I Just Want To Upgrade Infinitely Chapter 314

Chapter 302: This Crime Should Be Punishable

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In Zhao Xingfeng's heart, it was very clear that with the strength of their Zhao family, they did not have the qualifications to save another person from the realm of the master.

In this world, strength is respected!

As for what money, what wealth, and what connections, in the face of real strength, it is like fragile tofu, which will collapse at a touch.

Especially in Rongcheng, a place where martial arts is weak, martial artists in the realm of masters are all overlords of one party and can control the life and death of countless people.

Wanting to save a person who blatantly disobeys the command of the grandmaster in the hands of a martial artist in the realm of the grandmaster, this is definitely a harder thing than climbing to the sky.

Therefore, for a while, Zhao Xingfeng couldn't think of any good way at all except for kowtow for mercy.

Now I can only hope that Grandmaster Wang, for his respect and humbleness, can raise his hands high and give him a way of life for his little granddaughter.

Moreover, in Zhao Xingfeng's heart, he also knew clearly that if he couldn't get Grandmaster Wang's forgiveness.

So, waiting for the fate of their Zhao family, waiting for the end of Luyuan Real Estate, will definitely be very miserable.

Even if it doesn't go bankrupt and liquidate, it will hurt your muscles and bones.

The original market value of more than 20 billion would have to fall by 10 billion at least, and his 8 billion assets would also fall by three to four billion.

After all, with Wang Zongshi's huge power, it is definitely a trivial matter to deal with their Zhao family and deal with Luyuan Real Estate.

Even, there is no need for Grandmaster Wang to do more. He just raises his arms and gives an order, and many rich people in Rongcheng will join hands to deal with them Lvyuan Real Estate.

. . . . . .

At this moment, there was a touch of regret in Zhao Xingfeng's heart, like a surging tide, constantly pouring out.

He regrets that he brought his little granddaughter to visit Grandmaster Wang today, and discuss the five hundred million in cash as the gift of apprenticeship, so that the little granddaughter can worship Grandmaster Wang.

If he hadn't brought his little granddaughter to this banquet, he would not end up with the current picture.

However, it is a pity that things have happened, and Grandmaster Wang has been completely offended, no matter how much regret it is, it is already too late.

Now, I can only hope that there is still room for recovery.

At this moment, Zhao Xingfeng's mouth was full of bitterness.

. . . . . .




The dull sound from the kowtow reverberated in this slightly quiet banquet hall.




Looking at Zhao Xingfeng, who was constantly knocking his head towards Grandmaster Wang, embarrassed like a prodigal dog, the upper-class celebrities of Rongcheng in the banquet hall.

At this moment, everything is extremely complex.

There are three points of mockery, three points of sympathy, three points of teasing, and one point is the excitement of watching a good show...

To know,

They are rich people worth more than one hundred million, although they have a very high status in Chengdu.

However, the top richest people in Chengdu, worth 8 billion, are the powerful existences of their so-called upper-class celebrities who must look up.

In the usual times, they saw such great figures as Zhao Xingfeng, one by one, and they were all respectful, and they didn't dare to neglect the slightest.

For this Zhao Xingfeng, they wanted to please every possible means and tried their best to curry favor.

And Zhao Xingfeng, in front of them, was also a superb and majestic appearance.

But now kneeling on the ground in such a panic, constantly kowtow to others.

But it is very rare.

Do not!

It's not uncommon, it's the first time I have seen these upper-class celebrities in Chengdu.

Therefore, these upper-class celebrities present are all excited at this moment.

Immediately afterwards,

It was the voices of discussions that lowered their voices, slowly passed from the mouths of these upper-class celebrities in Rongcheng, and echoed in the hall.

"Tsk tusk tusk, in order to save his granddaughter's life, Zhao Xingfeng didn't even want the faces of their Zhao family, so he kept kowtow to Grandmaster Wang."

A middle-aged man laughed and ridiculed his face when he mentioned Zhao Xingfeng.

