I Raised a Big Boss in the 90s Chapter 44

Chapter 45:

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Liang Mingsu picked up the money, and she couldn't believe it. Because she didn't get a regular salary, her salary was not as high as the official work. The salary was only a few tens of dollars a month, and there was no oil and water, only barely enough to eat, and Liang Minying gave the money. Counting it down, she has nearly five thousand yuan, which is equivalent to her salary of four to five years.

"Sister, made so much money after going there? This money is too good to make, right?"

Liang Minying squinted and smiled. Indeed, she couldn't believe it before this time, but she went out once, and the leader had a better vision, and she felt that this little money was nothing. When she first got so much money, she was very nervous. In Shanghai, she sent all the rest of the clothing to the factory. After the remittance was successful, she came back with the remaining money, and came and went, and the surprise of getting the money disappeared. , I have endless hope for the future.

This is just the beginning, she will definitely be able to go better in the future, even if she does not rely on men.

She believed so.

"It's really profitable. Only when I went to find out that there is gold everywhere, Minsu, you are also capable. If you are willing, we can go out together to make money in the coming year. I think that even if not every time we can make so much money, Its definitely better than you being a teacher."

Liang Mingsu frowned, a little uncertain, after all, people say that the teacher is an iron rice bowl.

She subconsciously looked at Su Weiwei.

Su Weiwei is slightly startled. Liang Mingsu is only mentioned in the book. The pen and ink used is not as much as Liang Mingzhong. From the memory of the heroine, Liang Mingsu has been involved in many industries and served as a host in his early years. After Liang Mingzhong sang and acted, the two of them were in the circle. Supporting each other, upgrading and fighting monsters all the way, and finally became one of the best in their respective fields. Fans of Liang Mingzhong also called Liang Mingsu his sister.

However, her crossing will inevitably bring some changes. She let Liang Minying leave the house of scumbags as soon as possible, and the butterfly's wings stirred up. It is difficult to say whether Liang Mingsu can be the same as the track in the book.

"Look at yourself, but I always think your eloquence is good at speaking. Being an assistant in the principal's office somewhat buried you." Su Weiwei said sincerely.

Liang Mingsu is rarely praised. Even if he is a close person, everyone expresses his feelings implicitly. It was a bit unnatural to be praised in person for the first time. She coughed and said, "Sister-in-law, I dont have much talent, but I can say something. , But my current salary is too low. Although I am willing to subsidize my family, it is not enough for myself. Or I will ask for a month of leave for a try during the Chinese New Year, if it is really impossible to come back?"

"Yes, no matter what decision you make, my sister-in-law will support you."

Liang Mingsu nodded seriously after hearing the words.

Liang Minying ordered a thousand yuan to Su Weiwei, "Sister-in-law, if you didn't lend me money to do business, I wouldn't be able to make so much money this trip. This is for you to pay off the debt."

Su Weiwei replied: "Don't you want to spend money after the new year? If you want, the money will be fine later."

"No, pay off the debt first? Its not good to always borrow other peoples money. If our family has other debts, I happen to repay it at the same time. By the way, my sister-in-law, I said that I had earned the money. Half of it is for you." Liang Minying took out two thousand yuan and stuffed it to Su Weiwei.

Su Wei only froze and was slightly surprised, "I can't help. Besides, you still need the principal after making money for the first time. Just keep this money!"

"Sister-in-law, don't be polite to me! If you don't lend me money, how can I go to Shanghai? You never see me outside. Isn't it ungrateful if I see you outside?" Liang Minying said, forcefully Throwing the money into Su Weiwei's hands, pretending to be angry, "Sister-in-law, you must take it. Once you pay back the family account, the rest of the money will be kept at home!"

Su Weiwei was really embarrassed, "I don't have much debt at home, I can pay it by myself..."

Liang Minying did not give her the opportunity to refuse, "Sister-in-law, if you refuse me again, I will be angry! What does the family debt have to do with you? Why do you have to pay but not take it? You have paid so much for this family A lot, what is this little money? Look at you, you are still wearing torn clothes after the Chinese New Year, and you gave me the only good cotton jacket. You said you can be nice to me, can't I be nice to you? ?"

