I Got Bitten After Transmigrating Into A Pseudo Beta Chapter 76

Chapter 74: Extra Three

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On the living room sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Yue Fei was wearing a spacious shirt, lying on it, flipping through professional-related books.

The fact that he didn't get the scholarship last semester made him feel bad, and he must do his best this semester.

Gu Wei came down from the second floor and saw this scene.

The sun shines through the window and shines on the slender and white legs of the young man, exuding a seductive luster.

The young man was unconscious. He looked down at the book in his hand and seemed to see something inexplicable. While frowning slightly, he curled his calf and fiddled with the back of the sofa.

He watched too deeply and didn't notice the sound of Gu Wei coming downstairs. He turned his head abruptly until his bent ankle was caught by the warm palm.

Gu Wei stood behind the sofa, not knowing how long he looked at him.

"you're awake!"

Yue Fei broke away from Gu Wei's hand and got up from the sofa.

Because of his movements, the wide shirt shrank halfway up, and did not fall again until he got up, but he didn't care, knelt on the sofa, and leaned forward to Gu Wei holding a book.

"What does this mean?"

He pointed his finger at something he couldn't understand, and asked Gu Wei.

In his view, Gu Wei is an omniscient existence.

However, Gu Wei did not answer him immediately.

Yue Fei looked up at him suspiciously, but saw that his gaze had been falling on him, and there was no reading at all.

"Look at what I do, read the book."

Gu Wei took the book and put it aside without any intention of answering. Instead, he bent down, raised his hand to pinch his chin, and asked him with a smile: "Stolen my clothes?"

Yue Fei blinked, and raised his hand to look at the shirt he was wearing. It was indeed Gu Wei's right: "What stole it, I obviously wear it openly!"

Gu Wei's eyes fell on his slender legs: "I don't wear pants yet."

Yue Fei followed his gaze and took a look, curled his toes, and not surprisingly heard the alpha breathing in front of him heavier.

He turned his head and squeezed a smile close to Gu Wei: "Can't it?"

Of course, Gu Wei could not refuse the food delivered.

He lowered his head and kissed the lips that confided in the sensual words, Gu Wei stretched out his hand, picked up the person from the sofa, and embraced him.


Yue Fei was taken aback, stretched out his hand to hug Gu Wei's neck, and hurriedly hooked Alpha's waist after he vacated.

"Hook up."

Gu Wei supported him with one hand, put one on his back, raised his head, and kissed him again.

Yue Fei bit him, and suddenly frightened himself in revenge.

But only in exchange for alpha deeper and more intense entanglement of lips and teeth.

"Um... back to the room..." Yue Fei reminded in the gap of alpha's enthusiasm.

Gu Wei tightened his arms and walked towards the second floor holding him.

Being placed on the bed, Yue Fei saw the blue seascape outside the French windows. He couldn't help raising his arm on his forehead, half covering his face, and stretched his leg to kick Gu Wei.

"Early in the morning."

The big, well-knotted hands pinched the white long legs, and Gu Wei leaned over and approached: "Well, early in the morning, wearing my clothes to seduce me, little villain."

Yue Fei stared at him: "Who seduced, you can't talk nonsense without evidence."

A big hand stroking his unbuttoned collar, Alpha said with a low smile, "Isn't this evidence?"

Hearing this, Yue Fei immediately raised his hand to grab his wrist and retorted: "You are not determined enough, and you blame me."

Gu Wei nodded: "Well, I can't blame you, whoever lets me face you, I don't have any concentration at all."

Yue Fei opened his mouth and was about to continue to say something, but suddenly raised his head and gasped.

"Blame me."

Gu Wei watched his reaction, and while speaking, he lowered his head and grabbed his lips.

"Blame me."

The corners of omega's eyes were gradually reddening, and the annoying voice lingered in the ears, and every time he said it, the action was fierce.

"Blame me."


After a while, Yue Fei turned his head and found the annoying lips and kissed hard.

Tap it, inconsistent bastard!

After this tossing, Yue Fei slept until noon before waking up again.

When he woke up, Gu Wei was sitting leaning on the bed, flipping through the book Yue Fei handed him in the morning.

"Wake up?" Gu Wei leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

Yue Fei became more sober, saw the book in his hand, glared at him, and turned around to ignore him.

Gu Wei took the person into his arms with experience and put his hand in front of Yue Fei's eyes. It was the page that Yue Fei asked him in the morning.

"To understand the meaning of this sentence, you must first understand what the author of this chapter wants to demonstrate."

Yue Fei: "I know..."

"Really know?"

"Well, I'm not sure..." Yue Fei said quietly.

Gu Wei chuckled lightly, disassembled the frame of the entire book, broke it apart, and talked to Yue Fei.

"For the other theories and theories involved, you need to find another book for in-depth understanding. What is mentioned here is nothing but a glimpse, and even some of the content is unavoidable because of the author's own historical limitations..."

"Come slowly, don't worry." Looking down and seeing the word "serious" on his little face, Gu Wei couldn't help but kiss him on the cheek. It was so cute.

