I Have A Trillion Protagonists Halo Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102: True Yang Shenhui, ascend to the sky in one step! (second more)

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The fourteenth elders were speechless for a while.

Feeling Su Zhan's look of doubting his IQ, he felt a little annoyed.

Even gave birth to the urge to slap Su Zhan to death!

But this kind of thinking only existed for a very short time before it disappeared.

Slap Su Zhan to death?

What a joke!

That's a pervert that can kill four true gods!

Was he slapped to death, right? ? ?

The fourteenth elder was depressed and forced a smile: "Su Zhan, I mean, how did you do it?

After all, those are the four true gods! "

This statement came out.

The twelve elders, and the other Lingao city leaders in the hall, all looked at Su Zhan one after another.

Full of expectation.

Obviously, they really couldn't figure out how exactly the four gods killed the four true gods.

at this time.

Su Zhan pondered for a moment, and said: "This matter is a long story, and it mainly depends on my wisdom!"


What kind of wisdom can make a man of eight kalpas kill the four true gods?

Everyone was at a loss.

Su Zhan continued: "First, I sneaked into the giant bamboo forest, the core stronghold of the monster clan outside Lingao city.

There, I met the first true god.

That guy wanted to kill me when he saw me, of course I killed him!


I went to the depths of the giant bamboo forest.

Encountered three other true gods.


Not to mention my weak strength.

Therefore, I did not choose to directly confront them with all my strength.

Instead, it has been dealing with it.

When they were wounded and exhausted, I suddenly broke out again!

Kill them all!

Then the marsh monster clan outside Lingao city fled.

Well, that's probably it! "

After listening to Su Zhan's explanation, the previously dazed Lingao City Lord became even more at a loss.

One by one looked at each other.

Obviously, these things Su Zhan said were completely incompatible with the various ingenious layouts, hidden assassinations, and even thrilling battles they had originally thought.

Especially Su Zhan's tone.

It even makes them feel like they are stating a trivial matter that is nothing.

This is so special!

Those are the four true gods!

Is it that simple? ? ?

Not only the principals, but the two true **** elders are also confused, feeling the same as they did not.

The Fourteenth Elder couldn't help but said, "Su Zhan, it's that simple?"

"Otherwise how difficult do you think?"


The fourteenth elders suddenly became speechless.

Wanting to continue to ask questions, but seeing Su Zhan's appearance of doubting his IQ, he forcibly endured it again.

"Su Xiaoyou killed the four true gods, this matter will be passed on forever in the future!"

Although the Twelve Elders could not figure out how Su Zhan did it, but at this moment, he was already showing respect and said, "Since the crisis in Lin Gaocheng has been resolved, please take out the mission scroll and let me cover the Lin Gao city. The Seal of Gaocheng, so that Xiaoyou Su and the Fourteen Elders can go back to hand over tasks!"

"it is good."

Su Zhan looked at the Fourteen Elder.

The fourteenth elder did not dare to delay, and quickly took out the task scroll.

Soon after the seal was sealed, and after bidding farewell to the twelve elders, Su Zhan also left with the fourteen elders.


Su Zhan just left.

There was a sound of relief in the main hall of the City Lord's Mansion in Lingao City.

Just now, Su Zhan put too much pressure on them.

Although Su Zhan didn't look at them more.

But a perverted man who killed four true gods...

Stand there.

It's pressure!

The twelve elders also breathed a long sigh of relief, glanced at the principals, frowned, and was about to say something, but suddenly felt something and turned his head to look at the entrance of the hall.

A few seconds later.

A deacon appeared at the door, walked into the hall, and knelt down on one knee apart from anything else: "Twelve elders, the monster clan outside Lingao City has changed drastically!

A large number of marsh monsters retreated, and even the masking formations were all removed!

This is a picture recorded by subordinates in the air, please have a look at the twelve elders and all the principals! "

After speaking, the deacon flipped his palm and took out a translucent ball.

The ball cast a curtain of light.

The twelve elders and all the principals in Lingao City all looked at the light curtain.


After a few seconds, the sound of inhaling air-conditioning sounded.

Looking at the light screen, the red land is thousands of miles away, the earth is cracking, the riverbed is broken... all kinds of scenes that can be called destruction.


They finally understood how Su Zhan "assassinated" the four true gods of the monster race...

When everyone in Lingao City was shocked, Su Zhan and the Fourteen Elders had already left the City Lord's Mansion.

"Su Zhan"


The fourteenth elder pretended to ask flying sword while imperially, "Well, I gave you a magic rune before, did you use it?"

"Of course I used it!"

Su Zhan said: "Elder Fourteen, you are reluctant, do you want to go back?"

"What's this saying!"

The Fourteenth Elder's face ached with his back to Su Zhan, but his tone was extremely majestic: "It's just a magic rune!

As long as you need Su Zhan, don't say one, it's ten or one hundred. What's the matter? "


Su Zhan was a little surprised: "I just need it!"

Fourteen elders: "..."

I just talked for fun.

Are you serious?

Look at me like this. Is it someone who can get so many runes? ?

Depressed in his heart, the Fourteenth Elder coughed slightly and changed the subject: "Don't talk about this first.

By the way, Su Zhan, what are your plans after returning to Nanze City? "


Su Zhan thought for a while: "I plan to get the contribution points first, and then go to the library to exchange some suitable magical powers.

If there is extra, I want to change some cultivation resources.

By the way, Elder Fourteen, my demon pill"

"If you want to redeem contribution points, don't think about demon pill."

The fourteenth elder shook his head and said: "According to Nanze City's rules, to exchange the bounty of the marsh monster clan true god, you must turn in the corresponding demon pill.

But Su Zhan, you don't have to be disappointed.

Because according to the contribution system, the value of the redeemed contribution points is definitely a true **** demon pill with higher value! "

"It turned out to be so."

Su Zhan continued: "Then how should I deal with the bodies of the marsh monster true gods?"

"It can be sold at the Nanze City Auction House."

After a pause, as if thinking of something, Elder Fourteen said immediately: "But this is not the best choice.

Su Zhan, you should know that the True Sun God Society is about to begin soon.

Generally speaking, there will be trade fairs during the True Sun God Fair.

In that kind of trade fair, you can exchange for more good things that Nanze City doesn't have, and you can also maximize the value of these marsh monster corpses! "

"True Yang Shenhui?"

Su Zhan was taken aback, and curiously asked, "What is that again?"

"You don't even know the True Sun God Association?"

The Fourteenth Elder was stunned: "This is the grand event of the entire True Sun Kingdom!

Only once in a thousand years!

Even if the Donghuang you are talking about is remote, you shouldn't even know this, right? "

"really do not know."

Su beheaded.

"...Okay then, I'll tell you."

The fourteenth elder thought for a while, and continued: "True Yang Kingdom, there are sixteen gods!

The top ten powers of these sixteen gods are the top ten powers of the Kingdom of True Sun!

The True Yang Shenhui is actually a grand gathering for the selection of geniuses held by the ten great powers of the kingdom of heaven!

At that time, the entire Kingdom of True Sun God, the children of major families, hereditary family members, stunning Tianjiao...

As long as it has not yet reached the realm of true gods.

Will go to the gods to show their talents and potentials in front of the gods!

Those whose talents are recognized can join the top ten forces and become their gatekeepers!

If the talent is extremely strong, it may even allow many gods to speak and accept them as named disciples!

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