I Just Want To Draw Comics Quietly Chapter 949

Chapter 940:

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The vastness of the Dragon Kingdom has just returned to school and work from the New Years Day holiday. The disclosure of the work of the full-time hunter undoubtedly excited this group of people in an instant...........

At this time, the animation production team of the full-time hunter hasn't been started for many days, and the work content is all in the preparatory stage, but some specific human drawings have been constructed!

Chu Yu asked the copyists to release these news, mainly in the new year. After all, he attaches great importance to the development of the two companies under this year. Although Tianxing seems to be overwhelmed now, Chuyus competitors are not only Tianxing. That's it...

And as everyone expected, although only some people set up information disclosure, the actual story of the work was not spoiled, but the title of the full-time hunter was instantly topped by the Internet hot search!

Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin are too popular now. Basically, looking at the entertainment industry and the Internet celebrity world, it is difficult to find a person as influential as the two, a little bit of movement, and instantly spread to the entire network!

"In the beginning of the year, I saw a happy event, Teacher Shui Xin is awesome!"

"This person is simply outrageous. The giant is still on the road to conferring the gods. He can't wait for the next work to be produced!"

"After all, I have accumulated three years of creative desire. I haven't moved for three years. I really want to come and it shouldn't be just a work by a giant!"

"Ms. Shuixin's hunters have information. Why hasn't Mr. Zhao Qinyin's Hokage moved?"

"Come on at this time, Teacher Zhao Qinyin, don't be leisurely anymore. If this goes on, let the opposite party seize the opportunity!"

"Hey, you Zhao Qinyin fans are too much! When the two announced together that there will be a new work next year, you said that the teacher forcibly touched the porcelain after waking up, and you wanted to make the two of them work against each other. Now you panic again and feel that you will let the teacher Shuixin Can't you be a limelight alone?"

"Before was before, now is now. Anyway, the title of the first person in the animation industry cannot be taken away by him. Don't think about running away first!"

"It's really boring. After watching you two fans tearing it up for a few months, and you can't get any results, you can admit it. Unless one side of the two is very stretched, they will always maintain the creative level of the steel giant. Its impossible to tell the difference between victory and defeat..........There may be a quantitative gap in the performance data of the work, but if the gap is not particularly large, its useless. The next confrontation Here, if the outcome of each other is reversed, the two will return to the original point of competition! What are you doing so tired, just watch the anime well!"

"I don't care, but Shui Xin always loves awesome! Teacher Shui Xin is number one in the world!"

"Teacher Zhao Qinyin is the strongest, and his looks and talents are all overwhelming!"

"I said you guys.........should pay more attention to the information of the protagonist Jie Fulishi in the set of characters released by the hunter this time, why is it being forced again?"

"When those things are released, the work will be released. Now I must let this group of Zhao Qinyin fans know what truth is..."


The state of affairs is so strange. Although Chu Yu released some information about the work of the full-time hunter, the final result of the evolution was still a confrontation between him and Zhao Qinyin's bilateral fans!

Under Zhao Qinyins major social accounts, a large group of fans came to ask her to also release relevant information about Hokage, just like a child is angry, you have a new toy, and I must have it too!

Zhao Qinyin is more serious than Chu Yu, and will take care of the mentality of fans, and occasionally reply to fans' private messages, but now...........

Seeing that hundreds of thousands of people in the backstage of her account helped her to cheer up, prepare for next year, and keep the strongest honor to get fans to leave a message...and their request to beat Chu Yu's sharp message... ......

"Could it be that our situation will last a long time?" Zhao Qinyin looked helpless!

"Almost, isn't this bad?" Chu Yu looked at her.

"What's so good about this? It's obviously all your fans fighting each other, and it's been going on for almost half a year. I feel that this will get more and more serious!" Zhao Qinyin said worriedly.

She doesn't have Chu Yu's knowledge reserve based on parallel world history. Naturally, she is extremely cautious about the unknown! And from her perspective, she doesn't want to see her fans treat Chu Yu as an enemy all day long!

The fans on both sides are in harmony, and everyone builds a group together, named Blind and Love and Family!

"By then, you won't be able to control it. These tens of millions of fans are arguing and moving casually. The influence is terrifying!"

"Ah...you don't have to worry about this kind of thing! After all, it's just an online party fight, it doesn't matter! And...you should also know the silver carp effect! The two of us are the silver carp in each other's territory. If this struggle continues, it will only make the fans more active!" Chu Yu said nothing.

