I Lived With The Villain In The 70s Chapter 86

Chapter 83:

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Yan Hongying only told her mother about Lin Xiaoyue's lie with Yan Yang a few days ago, and asked her mother to spread the matter out so that the villagers would know their true colors.

Yan Hongying actually doesn't know what the result is. But seeing Lin Xiaoyue appear here today suddenly aroused her curiosity.

Yan Hongying saw Lin Xiaoyue hurried to an assembly line, talked to the staff who was sorting shrimps there, and then sat down to sort together.

Yan Hongying felt strange...

"Hey, do you know that the woman over there is an employee of our factory?" Yan Hongying asked a woman next to her.

That is an employee who has worked in a seafood factory for many years, and an old employee who has an impression of both formal and temporary workers on the assembly line.

The woman glanced at Lin Xiaoyue who Yan Hongying was talking about, and shook her head, "I haven't seen it before. When did you come? We haven't hired people recently? We have always had enough manpower!"

"If there are new employees, they shouldn't be hired directly, right?"

Yan Hongying asked the women, "Should we be able to receive news too?"

The women are working in their hands, and they return to Yan Hongying, "It is reasonable to say that whether it is a formal or temporary worker, they must be brought by the supervisor when they just enter the assembly line. The supervisor has to arrange for someone. We may not be able to receive it. News."

Yan Hongying said again at this time, "But I didn't see the supervisor just now, I saw her still sneaky."

The woman didn't know what Yan Hongying wanted to say, and replied, "You care about her, she is not a big person, what does it have to do with you?"

Yan Hongying: "It doesn't matter..."

It's just that she finds it strange, why did Lin Xiaoyue suddenly appear here?

She has already publicized the fact that their husband and wife are deceptive in the village. If Lin Xiaoyue is really an employee working in a seafood factory, wouldn't she just slap her in the face?

Yan Hongying was full of doubts. Suddenly, Mrs. Yan's voice came from the door of the factory, "Xiaoyue, are you inside?"

Hearing this voice, Yan Hongying turned her head and saw Mrs. Yan!

Lin Xiaoyue was the most powerful of this old lady, which made Yan Hongying couldn't believe it!

At this moment, Yan Hongying actually didn't have the courage to say hello to the old lady, she turned her head back, and locked her eyes on Lin Xiaoyue who was picking aunty shrimp over there.

"Grandma, I'm here!"

Lin Xiaoyue quickly wiped her hands and got up, and hurriedly walked towards the old lady Yan.

The employees on the assembly line are busy, and no one pays attention to the yelling of grandparents and grandchildren. Only Yan Hongying is silently paying attention to her ears, with a lot of doubts in her heart.

After Lin Xiaoyue went out, Yan Hongying's work stopped for a while. She greeted the women next to her and got up immediately, as if she had just sorted out the staff of Aunt Xia with Lin Xiaoyue.

Yan Hongying asked the woman, "Hello sister, is the woman who just went out a new employee from our factory? Was she just starting today?"

"No, I don't know her."

The woman answered straightforwardly, "Do you know her?"

Yan Hongying glanced outside the factory and nodded to the women, "I know someone who came out of the same village as me. But she greeted me. I don't know if she also came to work in our factory. She is a temporary worker who just arrived. ?"

"no no."

The woman shook her head and waved her hand. "She said, her family is here, let me help her to cover her... I don't know who she is, so just let her go."

Play cover...

After hearing this, Yan Hongying understood the meaning of Lin Xiaoyue's move just now.

Dare to love, because the old lady came to the city today, Lin Xiaoyue worried that she and Yan Yang's lie would be exposed, so she came here to perform such a scene to show the old lady.

Yan Hongying guessed in her heart that this old lady didn't even come out of the village at ordinary times. If she was able to come here today, it is probably because the rumors in the village were too high, maybe her mother instigated the old lady to come over.

The old lady should also be trying to find out if Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are lying!

Since this is the case, doesn't Yan Hongying have to take the opportunity to reveal Lin Xiaoyue's true face!

It is impossible for her to miss such a good opportunity.

Yan Hongying thanked the employees, and immediately got up and ran outside the factory. Soon by the port, he saw Lin Xiaoyue and the two elderly people standing together talking.

