I Have A Trillion Protagonists Halo Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100: Actually, I am an assassin! (Big

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"Medium-grade artifact! He can actually activate the medium-grade artifact!"

Feeling the horror of that wave of gang energy, the three true gods all trembled in their hearts.


A huge wave of Gang Qi washed down.

Among the three true gods of the monster race, two true gods who reached the mid-level realm stimulated their potential, displayed supernatural powers, barely broke through the wave, and escaped.

And the elder of the marsh pond, who was only in the initial stage, was seriously injured because he was already eager to escape, and there was no time to defend himself.

Under the impact of this wave of Gang Qi, blood surged from his mouth, and his body fell directly into the sky!

Fate on the spot!

Killing the marsh pond with a single blow, Su Zhan did not stay, and the God Yan Art was urged to the extreme. With his palm over, the Void Sword Box appeared in front of him.

With his holy yuan perfusion.

Seventy-two void sword lights burst out!

The speed is so fast, it appears directly around another true **** marsh cloud, the sword light is intertwined, forming a void sword formation, and countless sword auras are strangled horizontally and horizontally!

"This sword formation can't kill me!"

Zuo Yun roared, the yellow light on his body surface seemed solid, he did not hesitate to be injured, and he shot out his fists quickly!

Boom boom boom!

Countless shadows of fists appeared, flying all over the sky!

Soon there was a gap in the Void Sword Array.

Zuo Yun's hands were cut with hundreds of wounds, dripping with blood, and while escaping from the Void Sword Formation, he roared: "Su Zhan, I've written down your name. If the rest of the day is-not good!

Elder Niu Lin, save me! "

Halfway through the words, I suddenly felt something. When I looked up, a huge sword qi galaxy containing the power of destruction and chaos was slashing down from the sky!

Zuo Yun's heart was immediately shocked, and he cried out in shock.

But as soon as the voice fell, the galaxy had already fallen!


Zuo Yun's huge body fell to the ground, and blood mixed with visceral fragments gushed out of his mouth. After a few twitches, his vitality was cut off.

Zawlin, who had already used the secret technique and escaped hundreds of miles, saw this scene from a distance, and his body trembled in fright, and quickly took out a demon pill and swallowed it.

Suddenly, the speed was faster, turned into a very thin light, and flew towards the distance!

Taking a look at Zuo Lin, knowing that he would never be able to catch up again, Su Zhan also flipped his palm and took out a purple gold bow.

This is what he got from the true **** Xu Zhu in the spirit world.

Named Ziyang Bow.

It is also a middle-grade artifact.

In terms of power alone, it is better than Qinggang Banner!

Moreover, the firing range is extremely long, a full 30,000 miles!

Even if Su Zhan was unable to exert his full power due to the limitation of his cultivation base, the Marsh Forest was only a few hundred miles away from him, so he was naturally within the range of Ziyang Bow!

The holy yuan surged, pouring the Ziyang bow.

Almost all the remaining Saint Yuan in the body was sucked dry, and Su Zhan was able to pull the bowstring to form a purple sunlight arrow.


The next moment.

He let go of the bowstring, and the arrow burst out!

After a few flashes in the air, it directly hit the marsh forest hundreds of miles away!


Yellow light is dazzling!

After three seconds, the light faded, and the strongest marsh forest among the four true gods outside Lingao city manifested his true body and fell from the sky!


"Finally, the assassination was successful!"

Su Zhan exhaled a deep breath and glanced into the distance.

"However, the marsh monsters have escaped too far, and there is no way to kill them all. Although the target is dead, the witnesses still exist.

My assassination this time..."

Su Zhan frowned slightly and gave an evaluation: "Not perfect."

Whispering in his mouth, Su Zhan didn't bother to chase after the marsh monsters, took out a handful of pills to restore the sacred origin and swallowed it.

The battle seemed to be over easily.

But in fact, if he hadn't fought with the three true monsters of the monster race before, he would continue to wound them and bring them to a trough.

It is absolutely impossible to kill them so easily.

Even if he used the Heavenly Dao Jade Plate, he would kill two true gods in a short time after reaching the sky, and there would be a chance to escape if there was one left.

Only by suppressing the state of the true gods of those monster races, can they be killed without omissions!

Of course, at the root, he is too weak.

If he could kill a true **** with a single punch, where did he bother with these thoughts?


With a sigh in his heart, Su Zhan began to refining those pills at an extremely fast speed. At the same time, his figure jumped and came to the dead Niu Yun below.

With one hand sticking out, the majestic Saint Yuan exploded, transforming into the huge body of the True God Demon Race with the sword aura.

Ten seconds later.

A yellow demon pill flew out and fell into his hands.

"The demon power contained in the True God Level Demon Pill is indeed tyrannical, but it is a pity that Xiao Bai is not there, otherwise I will feed these demon pill to it, I don't know if it can break the realm on the spot."

Turning his eyes on the demon pill, Su Zhan put it away.

Then he took away the storage bags and treasures from Zuo Yun and put his huge body into the storage space. Su Zhan continued to move towards the corpses of the other true gods of the monster race.

It took about ten minutes.

He took out all the demon pills of the four true demon gods.

At the same time, I also roughly counted the gains.

The sacred stone is seven hundred and thirteen.

There are more than one hundred bottles of various elixirs.

More than forty kinds of materials.


After roughly categorizing everything into categories, Su Zhan put all of them into the ring of the sky. After scanning the surroundings, he confirmed that there were no omissions, and a trace of thunder and lightning appeared on his body.

next moment.

He suddenly disappeared in place.

Ten thousand meters above the sky.

A ray of lightning broke through the clouds and hurried towards Lingao City!



City Lord's Mansion.

Inside the hall.

