I Just Want To Upgrade Infinitely Chapter 312

Chapter 300: See Through The Identity

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However, even if these warriors in Rongcheng wanted to break their minds, they would not have thought that there existed in this world that were millions of times stronger than the martial arts realm.

After all, those warriors in the Divine Martial Realm are already at the limit of human martial arts, and they are extremely powerful.

Every move has extremely terrifying power.

In this world, perhaps, there will be a stronger existence than the martial artist in the realm of martial arts.

But how could there be human strength that surpasses the martial artist in the realm of martial arts millions of times?


In the eyes of these warriors, this is simply impossible.

People like them thought that these two unknown realm powerhouses who suddenly turned out to be born, although they are far beyond the martial arts realm.

However, the strength is more than ten times stronger than those of the martial arts realm.

If they truly understood Xiao Zhang's strength, they would definitely not be able to help but feel that they were like a frog sitting in a well and watching the sky, and they didn't even know the vastness of the world.

. . . . . .

At this moment, in the banquet hall.

"The master of this voice, what kind of warrior is it?"

"His strength is too strong, right? He has surpassed the limits of martial arts."

As the Adam's apple rolled, Grandmaster Wang swallowed with difficulty.




Grandmaster Wang's mood was agitated, and for a while, it could not be calmed down at all.

"You don't need any other means, just with this faint voice, you can kill all the warriors in Rongcheng!"

"No one can bear this voice."

Grandmaster Wang looked complicated.

In the past, he thought that his strength was already very strong.

In Rongcheng, his status is high, like a god.

Even if it is placed in the entire Xia Guo martial arts world, as a martial artist in the master realm, he is also a famous and powerful existence.

However, the voices that sounded one after another today made Grandmaster Wang understand how small his strength is in front of a real strong man.

It's simply not worth mentioning!

"Don't say I am a martial artist in the realm of grandmaster, even if it is known as the number one expert in the martial arts world of Rongcheng, he has reached the pinnacle of the grandmaster realm, and is only one step away from the martial artist in the martial arts realm.

Facing the power in this voice, there is only a dead end! "

Thinking of this, Grandmaster Wang, who knelt to the ground and dared not stand up, buried his head deeply on his knees.

He had been shocked by this sound.

At this moment when this faint voice suddenly sounded.

In a daze, he seemed to have seen the magnificent sea of stars and the vast expanse of the world.




Shock the mind, stir the void.

This sea of stars and the vast world are the terrifying power contained in this voice.

And the strength of his proud master realm martial artist, facing this voice, is nothing but a tiny dust.

It is so small that it can be ignored.

Not worth mentioning at all!

At this moment, in the heart of Grand Master Wang, he was very curious, what realm should Xia Guo martial arts world use to judge the strength of this voice master.

You know, the current martial arts realm of Xia Guo, the most peak martial realm, is the realm of martial arts.

And behind the realm of martial arts, there is no other realm of martial arts.

This has been the case since ancient times!

However, the owner of this voice is clearly far beyond the realm of Shenwu.

Therefore, when judging the strength of the voice master, will Xia Guo's martial arts world open up a new realm to name the strength of the voice master?

"Should a brand new realm name be reopened?"

However, when this idea just came to Grandmaster Wang's mind, he frowned tightly and shook his head slowly.

I rejected this idea.

Because, he felt that the terrifying power that was vast like the heavens, the earth and the stars, was really the existence that could be named in the martial arts realm of Xia Guo?

In other words, is Xia Guo's martial arts world qualified for this naming?


There is no such qualification at all!

"If people have to use a realm to name the master's strength of these two voices, in my opinion, in fact, it is no longer possible to use the martial art realm to be named."

"Any martial art realm is not qualified to name this kind of strength."

"If it is named after the martial art realm, it is an insult to the existence of these two unknown realms!"

Knocking his head on the ground, looking humble, Grandmaster Wang whispered softly.

Through these few voices, he could know very clearly that the strength of the two unknown powerhouses had far surpassed the scope of martial arts.

Those two unknown powerhouses can't be called warriors at all!

This is exactly the existence of two different levels!

In front of the two unknown powerhouses, the so-called Xia Guo martial arts world was nothing more than a loach in a mud pit.

And those two unknown powerhouses are the dragons soaring above the nine heavens.

May I ask, how can the loach and the dragon be divided together? !

This is the essential gap!

The world is far apart!

"In this world, there are nearly 100,000 different Chinese characters."

"However, the Chinese characters that can be used to name this kind of terrifying power, I think it may only be the two characters of immortal or god!"

Before today, Grandmaster Wang believed that there were no immortals or gods in this world.

Rumors about immortals and gods are nothing more than ancient myths and legends.

They are all made up by people, they are all false, and they cannot be taken seriously.

In the heart of Grandmaster Wang, he believed that the only extraordinary power in the world was to cultivate.

And the journey of cultivation has an end.

The realm of martial arts is the end of Xia Guo's martial arts world.

Of course, even the warriors of the same realm are completely different in strength, and there are differences between superior and inferior.

Moreover, this gap in strength is still very large.

A powerful martial artist in the realm of martial arts can easily suppress dozens of martial artists in the realm of martial arts.

However, no matter how powerful and invincible the martial artist in the realm of martial arts, their realm cultivation, after all, is still the realm of martial arts.

Did not break through this realm.

Even under the stars, Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, the strongest man in 800 years.

He has set countless records in the history of global cultivation, allowing countless junior martial artists to work hard for a lifetime without breaking.

However, such a powerful Zhang Sanfeng, at the peak of his strength, did not break through the Divine Martial Realm, and was still a martial artist in the Divine Martial Realm.