The three of them also carried some seafood in their hands, talking and laughing.

When Yan Hongying approached, she heard Lin Xiaoyue saying to the two old people: "Grandpa and grandma, and try to choose what kind of seafood you like. I know this factory very well. I have discounts for these things. The price!"

Hearing what Lin Xiaoyue said, Yan Hongying gave a sarcasm and said in her heart that Lin Xiaoyue deserved to be exposed by her.

So love to lie! You don't even blush when you lie!

"Grandpa and grandma, don't be fooled by her!"

Yan Hongying didn't bother to go around in circles, and walked up directly, revealing the truth in one sentence.

"Lin Xiaoyue doesn't work in this factory, she is lying to you! How can she get any internal staff price? She is a liar at all! She doesn't even have the qualifications to work in this factory!"

Yan Hongying said as she came to an old lady, her unfriendly eyes and ironic smile all faced Lin Xiaoyue.

And her reaction was completely within Lin Xiaoyue's calculations.

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows, folded her hands on her chest and said, "Yan Hongying, what are you talking about? How could I lie to my grandparents? I lied to two old people, so I can't die!"

"Do you dare to swear? You really don't think God can open your eyes?"

Yan Hongying snorted, and then said to the old lady Yan, "Grandma, Lin Xiaoyue did not work in this factory. I have been working in this factory for a while, and this apron on my body was made by this factory. Its printed. Neither Lin Xiaoyue nor Yan Yang work here. They have been lying to us and the people in our village! If you dont believe me, I will take you to the factory to find other employees to ask, and see if the other employees think of it. Don't know Lin Xiaoyue?"

Yan Hongying was about to bring Mrs. Yan into the factory, and asked other employees to verify the matter.

As a result, the old lady Yan pushed her angrily, "Okay! It turns out that it was you girl who was spreading bad things in the village!"

Yan Hongying was suddenly violent by the old lady, obviously she couldn't react...

She had a dumb expression, "Grandma...what are you scolding me for? It's not me who lied to you..."

"You **** girl, you!"

The old lady slammed Yan Hongying's head twice with a finger, and the anger was rising at this moment, "What are you doing in the village to spread bad things about Xiaoyue and the others! Can you talk nonsense about things you don't know, look? Dont have three bedrooms, okay? Your own family is going well. If you think that three bedrooms have a good life, its uncomfortable, right?"

"Grandma! Why are you talking like that?"

Yan Hongying looked at the old lady Yan in disbelief, "I'm not afraid that you will be cheated! I am kindly reminding you! What's the matter with you now? I would rather listen to this bargain than my granddaughter. Up!"

"You **** girl, you shut up!"

The old lady yelled at Yan Hongying angrily, "Xiaoyue is your brother Yan Yang's wife, so you should call her sister-in-law! What are you screaming at! I tell you, I will take care of your stinky girl when I go home. Tell your mother all the bad things! Let your mother come and teach you personally!"


Yan Hongying screamed with anger, and pointed at Lin Xiaoyue here, "She is a liar, she is a liar! She doesn't work here at all, she and Yan Yang do not know what kind of speculative business in the city. The money you make! Why don't you listen to me!"

The quarrel was a little louder, and it happened to be heard by Zhou Zhengwei, who had picked a big eel and returned.

Zhou Zhengwei was the one who was doing speculative business with Yan Yang in private. He suddenly heard someone shouting that Yan Yang was doing speculative business. His brows became a ball, and his heart suddenly raised his throat.

After running over, Zhou Zhengwei saw that it was a female worker in his factory who was yelling. This high-hanging heart was considered to be down, but the anger was also rising at the same time.

"Who are you? What are you talking about here? You don't have to work during working hours, right?" Zhou Zhengwei immediately cursed Yan Hongying.

Yan Hongying saw that she was a leader at the level of leadership. She didn't dare to go sideways now, and immediately nodded obediently, "Sorry, I'll go back to work right away."

"You wait a moment." Lin Xiaoyue called her aloud.

Yan Hongying didn't listen to Lin Xiaoyue's words, so she trot with her head and didn't mean to stop.

As a result, Zhou Zhengwei called her out again, "Tell you to wait a while! Get me back!"

