I Lived With The Villain In The 70s Chapter 85

Chapter 82:

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After waking up in the afternoon, Wang Xiuying began to work in the big yard to live up the wild pheasant she brought today.

The whole process is cumbersome and takes a lot of time because it is necessary to kill chickens, bloodletting, plucking and stewing chicken soup.

Therefore, Wang Xiuying did not go out in the afternoon and stayed at home to work.

The two old people usually like to sit lazily in the yard in the sun in the afternoon, or go around the village, chat with other old people, and gossiping.

After coming to this city, I have to go shopping in the afternoon, so I can't waste it.

Lin Xiaoyue proposed to take two elderly people to the seafood factory to buy fresh seafood, and come back to cook a seafood dinner in the evening. Because there is already chicken and meat at home, this Man Han Banquet is almost seafood!

She couldn't eat seafood that was too cold because she was a pregnant woman, so she looked at what seafood the two elderly people like to eat, and bought them exclusively for the two elderly people.

It is rare for her to show very eager filial piety. Both the old lady Yan and the old lady are quite moved, and the impression of Lin Xiaoyue in her heart has changed even more.

At this moment, Lin Xiaoyue is about to be his granddaughter.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang took the two elderly people out together. When they arrived at the seafood processing factory, Yan Yang went to work in the processing factory. Only Lin Xiaoyue led the two elderly people. He also told Lin Xiaoyue once with symptoms. Let her take a day off and let her play casually without rushing back to work.

The two old people's impressions of Yan Yang are much better now.

Lin Xiaoyue took two elderly people to a seafood factory not far from the seafood processing factory. Because she investigated Yan Hongying's location, her goal was quite clear.

Directly took the two old people to the port location, she talked to Zhou Zhengwei, and told Zhou Zhengwei that she wanted to buy seafood.

Zhou Zhengwei also heard that Lin Xiaoyue was pregnant, and became more enthusiastic and careful with her.

"It turns out that it was two old people who came as guests. Come and come and choose whatever seafood you want. Don't be polite!" Zhou Zhengwei waved his hand generously and asked them to pick the seafood that was just caught from the sea at will.

Lin Xiaoyue said a little, "We are all so familiar, can you get a discount?"

It turned out that Zhou Zhengwei sent it directly. After listening to Lin Xiaoyues suggestion, he immediately said, "What is the discount! Your family Yan Yang can make so much money, but you still have the money to buy seafood? Come, come, pick and choose Pick, take whatever you like, Yan Yang can afford it!"

This kind of remark was deliberately told to the elderly, first to let the elderly know how good Yan Yang is now, and secondly to let the elderly know that their young couple is willing to spend money on both of them.

Lin Xiaoyue thinks that Zhou Zhengwei is really quite smart, and he is really good at doing business with Yan Yang!

Mrs. Yan and Mrs. Yan immediately stirred up seafood on the spot...

"Oh, this fish is so good... such a big one..."

"That prawn will be two catties, how much is it?"

They asked Zhou Zhengwei, and Zhou Zhengwei reported it to them at the market price. The two old people who listened were trembling...it was too expensive!

Zhou Zhengwei laughed and said, "Yan Yang is rich! You can take whatever you want! Yan Yang can afford it!"

Lin Xiaoyue also said, "Grandpa and grandma, take what you are looking for, it's rare for you to come here, don't have a psychological burden."

Listening to Lin Xiaoyue's words, the two old men felt at ease and began to unceremoniously stir up seafood...

Seeing that they both looked serious, Lin Xiaoyue said on the side: "Do you have a toilet in your factory? I want to go to a toilet."

Zhou Zhengwei pointed to the nearest house, "Go, there is one there."

Lin Xiaoyue confessed to the two old people and left.

Soon, she found Yan Hongying who was working on the assembly line...

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