I Got Bitten After Transmigrating Into A Pseudo Beta Chapter 77

Chapter 75: The Last Extra There Are Buns Buy It Carefully

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In the lobby on the first floor of the Gu Group, a child decorated with powder-carved jade was sitting on the sofa with his mouth pouting, watching the beating of numbers on his watch in silence.

On the table are all kinds of snacks fed by adults with motherly love, but she also didn't move.

A group of people walked in from the gate of the group from far to near.

Alpha, dressed in a dark blue custom suit, walked in front, followed by assistants and project directors, apparently just returning to the company from outside work.

Where Alpha walked, employees stopped one after another, and the people who had just been talking in a low voice fell silent and watched them pass quietly.

Suddenly, the alpha who was walking in the front paused.

A group of people behind followed the emergency brake.

"Gu Nian?" The deep voice sounded, unable to hear the emotions.

The child on the sofa got up and grinned, "Father!"

Tang Yue was also seeing the child clearly, and pupils quaked. This little princess, shouldn't she go to school this time? !

"Go find out what happened." Tang Yue confessed to Qiao Si in a low voice.

Qiao Si immediately turned around to call the principal.

Gu Wei walked to the child, bent over and picked him up.

Gu Nian sat on his arm: "You are so slow."

Gu Wei: "Why are you here? I remember you should be at school this time."

Gu Nian: "School is not fun."

"You go to school to study, not to play." Gu Wei taught her, but there was no hint of blame in her tone.

At this moment, the school is in a hurry, and Gu's little princess has disappeared from them. Isn't this a big case?

"Little Gu Shao, do you really know where your sister has gone?"

Before Qiao Si called, the principal was asking Gu Xiangzhi if he knew where Gu Nian had gone.

Gu thought: "Don't worry about her."

The principal was about to cry: "How can you leave it alone, she is your sister."

After receiving the call from Qiao Si, the principal finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's good if you don't lose it."

Joss: "...Principal, do you know why Gu Nian played truant?"

Principal: "I really don't know this, but after listening to the teacher's feedback, the current course is too simple for the little princess. Maybe the little princess finds it boring to stay, so go to Mr. Gu."

Joss: "I see, you have worked hard, principal."

Principal: "No."

"Think about it?" Joes still had to be sure.

Principal: "Gu Shao is at school."

Qiao Si: "Okay, the driver will pick it up after school, so please ask the principal to let the teacher pay attention."

Principal: "Okay, I know."


Yue Fei learned that the little girl had played truant after seeing that Gu Nian had not gone home with Gu Xiang.

Gu Xiang was worried that he was in a hurry, so he said directly, "Dad, my sister is looking for my father."

Yue Fei held back his anger and called Gu Wei.

Gu Wei quickly picked up: "Don't be angry, we are almost home."

Yue Fei: "...I know."

Hanging up the phone, Yue Fei caught Gu Xiang and asked him, "Think about it, why does your sister play truant?"

Gu Xiang shook his head: "I don't know either."

When Gu Nian came home, she still had the lollipop that Gu Wei had bought in her mouth, but when she saw her face covered with clouds and clouds, her expression immediately collapsed.

"Woo-Dad-the teacher scolded me -" Gu Nian wicked first sued.

Gu Wei turned his face away with a headache, and didn't hear the little girl cry like this just now at the company.

Seeing her crying, Yue Fei immediately relented and hugged her from Gu Wei's hands: "What did the teacher scold you?"

Gu Nian with a lollipop: "The teacher wrote a question on the blackboard today, and I went up to solve it."

"The teacher still scolds you?"

"The teacher said that no one else can write, so I can."

Yue Fei was at a loss: "Why is this scolding you?"

Gu Nian: "I can write topics that no one else can, but I can only have the same class as them in the same class, oh oh oh "

Yue Fei: "?"

Seeing that the little girl started to flicker again, Gu Wei picked up the person and put it on the floor.

"I've already told you about this at the company. Let me go to the study with your brother for a while. Let me talk about it from my father."

Gu Nian swallowed her crying: "Oh."

Gu Xiang glanced at the two of them, followed Gu Nian back to the room.

Yue Fei helped her: "This little girl loves to act with me."

"It's not that you are easy to feel soft." Gu Wei held the person in his arms and touched his head.

Yue Fei: "What the **** is going on? What did you promise her?"

Gu Wei made a booing gesture at him.

In the room, Gu Nian sat on the floor and took a box of puzzles and put them together.

Gu Xiang followed her into the room, sat down at the desk, took out his homework and started writing seriously.

Upon seeing this, Gu Nian laughed: "Brother will get something for nothing."

Gu thought: "I don't know what you are talking about. You shouldn't play truant today, Dad is angry."

Gu Nian: "I don't have my father. I went to find my father. How can I be considered truant."

Gu wanted to be silent.

"Brother knows what I said to my father, right?" Gu Nian bit the lollipop. "School is too boring. I can't play with those little kids at all. My father promised to transfer us to another school. My brother thinks so too. , But my brother didnt say anything and just waited for me to say."

