I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1514

Chapter 1515: Phantom

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Xuan San's wanton sword spirit naturally affected Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen suppressed Xuan San's Jianming with the heart sword technique, which was even more satirical.

When faced with Jiang Chen who suddenly appeared, Xuan San was taken aback first, and then a cold light flashed in his eyes, with a bit of joking, and said: "Do you know who I am? Dare to appear in front of me?"

"Xuan Jun holds a kendo boy." Jiang Chen curled his lips and said: "What? I can't show up in front of you?"

"Zhou Kunlun has an agreement with the three immortal kings, the millennium and two realms, and my realm with you is within the two realms!" Xuan San raised his eyebrows, and the sword behind him began to vibrate again!

At the same time, the sword qi around him broke out again, like a gang of wind, centering on him, reversing the surroundings!

Everyone backed away, even those whose cultivation base was much higher than Xuan San were not willing to get too close.

Of course, they weren't afraid, but Xuan San's identity was too special, and they didn't want to get into trouble.

At this moment, only three people were standing near Xuan San.

One of them was Wujian, who was calm and self-assured, and when he was touched by Xuan San's Jianqi Gangfeng, he was not harmed at all.

He himself is like a scabbard, and holds the sword!

The other two are Jiang Chen and Bai Xiaoyun.

Naturally, Bai Xiaoyun didn't need to say much. Although the cultivation base was suppressed, a golden immortal-level sword energy was still not in his eyes.

As for Jiang Chen, he even ignored this sword aura.

The addition of sacred healing technique, coupled with his extremely powerful body, these sword auras can hardly hurt him at all!

"It's interesting." Xuan San raised his eyebrows, slowly drew his sword, and then pointed at Jiang Chen remotely, saying: "Today, you can come and die!"

"Swordsman, gentleman. You are a realm higher than him. This battle is unfair and inappropriate." Before Jiang Chen could speak, Wujian on the side spoke first.

As rumored, Wujian is righteous and chivalrous.

Although he didn't know Jiang Chen, he didn't think others would suffer.

Hearing this, Jiang Chen laughed a few times, nodded at Wujian, and said, "This fellow Taoist, you don't need to worry about this, this person is not my opponent."

When Jiang Chen said this, he was very indifferent, as if saying something extremely normal.

However, this word fell in the ears of everyone, like a big joke!

Everyone knows that monks of the same realm have high or low combat power.

Jiang Chen had indeed fought some golden immortals before, and they all won.

But how can the strength of those golden immortals be comparable to Xuan San!

Xuan San is the person who was taught by the Immortal King Xuan Jun himself. Although he did not put him away as an apprentice, he was still regarded as a half apprentice, and he had obtained the kendo inheritance of the Immortal King Xuan Jun!

Can these characters be comparable to ordinary Jinxians?

Now, Jiang Chen is still a level lower than Xuan San, and can actually say this. The person present is Bai Xiaoyun, can others believe it?

"Boy, I think you are used to being arrogant in the lower realm. I don't know how big the world of this immortal realm is!" Xuan San's face is cold, and he thinks that his face has been insulted!

"I don't know how big the world of the fairy world is, but... I'm afraid you don't know, right?" Jiang Chen joked.

The immortal world is vast, and the place that the world knows and explores is only one-tenth of the immortal world.

As for how big the remaining nine-tenths are, it may be huge, or it may be only a cent.

Therefore, no one knows how big the fairy world is!

Of course, the meaning of Xuan San's words is not to say how big the immortal world is, but to refer to Jiang Chen's eyelessness and ignorance of the sky and the earth.

But Jiang Chen wants to understand this way, do you have an opinion?

"Friend Xuan San, this person is my guest of Miraculous Valley, and I should call him Young Master. Since I am in My Miraculous Valley today, then Fellow Xuan San Daoist might as well sell me face and give up today."

At this moment, in Magic Valley, a young man walked out with a very conspicuous silver hair.

He is the three young masters of Magic Valley, the phantom array wizard known as the phantom!

Phantom Demon is also a character on the list of local characters, ranking out of ten, but no one in the top ten dares to underestimate him!

After all, the phantom array of the phantom magic is really good!

"Since you have said so, then I will save you face and spare his life today." Xuan San said.

However, Jiang Chen on the side was a little depressed.

Are you taking my life? Are you wrong?

Asked if I would bypass you guys! ?

"Rebellious person, do you deserve to call me Young Master?" Jiang Chen's face was cold, and he looked at the Third Young Master Magical Demon in Magic Valley, and mocked: "How does it feel for a seller to seek glory? You made your name in Magic Valley?"

"Everyone in the world has misunderstandings. My Miraculous Valley has always been on the side of the Immortal King Wancheng. However,...the key to living in this world is to judge the time and the trend. This is the key to living in this world." The magical said with a smile.

The implication of this statement is naturally telling everyone that Magic Valley has not betrayed the Wancheng Immortal Gate, even if it is betrayed, it will be forced!

In short, according to my Miraculous Valley, I just didn't betray, anyway, I believe it myself, you believe it or not!

"It's really shameless!"

"In the beginning, Wancheng Immortal Gate was so good to Magic Valley, the result..."

"White-eyed wolf."

Many people are slanderous, but now that Magic Valley is so powerful, no one will say it face-to-face.

"Come on, betrayal is betrayal, now Magic Valley is so powerful, what you say is what you say." Jiang Chen contemptuously said.

"Young Master, you misunderstood..." Illusory Demon hurriedly said, but before he could finish speaking, he saw Jiang Chen pointing to Xuan San and asked: "The murderer, kill him forever. You just wanted to kill me, yes. ?"

"Killing you is easy." Xuan San raised his eyebrows and said, "What?"

"Since you want to kill me, then I can kill you too." Jiang Chen whispered, his eyes were bright, and there was more sword glow in the depths of his eyes!

"Since you are good at using swords, then I will fight you with swordsmanship." Jiang Chen looked straight, and then touched himself, only to realize that he didn't have a sword...

Although the heart sword technique is to raise swords and imperial swords with divine mind, Jiang Chen does not have swords yet...

"If you don't dislike Daoyou, I can lend you this sword." Wujian saw Jiang Chen's embarrassment and threw his sword to Jiang Chen.

This surprised Jiang Chen. After all, Jian Xiu took his sword as his life, and gave his sword to others. Doesn't it mean that he gave his life to others? !

"Aren't you afraid?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Why be afraid? It's just that you can't see the injustice in this world." Wu Jian said.

"It's interesting." Jiang Chen smiled, then drew out the swordless long sword, and suddenly a sword glow went straight into the sky!

In the air, a sword glow spread, and then turned into an Optimus Prime!

"This is the kendo that Wujian realized by himself! The sword of the sky!"

"Really a genius!"

All around, exclamations kept ringing, and even Xuan San, who thought he was a master of swordsmanship above Wujian, was moved!

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