However, when he mentioned Master Wang, all those mocking and sarcasm expressions disappeared.

Instead, it is admiration and admiration.

"Yes, kowtow for mercy. This is also the only way to save his granddaughter from Grandmaster Wang's hands in this situation. There is no other way besides that."

"However, does the method of kowtow begging for mercy really work?"

"Grandmaster Wang, who has been blatantly disobeyed the order, will open the net and spare Zhao Xingfeng's little granddaughter? I don't think it's possible."

"I don't know, I feel that the possibility of Wang Zongshi opening up is very small."

"After all, this is a public defiance of the Grandmaster's order. In order to maintain the majesty of the Grandmaster realm martial artist, Grandmaster Wang will also take action to directly kill Zhao Xingfeng's granddaughter."

"With that said, she is dead!"

In the eyes of these upper-class celebrities in the banquet hall, Zhao Xingfeng's little granddaughter must be dead today.

Grandmaster Wang will never let her go.

After all, publicly defying the orders of the martial artist of the realm of the master is desecrating the majesty of the master.

And as we all know, the grand master is majestic and can't be desecrated!

Anyone who dares to desecrate the majesty of the master must pay the price of his life!

"At this moment, Zhao Xingfeng is begging for mercy, not only begging Grandmaster Wang to spare his little granddaughter, but also begging Grandmaster Wang to spare their Zhao family and Luyuan Real Estate."

Among the crowd, some people's concerns have shifted from the light green long skirt girl to the entire Luyuan real estate.

They are not optimistic about the future of Luyuan Real Estate.

And when the words of these people just fell, the people next to them nodded one after another, agreeing with this statement.

"Yes, if you don't get the forgiveness of Grandmaster Wang, not only will his granddaughter die tragically on the spot, even their Luyuan Real Estate will not end well."

"My company has some cooperation with Luyuan Real Estate. I have decided. After this banquet is over, I will announce that all cooperation with Luyuan Real Estate will be unilaterally terminated."

Someone thought of the cooperation between his company and Luyuan Real Estate, and suddenly he said in a hurry.

And his remarks immediately caused the upper-class celebrities around him to suddenly come over.

Some upper-class celebrities who have cooperated with Luyuan Real Estate were also scared into a cold sweat after thinking about it.

"Yes, that's right. For those companies that have a relationship with Luyuan Real Estate, it is better to quickly disconnect the two and separate them from each other."

"Otherwise, when Luyuan Real Estate collapses, it will be easily affected and implicated, and at that time, it will also suffer some losses!"

"My company is also related to Luyuan Real Estate. No, I will call now to inform the company and quickly terminate the cooperation between the two!"

Suddenly, the discourse of clear relations with Luyuan Real Estate and Zhao's family became the main topic among these upper-class celebrities in Chengdu.

In the eyes of these people, the girl in the light green dress is dead, and the Zhao family's Luyuan real estate will not end well because of her involvement.

Moreover, as long as there is a relationship or cooperation with Luyuan Real Estate, it will also be implicated and suffer some property losses.

Therefore, in this case, we must quickly clear the connection with the Zhao family.

. . . . . .

At this moment, Zhao Xingfeng, who kept begging for mercy, could also hear some of the conversations of these upper-class celebrities around him.

However, he has no time to take care of these.




It was not until more than a dozen rattles that Zhao Xingfeng stopped the kowtow movement.


He raised his head, looked at Grand Master Wang not far away, and hurriedly said:

"My little granddaughter is still young and a little ignorant. Without the permission of Grandmaster Wang, she stood up without authorization. I know that my little granddaughter deserves a million to death."

"However, please also ask Grandmaster Wang to recite my granddaughter's young age, raise your hand high, and kill my granddaughter."

After finishing these words of begging for mercy, Zhao Xingfeng kowtows again.




. . . . . .

At this moment, Grandmaster Wang was originally immersed in the fear of that terrible power, and could not extricate himself from it.

