I Just Want To Draw Comics Quietly Chapter 951

Chapter 942:

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This movement of Chu Yu stirred up waves with one stone!

The third season of Giants is the end season, and the majority of Giant fans understand this, but it is not clear how many words there are in one season of animation!

Now that the mystery in the giant giant animation has only been half revealed, the political ecology within the city wall has just been clarified, and we know the origin of the giants power, the existence and part of the abilities of the ancestor giant...

But at least one thing, fans know very well that the Anilena trio came from outside the city walls!

Their background, their forces, etc., are completely unclear, and what is hidden in the basement of Allen's home is completely unclear! Then after the truth of the world was revealed, wouldn't there be any passionate collision between the party inside the city wall and the party who wanted to kill them?

Ten words...........

How can it be possible to fill all the pits?

"Wake up, teacher, didn't you wake up? In the case of the giant, I feel that 30 words may not be able to be said clearly, 10 words? Today is not April Fool's Day!"

"I don't understand, will it be a gimmick! Deliberately make this kind of news to make the giant more popular!"

"I don't understand, but the giant makes money so much, is Teacher Shui Xin willing to let it end?"

"How can you be reluctant? Lelouch is not bad at making money. Isn't the third season out of play?"

"The entire animation industry is just like the old teacher Shuixin and Zhao Qinyin! Lu Luxiu is like this, too, there is no follow-up plot to cheat money, so is the slam dunk, the game is over if you lose, and there is nothing to do The clichd plot that has been fighting in the second year, the initial D is the same. If these works are produced by Tianxing, do you believe it can require the creators to make a big production of hundreds of words, new games and new theatrical circles will be released every year. Money... Don't get cheap and sell well, you still complain if people don't cheat their fans!"

"I know what you mean, a work will be finished cleanly when it is finished, but the giant has only ten words to end... I really can't think of how the follow-up plot can be completed in ten words All pits!"

"Yeah, what is Mr. Shui Xin busy? He does dozens of words, absolutely no one said he water, with the giant's current achievements, making one more story, the single-play revenue is more than 20 million yuan... .......Two words a week, a weekly income of 40 million, a monthly income of more than 100 million..........Even if he has money, he cant be like this! Fans are willing to let him make money, he Tell you this kind of news!"

"Who knows? Maybe this is the inner ethics of people at that level. It's useless to discuss this now. Anyway, if the giant doesn't end up, I'll be the first to stand up and squirt!"

"Me too, Teacher Shui Xin dare to say ten endings. He said before that he won't be unfinished. Let's trust him first, and then spray him when something goes wrong!"

"And tell you a ghost story! Steelmaking is only over two or three weeks...The two people are really worthy of the former boss and assistant, and the end of the work is discussed in a period of time!"

"No, the two works are over, what am I going to see in the future?"



Chu Yu's declaration of conclusion has spread all over the dragon country animation industry in a few days!

Similarly, although Zhao Qinyin did not have a similar declaration, the news that the steelmaking is about to be completed was also spread among the fans in an instant!

The two works are just for now, and there is almost no difference in results. The fans on both sides are at a loss, and they all understand that it is time to decide the outcome.

With the influence of the two works, there will definitely be a period of performance growth after the end!

And how much the performance increase during this period depends entirely on the ending of the work!

If the ending is good and the reputation is good, like slam dunk, cl, the increase in performance after the end of the work is terrifying!

The two works are now climbing towards the height of 22 million with an average broadcast volume. In the period of time before and after the end, what height can the two works reach.......... Can break the record of slam dunk...........Practitioners in Longguo animation industry are very concerned!

At least....... This time the battle between Shui Xin and Zhao Qinyin, Zhao Qinyin lost. She still has the blessing of the box office chart of Spirited Away, which is not so easy in everyone's mind. Impression dropped.

But if the giant loses to Gang Lian, then Zhao Qinyin's position as the number one person in the Dragon Kingdom animation industry is basically stable. After all, the slam dunk cl score is placed there, and then Gang Lian will be added, and then Spirited Away. Status blessing.........

It can be said that Chu Yu's fans are very nervous!

They really don't want to see the invincible get the water heart and lose one day!

And still lost to the manga assistant I used to...

Driven by this kind of psychology, the atmosphere between Chuyu fans and Zhao Qinyin fans in the animation industry became more tense before the two works were about to end!

January is passing, and February is coming!

Whether its the magic city or the islands of Japan, its still snowy!

This year's Lunar New Year will come in January!

In fact, the employees of the gt animation company in the island area of Japan have already produced all the animations of Gangchang in this time period. Of course, the giants in the magic capital area are similar, only the production of the last few words... .......

