I Just Want To Draw Comics Quietly Chapter 950

Chapter 941:

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Until now, the drama of Steelmaking and Giant has been broadcast, basically in the entire animation industry, it is difficult for you to find any sunspots!

The early trolls of those works have now disappeared, and the time has entered mid-January, and both works have reached the mark of 20 million episodes with an average broadcast volume of 20 million!

This is a record that has never been seen in the history of Longguo Animation. The two works competed with each other, and the results have reached this level. It is unbelievable!

A lot of media reported on this time!

Among them, a well-known media directly published a piece of data to compare the major hits of the dragon country animation industry in the past decade!

Originally it was just a statistical article, but after the report, it spread all over the Dragon Kingdom two-dimensional network overnight!

Ranked by the average play volume of the most concerned anime episodes of the Dragon Kingdom, from top to bottom, Slam Dunk, Rebellious Lulu Xiu, ad, Attacking Giant (in serial), Fullmetal Alchemist (in serial) .......... These five works are among the new animation works born in the past ten years, and only five episodes have played more than 20 million works!

Later, Jojos bizarre adventure, Madoka Puella Magi, I really want to tell you, the initial d, the white album 2 followed closely............

This report only saw nothing unusual here, but if you think about it carefully, the ten best-performing animations in the Dragon Kingdom animation industry in the past ten years are all the works of Zhao Qinyin and Chu Yu... ...And then the report puts this top ten ranking in the top thirty..........interesting things have appeared!

In the Dragon Kingdom animation industry for nearly ten years, among the top 30 works, 15 of the works attacked by Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin are among them, and the top ten works are all created by these two people, but if you assume that Zhao Qinyin and Chuyu do not exist in this world, so remove their works.......... Then the top ten on this ranking list will become Tianxing with six works listed among them. One t-bone, one nine-star, two tear-light animations.........

So... the media made a funny conclusion at the end of this report!

"Tian Xing has never declined. It is still the industry's top animation production company. If these two people have never appeared in this world! How could Tian Xing's controller think that two freaks have emerged in this world? When Tianxing was still in the Bronze Age, Tianxing was alone in the Silver Age. When Tianxing was complacent about his achievements, Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin, a pair of high school alumni, masters and apprentices in the comics industry, and the strongest twin star genius in the history of animation Born! These two people, they are the only ones, standing at the level of the golden age and mocking the chasers below..."

It can be said that this report used data to make a group of Internet trolls realize the truth about the decline of the star!

It also let a group of Xiaobai Second Elements understand why Chu Yu and Zhao Qinyin are respected by so many people and regarded as unique existences by the industry!

With the explosion of this article, not only the practitioners in the animation industry, even ordinary two-dimensional enthusiasts also realize the meaning!

"So, the reason why Tianxing broke out this year's crisis was actually caused by the two teachers squeezing the living space?"

"Really outrageous. I have always felt that these two people are outrageous. I didn't expect them to be so outrageous. They really don't want to survive for other companies?"

"Fifteen of the 30 best-performing works in the past ten years were created by these two people, and these two people even expanded the works of Long Guoji with an average broadcast volume of over 20 million from two to seven!"

"Indeed, without these two teachers, Shui Xin and Zhao Qinyin, the best-selling works of Longguo animation industry in ten years, six animations are from Tianxing. If this is the case, Tianxing will naturally have a smooth journey in the development of IP for these works. After all, Without competitors, fans have no choice... and then... the fact is that Teacher Shui Xin and Teacher Zhao Qinyin made Tian Xing's works second-rate in one fell swoop. !"

"I can understand why Tian Xing has not dealt with the two teachers so much! I also understand why Tian Xing has lost 2 billion from its previous annual income of 3 billion to now..."

"Deserve it, Heaven's Star deserves it!"

"It feels pretty cool anyway. I have always felt that Tianxing hurt the two teachers very deeply! Now I understand that the two sides hurt each other, love and kill each other!"

"Looking at this, Tianxing is difficult. Until now, most of the past January has not held a press conference like in previous years to publicize their actions next year to build momentum! On the contrary, it is the two teachers of Shui Xin and Zhao Qinyin, at least Five works.......... The two people are secretly competing, but they also squeeze out the space for the star to counterattack.... No matter who wins the battle between the two, the future There is a high probability that the Dragon Kingdom animation industry has nothing to do with Tianxing!"