Hearing Zhou Zhengwei's order, Yan Hongying had to brake and return, silently ran back to Zhou Zhengwei, bowed her head and admitted her mistake, "Well, comrade leader, it's just that my family came suddenly, so I came out to take a look."

"What did you say?"

Zhou Zhengwei frowned and said to her, "You said Yan Yang's draft was speculative? Where did you get the evidence? Or nonsense? Do you know that Yan Yang is my good brother? Huh?"

When he asked the last "ah", Zhou Zhengwei pushed Yan Hongying's shoulder, and Yan Hongying was stunned by Zhou Zhengwei's words.

Looking up, her eyes were filled with a dazed look...

What did he just say?

Yan Yang is his good brother? Is it the Yan Yang she knows? Is it Lin Xiaoyue's husband?

Yan Hongying couldn't believe this fact...

"That's right! Yan Yang is so talented, he is the secretary of the factory! You still talk nonsense about him! I really don't know how your head is grown!" The old lady Yan also said Yan Hongying.

Yan Hongying was at a loss...

Yan Yang is the factory secretary? how can that be possible?

Her father-in-law was a senior figure in the factory, and had already checked the employees of the factory, and there were no two people, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang.

Yan Hongying couldn't figure out what was going on.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue, who had not spoken much, finally smiled and opened her lips, giving a knowing blow, "You only know to bring the rumors back to the village, so that everyone in the village thinks that I am lying to Yan Yang. The villagers in the village must now feel that Yan Yang and I are making money by speculation. With your ability, you can't even find out where Yan Yang and I work, so why dare you go back to the village and spread rumors?"


Mrs. Yan nodded and stood completely on Lin Xiaoyue's side, "Xiaoyue and Yan Yang work in the seafood processing factory next door! They are a secretary, a secretary, and both managers! You have never seen the world, and dont mess around. Talk about them! The children are ignorant, go back to work! Let's stop chewing on your tongue in the future!"

Yan Hongying now knew that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue were working in the seafood processing factory next door, and that Yan Yang and the executives of their factory were good brothers, and their faces instantly paled.

Fortunately, Mrs. Yan told her to go back to work. Yan Hongying also hurriedly stepped down the steps that Mrs. Yan had paved for her, bowed her head and apologized, "I'm sorry... I'll go back to work first."

Yan Hongying can't wait to escape the scene at this moment.

She knew that if he stayed for an extra second, they would have to scold him, and even the leading comrades would punish her.

Yan Hongying couldn't face this terrible scene, so she had to flee quickly.

Lin Xiaoyue did not stop her again this time, and let her escape.

Anyway, the matter has come to the ground, and she has really offended others. For this reason alone, Lin Xiaoyue can ask Zhou Zhengwei to deal with her directly.

However, it is not convenient for Lin Xiaoyue to deal with her in front of the two old people, after all, they are both from Lao Yan's family.

When the two old men were sent away, Lin Xiaoyue asked Zhou Zhengwei to deal with Yan Hongying directly, so that it was clean.

Zhou Zhengwei said something to Lin Xiaoyue that Yan Hongying was an idiot, and then gave the eel in his hand to Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue also bought a lot of seafood here, and also spent a lot of money.

When the two old people watched Lin Xiaoyue pay the money, they both felt distressed and a little happy. They rarely had such a seafood meal.

Before Lin Xiaoyue was about to leave, the two elderly people left first. She talked to Zhou Zhengwei again, and Zhou Zhengwei arranged for workers to deliver them home.

Lin Xiaoyue also directly said to Zhou Zhengwei, "The woman just now bullied my husband for many years. I know you have a way to make her live a bad life, right?"

Of course Zhou Zhengwei had a way, but he was surprised, "Yan Yang's temper can be bullied by others? Was it bullied by the idiot just now?"

Yes it is.

He used to be so kind that anyone can bully, and everyone is good to bully.

Lin Xiaoyue gave Zhou Zhengwei a look, "I mean, she will have a bad life in the future."

Zhou Zhengwei originally wanted to hear an explanation from Lin Xiaoyue, but he didn't know that Lin Xiaoyue had directly ordered him...

Zhou Zhengwei felt that his back was fluffy, and he quickly agreed, "Yes, I will definitely have a bad time."