Previously, Su Weiwei caught Su Yuanyuan who was using fake/coins, and brought back a red cotton dress from Su Yuanyuan. That cotton dress was not suitable for her. From the perspective of her later generations, the clothes were really rustic. She would rather be in short supply than indiscriminately. I gave it to Liang Minying. The cotton clothes are not cheap and the workmanship is good. Although Liang Minying works in a garment factory, she rarely wears a new dress. When she received the clothes, she was very excited and kept boasting that the clothes look good until she went to Shanghai a few days ago. Just put it on.

"It's nothing, it's all trivial." Besides, the clothes that she did not like were indeed given to Liang Minying.

"How can it be a trivial matter? Sister-in-law, I will remember all the goodness you have done to me." She has not received much kindness since she was a child. Others think that their family is not doing well, so they all avoid them for fear of them. When they stepped forward to borrow money, only Su Weiwei refused to marry, and took them with them regardless of their future. This sister-in-law rushed to the front of everything. If it weren't for the sister-in-law, the family would have died long ago.

Even if they don't leave, they won't be able to get Liu Yumei and Jiang Tao who are staring at them next door.

When Su Weiwei saw this, he had to accept the money, but he received two thousand yuan for no reason. There is always something untrue in his heart.

During the winter vacation, Su Weiwei was unable to sell the test papers to school, so he simply bound the nearly 30 test papers brought back by Liang Weidong together with the previous binding, and the nearly fifty test papers were bound into a workbook and sold in sets.

She printed hundreds of sets and held them to sell in the town.

For the New Years Day, there are many stalls in the town. Most of the stall owners sell fireworks and firecracker couplets. Only Su Weiwei carries a large stack of test papers to sell, let alone shoppers. The stall owner on the side couldn't help but look at her.

"Sister, what are you selling?" a middle-aged woman asked.

She sells childrens toys and fireworks. These are the most profitable Chinese New Years. She comes out to set up stalls during the Chinese New Year every year. She can make thousands of dollars every year. The few vendors next to her sell similar items. Things, only the things that Su Weiwei sells are incomprehensible, is this stack of papers test papers? Why would anyone buy this kind of stuff during the New Year?

Su Weiwei smiled and said, "I sell high school exam papers."

"Senior grade exam paper? Why are you selling this?" The woman was a little surprised.

Su Weiwei laughed, "My test paper is a test paper for the resumption of classes from the No. 1 High School in the city. It is a top-secret test paper made by famous teachers and cut to the test site. The hit rate is very high. It took me a lot of thought to get the test paper. No, I just want to benefit other candidates."

The middle-aged woman was taken aback when she heard the words, and then asked: "City No. 1 High School is returning to class? Is that the famous teacher's college entrance examination class?"

"Yes, this is the top-secret test paper of City No. 1 High School, the kind that is not spread, you also know how rare the test paper of City No. 1 High School is."

Today the woman came to set up the stall, and her son came to help. He turned through the words and quickly said in surprise: "This is indeed the test paper for the No. 1 Middle School. We have yet to take two sets."

"Of course, these two sets are included, and the remaining 30 are the key points. They are the papers made by the students of City No. 1 Middle School during the winter vacation. Think about it, the students of No. 1 Middle School have so good grades and worked so hard. With three test papers, our students' grades are not as good as others. Do you have to work harder? Buying a set does not suffer!" Su Weiwei began to fool around.

The womans son was shaken immediately. His grades were not bad, and he could occupy the top few in the class, but the problem was that none of them was admitted to the university last year. He also knew that he could not go to an undergraduate degree based on his own strength. In August/Nine, he will go to a technical secondary school to be a teacher in a normal school, but his ideal is to go to an aerospace school or a military school. If he can improve his grades, he might be admitted.

The woman frowned, no matter what the test paper is useful or not, it's all about buying it! Who doesn't listen to people saying that the test paper is good and the tutor is good, and you want your children to enjoy it? This stack of test papers is not worth a few dollars, but it can improve children's scores. Who wouldn't want such a good deal?

The woman pointed to the test paper and asked: "How much is this?"

"5 yuan, look at the thickness...I'm sure, as long as your child has eaten all these test papers thoroughly, the college entrance examination will definitely improve by more than ten points!" Su Weiwei said with a smile.