Now, hearing the sound of discussion in the banquet hall, Grandmaster Wang slowly recovered from his fear.

Then, Grandmaster Wang immediately knew what was going on now.

"When I ordered everyone in the banquet hall to kneel down, someone dared to defy my order and stand up without authorization."

"Hehe, this is really looking for death!"

Thinking of this, in the dark eyes of Grand Master Wang, there is a touch of murderous intent, just like a surging tide.

Constantly pouring out.

No matter who it is, as long as you defy the command of the master realm warrior, there is only one dead end. This is the iron law of Rongcheng, and everyone must abide by it.

The formation of this iron law also infects the blood of countless people and is cast from numerous bones.

In the past, Grandmaster Wang personally beheaded those who disobeyed his orders.

Among the people he killed, there were also some billionaires.

. . . . . .

Although, Zhao Xingfeng's little granddaughter originally wanted to put out five hundred million in cash as the gift money for his apprenticeship and worshipped her.

But now, she actually dared to defy her order openly and stand up without authorization. This is desecrating the majesty of the martial artist in the realm of the master.

Then, she has only one dead end!

Must die!

As for Zhao Xingfeng's kneeling begging for mercy, it was ignored by Grandmaster Wang.

Even he didn't even turn his head to take a look!

Not to mention that the person who is kneeling down and begging for mercy is Zhao Xingfeng, even if he is replaced by another more important person, he kneels down to beg for mercy for the girl in the pale green dress.

He would not let the girl go.

Anyone who dares to desecrate the majesty of the martial artist must die.

No matter who comes to beg for mercy, it's no use!




And with the emergence of murderous intent, an incomparably powerful internal force flowed madly from the dantian of Grandmaster Wang.




Under the impact of this powerful internal force, some benches, tables and chairs that were close to Wang Zongshi suddenly shattered one after another.

Then, the fragments of these tables, chairs and benches blasted away at the upper-class celebrities who were kneeling on the ground, like sharp blades.

And these sharp-edged shards easily cut wounds on the bodies of these upper-class celebrities.




Immediately afterwards, there were a series of painful screams, from this banquet hall, one after another resounded.

However, even though some wounds were cut by these debris, these upper-class celebrities still fell to their knees honestly.

No one dared to stand up.

. . . . . .

"What a powerful internal force, is this the strength of a Grandmaster Realm Martial Artist?"

"You know, these are solid wood tables and chairs. They fell apart under the impact of Master Wang's internal force, just like fragile tofu."

"The strength of a martial artist in the master realm is really terrifying."

"Before, I have heard some rumors about the martial artist of the Grandmaster realm, but I have never been able to see it. Today, it is really a lucky thing to be able to see the martial artist of the Grandmaster realm take action with my own eyes."

"Yes, I am also deeply honored."

Looking at the powerful internal force fluctuations in Grandmaster Wang, the upper-class celebrities in the banquet hall took a breath.




Immediately afterwards, some voices of admiration rang out from the crowd~wuxiaworld.online~ Of course, in addition to admiring the great strength of the martial artist in the realm of masters, there are also some upper-class celebrities. At this moment, They all gloated and said:

"It's over, Zhao Xingfeng's granddaughter is completely over."

"Perhaps, in the next moment, Grandmaster Wang, who is extremely angry, will directly attack and kill her directly."

"Yes, Zhao Xingfeng's kowtow begging for mercy doesn't work at all."

"Haha, it ended up with this miserable end, this can only be blamed on the pale green long skirt girl herself, who made her stand up without the permission of Grandmaster Wang?"

"This is seeking a dead end!"

As for Zhao Xingfeng, who was still kowtow to Grandmaster Wang, his expression became even more ugly when he heard these comments from the upper class celebrities.

It's just that besides kowtow begging for mercy, for a while, he couldn't think of any other way to relieve Grandmaster Wang's anger.

. . . . . . . .

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