I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1515

Chapter 1516: Sun Moon Nether

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Jian Xiu, his own sword is his own life and fruit.

It is difficult for others to use the sword repaired by the sword to exert the true power of this sword.

But no sword is different!

His heart is broad and narrow, his sword is the sword of the world!

As long as he is willing, Jiang Chen can use his sword and exert his greatest power!

Based on this, it is enough to explain Wujian's proficiency in kendo!

However, Xuan San didn't think so.

His kendo attainments were handed down to Xuanjun Immortal King, and his kendo attainments were so profound that no one could imagine.

Although he was shocked by swordless kendo, he was more confident in his kendo!

"Young Master, Xuan San is the third emperor of the word list, and the Golden Immortal Ninth Heavy Cultivation Base, are you... not suitable?" Illusory Demon frowned and persuaded, but there was a hint of excitement deep in his eyes.

He wanted Jiang Chen to be beheaded very much, but due to the words of the world, he had to pretend to be.

"Don't be hypocritical, if I die here, the entire Magic Valley will burn incense and worship Buddha, and celebrate for a few days." Jiang Chen didn't save face for the magical demon, and then pointed his sword at Xuan San and said: "Zhan."

"I'm satisfied with you!" Xuan San shouted coldly, the long sword in his hand suddenly rang, and then a sword light burst out!

The sword glow is shining, like a starlight, with infinite celestial power, and more obscure runes circulate in the sword glow!

A sword strikes, the horrible sword aura is wanton, the starlight turns into a blazing sun, and the scorching aura spreads like a true sun falling on the sky!

The mighty sword, seemed to have an unparalleled trend, and went straight to Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen's expression is quite serious. He knows that today's battle must be taken seriously!

After all, the kendo boy under Xuan Jun's Immortal Throne is not a false name!

At this moment, I saw Jiang Chen moving horizontally, raising the long sword in the same hand, his divine spirit exploded, and the sword came out!

The sword light also shines out like the vast starry sky, seeming to reflect thousands of mountains and rivers!

Under one sword, the two swords collided, the sword aura burst out, and the roar rose from the sky!

The two sword lights turned into an oven, and the mountains and rivers in this place were cracked, and the air in this place was incineratingly hot.

The people around retreated quickly, it was really hard to withstand such fluctuations in sword energy!

"Huh!? How about the sword energy Xuan San hits!?"

After a few breaths, when the brilliance dissipated, the sword light that Jiang Chen struck was still there, staying in the air, but the sword light was already weakened a lot.

But the sword energy that Xuan San hits disappeared without a trace!

"what happened?"

"Impossible! Anyone can sense that Xuan San's sword aura is much stronger than Jiang Chen's!"

Everyone was shocked, and even more puzzled.

Logically speaking, after this first sword collision, Jiang Chen's sword aura will inevitably be destroyed, leaving only Xuan San's sword aura!

But now, it's the opposite!

"Heart Sword!? With Xin Yujian, I took away my sword energy!?" Xuan San's eyes flashed with horror.

Others can't see the mystery in it, but Xuan San is in it, and he can naturally understand it.

His sword light did not disappear, but was controlled by Jiang Chen and flew into the distance!

"Heart Sword!? Lost Heart Sword!?"

"Impossible! How could this kind of kendo immortality still exist!?"

At this moment, the exclamations around him became more intense.

Heart sword, long ago, existed when that woman was in charge of the world.

However, after the woman, that is, Jiang Chen's mother, disappeared, the heart sword disappeared, lost!

Counting time now, Heart Sword has disappeared for several times, this is a fairy technique that has been proven to be truly extinct!

"Oh? Is the Heart Sword Art so famous?" Jiang Chen was stunned. He didn't expect to find a treasure in the overseas immortal storehouse.

"How about the Heart Sword Art!?"

At this moment, Xuan San raised his eyebrows, held the seal in his left hand, and held the sword in his right. With his hands dancing in a staggered manner, the long sword in his hand split into Tao Xuanguang, and then turned into an endless long sword, hanging in the air!

Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers reflect the sun and the moon, thousands of Yinchuan shines in the dark!

This is the swordsmanship that Xuan Jun realized when he was young, Sun Moon Nether!

According to legend, Xuan Jun also used this trick when he became the three immortal kings later.

At that time, it is said that I almost clicked through the sky of the immortal world and smashed the earth of the immortal world!

Under this sword, there is quite an open world, reflecting the sky and illuminating the power of the nether!

Of course, Xuan San's cultivation base and kendo have not reached that level yet, but they are a bit more like!

"Sun Moon Nether!"

At this moment, Xuan San long whistled out, and the immortal power in his body was burning. Not only did he use this sword to illuminate the heavens and the earth, but also to use this sword to illuminate the reputation of his sword!

He wants to let the world know that the sword **** of the younger generation is him, not Wujian!

"The direction of the heart, the direction of the sword, the sword moves when the heart moves, and the mind moves when the sword moves." Jiang Chen whispered, like an epiphany, and his insight into the art of the heart sword became more and more profound.

Immediately, I saw him strike out with a light sword, but the long sword in his hand disappeared invisible, even himself disappeared.

In the next moment, everyone saw that there seemed to be a wandering dragon among the sun, moon, and darkness. He shuttled and marched among the sword lights!

The sword aura was mighty, but never hurt him, as if Xuan San's sword aura belonged to Jiang Chen.

Xuan San was stunned. He watched Jiang Chen swimming like a dragon, swimming from the sun and the moon, and then in that moment, a bit of cold light fell, reaching the center of his eyebrows!

The sword never pierced Xuan San's eyebrows.

But the sword energy shattered Xuan San's soul.

Xuan San was standing, Jiang Chen was also standing, both of them were silent.

Until a wisp of breeze passed, Xuan San slowly fell towards the back.

Jiang Chen, with a smile on his face, whispered, "It turns out that this is the sword of the heart. You can control not only your own sword, but also the sword of others."

"How dare to actually kill Xuan San!"

"This is the second character on the list of local characters!"

"The kendo boy under Xuan Jun's seat has received the kendo attainments of the Immortal King Xuan Jun... and... it just died like that!?"

At this moment, everyone was shocked and exclaimed again and again.

But Jiang Chen, as the person involved, calmed down and returned the long sword in his hand to Wujian, saying, "Thank you."

"No." Wujian whispered softly.

"Using your sword to kill Xuan San, you are not afraid that Xuan Jun will trouble you?" Jiang Chen asked suddenly.

Wujian smiled bitterly when he heard the words, and said, "I didn't expect you to kill him."

"But he wants to kill me." Jiang Chen said.

"Yes, so it's normal to be killed." Wu Jian nodded.

However, everyone knows that Wujian is in trouble this time!

However, Wu Jian didn't say, he didn't complain, just put away the long sword, turned around and left here.

He is a casual cultivator, and although he has a few very strong friends, he is much worse than Xuan Jun.

Staying here, as if Xuan Jun came to the door, or other people under Xuan Jun's seat came to you, he would definitely die!

After all, he does not have the so-called two-world and thousand-year covenant!

"Why...you follow me?" At this moment, Jiang Chen spoke with a smile, waving at Wujian, and said: "Together?" I have the latest chapter address of nine female apprentices: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/123519.htmlI have nine female apprentices to read the full text: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/123519/I have nine female apprentices txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/123519.htmlMe There are nine female apprentices who read on mobile phones: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/123519/For the convenience of reading next time , You can click "Favorites" below to record the reading record of this time (Chapter 1516 Sun Moon Nether), and you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "I Have Nine Female Apprentices", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), Thank you for your support! (www.wuxiaworld)

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