Ten points? Regardless of the woman, she did not hesitate: "Buy! Do you have anything else? Can you buy it together."

"No, there are only test papers."

The little boy took the test paper and sat on the stool and started to do it. It was indeed a test paper for the No. 1 Middle School in the city. It was rare. There were many questions he had never seen before. He immediately picked up the test paper and started the journey of abuse.

Soon, a few girls in school uniforms came over and saw that the boys were writing questions and asking, "What are you writing?"

"City No. 1 Middle School Examination Paper."

"City No. 1 Middle School?" The girls were startled, staring at the test papers with hunger eyes, as if he was holding a martial arts secret book in his hand, and one more look at martial arts would make him a lot more diligent. Those difficult and strange questions made their blood excited. They really deserved to be a test paper for the first middle school. The questions were tricky, the angles were weird, and the question types were novel. They were not comparable to the exam questions in their school. They immediately said excitedly: "Where are you? Coming? Can you tell us?"

The boy pointed to Su Weiwei's stall, "Hey, just over there, five yuan a copy, you can buy it yourself!"

After speaking, he bowed his head and started to do it.

As soon as the girls heard it, they hurriedly walked over, you and I bought them one by one. Just after the new year, everyone has some pocket money on hand, and other parents may scold them for 5 yuan, but when they are used to buy books, the family will definitely not say a word, and they will praise them for being easy to learn.

After their propaganda, more and more people came. In the end, Su Weiwei sold out all the test papers. Later people patted their thighs and regretted, saying that they should come early.

"Sister, do you still have this test paper? I want a set too." A boy wearing glasses hurried over.


"When will there be?"

"Tomorrow? I'll get some more tomorrow."

After Su Weiwei finished speaking, he left without looking back.

Although todays test papers are selling fast, so many test papers only sold for 500 yuan, and after deducting the cost, they made more than 300 in the end. And there is a big drawback in doing so. Seeing that her test papers are selling well, there will definitely be many people who will follow her to set up a stall. After all, she just has to take the test paper and copy it, there is no technical difficulty, so this method of making money What I made was only the money I made a few days ago, not for long.

Su Weiwei knew this and was not greedy. She set up a stall again in the next two days. As she expected, the sales volume was not as good as one day. Even if many people heard from classmates, they came to buy a set, but someone was there the next day. The hawking at the entrance of the middle school seriously affected Su Weiwei's business.

After selling all the test papers in her hand, Su Weiwei stopped selling them in the town. She planned to go to the city to sell them in another place.

It is not easy for so many worlds to be transported to the city. Su Weiwei simply waits to make copies in the city. She deliberately finds a copy shop far away from the middle school. In this way, the copy shop will not take down her test papers and sell it by herself. , She can earn more.

Su Weiwei originally thought that the city would sell better. After all, there were a lot of people in the city, but who knew that she was wrong when she arrived in the city.

There is a very important reason why the test papers are sold well in the countryside. Most students live in the town in rural areas, and they know where each others family lives. Therefore, when one person buys the test papers, he can tell everywhere. This is a good classmate who brings her a steady stream of business, but the local universities in the city, the communication between students is not timely, and cant send a message to come quickly like later generations. This decides that Su Weiwei sells test papers. The other party can only be a passing senior high school parent or senior high school student.

It is conceivable that the odds are so pitiful, therefore, the test papers are selling slowly.

The streets during the New Years Eve were very noisy, and Su Weiweis screams could not scream others. She thought about going. She planned to close the stall and go home when the hundred sets on hand were sold out, and then go to the high school door to try again when school started.

After selling for one day, Su Weiwei didn't sell out 100 sets of test papers, so he simply stayed in the city for one night, then sold the test papers the next morning, and finally sold the test papers before they were frozen into popsicles. She bumped all the way home by bus. The drop-off point happened to be in Uncle Qius car repair shed. It was only the second day of the Lunar New Year. Uncle Qiu even went out of the stall. Su Weiwei smiled and took a few apples aside. On the stool.

Uncle Qiu didn't expect her to be so polite, and immediately laughed, "You guys, I said I don't want your things."

"Uncle Qiu, this is not a valuable thing. It's hard work for you to repair your car during the New Year."