"Moreover, this kind of thing can be regarded as a kind of marketing, and no money is needed!"

"What do you mean?" Zhao Qinyin responded.

"Look, dont your fans expect you to release Narutos message immediately, as a response to me? A little bit of their appetite... Wait until our fans in the animation industry are right. When our attention rose to the highest level, by the way, we released the Sky City, your name, and heard the production information of the sound of the waves..." Chu Yu said calmly.

Zhao Qinyin looked at him strangely when he heard the words.

"It feels like you are thinking more and more like a businessman!"

"Really?" Chu Yu was taken aback, and then said with a smile.

"There is nothing wrong with it. Maximize the commercial value of the work and manipulate the fan marketing a little. It does not conflict with my creation of excellent works...........I am not a star, do it all. For those flowers, the marketing is the best in the industry, but the quality of the works is not satisfactory. I strive to be the best for both..."

Zhao Qinyin thought after hearing the words, but his expression returned to normal.


"It's just that, what I have always been sorry for is that I was involved in the vortex of the Dragon Kingdom animation industry. Before you get to this point, if you want to quit, I can still do it... .." Chu Yu said embarrassedly.

"But now.........you, the tens of millions of anime fans around the world, no longer allow you to live a peaceful life! It is very likely that you will be with me for a long, long time. Be watched by these anime fans!"

Zhao Qinyin was taken aback when he heard the words, then chuckled at the corner of his mouth, holding Chu Yu's hand, leaning his head on his shoulder, and the fragrance of the hair rushed into Chu Yu's nose!

Although she didn't say anything, what she meant was already obvious!


In January of this year, the animation industry in Longguo was very uneasy!

The latest plot of Steelmaking progressed to the point where Envy was defeated by Zoroy. It was bombarded by Roy's various flames, which made the audience very cool. Later, the ugly insect body that drilled out of his body was even more visible. The powder barrage slammed it to death!

There are not many plots of works like Gang Lian that can make the audience happy. This scene is considered to be one of the few such scenes, but Hiroshi Arakawa is obviously not prepared to let the audience pass by and end the Envi plot!

Later, Lisa and Roy were confronted by Envis life and death issues, Roys distorted faces because of hatred, Skars sentence...

"A person blinded by hatred, leading others to build a world, must be very interesting!"

This kind of yin and yang of Skar directly broke the defenses of the steel powder, and it felt like they were talking about them. Watching Enwei being abused by various kinds of cruelty and turning into such an ugly bug, when watching the animation in his heart, he just thought about how to let it. It's better than death!

It was the story that Steelmaking made fans reflect on. Then Edward came forward and caught Envi. Faced with Envis instigation and separation of the four people present, all kinds of mocking human beings are unable to unite in this way, and will only bring war and terror. Words, Edward's sentence...

"Enwei, you are jealous of human beings! Human beings are obviously much weaker than your artificial humans..........If you encounter difficulties, you will be knocked down. People around you will encourage you to stand up. You are envious. Such a human..."

It is impossible to describe the shock of the conversation between Edward and Enwei when millions of steel smelters saw the end of Chapter 54 Enwei!

The reason why Steel Refining is called a masterpiece in the parallel world, after entering the 21st century, the only new fan who can challenge it is the giant, and the giant also failed because of the ending challenge... .

The **** of steel is here inadvertently!

A minute ago, this group of fans were still refreshed for Enwei being violently abused by Roy. Half a minute ago, everyone gave up and killed Enwei for Roy to avoid falling into the abyss of hatred and breathed a sigh of relief. Now... .......I just feel the ugly bug in Edward's hand, Enwei's body is pitiful.........

Then the next moment, Enwei struggled and broke free from Edward with tears, crying that it was humiliation to be pityed by Edward, and the fans immediately realized that they felt it was pitiful at this time, but also a kind of arrogance, and the role of trample!

But Enwei shed tears and took out the sage stone in his body and crushed it. Because of Edward's understanding of it, he died in tears..........


Many steelmaking fans only feel that the anime of steelmaking is sublimated because of this statement!

After reading this story, it was inscribed in the deep memory. After it was broadcast, the fans repeatedly brushed it over and over again..........

This characterization is too strong!

A few minutes of plot, let the audience experience many emotional reversals!