The city lord of Lingao, the twelfth elder of the Nanze City Presbyterian Church who was stationed here, sat on the main seat.

Listening to the discussions among the leaders of Nanze City below, they glanced at the Fourteen Elders, and looked a little disappointed.

"Twelfth elders, don't blame me, I said I won't come, and the seventh elders have to let me come, and I can't do anything!"

Seeing what the twelve elders meant, the fourteenth elders were also helpless: "If there is a choice, who will come to Gaocheng at this time!"

"Elder Fourteen has misunderstood, and I don't mean to dislike it."

The twelve elders sighed and pointed to the major deities and masters in Nanze City who were still arguing: "You have also seen that there is no good way for those who are arguing.

In addition, I am already injured, and I can only use 80% of my supernatural powers. This is the great task of Lin Gaocheng, I am afraid that you will have to carry the fourteenth elder. "

"Twelve elders, why bother to say these frustrating words.

You and I join forces. Although it is difficult to repel those marsh monsters, it shouldn't be difficult to defend the city with the help of Lingao City's Great Array! "

"It is naturally not difficult to defend for a few days, but if the marsh monsters continue to attack the city and the Lingao city defense formation is destroyed, this city will be difficult to defend!"

The Twelve Elder sighed: "Because of this, we can't hide in the city all the time. We definitely need to fight those monster races.

Now that I am already injured, I am afraid it would be difficult even to hold a true monster of the monster race. Elder Fourteen, can you defeat one of the true monsters of the monster race? "


The fourteenth elder shook his head helplessly.

See here.

The twelve elders didn't say much either, obviously, this had already been expected by him.

The two were silent.


A celestial deacon came in from the outside and knelt on one knee: "City Lord, the Fourteenth Elder!

There is an eight-journal celestial man named Su Zhan, holding a token of the Nanze City Celestial Guard, to see the Fourteen Elders! "

"Su Zhan?"

The twelve elders were taken aback: "I haven't heard of this name!"

"I only came to our Nanze City not long ago."

The fourteenth elder hurriedly explained: "It is also the captain of the celestial team under my control on the 39th. He came with me on this trip.

I went to the edge of the giant bamboo forest to search for information. "

"That's it."

The Twelve Elders obviously didn't take Su Zhantai to heart, and said casually: "Bring him in."


The deacon retired respectfully.


Su Zhan stepped into the hall.

Just walked through the gate of the palace.

One after another his eyes cast over.

"Su Zhan? Eight Tribulations cultivation base can become the captain of the Celestial Team?"

"Is there anything special about this person?"

"What's special, I don't think he is surprised."

"That can't be said, at least this Young Master Su looks pretty good!"


Voices sounded one after another.

Except for a handful of female cultivators who were interested in Su Zhan, most of them looked away after a glance.

Obviously he didn't take Su Zhan seriously.

Su Zhan also glanced at them, and walked straight to the Fourteen Elder.

Before he could speak, the fourteenth elders were already pointing to the twelve elders and said, "Su Zhan, let me introduce you. This is the twelfth elder of the Nanze City Presbyterian Church.

He is also the lord of Lingao City today. "

"Twelve elders are good."

Su Zhan bowed his hand slightly, as a salute.

"Su Xiao is friendly."

The twelve elders smiled slightly.

The Fourteenth Elder smiled and said, "Su Zhan, sit down!

I, the Twelve Elders, and the leaders of Lingao City are discussing the defense strategy of Lingao City.

Listen carefully, if you have any good suggestions, you can also put them forward. "

"Elder Fourteen, no need to discuss, the marsh monsters outside Lingao City have already run away, we can go back to hand in the task."


The fourteenth elder was taken aback: "Those marsh monsters ran away?

They are coming menacingly to attack Lingao City, and they ran away before they really started?

how could it be possible! "

The twelve elders also looked at Su Zhan doubtfully: "Little Friend Su, do you have a basis for this?

Those marsh monsters only launched a siege a few days ago, why did they run? "

"Of course there is a basis, what I have seen with my own eyes, as to why they run..."

Su Zhan paused and continued: "Maybe it's because I killed their leading true god!"

As Su Zhan spoke, the sound began.

There was a brief silence in the hall, and then there was a sneer.

"what did he say?

Killed the true god? "

"The Eight Tribulations Heavenly Man killed the true god... even if it is a lie, it won't make up such outrageous words!"

"Laughing at me, he can kill the true **** with the Eight Tribulations Celestial Being, then can I go and level the marsh monsters outside Lingao City?

Hahaha! "


Voices sounded one after another.

Upon hearing Su Zhan's words, the Lingao City chiefs who hadn't taken Su Zhan seriously all laughed.

Obviously, he felt that what Su Zhan was telling was a joke.

"All right!"

The twelfth elder raised his hand and motioned to shut up the principals, and immediately looked at the fourteenth elder, and said with a little displeasure: "Fourteenth elder.

Your subordinate is really humorous.

It's just that now is not the time to laugh, let him stop wanton anymore-fucking! "

Before he finished speaking, he saw that Su Zhan directly took out a demon pill.

Sensing the true god-level demon energy emanating from that soil attribute demon pill, the twelve elders suddenly widened their eyes.

Even subconsciously burst out a foul language!

And all the deities and masters in Lingao City who were still sneered before are all dumbfounded on the spot at this moment!

Staring blankly at that true god-level demon pill.

The eyes are full of shock!

Some of them had just laughed at Su Zhan's principal, and their legs had already begun to tremble.

The back is instantly wet with cold sweat!

"Su, Su Su Su"

The fourteenth elder closest to Su Zhan pointed at the demon pill with trembling fingers, and stammered: "Su Zhan.

You you you, how do you do it and do it? ! "

"Elder Fourteen, you may not believe it."

Su Zhan thought for a while, and said seriously: "Actually.

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