I Have A Proficiency Panel Chapter 926

Vol 3 Chapter 9:

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"Thank you Zhang Daoyou for helping. If it is not for Daoyou this time, I am afraid my old bones will be buried here!"

After the war,

There was a mess in the camp.

With the aura of the two fleeing figures thousands of feet away disappeared, the old man Changshan first recovered from this tragic camp battlefield, gave a few words to his son behind him, and then smiled towards him. Coming in the direction of Zhang Qingyuan, he thanked him.

Zhang Qingyuan flicked his hand casually, and immediately generated an invisible force to unleash it and lift Chang Shan up.

"Mr. Chang doesn't have to be polite, this matter is just a matter of effort for Zhang, besides, isn't this exactly what Mr. Chang hopes for?"

Zhang Qingyuan's words are gentle and elegant, with a smile on his pale face and mouth, giving people a sense of spring breeze.

But his words made Chang Shan's whole body stiff at this moment.

Cold sweat oozes from his forehead, and his heart beats suddenly!

The dissatisfaction hidden in these words can be heard by even stupid people.

And the facts are also true,

The reason why he strongly invited Zhang Qingyuan to go with him was precisely because of the hidden power of the other party, hoping to overcome this difficulty.

This is uglier, just use!

Use the opponent as a shield.

If Zhang Qingyuan's strength is generally okay, the big deal afterwards bows his head to admit that he is small, pays a smile on his face, and pays all kinds of prices, and he can always wipe out the unrestrained heart of the other party.

but now,

The terrifying power that the other party showed before, the two true essence realms that would be fleeing thousands of feet apart, crushed and killed without difficulty.

Seeing this scene, he didn't know that the young man in front of him was not a hidden master, but a high above, hidden in the clouds, a real dragon that overwhelmed the clouds and rained the sky for them? !

If such a terrible big man is dissatisfied,

I am afraid that with a single breath, they will be able to wipe out their entire escort!

"This time, the old man is panicking and hesitating to choose his way. I am really sorry. Please forgive me!"

Chang Shan lowered his head and bent deeply toward Zhang Qingyuan's waist.

Sweat from behind!

Exists like this,

I actually wanted to take advantage of the other party and feel complacent when the subordinates of the Dragon Mountain Dragon attacked the carriage!

At this moment,

Chang Shan only felt an endless panic and regrets pouring into his heart,

There is a kind of uneasiness that lives in the hands of others.

If such a big person is offended by this, their Chang family will probably be destroyed from now on!

But before he could bend down, an irresistible force acted on him, causing him to stand up straight again.

Chang Shan looked at Zhang Qingyuan inexplicably, with a little doubt in his eyes.

"Compared to an apology after the fact, Zhang prefers fair trade. This time he shot the enemy back. If he doesn't get the reward corresponding to his value, wouldn't he become a thug in your regular family for nothing?"

Zhang Qingyuan didn't even look at Changshan. He looked at the sky and his voice was faint.

Although these days, the other party has been courteous and often leaned in to get closer.

But all this has ulterior motives.

How can Zhang Qingyuan really recognize him and make friends?

It's just mutual use.

There is no sentiment, and it is natural to squeeze greater interests.

While talking,

Zhang Qingyuan squinted at Chang Shan, his voice indifferent:

"Or, I am your thug, what does your Chang family think?"

"Don't dare, don't dare!"

Chang Shan's forehead was cold sweat,

But my heart was slightly relieved.


If you want something, you won't be able to kill them all!

Just what does he want? What kind of reward can be used to offset this shot without angering the one in front of you?

Many thoughts flashed through my mind, and finally fixed on something.

Chang Shan quickly took out a dilapidated jade slip from his storage bag and handed it to Zhang Qingyuan.

"Chang's Escort has a small business, and if you want to come to the middle and lower-grade spirit stones, there is no shortage of respected drivers, so you don't want to show your ugliness. For this secret technique, I will pay the respected driver first, please take a look."

Chang Shan is clear,

For the existence of the two true essence realms that can be obliterated with just a single thought, even if they lose everything in the Chang's Escort, I am afraid that people will not appreciate it.

This is the gap between levels!

There is only one thing,

The incomplete one that I got back then can be used to avoid evil, and until now I have not been able to fully understand the secret technique, the other party may be able to see it!

So Changshan placed it next to him without hesitation, and took out the jade slip that he had been trying to figure out day and night.


After taking the jade slip in his hand, Zhang Qingyuan's spiritual consciousness penetrated into it, his eyes condensed.

Stuff inside,

It was beyond my expectation!

"Not bad!"

Zhang Qingyuan collected the jade slip and nodded in satisfaction.

This Changshan deserves to have been in the world of comprehension for many years, is the founder of the Chang's Escort, and has a long-term vision.

Very good,

Zhang Qingyuan is very satisfied with the other's knowledge and interest.

"I accept this payment, and then I can continue to protect you for a while, so that your dart will reach your destination safely."

Zhang Qingyuan left a sentence, turned and floated back on the carriage.

"Thank you for driving!"

Chang Shan thanked him deeply.

At the same time, his heart also loosened, his feet almost softened, and he fell to the ground.

Fortunately, relying on years of temperament, he finally stabilized his figure.

Did not make a fool of yourself.

It took a quarter of an hour to talk and almost drained his energy.


The final result is still good.

With a presence, the crisis of this trip is completely over.

It's a pity that secret technique.

Chang Shan sighed.

But he can see clearly,


The final result is still good.

With a presence, the crisis of this trip is completely over.

It's a pity that secret technique.

Chang Shan sighed.

But he can see it openly, and the final result is still good.

With a presence, the crisis of this trip is completely over.

It's a pity that secret technique.

Chang Shan sighed.

But he was open to it, and the final result was still good.

There was a crisis in ~www.wuxiaworld~ and it was completely over.

It's a pity that secret technique.

Chang Shan sighed.

But he can see it openly, and the final result is still good.

With a presence, the crisis of this trip is completely over.

It's a pity that secret technique.

Chang Shan sighed.

But he was open to it, and the final result was still good.

With a presence, the crisis of this trip is completely over.

It's a pity that secret technique.

Chang Shan sighed.

But he can see clearly,

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