Gang Lian's popularity skyrocketed again because of this super **** performance. Even if the giant was broadcast on the second day, after the third day, in the animation industry, the hot topic of the giant was still back pressured by Gang Lian!

After all, the steel-making plot is super god, and the giant's plot has entered the slightly plain Wang Zheng chapter!

For the first time, Steelmaking and Giant have been broadcast for so long, the two works seem to have become even more popular!

In this environment, on the island of Japan, Zhao Qinyin released information about the works of Naruto.

The story of the ninja, the personal drawings of the characters in works such as Sasuke and Naruto have been released...........

The entire Longguo animation industry is almost entirely on the stage of Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin, and everyone is discussing relevant information about these works over and over.

And soon after Hokage's related information was released...

The magic city and the island of Japan, the city in the sky, your name, and the news of the three animated films I heard about the sound of the waves are also released together..........

It can be said that after entering January, the colleagues in Longguo animation industry only saw Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin two actions one after another!

And in the eyes of the outside world, their actions are full of gunpowder!

Chu Yu released the hunter animation information, Zhao Qin immediately followed up, and also released the new information about the decision of your name in the new work, and then Chu Yu followed up!

These two actions one after another, directly attracted all the attention of the Dragon Kingdom Second Yuan in January!

The information released by other animation companies about their own company-related productions has almost never caught up. The new animation in January, like their predecessors in the previous months, continues to be ruled by steel and giants! Although playing the data is okay, it is a failure if there is no discussion on the Internet. After all, the influence of the work will not spread out, and the IP value of the work will be greatly reduced!

In this January, there is a company that is almost cut off from the mainstream market...that is Tianxing!

The company's internal fighting broke out for a month, but Yin Tian still could not balance the demands of all parties. On the contrary, at this time in previous years, Tianxing had already announced to the industry its big moves for the coming year, but this year, until now... .. This thing is nowhere in sight!

The company's weakness was completely exposed, and the enemies of the company involved in various industries no longer wait and see, taking advantage of this time to launch a fierce attack on Tianxing!

Among them, Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin took the lead. In two months, the two announced the production decision information of the five works. Obviously, the two are announcing to all their colleagues in the animation industry that they both want Take control of the market trend of Longguo animation industry next year and continue to lead the trend...but it is ridiculous that no company dared to jump out and fight with these two people. Those who dared in the heyday of Tianxing My colleagues who competed with Tianxing for food, are silent now! Yin Tian knew that Jiuxing and Tearlight Animation had planned to announce this year's major production animation works this month, but now, a few days after the scheduled deadline, no sound has been released!

Is it so scary? Those two, you opponents, are not afraid of the stars at the peak, and they all dare to compete, so they are afraid of those two young men in their early twenties?

Yin Tianchang sighed!

If Tianxing still cannot organize a favorable resistance this year, after next year, it may not even survive next year. I am afraid that Tianxing, the industry leader, will change hands!

Although both the copyist and gt are far inferior to Tianxing in scale, the two companies' influence on the animation market will surpass Tianxing and is just around the corner!

Yin Tian was anxious, but there was nothing he could do. He felt that he was dragged into the quagmire by his pig teammates. It is obvious that this year's Tianxing has a chance to fight to the death with Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin! Just beating these two men head-on once can awaken the markets confidence in Tianxing, attract investors investment, and then revitalize the situation. However, Sun Xianjuns force against him made him unable to organize related actions... .....

That kind of helpless despair is getting stronger and stronger!

In the past month, Yin Tian has been in bed many times thinking that Tian Xing can only go here, can his dream of anime empire only go here?

However, the more I think about it, the more annoying... countless thoughts, in the end, only confusion is left!

Sitting in the office, Yin Tian looked out the window and saw the bus stop opposite the company downstairs. The staff replaced the propaganda poster of Lingren~wuxiaworld.online~ and replaced it with the protagonist in Gangchang, Edward's propaganda poster. ..........

At that moment, Yin Tian was stuck in his heart, almost out of breath!

This is the Tianxing Headquarters. How dare these two people hit the advertisements for their works here?


In the animation market in January, there were only two protagonists, Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin. The combined popularity of the two works under the two names almost overwhelmed all other works.

The King of Giants chapter continues, the secrets of the giant world, the acquisition of spinal fluid, the power of the giants, the method of transforming into a giant to eat the previous owner...

The dark plot reveals a little bit!

In Steel Refining, the battle between the protagonist group and the androids has entered the end...

.... . . .

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