Yue Fei, who was listening attentively, was interrupted by his kiss. After a daze, he raised his head and glared at him: "Is it good to be a teacher when I was a teacher."

Gu Wei raised his eyebrows: "Did you call the teacher?"

Yue Fei stood up and stood up and sat on Gu Wei.

Pressing his fingers on the opponent's chest, Yue Fei leaned closer and raised the corners of his mouth: "Ms. Gu?"

Gu Wei's eyes darkened as he looked at him.

However, before he could take any action, Yue Fei had already propped his chest and rolled over and got out of bed.

"I'm hungry."

Gu Wei smiled, sighed, and followed him up.

"What to eat?"

Yue Fei tilted his head: "Coconut Chicken?"

Gu Wei, who only knows Western-style meals, paused when he got up.

Without hearing his voice, Yue Fei looked back.

Gu Wei put on his nightgown and nodded, resigning, "I'm studying."

Of course, learning is to be able to learn, but it takes time, but Yue Fei's groaning belly is not waiting for anyone.

The two ate a little bit at noon. In the afternoon, Yue Fei continued to read hard, while Gu Wei rolled up his sleeves and took root in the kitchen to learn how to make coconut chicken.

Both will come to the beach house alone on weekends.

The two didn't like outsiders to disturb, so they didn't ask the aunt, and they did all the three meals on the weekend.

Yue Fei knows how to do it, but when he accidentally cut his hand when doing it in the kitchen for the first time, Gu Wei stopped letting him do it.

Yue Fei originally thought that Gu Wei was going to let Aunt Chen come over, but he didn't expect that Gu Wei would cook by herself. Although they all learned it temporarily, the taste was still good.

This may be the so-called alpha talent.

So Yue Fei completely handed over the kitchen to Gu Wei. Most of the time, Gu Wei did what he ate. He was only occasionally provoked by Gu Wei in bed. If he wanted to play a prank, he would take the initiative to order food.

Of course, Gu Wei would not refuse him, and even cooked dishes that were unexpected every time.

Over time, this has become part of the two people's daily mode of getting along.

During dinner, Yue Fei's eyes brightened when he looked at the coconut chicken on the dinner table and smelled the fragrance.

Although it was for Gu Wei, he really missed this dish.

"It's delicious!" Yue Fei praised her.

Gu Wei smiled and gave him food: "Then eat more."

"Ah, by the way, my eldest brother called me and asked me to go to him during the seven-day holiday to play with him." Yue Fei told him.

Gu Wei had contacted Gu Wei before, but was rejected by Gu Wei. During the holiday, Gu Wei wanted to live the life of two people. He didn't expect Gu Wei to ask Yue Fei to come here.

Gu Wei: "He asked me too, I said I don't have time."

Yue Fei nodded: "Well, then I will go over by myself."

Gu Wei took the chopsticks in his hand and said, "Huh?"

"Aren't you running out of time?" Yue Fei couldn't help but raise his mouth, "I can go there by myself."

Seeing that he deliberately, Gu Wei smiled and shook his head: "Little bad guy, I am because who has no time? If you want to go, let's go."

Yue Fei: "Hahaha, good."

Gu Wei and Lin Qi live abroad, and Yue Fei and Gu Wei went there by private jet.

When the plane landed, Lin Qi had already waited for a while outside the parking apron.

Getting into Lin Qi's car, but not seeing Gu Wei, Yue Fei asked him, "Where is the big brother?"

Lin Qi: "He knows that you are very happy to come over, waiting for you at home."

"Oh oh oh." Yue Fei nodded. I thought that the two of them came to the air, because they were at home.

Gu Wei noticed the abnormality, and knew they were coming, it was impossible for Gu Wei not to come to pick them up. There must be special reasons for not going out.

Alpha's eyes met in the mirror, and Gu Wei immediately understood.

"Congratulations." Gu Wei said.

Lin Qi smiled: "Thank you."

"??" Yue Fei poked Gu Wei, who was completely out of the picture, "What's the matter?"

Gu Wei pinched him and poked his finger: "You'll know when you get there."

Yue Fei looked at the two suspiciously: "Okay."

When the car stopped in front of the manor, Yue Fei got off and saw Gu Wei waiting under the tree.

"Big Brother!" Yue Fei beckoned with him excitedly.

Gu Wei: "Finally here."

Lin Qi went to the car, and Gu Wei followed Yue Fei and walked to Gu Wei's side.

"Big brother, long time no see." Yue Fei had a good smile on his face, "You seem to be fat."

The air froze for a while, and Gu Wei, standing behind Yue Fei, let out a chuckle.

Yue Fei realized that although they were all men, it might not be good to say that they were fat.

He blushed and turned around and kicked Gu Wei.

Gu Wei also laughed, looking at Yue Fei's eyes full of tenderness: "I am fat, you read that right."

Yue Fei grabbed his hair awkwardly: "It looks good if you are fat."

Gu Wei smiled more happily.

