I Have A Shenhao System Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Persistently Waiting

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"Come on, take this pill, it will make you one year younger."

After intensive cultivation, Jiang Hao took out a Huanyan Pill and fed it directly into Gu Lina's mouth.

At this moment, Gulina didn't hesitate to swallow it directly into her stomach regardless of what medicine Jiang Hao was feeding her.

Even if Jiang Hao really fed her a poison, she would die now without regret.

After a while, Gulina nestled in Jiang Hao's arms and asked, "Will this medicine really make me a year younger?"

"Required." Jiang Hao smiled and nodded: "Have you not seen that Yaya and Yang Mi are much younger now? That's the effect of taking this medicine."

Gulina asked curiously: "Then where did you get this medicine?"

The corner of Jiang Hao's mouth twitched and said, "I refined it myself."

After hearing this, Gu Lina said with a face full of admiration: "You are really amazing."

After a while, there were some reactions on Gulina's body, and she became fiery red.

"Go and wash it!"

Seeing this change, Jiang Hao also reminded him.

After Gu Lina listened, she also let go of Jiang Hao, got up and ran into the bathroom.

Jiang Hao also picked up the phone and looked at it, and found that Huo Yaoyao asked on WeChat when he could come back.

Jiang Hao replied to Huo Yaoyao, and he would be able to go back in half an hour.

It didn't take long for Gulina to wash away all the stains and cuticles, and returned to Jiang Hao's arms.

Looking at Gulina again, her appearance is indeed younger and more seductive than before.

If this can be restored to 24 years old, it can indeed charm dead men.

"this is for you!"

After the two stayed warm again, Jiang Hao took out a set of emperor green jewelry and a pigeon blood red bracelet and gave it to Gulina, which was regarded as an acknowledgment of her identity.

After getting a set of emperor green jewelry and a pigeon blood red bracelet, Gulina was so excited that she almost didn't scream.

You know, these things are valuable and rare treasures that no woman can hold back after getting them.

After fiddling with these expensive jewelry for a while, Gulina put them aside and fell directly on Jiang Hao and said emotionally: "From now on, you will be my God, and I will be loyal to you and love you all my life."

This is Gu Lina's heartfelt voice, showing her own thoughts.

Jiang Hao whirled at the silky skin on Gu Lina's back and smiled softly at her.

He likes to hear women say such things to him.

Although he knows that these women who have communicated with him will find it difficult to leave him in their entire lives.

But those women didn't know the reason for this, and would still confess Mingzhi to him insincerely.

After a while, Jiang Hao said to Gu Lina: "In this life, I will cherish you as much as ever."

Although his words are a bit boring, but for women, they are also very fond of listening.

Is it amazing?


Love is amazing!

At this moment, Gu Lina couldn't help feeling happy, lowered her head and sealed Jiang Hao's mouth, and kissed him passionately, releasing her whole-hearted love, and working hard to prove her true love to Jiang Hao.

After a long time, they both kissed almost asphyxiating, before they agreed to separate.

Gu Lina pressed her cheek to Jiang Hao's heart. She closed her eyes, her long eyelashes were blinking slightly, her mouth was open, her breath was blue.

In this way, after Jiang Hao and Gu Lina could lie down for five minutes, he finally spoke: "I have other things tonight, so I won't stay with you anymore. I will come back to see you tomorrow."

It was almost 12:30 in the middle of the night. If Jiang Hao didn't go back to accompany Huo Yaoyao, it is estimated that the girl would be able to scold him to death.

Even if he is really reluctant to leave this little fairy now, he still has to go back to accompany Huo Yaoyao.

I have to say that Jiang Hao is also full of happy troubles now.

Before, he didn't expect to meet Gulina here, let alone accept her.

This is an accident.


Hearing Jiang Hao about to leave, Gu Lina pouted with a look of dismay.

Seeing her like this, Jiang Hao quickly stepped forward and said with relief: "You are my woman now, and we will have a chance to be together in the future. Give Brother Hao a smile."

After hearing this, Gulina also smiled happily in her heart, and said: "Then you go, I will sleep better by myself."

"Ha ha--"

After Jiang Hao laughed twice, he washed it first, and then left here after he was dressed.

After coming out, Jiang Hao took out his cell phone and called Qin Jiannan.

The phone was quickly connected, and Qin Jiannan's voice came: "What's your order?"

Jiang Hao asked bluntly: "How is the situation with the three of you?"

Soon, Jiang Hao heard Qin Jiannan complain very uncomfortably on the phone: "Don't mention it, the three of us played Texas Hold'em here for a while, and now everyone has lost more than 10 million."

When they heard that they had all lost this number, Jiang Hao sneered directly: "You three are really prodigal. Can't you play a smaller one?"

After Qin Jiannan laughed awkwardly on the phone, he asked back: "How is the situation on your side?"

Jiang Hao curled his lips and said, "The battle on my side is over long ago, and I am now preparing to go back to sleep in Yaoyao."

Upon hearing this, Qin Jiannan asked with joy, "Then how much did you win?"

Jiang Hao raised the corner of his mouth and said with a chuckle: "Not much, just to win this hotel."

"Damn it."

Upon hearing this, Qin Jiannan uttered a foul language on the phone, and then Jiang Hao heard in the microphone Mu Chen asking by the side: "What's the matter?"

Qin Jiannan said to Mu Chen: "Haozi said he has already won this hotel."

Upon hearing this, nearby Mu Chen snatched Qin Jiannan's mobile phone directly, and asked in a pleasantly surprised voice: "Haozi, did you really lie to us?"

Jiang Hao said angrily: "Is it interesting for me to lie to you?"

Mu Chen laughed loudly on the phone and said: "You are really awesome, I have completely convinced you."

At this moment, Jiang Hao yawned, and then said: "You three continue to play. I'm going to sleep with Yaoyao first. If you have anything to do, wait until tomorrow morning. Hang up first."

Before Jiang Hao had walked far, he saw Han Feier was still here waiting for him.

In an instant, Jiang Hao frowned, and then asked: "Why are you still here?"

Han Feier hurriedly stepped forward and said to Jiang Hao: "You have spent so much money for me, I have to repay you, otherwise I will always feel uneasy."

After Jiang Hao heard this, he really scratched his head.

He really wanted to know if this girl took the wrong medicine?

There are too many others too late for this kind of thing, but this girl insists on very persistently.

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