I Picked Up An Ancient Transmigration Killer To Be A Wife Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

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Chapter Six

This is an old residential building with no more than five floors. The outer wall has long been mottled, but fortunately, it is set off by a creeper, and it doesn't feel ugly. Because there is a large-scale vegetable market nearby, there are very few residents here, and most of them rent their houses to vegetable vendors to make it easier for them to live in or use them as warehouses. This kind of house does not have a balcony. A passage is filled with bottles and junk boxes, leaving only a narrow passage to the door of each house.

As expected, the third door from the bottom on the third floor is a stainless steel anti-theft door. The gate was used for a long time, and it was covered with dust, mixed with oil stains in the air or other things, and it looked dirty and old. When you get closer, you can smell the peculiar stench of a vegetable market, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

Pang Deyou stepped forward and knocked on the door, and Guo Ming leaned to his side. After a few footsteps, the door was opened with a crash, and a short man inside opened the door with a big smile and said to Pang Deyou: "Huge man, you have to help us in a while, wait for the woman to come, you We have to help us to heal her as much as possible." Before the words came to an end, friend Pound was stunned by the palm of his sword.

This suite and the two inside were opened together and turned into two warehouses. When the door was relatively small, two rows of freezers were seen. The loud electric noise showed that they were still working hard. After passing through this hut, I entered the back room. An entire house of more than 100 square meters is unobstructed, and the situation inside is unobstructed. There are many cages stacked on top of each other in the innermost cage. In the cages, chickens and ducks are pacing in a small space, or squeezed to rest in one place. It gives off a warm smell. Leaning on the walls on both sides are many blue water tanks with oxygen pipes inside. I don't know what kind of fish they are keeping. There are also large buckets of ice cubes, which vaguely contain some seafood, which smells unpleasant.

When Guo Ming walked in, he saw this scene. Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang were tied to two folding chairs respectively. Both of them had disheveled hair. Wu Yuanyuan lowered her head and couldn't see the expression on her face. She only saw her body still twitching, so she should be crying. Zhang Qiang raised his head and stared at a man next to him, with a cigarette in his mouth and a wooden stick in his hand. One end was thick and the other end was thin. He held the thin end in his hand. The corners of Zhang Qiang's eyes and mouth were swollen. Xu was struggling and struggling in the process of being tied up. The arm that had been injured was tied behind his back, and I couldn't see if the injury was more serious. In a very large room, there were a pile of about two dozen sturdy men sitting in a pile, with weapons on hand, probably something like wooden sticks or watermelon knives, shiningly reflecting the light of the setting sun outside the window, Eyes full of blood.

The battle started off guard, because the back room couldn't see the situation of the room where the freezer was placed outside. The big guys inside were still smoking and chatting in groups, and their weapons were all set aside. So when they saw Friends of Pound, someone smiled and nodded hello. When they saw Guo Ming appearing, they couldn't help but stay in a daze. They were astonished and prepared to pick up the weapon at hand, but it was already too late.

After Guo Ming's long hair went around his neck, the tip of the hair bit in his mouth, his sword eyebrows flew diagonally into the temple, his eyes widened, and he lifted his breath to knock down the nearest big man. She was like a sharp sword, moving around and moving lightly and quickly, and very handsome. The big guy who leaped over was often subdued by her bare hands before he got close, and he heard only a clicking sound in his ears, not knowing where he broke his opponent. Pang Deyou's movements were open and close, and he lay down beside him between the punches and kicks. Over twenty people, the two people solved the battle within three to five minutes, and Zhang Qiang grew up in shock. But Wu Yuanyuan, who was surprised that the situation around her had changed, raised her eyes to see this scene, and was stunned. She didn't get over for a long time.

Seeing Miss Wu raised her head, her face was swollen except for the tears, and Guo Ming got angry again for no reason. He happened to be lying next to him, so he pulled his arm and kicked it towards the elbow, hearing a "click". , The broken bone was inserted obliquely from the inside of the arm, and the man groaned and passed out.

Pang Deyou picked up the long knife on the ground, helped the two girls loosen their ties, and then turned to Guo Ming: "Doctor Guo, how do these people deal with?"