At this moment, Lin Qi stopped the car and walked over. Seeing that the two brothers were very happy, but Yue Fei was alone, he asked curiously: "What's wrong?"

Gu Wei blinked at him: "Xiao Fei said I'm fat."

Lin Qi walked up to him, grabbed his waist, understood what he had said, put his hand on Gu Wei's stomach and stroked it, "That's not true, after all, you are not alone anymore."

Yue Fei was stunned for a moment when he heard the words, and fell on Gu Wei's stomach with hindsight.

Gu Wei stood behind him and said to Gu Wei: "Brother, congratulations."

Gu Wei smiled, with the gentleness of He Yinyin's eyebrows: "Thank you."

Lin Qi: "Stop standing, go in and have a bite to rest."

With that, the four of them walked towards the house.

Yue Fei still can't come back to his senses, pregnant? Gu Wei is pregnant? !

Realizing that he was distracted, Gu Wei pinched his waist, bowed his head and asked him, "What's the matter?"

Yue Fei shook his head: "No."

Omega would have been pregnant, but he made a fuss.

Gu Wei has a harmonious relationship with his neighbors. In the afternoon, the neighbors came to visit with their children. Seeing Gu Wei and Yue Fei, they were very happy to meet new friends.

Lin Qi proposed to go to the river valley for a picnic, and everyone responded.

Several adults and children went down the river to swim, and Yue Fei sat with Gu Wei on the grass on the bank, blowing air to eat snacks.

"The third child will be a good father in the future." Gu Wei said.

Yue Fei was eating the biscuits, choked on hearing this, and hurriedly searched for water.

Gu Wei looked at it and hurriedly handed him water: "Slow down."

After drinking half a bottle of water, Yue Fei came over.

Gu Wei also realized that what he had just said was too sudden, which frightened Yue Fei.

"What? Didn't you think you would have children?" Gu Wei looked at him.

Yue Fei is too unfamiliar with this topic: "I haven't thought about it."

Gu Wei: "You are an omega, and the third child is an alpha. You can start thinking about it."

Yue Fei: "Big brother, you know about my delayed differentiation, maybe I still treat myself as a beta subconsciously."

"This kind of thing is not in a hurry, just take it slowly." Gu Wei smiled gently.

Yue Fei looked at him and felt that Gu Wei now was completely different from what he had seen several times before. The temperament on his body seemed to be closer to He Yinyin and more gentle.

Seeing him looking at himself, Gu Wei smiled and asked him: "Would you like to touch it?"

Yue Fei: "What?"

Gu Wei took his hand and placed it on his slightly convex part.

Yue Fei's hand trembled, and what his hand touched was the new life that was about to enter this world.

This is no longer the book world in his concept.

It is an independent world with natural laws and fresh life.

Yue Fei's eyes softened. He bent his legs, put his head on his knees, held himself with one hand, and was pulled by Gu Wei on the other, and asked, "Have you thought about a name?"

Gu Wei shook his head: "Not yet. Lin Qi thought about it a few times, but I rejected it. You and the third child will also think about it later, if there is any suitable name."

Yue Fei nodded firmly as if receiving some difficult task, "Okay!"


Returning to the room at night, Gu Wei saw Yue Fei sitting on the bed and flipping through the dictionary.

"What are you doing?" Gu Wei asked him.

Yue Fei: "Big brother said that we can think about the child's name. Let me see which words have good meanings."

Seeing him in high spirits, Gu Wei didn't say anything, took his clothes and went to take a bath.

When he came back from the bath and went to bed, Yue Fei leaned into his arms and pointed to the word in the dictionary and said: "How about the word Rui? It's called Lin Rui!"

Gu Wei: "It sounds good."

"Haha, I also think the name sounds good, I will tell my eldest brother tomorrow." After completing the big task, Yue Fei put the dictionary aside, got back under the bed, and said, "Turn off the lights and go to sleep."

Gu Wei glanced at him and turned off the lights.

In the darkness, Alpha took the person into his arms and whispered in his omega ear: "Do you like children?"

Yue Fei leaned on him: "Do you like it?"

"I prefer the process of making children."


Gu Wei chuckled twice.

"Do you want children?" Yue Fei's tone became serious.

Gu Wei: "I don't care. If so, I will work hard to learn how to be a good father. If not, I don't regret it. What about you?"

Yue Fei sighed, "I don't know what I think."

Gu Wei kissed the tip of his nose: "Don't worry, if you can't figure it out, just let the flow go."

The doctor told them that the omega with delayed differentiation has a low chance of conception, so the two have not taken any measures for a long time. Of course, the low rate does not mean that they will not conceive.

It is undeniable that Yue Fei was greatly touched by Gu Wei's pregnancy. He had completely forgotten the fact that he might be pregnant before, but now he realized that he couldn't just avoid it.

"If I have, I will learn to be a good father." Yue Fei said.

Gu Wei hugged his arm tightly: "Well, let the flow take its course, we will study together when that time comes."

Yue Fei: "I will definitely be a good father then."

Gu Wei kissed his hair top: "I believe you."

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