"It's not hard to say that the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, and the sky star is there! The accumulation behind the two teachers is still a little weak! But at least one thing, the fine animation route, the sky star should not be able to keep it. Can't keep this big fat, the big entertainment strategy Skystar wants to pursue should also be meaningless. After all, big entertainment ip development is only the best works. The second-line animation works are forcibly developed, and the profit margin is far worse than the development like a slam dunk. An ultra-popular work like Giant is meaningful! Ten popular works like Lingren should not be more profitable than a Giant, and it's time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly!"

"It's a pity that Teacher Shui Xin and Teacher Zhao Qinyin didn't develop in this direction, otherwise the giant steelmaking Lulu Xiu is so popular, then the income is not much more than that of animation?"

"I want to be cut with leeks by the two teachers, but they don't give me this opportunity. It is uncomfortable. I only hope that there will be Lelouch in the rest of my life, and the giant mobile game will be played! Experience the thrill of powering the world in the game and cutting the head of the giant! "


There are more and more joint news about Chuyu, Zhao Qinyin and Tianxing on the Internet, and various media reports, both intentionally and unintentionally, suggest that this is a critical moment for the transition between the old and the new...

In Tianxing, the company's infighting has finally entered a white-hot stage after the time has entered the end of January.

And the end of this internal fight...Finally, in Sun Xianjun's camp, the two shareholders' defection ended!

In the final vote to impeach Yin Tian, Yin Tian narrowly defeated Sun Xianjun with this vote!

"Sorry, he gave more than you!"

This is what Sun Xianjun said on the other side of the phone in the last call between Sun Xianjun and the betrayal friend!

Sun Xianjun doesn't know what to change, how should I put it? He had also expected this result. After all, Tianxing is a company run by the Yin family for three generations, and the other party has a complicated network. The shareholder who defected to him said that Yin Tian gave too much. Who knows if he has the handle to be held by Yin Tian. live!

After all, businessmen, who dont have any ill-informed stuff, tax evasion and tax evasion are just pediatrics! If his mother is a shareholder of Tianxing, under this kind of situation, his mother will stand up and be his enemy Sun Xianjun, it would not be an exaggeration!

However, losing this battle means that...for a long time, Sun Xianjun's words on Tianxing have not been so useful!

At least the big entertainment development plan that Yin Tian wanted to continue, he didn't stop it!

Under the massive attack of Shui Xin and Zhao Qinyins five works this year, Yin Tian was still unmoved, thinking about being tough........... Only the day before yesterday, he won this shareholder war, yesterday. Immediately announced the launch of this year's big action plan............prepared to recruit troops at home and abroad to attract talents and Shui Xin Zhao Qinyin to do it again!

Yin Tian, the top boutique animation market, is still reluctant to give up to those two people, which means that Yin Tian has accepted the fact that Tian Xing has become a second-rate animation production company!

Sun Xianjun doesn't care about it. He just wants to stop losses and fight for power. He just wants to manipulate Star Star to make Star Star's financial report look better in a few years. Find a picker to sell his shares and quickly slip away! However, Yin Tian is obviously that kind of iron brain, and he is in front of him, he won't hit the south wall and won't look back! You have to drop the remaining market value of Tianxing's 156 billion yuan to wake up...........It is no different from the red-eyed gambler in the casino!

In fact, Sun Xianjun admires Yin Tian, at least he has a bit of backbone and dared to fight, but he just hates Yin Tian with his share of money to fight it!

"Oh..." Sun Xianjun stood on the golf course with a melancholy face.

"Meet you again, Mr. Sun!" A nasty voice sounded beside him.

"Huang Ming? Why do you always meet you during this time?" Sun Xianjun said.

"Fate!" Huang Ming said with a smile.

Sun Xianjun didn't suspect him, he never suspected that someone in his bodyguard team had leaked his whereabouts!

After all, those who come back to this kind of clubhouse are the same people in the capital, and it's normal to meet them often!

"It is said that this battle of the sky star........."

Huang Ming took the opportunity to introduce the topic to Tian Xing. Sun Xianjun, who had come here to play with his newly-found young girlfriend, relaxed by the way. Slowly, his thoughts were brought into the conversation with Huang Ming!


When Chu Yu was dealing with the work of the gt animation production company in Tokyo, Huang Ming also tentatively contacted relevant personnel in accordance with Chu Yu's request. Among them, Sun Xianjun, but not only Sun Xianjun!

And in the animation market, in the steelmaking plot, the cyborgs father reveals his real body, and works with the protagonist group and his father. For several weeks, the plot related to the president has ups and downs, and almost all the protagonist group is artificially man-made. The human father swallowed his body, and the story entered the climax before the end of the story... By the end of January, Gang Lians average broadcast volume actually exceeded 21.1 million. The giant's 21.050 million...........

