I Have A Virtual Universe Chapter 825

Vol 8 Chapter 760: The End

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Killing U'er God was just easy. At this time, most of Su Li's attention was placed on another person, a person who hadn't seen him again for more than three hundred years.

Lingyun galaxy cluster, the earth.

Xia Ke stared blankly at the towering figure that suddenly appeared in front of her. It stands to reason that it would be impossible to see the full picture of this towering figure with her strength, but she had seen it clearly, and it was extremely clear.

"Wait for me, I'll be right back!" A familiar voice rang in Xia Ke's ears, and then the huge figure disappeared in front of her.


Xia Ke reached out and grabbed it, but didn't catch anything.

"Immediately!" Su Li's voice sounded again, and at this time, Xia Ke finally determined that she was not dreaming.

. . .

At the same time--

In the emptiness far away from the earth at this time, Su Li, who was huge in size, shrank rapidly at this time.

In the blink of an eye, he regained his original shape.

Ordinary cosmic gods and cosmic gods can hardly control his own body shape, but Su Li is different. He is omniscient and omnipotent. He can change the size and size of his body.

"It's over!" Su Li whispered to himself, and then he waved his hand.


The endless energy condensed in an instant, and the figure of a huge universe **** slowly emerged.

After a while--

The figure was completely solid, and he opened his eyes blankly.

"The life that is normally manifested in the virtual universe will establish contact with me, but what I promised you is a complete resurrection, so I cut this connection!" Su Li said lightly:

"It's okay?"

"Thank you!" The figure, or God Ur, said in a deep voice.

"Don't thank me, let's just leave it!"

Su Li left these words, and the next moment, he suddenly appeared in the world created by the world **** in an alien dimension not long ago.


The eternal god's figure never appeared far away.

"You succeeded?" Eternal God asked.

Su Li didn't answer, he said directly: "It's up to you to fulfill your promise!"

"What do you want me to do?" the eternal **** asked.

"The alien space was severely destroyed by me, it is not so easy to repair it!" Su Li slowly said:

"So, don't repair it at all, and let something else replace the role of these alien dimensions, so as to make up for the foundation of the universe."

"What do you want to do? What do you need me to do?" The Eternal God asked with some doubts.

"I want to develop this small world into a real universe!" Su Li said faintly: "Take the **** of the world as the foundation and use it as the driving force for evolution!"

Su Li put his hand on the center of his forehead, and then, a spherical object engraved with countless intricate patterns appeared in his hand.

"What is this?" the eternal **** asked.

"Virtual universe!" Su Li said slowly.


What else did the eternal **** want to ask, but Su Li raised his hand to stop him.

"This universe will also give birth to life, you just guard these two cores at the core, is that okay?" Su Li asked.

"Of course I have no problem, but what about the world gods? He is also okay?" the eternal **** asked.

"In essence, the pursuit of the world gods should be to become the real world, and he has no reason to refuse! Besides, the world gods are actually my clone!" Su Li said with a flat expression that made the eternal gods unbelievable. fact.


Su Li didn't mean to explain at all, he quickly came to the center of the world.


The huge figure of the world **** suddenly appeared, and at the same time, Su Li also threw the virtual universe at the world god.

For a moment--

Endless rules emerged from the world's gods and poured into the virtual universe continuously.

The huge energy wrapped the two, and soon formed a huge ball of light.

This big ball of light can actually be divided into countless parts, each of which represents a complete rule.

The big ball of light slowly fell, and quickly disappeared on the surface of this world. In an instant, the nature of this world changed.

It "moves"!

"This is the origin of the world!"

Su Liqing sighed. He will continue to expand and evolve. One day, it will develop a real life.

"Leave it to you!" Su Li turned his head and said to the eternal god, and then he left here directly.

Su Li came out of the world, and sure enough, the new world had expanded, and many surrounding alien spaces had been swallowed intact by it and turned into a part of the world.

"In this way, the foundation of the universe will only become stronger than before!" Su Li glanced at the expanding world for the last time, and then he disappeared directly into place.


The next moment, Su Li appeared near the Human Race Alliance again. At this time, the Human Race ancestor was waiting.

"I guess you will come to me!" The ancestor of the human race said slowly.

"En!" Su Li nodded.

"You have succeeded, what are you going to do next?" the ancestor of the human race asked.

"I have already made up for the loss of the alien space, and you will see the effect soon!" Su Li said slowly, "Next, I hope the universe will regain its original peace."

"It might not be easy to die so many cosmic gods all at once!" The ancestor of the human race shook his head.

"Let me replace those cosmic gods!"

Su Li said, UU read www.uukanshu.com in the next second, dozens of figures appeared behind him, each figure quickly solidified, and their breath quickly became the universe in the impression of the ancestor of the human race. The look of a god.

"This is my clone!" Before the ancestor of the human race asked, Su Yi took the lead.

The ancestor of the human race couldn't help being horrified. In an instant, he created a universe of gods, universe gods, and even the existence of order gods. Is this really what the universe gods can do? !

"May I ask, how strong are you after you advance?" the ancestor of the human race asked.

"Me?" Su Li smiled, and he said, "Do you think the universe has an end?"

"Theoretically speaking, it is possible, but even if it is a universe **** like us to explore in the endless darkness, it takes countless years to reach the end!" The ancestor of the human race said:

"It's just that the farther you fly, the less material you can see, and the rest is nothing but nothing!"

"That's because you are still beings in the universe, and it is impossible to see its end. No matter how you fly, you will always be in the universe!" Su Li said lightly:

"And I'm different! Even if I don't move a step, I can see the end of it!"

The ancestor of the human race: "..."

"It's all here, goodbye!"

"Wait, you haven't told me what I am going to do next?" the ancestor of the human race asked hastily.

"Don't worry, I'm not thinking about making trouble! I will probably rest for a while before going on a trip? Well, stay with my relatives!"

Su Li's voice echoed in the heart of the ancestor of the human race, but his figure completely disappeared!

PS: The book is over!

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