Guo Ming glanced at the bunch of big guys lying on the ground crookedly and whispered, ignoring why the big guys around her struggled to climb a little farther, but he arched his hands to the two girls apologetically and said, "Two girls, because I was frightened at the bottom. I'm really sorry, Guo Ming made it to the two of you. I'm sorry!" Let's go, and said to Pang Deyou lightly: "Lead Pang, pick up some firewood, and it burned."

As soon as Pang Deyou listened to the order, he heard Zhang Qiang shouting: "You can't burn! Two people..... Uh... Heroes can't be burned! I'm breaking the law!"

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

After the police took away all the people here, the doctors were sent to the clinic, and the confession was recorded, Zhang Qiang naturally couldn't hide the fact that he was injured. So Guo Ming, Wu Yuanyuan, Pang Deyou, and Zhang Qiang are now sitting together in a large office, looking at the plump body and tough face behind the desk, glaring at Zhang Qiang, so angry that his cheeks are trembling, that's it. After staring for a few minutes, I finally couldn't help but slapped the table. After a "pop", there was a roar of "Unreasonable!"

Zhang Qian is quite accustomed to leaning back and facing sideways, so as not to spray the drool from the opposite side all over her face. Guo Ming and Pang Deyou looked at each other, but Wu Yuanyuan hurriedly comforted: "Uncle Zhang, don't be angry, Zhang Qiang is also afraid that you are worried, so I didn't tell you!"

"It's a nonsense! Don't tell the family about such a serious injury! You are fooling! Old Liang also followed the fool!"


"You talk about you, how can these little girls get into the gangsters when they are so good! Also kidnapped! Your arm... Is your arm hurting again?"

"Ms. Zhang's arm is fine. I have checked for her just now. The broken bone healed before has cracked again, but now it's fixed again, and it will fully grow after another month of rest."

Director Zhang heard Guo Ming's speech and glanced up at her. Instead of expressing his position, he picked up the phone.

"Hey! The surname is Liang! What's the matter with my daughter?"

"You're hiding something like this from me! What should I do now? I'm injured again!"

"A girl surnamed Guo?" Director Zhang raised his eyes and looked at Zhang Qiang inquiringly: "Do you know a girl surnamed Guo?"

Zhang Qiang smiled and pointed at Guo Ming: "Dad, that's her. The genius doctor came."

Director Zhang stared at her again and continued to talk on the phone: "Yes, there is a girl surnamed Guo, here. What? You want to come too? Messing around! They are in my office! They are all injured and injured! Great! Hurry up if you want to come, and I'll have a meeting later!"

After hanging up the phone, Director Zhang looked at Guo Ming with a scrutiny gaze, and tentatively said: "Ms. Guo is a doctor?"

"Study medicine since childhood." Guo Ming looked at him calmly and replied.

"Which school did you graduate from?"

"Uh, Uncle Zhang, shall we take a confession later?" Wu Yuanyuan hurriedly interrupted, but it was a bit late.

"Never go to school." Guo Ming continued to answer calmly.

"Naughty!" Director Zhang slapped the table and furious. The next second, he was clasped with one hand on his wrist and the other hand on his neck.


"Uncle Zhang!"

The two girls screamed at the same time.

Pang Deyou ignored the two girls. After healed the man in front of him, he turned to ask Guo Ming: "Doctor Guo, why don't you and I go out and find a way to get it back as soon as possible. What are you trying to do with them here!" "

"General Pang Shen, I thought that you were working for the Cao Gou thief, but you are just a man who tends to follow the flames. I did not expect that you are also a true chivalrous hero. Let him go. It is difficult and dangerous here, and you and I are not familiar with each other They still need their help." Guo Ming stood up and clasped his fists, pulled Pang Deyou to let him sit back to his original position, and held Director Zhangs wrist secretly, and then helped him sit down.

A burst of warmth came from his wrists, and Zhang Renyi felt relieved from his choked chest. As if he had regained his freedom, he sat down and found that his hands and legs were trembling slightly.

"Master Tongshen," Guo Ming clenched a fist. "It's true that this general Pang and I are not people here."

The author has something to say:

I saw that there are two collections~! O(_)O~~

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