I Have A Virtual Universe Chapter 824

Vol 8 Chapter 759: Omniscient And Almighty God

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Before entering the virtual universe, Su Li had already integrated all the spatial hearts he had obtained into his body, and the virtual universe was able to copy all the information on his body into this information universe.

Therefore, at this moment, his body in the virtual universe has been integrated into the heart of countless spaces!

In other words, he can already try to break through!

"Next, there may be a lot of movement. If I fail, I will try a few more times. Please be prepared!" Su Li said lightly to Urshen, and then he took a step forward and came in an instant. Arrived in the void space between two galaxies in the Urshen galaxy cluster.

Su Li didn't act immediately. He stood in the void, quietly feeling his own situation and the countless fluctuations in the surrounding universe.

"This breakthrough will definitely succeed!"

Su Li muttered to himself, and the next moment, endless energy burst out of his body.


The endless void seemed to be drawn by something, suddenly distorting everything.

All matter, time, space, and even some alien spaces that are relatively close to the main universe, all begin to turn into pure energy at an extremely fast speed, and madly converge in one direction.

Infinite rules act in all directions, and at this moment, nothing can resist their erosion.

God Ur, who was planning to watch it nearby, left here quickly without hesitation.

There was a deep throb in his heart. At that moment, he understood that if he continued to stay there, he would be ruthlessly transformed into pure energy and become a part of the opponent's advancement.

"Is it the strongest cosmic **** who disregards endless time?" Ulshen silently looked at the huge energy domain that madly expanded to the surroundings.

Although the distance between the two galaxies is very large, at this speed, they absolutely cannot escape the fate of being swallowed.

"Frightening, it is countless times more terrifying than the advancement of the normal universe gods!" The more you look, the more you can feel the horror of this breakthrough.


Su Li is located in the center of the huge energy domain. The countless rules in his body allow him to contain energy far beyond the normal universe gods. In the early stage of the advanced stage, he just needs to suck.

Su Li was constantly absorbing the energy that was constantly being transformed, and the time outside the energy domain was also fast passing by.

One year, two years, three years...

In a blink of an eye, thirty years have passed.

During this period of time, the scene where God Ur has been in the energy domain, for him, a cosmic **** who has been for countless years, thirty years is nothing at all.

Under the gaze of God Ur, suddenly, a wave of extremely strong explosion suddenly appeared in it.

"The most dangerous time begins!" God Ur said silently in his heart.

Normal life breaks through the cosmic gods, it is a complete transformation of life forms, based on rules, with endless energy as the main body, constructing an immortal and immortal body.

The prerequisite for this transformation is to completely discard the previous body... This is also the most dangerous step to break through the universe gods, countless A-level beings have fallen on this.

The more complex the rules for breaking through, the longer it will take. This is the fundamental reason why it is more difficult to break through with more powerful rules.

Ordinary A-level beings completely disappear in the old body, and the empty window period when the new body has not yet been born will not last long. If they cannot successfully construct the new body in this period of time, then there is only one result waiting for them... death!

While Urshen was thinking, a series of apparent rules suddenly appeared in the energy domain, and quickly squeezed toward the center of the energy domain.


Urshen stared at the scene in front of him. The number of these rules made him a little dazed. From it, he saw the space rules he was familiar with, and also saw the time rules that are more related to the space rules. As for the others. , He doesnt know much...

"Moreover, these rules seem to be the complete version of the rules!" Urshen's expression became more and more incredible. You must know that simply breaking through with a complete rule would immediately be the top cosmic god.

And so many kinds are combined together...

"No wonder he said that he is the strongest cosmic god, that's it!" Urshen felt that he understood a little bit, and that he had such a large number of rules. Once the opponent advanced, it was indeed unimaginable.

But the problem is...

"In this case, is there really a possibility of advanced success?" Urshen expressed a wave of suspicion.

Fortunately, God Ur also understands the characteristics of the virtual universe. He knows that even if one fails, one can try many times. In this way, the other party still has the possibility of success.

No matter what the **** Ur thinks, time still moves forward. After the big bang, time passed again three months quickly, and the **** Ur felt a little numb. If the **** of the universe cannot be successfully constructed within a few hours With a new body, the opponent will definitely fail and die.

But it has been three months for the other party, and the breakthrough is still going on...

. . .

A year later, in a certain void in the real universe, Su Li, who had been sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, suddenly moved.

The next moment, endless energy suddenly gushed out of nothingness, and frantically began to pour into Su Li's body.

After receiving these energy infusions, Su Li's body structure began to change rapidly.

All matter was turned into energy, and countless rules appeared out of thin air. At the same time, his figure, which was less than two meters tall, also expanded rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, Su Li's figure rose to the size of a star system, and he continued to grow...

For a long time, the changes in Su Li's body shape completely stopped. At this time, he had become a super monster with a height of nearly tens of billions of light years.

Most of the cosmic natural disasters that have occurred in the history of the universe are not on this scale.


Su Yi opened his eyes.


The endless rules on his body suddenly resonated with the rules in the universe. At this moment, the invisible fluctuations spread to countless light-years away.

At this moment, countless lives saw the incomparably majestic figure inexplicably.

At the same time, a loud voice sounded deep in their hearts.

"I, the omniscient and almighty god!"


"Have you succeeded?" The ancestor of the Human Race sitting in the Human Race Alliance suddenly left the place and appeared in the nearby void.

At the same time, the other cosmic gods who saw this scene suddenly had thoughts similar to those of the ancestor of the human race. The self-proclaimed A-level life, but suspected to kill most of the existence of cosmic gods and cosmic gods, succeeded!

"Unbelievable!" The God Ur of the real universe stayed in a certain alien space, and he couldn't help but sighed.

He does not belong to any forces in the universe. He has always been a lone ranger, so he did not participate in the last encirclement and suppression operation. It is precisely because of this that he escaped a catastrophe and became one of the few remaining universe gods in the universe. One.

"It seems we have to keep a low profile in the future!" Urshen sighed with emotion.

At this time--

"En?" Urshen was taken aback for a moment. The huge figure in his eyes suddenly stretched out his hand and shook it abruptly.

Click! Click!

There were cracks in Urshen's body silently, and at this time, Urshen finally realized that something was wrong.


God Ur only had time to shout, and then he shattered into countless pieces and completely disappeared into the universe.

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