I Have A Proficiency Panel Chapter 927

Vol 3 Chapter 10: Hunch

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Outside Wuyang County, Zhang Qingyuan walked slowly.

But every time he took a step, his figure appeared hundreds of feet away, as if shrunk into an inch, incomparably mysterious.


At this moment, his whole body aura has converged to its limit, and there is a mysterious and boundless clear aura around him, and the surrounding space is filled with wisps of spatial fluctuations visible to the naked eye, making the whole figure independent of the world, so even directly from Passing by the road crowd, it did not attract anyone's attention.

Like ghosts that cannot be touched or seen,

Walk through the world.

The world is full of red dust, and the world is full of emotions, but it also gives Zhang Qingyuan a different feeling of detaching from the world.

It is different after all.

Once upon a time, I was also a member of all living beings, running around for survival like these mortals.

But the current self has already begun to gradually detach itself from all beings!

Zhang Qingyuan closed his eyes,

While walking across the earth, I experienced the waves that lingered deep in my heart.

All the way through,

However, half an hour's effort has already reached a small town hundreds of miles away, located on the outskirts of the Qingyang Monster Beast Mountain Range.

The reason why Zhang Qingyuan followed the Chang's Escort,

In addition to inquiring about the relationship between the five-element holy sect in the rumors, and being able to perceive one's extraordinary curiosity about Changshan, which is not only the duality of the true element,

A very important reason is that the destination of his line is actually the same as the destination of Chang's Escort.

Yuejia Town,

An unremarkable small town, located within the geographical range of Wuyang County.

It is also the hometown of Zhang Qingyuans master Mingshui Daoist.

Before the battle between Zhang Qingyuan and Lu Tianxu, Master Mingshui Daoist seemed to have come back, so he gave himself an extremely detailed address guide.

From this journey, according to the news that I learned from people chatting among the crowd, there is indeed a Yue family in Yuejia Town, and the address should not be wrong.

I just dont know if Master had ever met with descendants of his family when he returned. I dont know what he did afterwards, and why he left the Jiuzhou Continent and returned to Yuzhou.

However, Zhang Qingyuan did not have much curiosity to explore.

The main reason for this trip was to take his bones back to his hometown in accordance with the will of Mingshui Daoist and bury them under the old locust tree.

After completing the wish left by the master, next, it is time for me to find the secret realm.

"It is rumored that Yuejia Town was opened because about a thousand years ago, a Cultivation Family with the surname Yue moved to the vicinity of the entrance of the Qingyang Monster Beast Mountain Range and found a suitable terrain to settle down."

"After many years of development, with the help of the monks of the Yue family and the mortals controlled by his subordinates, a small town was gradually established. In addition, this place is located on the periphery of the Qingyang Monster Beast Mountain Range. If you take a risk, you can use it as an outpost to replenish it, so it gradually stabilizes."

Recalling the news about Yuejia Town he had heard from this journey, Zhang Qingyuan secretly meditated on the tunnel in his heart.

For the Qingyang Monster Beast Mountain Range, which stretches for thousands of miles and occupies the entire border of Izumo Nation, it can be said that there are countless small towns established in this way.

At the edge of the Qingyang Monster Beast Mountain Range, where a similar large-scale pass is located, the city established is no less prosperous than the capital of Izumo Country.

Among these towns, Yuejia Town is really inconspicuous at all.

"The Qingyang Monster Beast Mountain Range has almost supported most of the cultivation output of the entire Izumo Kingdom."

Zhang Qingyuan was lost in thought.

Because in the information about the location of the secret realm that Master Mingshuidao gave him,

The location of that secret realm is in the depths of the Qingyang Monster Beast Mountain Range!

"I hope that after this trip, I can find the place where the secret realm is located smoothly."

Zhang Qingyuan sighed secretly in his heart.

Just for some reason,

After practicing the fragments of Taiyi Refining Divine Art, the sixth sense that came from the divine consciousness faintly felt a bad feeling.

It seems that this business will not go as smoothly as imagined.


This is just an illusion.

Zhang Qingyuan frowned slightly.

Don't look at his physique right now, and the steps under his feet are as small as an inch, and it seems that there is no problem.

But in fact, the injury in his body did not get much better.

This requires a place where there is plenty of aura for recuperation, absorbs a large amount of aura from the outside world as a support, and slowly wears away the remaining Taoist damage in the body.

Otherwise, before the injury is not healed, it is impossible to use the power that is sufficient to counter the legal realm level during the peak period.

No, it cannot be said at all.

In the face of desperate life and death, it is still possible to desperately sublimate and explode.

But desperately broke out, and temporarily broke out his peak combat power, the damage to himself was really too great!

It is very likely to cause irreversible serious injury to oneself.

As a last resort, he didn't want to add a little more injury to his body.

Can only use conventional power,

There is only a small fire left.

For Zhang Qingyuan, who often lacks a sense of security, it is really unacceptable.

"I hope it's just an illusion."

Zhang Qingyuan whispered.

Now it can only take one step~www.wuxiaworld~ see one step.


Zhang Qingyuan's footsteps stopped, and the figure stopped.

At this moment, he was standing on a hill, looking far away at the sky, and saw that there seemed to be black smoke rising tens of miles away from the overlapping hills.

At the same time, listening carefully, there seems to be a wave of battle over there!

"Huh? Isn't that the direction of Yuejia Town?"

Zhang Qingyuan was taken aback.

The memory in his mind quickly recalled, and searched for the map to Yuejia Town in the message of Mingshui Dao's jade slip.

If I remember correctly,

So the places in the front tens of miles should be within the scope of Yuejia Town!

There are two hundred words

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