I Just Want To Upgrade Infinitely Chapter 313

Chapter 301: Everyone Is Amazed

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Just to ask, among the more than 11 million people in Rongcheng, how many people can withstand the wrath of a martial artist in the realm of the master?


A rare existence!

Each of them is the top big figure in Rongcheng, and their status in the martial arts world of Rongcheng is also supreme.

Obviously, the Zhao family of Luyuan Real Estate is not among these existing ranks.

After all, these billionaires, in the eyes of ordinary people, are awe-inspiring big shots.

However, in the eyes of those powerful warriors.

These billionaires and millionaires,

But it's just humble, meagre, insignificant, small, worm, ant, nothing more.

Even Zhao Xingfeng, who is worth 8 billion, is no exception.

Therefore, if Grandmaster Wang wants to kill the girl in the pale green dress, no one is qualified to stop it!

. . . . . .

However, the girl in the light green long skirt ended up with a miserable end that was beheaded by Grand Master Wang, which was entirely on her own account.

Can't blame others.

If she didn't defy Grandmaster Wang's order and stood up without authorization, then in the near future, she would worship Grandmaster Wang and climb onto the big tree.

Waiting for the future of the girl in the pale green long skirt will make it extremely dazzling.

Even the girls family and the Lvyuan real estate owned by the family will grow and develop greatly.

It is a pity that this dazzling future was broken by herself.

Moreover, not only the girl in the pale green long skirt, who has to bear the next anger of Grandmaster Wang, even Zhao Xingfeng and the Lvyuan real estate will also be involved.

. . . . . .

Soon, there were some talks that lowered their voices, and they continued to ring from the crowd in the banquet hall.

"Is this girl in a pale green long skirt crazy?"

"Grandmaster Wang ordered everyone to kneel down. No one is allowed to get up. Whoever dared to stand up without authorization would kill him, and she dared to stand up without authorization?"

Someone looked at the girl in the pale green long skirt who stood up, with an incredible face.

He didn't expect that in Rongcheng, someone would dare to defy Grandmaster Wang's order.

Therefore, he looked at the girl in the pale green dress as if he was looking at a lunatic through and through.

"Hehe, publicly rebelling against Grandmaster Wang's orders, she is either crazy or stupid. Anyway, her brain must be abnormal."

"Yes, a normal person with a good head, who dares to disobey Grandmaster Wang's orders in public? Do you dare to disobey Grandmaster Wang's orders?"

"Of course I dare not! Even if I borrow two courage, even if I borrow two hundred courage, I dare not disobey Grandmaster Wang's order."

As for the girl in the light green long skirt, she suddenly stood up without authorization. Everyone present at this moment had their eyes widened.

Feeling unbelievable.

Obviously, everyone present had never thought that anyone would dare to disobey Grandmaster Wang's order.

This was beyond the expectations of everyone present.

"I didn't see all the people in the banquet hall, including the waiters, all knelt to the ground, no one dared to stand up?"

"Even Zhao Xingfeng, who is worth 8 billion, is still kneeling next to him obediently, and didn't he dare to stand up?"

"Originally, this girl in a light green long skirt had the grandfather Zhao Xingfeng, and then came to the door of Grandmaster Wang. She has a bright future that is enviable.

However, just because she blatantly disobeyed Grandmaster Wang's order and stood up without authorization, her extremely bright future was completely finished. "

Some people are laughing.

On their faces, there was an expression of gloat.

Seeing a woman who originally wanted to Nirvana into a phoenix was about to be knocked out of the mortal world, this is an extremely wonderful scene in the eyes of many people.

"Now, it's not just that her bright future is over, this girl in a pale green long skirt, even if she wants to keep her life, it's very difficult."

"For so many years, in the huge city of Rong, can anyone survive the command of the Grandmaster Realm Martial Artist?"

"No! No one!"

"All those who dared to disobey the command of the Grandmaster Realm Martial Artist are all dead."

"Even if the girl in a pale green dress is the biological granddaughter of Zhao Xingfeng, chairman of Luyuan Real Estate, it is no exception."

At this moment, for the girl in the light green long skirt who disobeyed the order of Grandmaster Wang, the upper-class celebrities in the banquet hall all agreed that she was dead.

No one in Rongcheng can resist the fury of the grandmaster.

. . . . . .

Those who were planning to change the property as a seller to buy shares in Luyuan Real Estate saw the girl in the light green dress stand up without authorization after seeing the girl in the light green long skirt defying the order of Grandmaster Wang.

Suddenly, he changed his mind and completely abandoned the plan to buy Lvyuan real estate stocks.

"Originally, I thought that after this young girl came into the door of Grandmaster Wang, Luyuan Real Estate would cling to the towering tree of Grandmaster Wang. There would be a very big development, and the stock would also skyrocket.

"I also want to buy some stocks with poor premises in Luyuan and earn millions."

"As a result, under the current situation, no matter who bought the shares of Luyuan Real Estate, whoever has to lose a lot of money."

When someone said this, some people next to them all nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, these upper-class celebrities hadn't thought of this.

However, after being reminded by someone, they suddenly came over.

Immediately afterwards, some comments of approval rang from the crowd one after another.

"The girl in the light green long skirt blatantly defies the order of Grandmaster Wang. It is estimated that Zhao Xingfeng and Luyuan Real Estate will also be implicated. Therefore, the stock of Luyuan Real Estate will definitely fall sharply in the future."

"Even if Zongshi Wang is willing, even if the market value of Luyuan Real Estate is as high as more than 20 billion, it will be bankrupt and liquidated in a very short time."

"After all, although Lvyuan Real Estate, with a market value of more than 20 billion yuan, is one of the top ten star companies in Chengdu, it still cannot be compared with such figures as Wang Zongshi."

