured this time. I am afraid that those Tier 2 zombies will die a lot.

Although the individual strength of seabirds is not strong, as the saying goes, too many ants can kill elephants.

Moreover, there are also some existences in the seabirds whose strength is comparable to that of Tier 2 zombies.

It's really going to be half an hour late and it will definitely kill more than half.

You know, when Chen Guosheng led the Eastern Exploration Team, when they first came out, most of them were Tier 1 and Tier 2 zombies, and only a small number of zombies reached Tier 3 and Tier 4.

Because last time in Jiagang, the first-tier zombie was successfully promoted to the second-tier.

Therefore, 80% of the exploration team led by Chen Guosheng had only Tier 2 strength.

If you really want to do this, when Liu Mingyu comes over, I'm afraid I will only see a few people.

It is even possible that the ship no longer exists.

Although the defensive materials covered on the ship's surface can temporarily block the attacks of seabirds, it is definitely not a long-term solution.

Under the continuous attack of seabirds, I am afraid it will really be breached.

Although not able to advance those Tier 3 zombies this time, it is a very big gain to allow most Tier 2 zombies to advance.

However, it is a pity for Liu Mingyu that a large number of carcasses of seabirds fell into the sea.

A lot of energy spar was wasted.

It's a pity to call it straight.

After the battle, Liu Mingyu asked them to start cleaning the battlefield.

Like zombies, these seabirds also have energy spars at the back of their heads.

This shows that, just like zombies, these seabirds are all infected by zombie virus.

Compared with the energy spar in the zombie's head, the energy spar invested by the seabird is much smaller.

However, Liu Mingyu discovered that the energy spar in the heads of these seabirds seemed to be different from the energy spar in the heads of zombies.

Not only the difference in color, but also other differences.

But this is the first impression, and the specific situation needs to be studied.

The energy spar obtained by the group of seabirds killed in Jiagang last time has been handed over to the research institute for comparative analysis.

Because the entire research institute has been busy doing various experiments on Godzilla's corpse recently, the analysis report of the energy spar in the seabird's head has not yet come out.

This time they harvested a large amount of energy spar again, and they must be asked to check as soon as possible whether there is any difference between the two.

When cleaning up the battlefield, the group of seabirds in the sky did not leave or come down to attack them. They were still hovering in mid-air, seeming to be watching them.

The number of this group of seabirds is small, there are about a hundred.

The seabirds do not gather together, but hover over the ship.

Observe the ship from all angles.

These seabirds gave Liu Mingyu the feeling of being monitored by a drone from above.

Liu Mingyu tried to attack them, but unfortunately they were all raised and resolved one by one.

Liu Mingyu could only give up temporarily and let them observe on it.

Anyway, they can only see what's on the deck from above, and they can't check what's inside the ship.

If they dared to approach, it would be great. Liu Mingyu didn't need to take action personally. The soldiers on the deck who were responsible for cleaning up the battlefield were able to clean them up.

The above matters were cleaned up by the soldiers, while Liu Mingyu returned to the cabin.

Although Liu Mingyu has basically adapted to the stench from the battlefield, if he can stay away, it is better to stay away.

Compared with the blood-stained deck above, the cabin looks much cleaner.

Liu Mingyu came to the lobby and found a place to rest.

Liu Mingyu checked the attributes of the members of the Eastern Exploration Team and looked at most of them. Compared with the previous ones, they have been greatly improved, with a satisfied smile on his face.

Although there are many people who have not been able to be promoted successfully, the increase in attribute points shows that they still have a good performance in this battle.

It must be rewarded.

Liu Mingyu immediately promoted the two hundred members of the Eastern Exploration Team to the highest attributes of the current class.

This is definitely not a decision made on a whim.

Let them reach their peak state, and if they encounter similar battles again, it is very likely that these people can be promoted again.

Although the probability of promotion from Tier 3 to Tier 4 is very low, it does not mean that there is no such promotion.

If you are not in the peak state, you can only add a little bit of attribute points like this time.

It's not that increasing the attribute points is useless, it's still far from being promoted to a larger level.

The points Liu Mingyu obtained are all points earned by them, and they can be regarded as taken for the people and used for the people.

Killing these seabirds will also bring Liu Mingyu points.

This battle of more than 100,000 seabirds allowed Liu Mingyu to earn more than one million points.

Therefore, Liu Mingyu did not consume too many extra points to upgrade the members of these exploration teams to their peak state.

As for the Tier 4 and Tier 5 zombies brought by Liu Mingyu, Liu Mingyu did not strengthen them.

It's really hard to move. Liu Mingyu has the most points, but there are many people and he consumes a lot of points.

Even if Liu Mingyu has a wealth of money, he can't stand it.

The strengthening of these people can only make them stronger on their own.

The team members who are working **** the deck feel the powerful power brought by their bodies. They know that these are bestowed on them by the boss.

All of a sudden, their movements became more agile, stronger and stronger.

Completing the tasks assigned by the boss at the fastest speed is the best reward for the bosss gift.

They had just cleaned up the corpses on the deck, and the shrill sirens sounded on the ship again.

Liu Mingyu sat up awkwardly and walked quickly to the deck.

Seeing everyone on the deck, he quickly found his position and was ready for battle.

The long-term battles have allowed them to react extremely quickly in the face of sudden crises.

Liu Mingyu found Chen Guosheng, who was in charge next to him, and asked, "What's wrong? What happened?"