"What can I do for you, it's you. Those in the New Year have to be busy with the laughing group at home, buying clothes, soy milk powder, and books. You can do it as a sister-in-law!" Qiu The uncle glanced at the contents of Su Weiwei's bag.

Su Weiwei smiled and said: "It's okay, it's all a family. If this family cares about everything together every day, it must be in a bad way."

Uncle Qiu lived his entire life, asking himself to see clearly about these things, these mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws are good to the people below, but once the juniors below grow up and develop, there are few who can really remember the kindness. There are many in the countryside. It is the mother who has worked so hard to raise the child for a lifetime. When he is old, the son doesn't even look at it. This is the real one, let alone those who are not related by blood.

"Are you not afraid that they won't remember you at all when they grow up?"

Su Weiwei pondered for a moment. She said that her original purpose was not simple, in order to be able to catch the light of these big guys. It was precisely because she knew that the big guys were beyond her reach, so she stayed and graciously gave them to the big guys. Sending warmth was indeed pretended at first, but later... pretending to be, it seems that she herself has forgotten what is true and which is false.

What if those people treat her badly in the future? She probably doesn't care! Maybe she still feels relaxed in her heart, and she has a sense of being so open-minded at last, but she firmly believes that people are mutual, and to support this group of children, it is only a trivial amount of money. If there is a day, she will treat it as the money. Used for charity.

There is nothing I can't think of.

Su Weiwei smiled indifferently, and left with a large bag of things.

Uncle Qiu stared at her back and couldn't help but smile and shook his head. He had just repaired a car when he saw a woman stepping down from a black car. She looked in the direction of Su Weiwei with shock in her eyes.

"Uncle, that person just now... is she called Su Weiwei?"

Uncle Qiu was taken aback for a moment and smiled: "What? You are Weiwei's classmate? That is Weiwei. If you want her to catch up, she just walked not far."

Cheng Ai was shocked at the same place, and there was no echo for a long time. How could it be Su Weiwei? According to the memory of her previous life, Su Weiwei had eloped with Qi Yuanxin for more than half a year at this time. In the memory, Su Weiwei's life at home after elopement was very sad. Liang Weidong went to be an apprentice and missed the college entrance examination, so he could only hide in the shabby list every night. In the dormitory, Liang Minying and Jiang Donglai have been oppressed by her mother-in-law after they got married. She finally divorced, and she was depressed for a long time. As for the others... the situation is no better than them. Liang Mingzhong, who went to Beijing to work as a blind streamer, almost lost his life in the robbery because he had no money to find a house. Liang Mingsu was defrauded by a man to marry him and his reputation was ruined. She dropped out of school and went to the society. Later she was arrested because she was involved in Jiang Donglais car repair shop. Liang Xiaomei, the youngest of the Liang family, did not go to school until she was 9 years old because of Liu Yumeis obstruction. And Liang Hemings son Zongzheng Because no one cares and can't speak, he has a tendency to autistic in the end.

It can be said that the current Liang family is a mess. It is impossible for every normal girl in the city to want to marry a man with a second marriage and a son and a bunch of superb family members. At the beginning, she just made a choice that a normal person would make, but That choice cost her too much.

Before she crossed, she knew that Liang Heming turned out to be one of the best gangsters in the world, and she had left such a gangster, unwilling to share the same room with a countryman like Liang Heming, and she was pregnant with someone else's child when she cheated on the wedding! She regretted it, and found out that her father was right when she died. Although Liang Heming came from the country, he was stable and reliable, and an honest person. Such an honest person is suitable for living, and she just wants to live with him for the rest of her life. , Live the lives of ordinary people.

Of course, leaning on the big boss is good for the cold, and she will hold him in her hand and hold his thigh for the rest of her life.

But in her previous life, because she looked down on Liang Hemings relatives and sons, she offended this family. In order to make up for it, in this life she came back to help Liang Heming get back to her life. This would definitely win his favor, and she would have the most difficulty in this family. Acting as a savior at the time, let the family be grateful to her.

If you live again, everything can be done again, she firmly believes that.

But she never expected that Liang Heming's eloped wife, Su Weiwei, didn't even run! !

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