Effective communication.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and patted him on the shoulder, "Thank you."

she left.

Seeing her leaving behind, Zhou Zhengwei nodded slowly...

She really deserves to be Yan Yang's woman. When she gets up cruel, her aura is very similar to Yan Yang's!

However, it seems that he hasn't seen Yan Yang get up in a long time...

I don't know when it started, Yan Yang felt as if he had changed himself, a lot of meekness and kindness.

Zhou Zhengwei shrugged, let him go!


In the evening, Wang Xiuying had a seafood feast, stewed chicken soup for the afternoon, plus two stir-fried seasonal vegetables, and the family had a very hearty meal.

After Lin Xiaoyue became pregnant, she liked spicy food, and they all said she had hot and sour children. Adults speculated that her child might be a son.

In this era, the rural patriarchal thinking is very heavy, so the phenomenon of Lin Xiaoyue being pregnant with a son makes the elders very happy.

Yan Yang was also happy.

However, Yan Yang didn't care that Lin Xiaoyue gave birth to boys and girls, as long as he could call his dad, he would be happy.

Early in the morning of the second day, Lin Xiaoyue packed up her things and sent Wang Xiuying and the two elderly people to the port by boat.

The three elders were sent away happily, she was relaxed, and the three elders were also happy.

They came to the city for a while, eating fragrant and spicy food, and also knowing the work and status of Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang in the city. After returning to the village, they must have a publicity campaign.

The wedding of Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang is only one week away. After the villagers impression of the two of them is reversed, they still come to have a wedding drink and congratulate them.

However, Yan Hongying has been a bit miserable in recent days.

Zhou Zhengwei randomly found a reason to fire Yan Hongying, and then used some relationships to prevent Chen Zeqing's family from arranging any work for Yan Hongying.

Because some factories that his family can contact have received instructions from Zhou Zhengwei's blacklist, Yan Hongying has been directly blacklisted by some factories and will not be hired.

Therefore, Yan Hongying became a housewife unwillingly.

After that, her family status in Chen Zeqing's family can be imagined. Chen Zeqing is also a domestic violent man drinking, I believe her life will be very difficult in the future.

A few days later, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang ate in the canteen of the seafood processing factory.

She took the Lao Ganma hot sauce that she bought through a treasure in the study space, put it on the white steamed buns, and added some dishes on the white steamed buns. The taste should not be too good!

Seeing that her food was delicious and delicious, Yan Yang took out a delicate ladies watch and put it on the table while not paying attention, and pushed it forward to show her...


Lin Xiaoyue bit the bun and looked down at her watch, "Is it for me?"


Yan Yang smiled lightly at the corner of his mouth, "Does it look good?"

"Well! I want to wear it..."

Lin Xiaoyue just stretched out her hand to take it, but Yan Yang closed the box on her stomach. She was taken aback...

"I will give it to you on the day of the wedding."

Yan Yang smiled with uniform white teeth, "This is a bride price."

"Oh~ so shabby~"

Lin Xiaoyue pursed her lips and said this deliberately.


Yan Yang squeezed his eyebrows, "It's not shabby, it's more than 200 yuan. I can't afford it no matter how expensive it is. The money is in your hands."

He seems to be aggrieved saying...

She manages the money, and his recent wedding money is a fraction of the money saved in one transaction after another!

It's already very difficult for him to buy her such a good dowry with a fraction!

"But I don't have a dowry..."

Lin Xiaoyue took a bite of Lao Ganma's white steamed bun, and chewed on one side of her cheek. "What if there is no dowry?"

Yan Yang gave her a look of knowingly asking, "The money is with you, you can prepare any dowry. It doesnt matter if I dont prepare it, I dont need it anyway."

Lin Xiaoyue liked his appearance that she would take advantage of him casually.

She smiled and touched his face, "Goodbye, then I will buy a house tomorrow and count it as a dowry!"

Yan Yang couldn't laugh or cry, "Just be happy..."

He never understood why she likes buying a house so much?

At this point, maybe their younger generations can only understand happiness...

Do the math, they now have 5 properties in their hands.

Lin Xiaoyue buys and rents everywhere, with a lot of rent every month.

There is no shortage of money.

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