I Got Bitten After Transmigrating Into A Pseudo Beta Chapter 75

Chapter 73: Fanwai 2 Buy Carefully

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His name is Yue Fei and he is a beta.

In this world, alpha is a first-class citizen, omega is a second-class citizen, and beta is a third-class citizen.

This is what the public thinks.

But Yue Fei feels that omega and beta are both the lowest level of existence in this world.

Born to be alpha, both talent and environment enjoy higher and first-class preferential treatment than the other two types of people.

The creator is so unfair, he gave everything to alpha, so that the other two types of people can only be under the leadership of alpha forever.

Since childhood, no matter how hard he works, his results have never surpassed the alpha.

Of course there is a situation that may be surpassed, and that is when alpha gives up.

Under the same conditions, with equal efforts, the return that beta can get, only alpha can get is less than 20%.

This is the result of scientific experiment statistics. Science tells beta that it takes 500% effort to stand on the same starting line as alpha.

Yue Fei has a pair of younger siblings, but under the appearance of siblings getting along well, only Yue Fei knows that he tries to hide his dislike for brother Alpha.

The younger brother may be aware of it, but Yue Fei doesn't know, but when his younger brother's performance as an alpha has never surpassed his own performance at the same stage, he does have a genuine affection for his younger brother.

But even if the younger brother behaved like this, parents still said all day that this family will belong to the younger brother in the future. The younger sister is an omega, and they dont need to worry about the future. Only Yue Fei, a beta, they cant see his future. They only hope that his younger siblings can read about brotherhood in the future and help them.

Therefore, Yue Fei did not kiss his younger siblings from the bottom of his heart, nor did he kiss his parents.

Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, or in the eyes of other family members, they are a harmonious friend. Only Yue Fei knows that they are not.

He in this home is depressed and hypocritical.

Later, Yue Fei fell in love with an alpha. That alpha was very special. He said that he did not believe in fate and did not agree with the bond between alpha and omega. As long as they fell in love, even alpha and beta could last a long time.

The more faithful it is.

But after a long time, Yue Fei discovered that he believed a lie.

In an inexplicable accident, he came to another world.

There is no concept of alpha, beta, or omega in this world.

At first he was not used to it, and would miss Jane.

But by chance, he saw a book.

He has the same name and the same experience as the people in the book. Yue Fei is almost certain that the person in this book is himself.

But unfortunately, he is only a small supporting role in this book, and his pride is only a stepping stone for the love of the two protagonists.

After reading the book, Yue Fei stayed alone in the rented house for a long time. In just a few hours, he seemed to have finished his life in that world.

From now on, he chooses to forget his memories.

Now here, this place is the world he was born to exist in.

There is no difference between alpha, beta, and omega. Everyones upper limit is not predestined at birth.

Life in this new world is very beautiful for Yue Fei. The hardest thing may be the difficulty of material conditions, but Yue Fei is not afraid of this.

The most urgent pressure today is the debt owed by the original owner's father.

Yue Fei succeeded in getting rid of his creditors by studying the laws of this world.

He gave up all his father's inheritance rights, and at the same time he was not obliged to pay for those high debts.

Yue Fei felt very strange. The original owner grew up in this world and it is impossible not to know such rules, but the original owner chose to take the initiative to repay those debts, almost giving up all of his future.

He couldn't understand, but he didn't care too much.

Now this body belongs to him, he is the Yue Fei of this world, and the dominance is in his hands.

He will properly handle these things and will not let his new life be dragged down by the mud.

Without money, he can earn a part-time job.

Fortunately, Yue Fei applied for his first job as a piano player in a high-end western restaurant. He found that no matter how hard he worked in that world, he could only get the ability of B+. In this world, he suddenly blossomed with the brilliance of A+.

His test was praised by the distinguished guests in the restaurant, and the manager hired him without saying a word.

In this way, Yue Fei got his first job in his life.

After that, everything went smoothly.

He loves photography, and the photos he took have been sought after by many people on the Internet.

He loves to paint, and he once said nothing to his teacher for his works. In an accident, he met Bole.

......He was in that world and could never match the ability of alpha, but he was able to shine in this world.

He is sure that a person can live well in this world.

He is completely in love with this world!

But just when everything was working normally, one day, just as he went to the new world, he suddenly returned to the original world.

Oh, Destiny seems to like to joke with him.

An unfamiliar alpha said it was his partner.

The information on the phone shows that he and Jane have also broken up.

What is he going to do?

Divorce this alpha and live your own life.

But soon, the doctor told him a bad news he couldn't bear-he was not actually a beta, but an omega with delayed differentiation.

He is omega?

He had never heard such a funny joke.

Omega that can only survive on alpha?

He couldn't accept it.

Whatever fate wants him to do, why not let him return to this world after letting him know the existence of the new world, this world, no one misses him at all, and he misses no one!

Yue Fei chose to leave.

After opening his eyes again, looking at the rudimentary rental house, he found that he had escaped from the book as he wished.

God, finally favored him once.

This world has the oxygen for his survival.

But Yue Fei was worried that she would be suddenly pulled back to **** at some point, so she chose to live in this world as the last day.

He did not buy a house, a car, or a fixed job. He chose to make his footprints all over the world within a limited time.

Wherever he went, he rented a small house in that place, found a temporary job, listened to other people's stories, and told others about his wandering stories.

When he has heard enough of the story and said enough, he will start again and set off for the next destination.

He has been alone for the first few years.

But one day, someone suddenly caught up with him.

Tell him that he hopes that the road in the future can go with him.

The way forward? Yue Fei didn't know where his future path was. All he could see was the path he had traveled.

"I will accompany you wherever you want to go." the man said.

Yue Fei acquiesced.

When he gets tired from walking, that person will leave by himself, and he doesn't need to bother about it. Yue Fei thought.

But the days passed day by day, year after year.

That person is still around Yue Fei, accompany him through rounds of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Two people never say love, never say forever.

But always, to accompany each other.

The author has something to say: I don't have any preaching about the original owner's behavioral choices, but I just want everyone to know that he is such a person, grows up like this, and thinks like this.


if life has cheated you,

Don't be sad, don't be impatient,

You need to be calm in a melancholy day,

Believe it,

Happy days will finally come.

Xin'er always yearns for the future,

Now it is often melancholy.

Everything is fleeting, everything will pass,

And that which has passed will become kindly missed.

Pushkin "If Life Deceives You"


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