However, on the second day, two episodes of the giant were broadcast, a lot of secrets in the giant world were unlocked, especially at the end of the first episode of the third season, the investigative corps found the head of the training corps, and the instructor of the training corps described him and Ai When Luns father and mother entangled memories...

In the memory of Ellens parents finally got some more roles. The mortal talk of the instructor of the training corps who liked Ellens mother at the time was long, but fans can still read it!

Throughout the Wang Zheng chapter, the reason why the giant was caught up by the popularity of steel is mainly due to the reduction of the high-burning fighting plot of the giant in front. Although most of the secrets of the giant world have been solved, fans finally know how the giant came. How Alans giant power was obtained, but in general, this chapter is still not as exciting as the previous one, but when the tenth chapter is at the end... the training corps instructor is in the face and reprimands Alans mother for being willing to be ordinary When choosing life...

Allen gained the power of a giant because he knew that he had devoured his father. He fell into autism and felt that he was just a waste of nothing except having a great father...

The brisk bgm sounded!

"Isn't it special?"

"I don't think so!"

In the memory of Ellens mother, Karl La looked at the baby Ellen, ignoring the self-reproach of the training corps instructor for her willingness to be ordinary, and said slightly proudly.........

"At least this kid does not need to be great, even if he is not better than others..."

"This kid is already amazing, because..."

"He has been born in this world!"

In this work of a giant, everyone feels like playing the role of soy sauce! A few brief words broke the defenses of countless giant fans, and they burst into tears when they saw it directly!

That night, the average broadcast volume of the giant soared by hundreds of thousands overnight, surpassing Steelmaking, and the entire Weibo hot search list topped the list, and the first in three days was "He has appeared in this world!"

Throughout the third season, in fact, from the first episode to the eleventh episode, there is no shortage of Heizi who said that the giant might be unfinished on the grounds of the relatively flat plot of the Wang Zheng chapter!

However... this statement, Alans mother Karl Las remarks this minute, not only healed the autistic Alan in the story, but also healed tens of millions of giant fans! Advance the giant's already high level of drinking, and sublimate it again!

In the early part of the first season, Allen joined the training corps, and the foreshadowing of the damage to the three-dimensional device was recovered by this instructor! I wanted to make Allen retreat, but in the end.........he just came to the conclusion that he was just a mortal who couldn't change anything!

At the end of January, Steelmaking enters the end of the plot, and it is only a few weeks away from the end, and the giant, the first period is lengthy, the later period of healing Wangzheng is also over, and it is about to usher in its most super god, the wall of Maria. Another article!

In fact, the reason why the giant said that the ending was unfinished, the fans are most angry is that the mother of Alan, who is so maternally brilliant, and so healed the giant fan, Carla, she gave everything for Alan...........However The secret of the ending revealed that the reason why she was eaten by the mother-eating giant was that Alan used the power of the ancestor giant in the later period to affect the actions of the mother-eating giant in the past, in order to prevent Bertot from dying on the mother-eating giant due to weak siege. , To complete Bertots later mission and control the eating maju to his mother...........

After Alans mother was eaten, he vowed to expel the giant. Alans father passed the power of the giant to him and asked him to avenge Marais. Alan grew up and fought with Marais, and finally completely controlled the ancestor giant, launched the ground call, and passed The ancestor giant influences the power of the past and the future, and controls the past mother-eating giant to eat his own mother on the day the city is broken...

Then Alan's mother was eaten, and he vowed to expel the giant...........the logical closed loop!

It's almost....... now! The enemy who killed his mother was himself?

A comic of 138 chapters, because the outrageous plot of the 139th chapter at the end has become a joke!

But fans of the Dragon Kingdom can't see these plots~wuxiaworld.online~ After all, Chu Yu only let the giants of this world end in the stage of watching the sea..........

After all, this is the spontaneous wish of countless giant fans in the parallel world after the comic finale. They hope that Jianshan Chuang will finish the giant immediately or keep that year forever after the plot of watching the sea is drawn in 17 years, and become a memory in the hearts of fans. So they won't see the ending with such spicy eyes!

Chu Yu, this can be regarded as a lesson in avoiding the parallel world in advance!

Whenever his work enters a key plot, Chu Yu will post a news update to remind fans to pay attention to this plot..........Don't raise the fat party or something!

And this time, Chu Yu was no exception!

"Only the last ten words left... The giant's end! Stay tuned!"


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