"The company that can rival Wang Zongshi's status is probably only the Jiaxing Group, which ranks first and has a market value of hundreds of billions, in the entire Chengdu city, right?"

"And if I remember correctly, the young master of the Jiaxing Group is one of Wang Zongshi's apprentices."

"Fortunately, I haven't sold the real estate, cashed out the options, and bought the shares of Luyuan Real Estate, otherwise I estimate that I will lose tens of millions."

"Yes, I almost called to arrange for someone to buy stocks..."

Suddenly, many of the top celebrities in Chengdu were grateful that they had not had time to buy the stocks of Luyuan Real Estate.

Otherwise, they would definitely lose a lot of money.

. . . . . .


And this Zhao Xingfeng, who was kneeling on the side, saw his granddaughter girl in a pale green long skirt, without the permission of Grandmaster Wang.

When I stood up without authorization.


Zhao Xingfeng was stunned on the spot.

Even his strong heart forged in the sea of commerce, ups and downs for decades.

At this moment, he couldn't keep calm, and began to jump violently.




He knew very well how serious the consequences would be if he blatantly defy the orders of the martial artist in the master realm.

This is simply seeking a dead end!

In Rongcheng, no one dared to defy the orders of the martial artist in the realm of the master.

Because, those who dared to defy the command of the Grandmaster Martial Artist had already been beheaded.

In the past two years, there has never been anything against Wang Zongshi.

Happened today!

And this man who is seeking his own way is his granddaughter.

And now, his granddaughter blatantly disobeyed Grandmaster Wang's order.

"But, how could she defy Grandmaster Wang's order?"

"It's impossible!"

"Because, before coming to attend this banquet, I have already told her how terrifying the power of Grandmaster Wang in Rongcheng is."

"Furthermore, I also warned her again and again not to offend Grandmaster Wang, not even the slightest disrespect or disrespect."

"But, why did she defy Grandmaster Wang's order and stand up directly?"

"What exactly is going on?"

"In the end what happened?"

For the girl in the pale green long skirt, who blatantly disobeyed Grandmaster Wang's order, the upper-class celebrities in Rongcheng present felt unbelievable.

And the person who felt the most incredible was her grandfather Zhao Xingfeng.

After all, before entering the banquet hall, he had repeatedly warned his granddaughter.

His granddaughter is clever and not a fool, and she must understand the fate of offending Grandmaster Wang.

What's more, this granddaughter of my own, in normal times, is very well-behaved and sensible, and also knows how to measure and understand the general situation.

Therefore, when he chooses which descendant of the Zhao family should go to the king's sect.

Zhao Xingfeng will be from among the many children of the Zhao family.

Chose his little granddaughter.

However, he could have worshipped Grandmaster Wang and climbed onto the big tree, giving Luyuan Real Estate a better vision. As his granddaughter defies Grandmaster Wang and stood up without authorization, the smoke disappeared completely.

Even being implicated in this incident, Luyuan Real Estate will suffer some losses.

What made Zhao Xingfeng's heart very puzzled was that he was a little granddaughter who had always been knowledgeable, general, sensible, and well-behaved.

How dare you now ignore his repeated warnings and openly defy Grandmaster Wang's order?

What is going on here?

. . . . . .




After taking a deep breath, Zhao Xingfeng slowly recovered from the daze.

Immediately afterwards, his old, wrinkled face turned blue.

This time is not the time to think about why his well-behaved and sensible granddaughter dared to defy Grandmaster Wang's orders.

But when it is time to find a way to save her from the hands of Grandmaster Wang.

Because Zhao Xingfeng knew that his little granddaughter's life was completely within the thought of Grandmaster Wang.

The strength of their Zhao family is indeed an unmatched behemoth for ordinary ordinary people.

I had known that in Rongcheng, their Zhao family, even if they didn't cover the sky with one hand, they were the top powers that stomped casually and shocked the entire Rongcheng.

The other billionaires in this banquet, in front of their Zhao family, were all respectful and dared not to be negligent.

From this we can know how prominent their Zhao family is in Rongcheng.

However, if you want to keep those who dare to defy the orders of the master realm warrior in the hands of the angry grandmaster realm warrior, their Zhao family does not have this qualification yet!

After all, in front of Grandmaster Wang, his so-called prominent Zhao family is nothing more than an ant-like humble and insignificant existence.

And the martial artist in the realm of the master is a giant like a giant elephant.

Just ask, how can a tiny ant defy the order of the giant elephant? !

Now, I can only hope that my granddaughter's defiance of the order did not make Grandmaster Wang too angry, so that everything can have room for maneuver.

After groaning for a while, Zhao Xingfeng, who knelt on the ground, hurriedly slammed his head towards the Grand Master Wang who was not far in front of him.




The next moment, his forehead slammed heavily on the marble floor, and the crisp sound from the banquet hall echoed endlessly.




In order to beg Grandmaster Wang to forgive his granddaughter and save his granddaughter's life, Zhao Xingfeng, the top rich man in Chengdu, worth 8 billion.

At this moment, he did not hesitate to kowtow to Grandmaster Wang.

Moreover, in order to show his sincerity, when Zhao Xingfeng kowtows, he also exhausted his whole body~wuxiaworld.online~ and did not dare to be perfunctory.

Even more dare not play any careful thinking.

Therefore, every time he kowtows, Zhao Xingfeng is full of strength.




Before he knocked a few heads, Zhao Xingfeng's forehead was already red, and countless scarlet blood filled his forehead.




These scarlet blood dripped onto the marble floor along Zhao Xingfeng's old face.

The intense pain quickly spread from his forehead to all parts of his body.

However, Zhao Xingfeng did not stop kowtow.

. . . . . . . .

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