Chen Guosheng hurriedly responded: "I don't know what the situation is. According to the radar detection of the personnel on duty, at a distance of about 25km from us at five o'clock, a behemoth was found, which is moving toward us at a speed of 250km per hour. Forward."

Liu Mingyu looked in the direction that Chen Guosheng had said, and found nothing there except for a few clouds drifting by.

Liu Mingyu can see clearly that the clouds floating there are really just ordinary clouds, not clouds made up of seabirds or other creatures.

"Sure there is a giant creature coming in that direction? Why didn't I see anything? Isn't it a misjudgment?"

Liu Mingyu was puzzled. He stared in that direction for a long time, and he did not find anything there.

Don't say it is a giant creature, not even a seabird was found.

"Boss, I immediately ask them to check again to see if it is a malfunction of the radar."

Chen Guosheng watched for a long time, but did not find any creatures in that direction.

After speaking, Chen Guosheng ran to the side to contact the staff in the radar room.

Liu Mingyu continued to stare at the five o'clock direction. If the opponent had such a fast speed, there should be a little movement, but after watching for a long time, there was no movement.

Didn't Liu Mingyu never doubt whether that behemoth has the ability to be invisible?

This led to the inability to observe the existence of the other party.

The surveillance radar on the ship is a specially manufactured energy detector, which is mainly used to monitor the zombies.

Most of the zombies are dead bodies, and ordinary radar cannot detect the existence of zombies.

This new type of energy detector was developed by Zhao Xuekun and has been widely used in warheads.

When exploring in the wild, with energy detectors, you can discover the existence of surrounding zombies for the first time.

No matter whether the opponent is hidden in the water or in a thick room, they cannot escape the detection of the energy detector.

The energy detector is mainly aimed at the energy wave emitted by the energy spar in the head of the zombie, and the energy spar within a certain range can be detected.

This is the superb place of the energy detector.

Energy detectors are mainly small energy detectors, about the size of a flashlight, which can be easily held in one's hand, and can even be connected to a smart bracelet and displayed on the smart bracelet.

In addition to small energy detectors, large energy detectors have also been produced.

The detection range is wider and the sensitivity is greater.

When the ship was repaired this time, it was specially modified and a large energy detector was added to the ship.

The large energy detector on the ship can detect that a behemoth is approaching at a speed of 250km per hour in that direction, and it should really exist.

It's just that if there are really giants approaching at this speed, they should be able to see some traces.

However, Liu Mingyu observed carefully for a long time and found no movement.

Liu Mingyu couldn't help but doubt that the so-called behemoth was actually not in the air, but on the seabed.

Liu Mingyu lay on the railing and looked towards the sea. He could only see the sparkling sea surface, and could not see anything under the sea surface.

After a while, Chen Guosheng ran over and reported loudly: "Boss, after repeated tests, it is determined that our energy detector is intact.

At five o'clock, the height was about two hundred meters, and a group of flying creatures were approaching at a very fast speed.

According to speculation, this group of flying creatures is likely to be a new wave of seabirds.

And it may be a seabird with invisibility. "

Liu Mingyu asked in surprise: "What? Not a behemoth, but a group of flying creatures?"

"Yes, it has been tested several times, and it can be completely confirmed that the creature that is about to attack is a group of flying creatures, not a monster as reported at the beginning."

Chen Guosheng's face was a little ashamed, and there was such a big mistake, it shouldn't be.

A group of creatures and a creature are completely different concepts.

Chen Guosheng conducted a test in the monitoring room and found that there was no problem with the energy detector.

There, like Liu Mingyu, he also asked if the behemoth was on the bottom of the sea?

After all, he just watched on the deck for a long time, and also didn't see any movement, it is better to wonder if the other party is coming over on the sea floor?

However, after testing, in fact, that behemoth was not on the bottom of the sea, but in the air.

The behemoth that was originally detected has also become a group of flying creatures.

He didn't know why the test result was changed.

But in any case, it is better to face a group of flying creatures than to face a behemoth.

Liu Mingyu locked his gaze tightly in the direction of five o'clock, with height and distance.

He can fully confirm the specific location.

Observe carefully, not letting go of a little detail.

Suddenly, Liu Mingyu felt a wave of energy in the air ahead.

This should be the group of flying creatures.

Liu Mingyu shouted loudly: "Attention everyone, the enemy is about to attack. The opponent may be a flying creature with stealth ability. Everyone turns on the energy detector and prepares for battle."

The structure of the small energy detector is very simple, basically everyone brings one.

They are already very familiar with zombies with invisibility capabilities.

With a small energy detector, the opponent's stealth ability is useless.

Although they can't see their existence, UU reading www.uuknshu.com can find the specific location of the other party through the energy detector.

While talking, everyone can feel the murderous aura coming on their faces without even needing an energy detector.

Liu Mingyu had already taken out Frostmourne, and was waiting for it.

The opponent didn't seem to care about the movements of the people on the deck, and still followed the original route and launched a fierce attack towards the people.


Liu Mingyu shouted violently, and Frostmourne slashed forward.

An unknown seabird the size of an eagle directly appeared in the air and was directly cut in half by Liu Mingyu.

Others succeeded one after another, a large number of unknown seabirds scattered on the deck.

For a while, the deck that had been swept clean was once again soaked in bright red blood.

Compared with the previous seabird attack, this time the invisible seabird attack brought a certain amount of pressure to everyone.

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