Gu thought: "Don't be self-righteous, I didn't want to transfer."

"Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you stay with those fools?" Gu Nian snorted.

Gu thought: "As long as I stay with my father, I don't care about the others."

Gu Nian: "...Gu Xiang, you must be an omega in the future."

Gu thought: "What's wrong with omega?"

"It's soft..." Before Gu Nian finished speaking, the door of the study suddenly opened.

Yue Fei frowned and looked at Gu Nian, his face was never serious.

Gu Nian was silent for a moment.

"Gu Nian, come over with me." Yue Fei's voice was severe.

Gu Nian put down the puzzle and panicked: "I didn't mean that Omega was embarrassed, Dad, I didn't mean it... Don't get me wrong."

Gu Xiang put down the pen in his hand, looked at Yue Fei, opened his mouth and wanted to explain.

Yue Fei: "Gu wants you to keep doing your homework. Gu Nian comes out."

Gu Nian: "I..."

"How many times do you want me to repeat?" Yue Fei frowned.

Gu Nian immediately ran to Yue Fei and stood upright.

Yue Fei led people into Gu Wei's study.

Gu Nian lowered his head and stood in front of the sofa, tears falling to the ground.

Yue Fei was no longer softhearted: "Gu Nian, I don't know who you learned like this, calling your classmate a fool, who taught you?"

Gu Nian gritted his teeth and continued to cry silently.

"Don't cry!" Yue Fei patted the table.

Gu Nian pinched her skirt.

"I told you more than once that everyone is equal. Are you now relying on your own cleverness to not treat others as human beings? Did I teach you this way?" Yue Fei said more and more angry.

Gu Nian: "...I'm sorry...I was wrong."

Yue Fei: "Where did you go wrong?"

Gu Nian sobbed: "Even if others can't answer the question, I can't call them fools."

Yue Fei: "..." This seems to be fine, but it's weird.

Gu Wei squeezed his shoulder: "I'll do it."

Yue Fei turned around.

"Gu Nian." Gu Wei's voice was as calm as before, and was not angry at Gu Nian's words and deeds just now. "First of all, I have promised you that I will transfer you and Gu Xiang to schools next month. Dad also agreed, and you will be there. Learn to be humble, this thing ends here."

"Secondly, I dont want to hear from you in the future to undifferentiated people that you must be alpha, or omega, or beta in the future. This is an impolite thing, even to your own brother. It's also a rude offense."


Gu Nian nodded: "I see. I'm sorry."

Gu Wei: "Okay, you can go out."

But Gu Nian did not go out.

"What else?"

Gu Nian: "I want to talk to Dad."

Yue Fei turned his head and said, "Let's talk about it."

Gu Nian: "Dad, I didn't mean to look down on omega. What I said softly is that omega is very gentle, dad, don't hate me."

While speaking, Gu Nian's eyes were red again, and tears fell like a broken string.

Yue Fei's eyes also reddened. He got up and took Gu Nian into his arms: "Silly boy, Dad will never hate you."

"I love Dad the most." Gu Nian hugged Yue Fei tightly.

Gu Wei smiled, looking at Gu Xiang at the entrance of the study.

Gu Xiang's eyes were red, obviously because of the anger that Yue Fei was just now, so he was worried about Gu Nian.

The two children are twins. Although their personalities are completely different, their feelings and understanding always surpass others. It can be said that two people understand each other's existence better than outsiders.

At night, in the room, Gu Nian called Gu Xiang, "Are you asleep?"

The voice fell to the ground, and the room was quiet for a while before Gu Xiang said, "No."

Gu Nian's voice was dull: "Did you mean it this afternoon?"

Gu thought: "What?"

"Knowing that my father is listening outside, I deliberately asked me what's wrong with omega." Gu Nian said.

Gu Xiang sighed, "Are you suffering from persecution delusion?"

Gu Nian: "Well, if you let me know that you did it on purpose, just wait."

Gu thought: "Hehe, I'm waiting."

In the master bedroom, Yue Fei leaned in Gu Wei's arms and sighed.

Gu Wei: "What's wrong?"

Yue Fei: "I don't seem to be a good father."

Gu Wei: "Why do you say that?"

Yue Fei: "I have always worried that letting them learn those advanced courses will make them lose the joy of childhood, but now it seems that I am delaying them."

Gu Wei: "You think too much, they are lucky to have a father like you."

With such an outstanding talent, if it were not for Yue Fei's disagreement, Gu Wei would have sent people to walk the way he once walked, and would not let them stay with their parents at their age.

But it is precisely because of Yue Fei's choice that the two children will always be so close to them.

"They love you very much." Gu Wei kissed the person in his arms, "I love you very much too."

Yue Fei smiled and raised his head, rubbing his nose with the tip of his nose.

"I love you all too."

A few years later, Gu Xiang and Gu Nian split up, becoming rare alpha twins.

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