Su Lu and Zhao Qinyin are going home for the Spring Festival. Chu Yu still wants to go with them, but they are stopped by them. After all, the relationship between these people is now acceptable to each other, but if they are exposed after returning to their hometown , The family members of the two are estimated to be difficult! Of course, if Chu Yu wants to go back to Mingcheng during the Chinese New Year... they would not object!

However, Chu Yus parents passed away and obviously didnt have a strong desire to go back to the old house, so they stayed alone in Tokyo to preside over the work of the gt animation production company... After all, the Japanese island nation is not the mainland Chinese New Year. and so..........

Instead, Gu Yan flew to Tokyo! After all, there are almost all holidays on the copy company's side, and she is naturally no exception.

For the whole week of the Chinese New Year, Chu Yu took Gu Yan to spend a good time in Tokyo and bought a lot of **** cross-dressing clothes. Chu Yu's indecent hobby was fully satisfied!

Then the time entered into February, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month... Zhao Qinyin and Su Lu returned together, and Chu Yu's residence in Tokyo became lively!

Of course, this does not mean that Chu Yu's new eleven-room villa is smaller, but Chu Yu feels that the atmosphere is a little overwhelming.

The three women are now getting along well with each other, but Chu Yu is a little vacant.

Often when I get home, three beautiful and charming beauties sit in the living room. Chu Yu is moved, but he is embarrassed to act. After all, he is alone... It was quite exciting to think about this kind of thing, but Chu Yu didn't dare to make such a request for fear of being beaten!

In comparison, Chu Yu had a happy year this year, but not so happy!

However, after playing for a while, Gu Yan also set off to return to the magic city. After all, she was Mikasa's voice actor, and the number of people who returned together... is Chu Yu.

Both of his companies are developing at a high speed, and Chu Yu's footprint is naturally running on both sides. He has been in Tokyo for several months... When he was a long-term copy of the animation production company, it was obvious that he lost his hand. It won't work...and...this time to the magic city, there are other things too!

"It feels like you are a little fatter. Sure enough, when I went to Japan Island, there were two people with you. They had double happiness and a double mood. So I ate more and gained weight?"

After getting off the plane, Gu Yan took Chu Yu's arm, the cold wind blew, and she leaned in Chu Yu's arms.

"Where is it? It's just that the clothes are thicker, your illusion!" Chu Yu said calmly on the surface.

"Really? I think you are reluctant to think about it, and you don't want to return to the magic capital at all after running for the past few months. If it weren't for the progress of Huang Ming this time... I guess you don't want to return to the magic capital Right!"

Gu Yan's eyes were half-squinted, but he looked down along Chu Yu's line of sight and saw his chest, his face flushed!

"Why do you only pay attention to these this night?"

"Otherwise? This white snowy street, the crowd wrapped up like rice dumplings, how can you be...you look good?" Chu Yu coughed twice.

"Perverted!" Gu Yan spit out Chu Yu mercilessly.

She went to Japan, stayed in two clothes, and when she came back, she came back with two big boxes of **** clothes! I've long wanted to complain about Chu Yu!

"A few more curses!" Chu Yu's expression immediately became cheerful.

"It's good for a wife to be a seiyuu, with a nice voice, and so cute curses!"

To be honest, if Chu Yu hadn't been from Longguo, he was born in a parallel world and was a patient with nail uterine syndrome!

"Who is your wife? Isn't your wife in Tokyo?"

"Oh, don't be awkward! Who else can you be?" Chu Yu squeezed Gu Yan's face. It was cold but soft by the cold wind.

Chu Yu took her shoulders and walked out of the airport. Outside, the director of the company's animation production department hurriedly greeted her!

"Mr. Chu, you have worked hard!"

Although the entire staff of the copywriter Kea Animation Production Company did not know what Chu Yu was doing on the island of Japan, he said the same even if he was traveling to the island of Japan.

"There is no need for so many people!" Chu Yu looked at the six or seven cars.

"You don't need to come, I'll take a taxi and go back! It's off work now, you should go home to be with your family!"

"Where is this? Even if President Huang didn't order, we couldn't let President Chu be outside the airport..."

Chu Yu doesn't like these polite greetings, but these things are things that his company's staff have studied and pondered for a lifetime, and they can only end similar topics as soon as possible!

The group took a moment to return to the home of Chu Yu Demon City, and walked in, familiar but unfamiliar.

If it wasn't easy to say outside, Chu Yu didn't hesitate at home.