And even if it is Wudang Zhang Sanfeng, he can directly suppress hundreds of martial arts powerhouses in the realm of martial arts with his own power.

However, he absolutely can't move mountains to fill the sea, catch the stars and take the moon...

Therefore, all the martial artists in the Xia Guo martial arts world know that martial arts has its limits and that the road to transcendence has a final end.

In this world, there are no fairy gods in myths and legends!

Martial artists only believe in martial arts, only in themselves, not in the so-called fairy gods.

But today, those two Dao suddenly resounded for hundreds of miles, so that tens of millions of people in Derong City could hear the voice clearly.

The terrifying power contained in the harmony voice made Grandmaster Wang suddenly come over.

In this world, there must be a powerful existence like fairy gods!

And these immortals completely surpassed Xia Guo's martial arts world.

It's just that, without knowing what the reason is, these powerful immortals are not visible and unknown.

But today, for some reason, this powerful fairy **** who is above Xia Guo's martial arts world has appeared in Rongcheng.

And, there is a big fight.

"Now, I hope that these two unknown existences won't spread to Rongcheng."

"After all, such a powerful existence of terror, the destructive power generated by the fight is absolutely very powerful."

"Even if only a trace of the aftermath of the battle is leaked, it will cause great casualties in Rongcheng."

After swallowing some hard saliva, Grandmaster Wang prayed silently in his heart.

At this time, besides silent prayer, he couldn't think of any better way.

. . . . . .

And after hearing this voice, these upper-class celebrities in the banquet hall were all surprised.

Although they also want to have a curious discussion.

However, due to Wang Zongshi's majesty, these upper-class celebrities in Rongcheng opened their mouths, but in the end they dared not speak.

Now, what they hope most is that Grandmaster Wang can order them to stand up.

After all, kneeling on the ground for a long time has already made these upper-class celebrities who are usually pampered, the pain is unbearable.

There are even a few older elders whose bodies are shaky.

It seems that it may collapse to the ground at any time.

If it weren't for fear of standing up without authorization, it would anger Grandmaster Wang and lead to murder. These upper-class celebrities would have stood up a long time ago.

. . . . . .

"Huh? This voice?"

"How does it sound so familiar?"

"Where did I seem to have heard it before?"

In the banquet hall, Zhao Xingfeng forced a girl in a light green long skirt to kneel down.

When I heard this sound that resounded hundreds of miles around Rongcheng, so that tens of millions of people could hear clearly.

The look on her pretty face couldn't help being slightly startled.

The two picturesque eyebrows wrinkled tightly at this moment.

For some reason, the girl in the light green long skirt felt that this voice suddenly resounded around a hundred miles, with some familiar feelings.

It's as if I've heard it somewhere before.

"This voice..."

In the light green long skirt girl, among the clear eyes, a touch of uncertainty slowly emerged.

She was pretty sure that she hadn't heard it wrong.

I definitely heard this sound somewhere before.

It's just that for a while, I can't remember exactly where I heard it.

"When, where, did I hear this sound?"

"Such a unique voice..."

Slightly squinted her eyes, the girl in the light green long skirt kept thinking in her heart.

Recently, the people she had met quickly came to her mind.


The next moment, as if suddenly thinking of something, the originally squinted eyes of the girl in the light green long skirt went round in an instant.

Her delicate, gorgeous, lusty, dripping, red, and lips were also slightly opened.

"I remember!"

"This voice... is the voice of the thin young man who saved my life in the supermarket!"

"Did he show up again?"

The girl in the pale green long skirt was very surprised. At this moment, she didn't care about Grandmaster Wang's order to make everyone kneel down and not to get up.

She stood up directly.

. . . . . .

The movement of the girl in the pale green long skirt immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the banquet hall.

After all, at this time, all these people in the banquet hall fell to their knees.

No one dared to stand up casually.

You know, Grandmaster Wang can say that no one is allowed to stand up without his order.

If anyone dares to stand up, Grandmaster Wang will kill him!

Let me just ask, in this situation, who would dare to defy Grandmaster Wangs orders in the presence of the upper-class celebrities in Rongcheng? Who dares to stand up without authorization?

No one dared to stand up!

Even the wealth of up to 8 billion, among all the rich in Chengdu, the top five Zhao Xingfeng, still kneeled there obediently.

Without the order of Grandmaster Wang, even Zhao Xingfeng would not dare to stand up.

And now, the girl in the light green long skirt stood up on her own initiative before Grandmaster Wang had asked everyone to stand up.

In the eyes of these upper-class celebrities in the banquet hall, this move of the girl in the light green long skirt at this moment is undoubtedly seeking a dead end.

Although, the identity of the girl in the pale green long skirt is not simple, and the background is also very profound, she is the granddaughter of the top rich Zhao Xingfeng.

Under normal circumstances, the identity of the girl in the light green long skirt is deeper than those of ordinary billionaires.

At least, the upper-class celebrities in Chengdu in the banquet hall dare not offend the girl in the pale green dress. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

However, in front of the powerful Grand Master Wang, the girl in a pale green long skirt, who was the granddaughter of Zhao Xingfeng, was of no use at all.

Not to mention this girl in the light green long skirt, even Zhao Xingfeng, in the case of defying Grandmaster Wang's order, there is only a dead end.

Therefore, the girl in the pale green long skirt is dead.

There are tens of millions of people in Rongcheng, and no one can save her.

Perhaps, wait a while, Grandmaster Wang, who was blatantly disobeyed the order, would definitely take a shot directly and behead the girl in the pale green long skirt on the spot.

. . . . . . . .

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