"Huang Ming and that guy are close together, what's the specific progress?" Chu Yu looked at Gu Yan.

"Over there....... After knowing that you return to the Demon Capital today, I want to invite you to meet tomorrow!" Gu Yan stroked the hair in his ear!

After the temperature in the room rose, the down jackets and sweaters on her body fell off one by one, and her graceful figure gradually revealed.

"So smoothly?" Chu Yu suspiciously.

"It's just a meeting, nothing goes smoothly!" Gu Yan poured a cup of tea for Chu Yu!

"But..." Gu Yan looked at Chu Yu!

"The opportunity should not be small. Sun Xianjun wanted to get rid of Tianxing shares a long time ago, but he couldn't find the takeover man. With billions of worth of shares, there are few people who can afford Longguo. Those people are not fools. Tianxing is like this. , Who will enter the game at this time? At this time, it is not a bargaining star, but the entry and the star to send..."

"But if you tell me that gt animation production company and copier animation production company need capital, they are willing to let investors buy shares...I guess in less than a month, you will have a lot in front of you Investors are holding billions of money to let you choose them! After all............. The copy and gt animation production company may not be as big as Tianxing, but the copy animation production company relies on the giant to make an animation , At least more than one billion in profit, and gt animation production company is even more exaggerated..........The two works of Slam Dunk and Spirited Away last year made billions of profits. A series of works, the profit is at least ten digits or more......" Gu Yan said with a light smile.

"Longguo animation industry, in the past two years, the companies with the most profits and the highest profit margins are these two companies under yours! Even I can receive dozens of animation production companies that want to support copyists to grow bigger and stronger in a week. Investors who make the listing call! It is estimated that Brother Huang is even more outrageous!"

"Listing?" Chu Yu shrugged.

"Tian Xing accepted investors investment and promised to go public. Thats why the shares were so dispersed, which gave me an opportunity! If Yin Tian had a 100% controlling stake, he would never give me a chance to get involved in this company. So I wont take that step...I can monopolize the high-quality animation market of Longguo animation industry, why should I find a bunch of people to divide my profits? I dont rely on their financial support. There will be no problem! Even if the plan to acquire Tianxing is successful, I will delist Tianxing and take back all of the shares on the market. I am not interested in working for others and let unexplained and irrelevant people miss out. .........If the delisting plan is not smooth, I will split up the ip development departments I want, and set up a company to manage my own........I just want Tianxing Its just an industry channel!"

"Forget it, it's useless to think so much, who knows if I can get Sun Xianjun, go to sleep, there will be an important meeting tomorrow!" Chu Yu said.

"But Chu Yu.........what if the meeting is not ideal? Tianxing actually has more than 70% of the shares held by a dozen shareholders, while Yin Tian and Sun Xianjun both account for more than 70% of the shares. Fifty-nine percent........." Gu Yan finally asked one more question.

"Then I will invest all the money I plan to invest in buying Tianxing into the two companies under it, either by myself or by acquiring other second-tier related companies in the industry, or by forming a team by myself... It's amazing how much I spent Work slowly over the next few years!" Chu Yu looked at Gu Yan.

"But it's too much trouble, and the risk is much greater. Although Tianxing was acquired all because of the need for Tianxing's industry channels and ip development capabilities, it also included Tianxing's billions of value. I am not interested in the past. The ip copyright of the production works... But if it can save me a few years of setting up my own department, it is also worth it!"

"This is a big deal! With the current market value of Tianxing, if you want to eat all of it, 90% of the money you have earned in the past eight years must be invested in!"

"It doesn't matter..." Chu Yu took a deep breath.

"I've long seen the money in the bank upset! If they have been kept in the bank, what is the point of earning them? Show me the various gifts that the bank president gives me during the holidays?"


When Chu Yu and Gu Yan's conversation finally stopped ~wuxiaworld.online~ all night, the two of them slept very plainly, after all, they were tired from flying!

I didn't go to the company the next day, and fell asleep till ten o'clock in the morning!

Then get up to wash, brush your teeth...open the door! Huang Ming's car was parked at the door of his villa. Compared with Chu Yu, the latest gtr is a lot more public. After all, this guy is also an initial D fan, and he especially likes the role of Zhong Liyi!

"Have you waited for a long time?" Chu Yu also changed into a formal outfit, looking more formal!

"No, I know your character. I came here with a pinch of time! Why, isn't Gu Yan going?" Huang Ming asked.

"No need, it's not for a banquet, I need a female companion!" Chu Yu said.

Huang Ming didn't say much.... The vehicle roared, the noise was fascinating, and it set off toward the destination!


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