I Raised a Big Boss in the 90s Chapter 45

Chapter 46:

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Cheng Ai stood on the spot with obvious panic in his eyes. All this was different from the previous life. Which link went wrong? Su Wei is the only widow who stays in this poor countryside. What is she doing? Does she not want to elope, or is she going to elope later? If it's the latter, it's okay, as long as she elopes with Qi Yuanxin, but if it's the former... then Su Weiwei is still Liang Heming's wife, and when Liang Heming knows his identity, he and Su Weiwei will still be together.

Let Liang Heming and Su Weiwei be together? Why? A good man like Liang Heming is rich and never **** outside. Such a good man is cheaper than a rural woman like Su Weiwei? Why do you want her to be willing?

In this rebirth, she originally thought that she knew that the plot could change the future and that she could have a good ending with Liang Heming, but she didn't expect that she had made a mistake with Su Weiwei.

Cheng Ai was upset for a moment and quickly stabilized. What is she panicking about? Since she is reborn, she is definitely the protagonist of this world. No one else can pose any threat to her, and Su Weiwei in the previous life is also a mindless. What is so terrible about such an opponent?

After thinking for a while, Cheng Ai caught up with Su Weiwei and called Su Weiwei: "Sister, hello..."

Su Weiwei frowned and glanced at the woman behind him. This woman didn't look younger than her, she was a little fatter than her, so she called her eldest sister? Why does she not like to listen so much.

Su Weiwei rolled his eyes ten thousand in his heart, and continued to move forward blankly.

Cheng Ai was taken aback for a moment, inexplicably angry, how could a rural woman like Su Weiwei be so noble? She greeted her kindly, but Su Weiwei ignored her and left like this? Cheng Ai, who has been a little princess since childhood, was inexplicably uncomfortable, but thinking of the purpose of this trip, he held back his anger and reluctantly smiled: "Then I know you don't know me. Actually, I'm a distant relative of Qi Yuanxin."

Su Weiwei frowned, but didn't stop. This is Qi Yuanxin's admirer again, who is going to find fault?

Cheng Ai ran and said, "Sister, dont leave. Listen to me. Some time ago, Qi Yuanxin asked me to inquire about city X. He also took a few newspapers from me. I have relatives with him, so he asked. After a few words, he told me that he was going to elope with you. I thought you had already left, so it was a little strange, did you not leave yet? Did you encounter any difficulties? Although Qi Yuanxin and I are not direct relatives, But there are also some relatives. Your love is really great. As a woman, I really hope you are happy. If it is financially difficult, you can tell me directly, I..."

Cheng Ai said, took out his wallet, and took out a stack of money from it.

Su Weiwei glanced at her and raised her eyebrows. This wallet turned out to be from LV, and the black car parked not far away had a provincial license plate. This woman said she was a relative of Qi Yuanxin. Qi Yuanxin was a person who was about to elope. It's impossible to tell her relatives far away in the provincial capital. Besides, she knows that she is Su Weiwei only from one side. Can this woman open up her eyes?

There are too many loopholes in this passage.

Su Weiwei thought about it for a long time, but he didn't change his face, just smiled:

"Did you remember wrong? Qi Yuanxin and I are just ordinary friends. I have children in my family. Qi Yuanxin has been going on a blind date. We don't have the kind of relationship you mentioned. How can we elope?"

Cheng Ai was startled and smiled, "You don't need to lie to me, Qi Yuanxin told me all about you. He said he wants you to be one in the future. In fact, he is not bad, handsome and capable. "It's just that I empathized and fell in love later.

Su Weiwei sneered, "Is he really as good as you said?"

"Of course."

"Since it's so good, why don't you go?" Su Weiwei's eyes were clearly inquiring.

Cheng Ai narrowed her eyes to conceal the emotion in her eyes. She thought her words could move Su Weiwei, but Su Weiwei in front of her was not easy to fool and didn't say anything at all. She couldn't help but rush, "Don't be kidding, everyone knows. You are a couple. Qi Yuanxin is willing to give up everything now for you, just to take you to X City and start a new life. He really likes you!"

Su Weiwei squinted and glanced at her complicatedly, "This young lady, no matter where you got this news, I will tell you that it is fake. Please don't say anything, everyone is a woman, you should understand. How hurt is the rumor? I am a widow, and reputation is more important to me than ordinary people. I still have a family to take care of, and I cant afford the consequences of this rumor. Please dont trouble me. ?"

After speaking, Su Weiwei walked forward blankly.

Cheng Ai was stunned, the shocked expression on his face did not go away for a long time.

What did Su Weiwei just say, saying that she has a family to take care of?

Cheng Ai looked at the net bag in Su Weiwei's hand. There were snacks, books, and articles in it. It had a rubber band with a girl's head. It was obviously not Zengzheng alone. Is it possible that Su Weiwei is now raising a family? If this is the case, then all her plans have been disrupted. Then what will she do to impress Liang Heming's relatives, and what will she do to overpower Su Weiwei?

For the first time since rebirth a few months ago, Cheng Ai was anxious.

Su Weiwei felt that something was wrong as she walked away. Where did she seem to have seen this woman? Although she hadn't seen this face before, the tone of her height and posture was inexplicably familiar, wait... the provincial capital? You know that most of the plots in the original work are in the provincial capital, which is the hometown of the heroine. Is that the heroine just now?

Cheng Ai?

Su Weiwei stunned suddenly, really Cheng Ai? Its no wonder that she didnt recognize it. Like most readers, she just imagined the protagonist through words. There are a thousand hamlets for a thousand readers. The heroine in her heart should be so beautiful, but Cheng Ai just now is beautiful. , But it is the kind of beauty in reality, not as beautiful as she imagined. Although she had dreamed of the male lead and the female lead before, it was just a dream. Who can remember the appearance of the person in her dream? I forgot it early.

But, why did Cheng Ai come here? Do you want her to run away with Qi Yuanxin?

She knew that she had crossed to the beginning of the book. The timeline was not long after the heroine was born again. At this time, the heroine had been saving Liang Heming, but Liang Heming in the original book was just a bit of a waste, and had no interest in anything other than money. Its very difficult to deal with the man in the book. It is mentioned in the book that Liang Heming ignored Cheng Ais answer.

Is Cheng Ai trying to secretly help Liang Heming find his relatives and retrieve his memories, so as to win Liang Heming's favor?

If this is the case, it is not difficult to explain why Cheng Ai had that eager expression just now.

Su Weiwei raised his lips at the thought of adding a block to the heroine, feeling inexplicably good.

As soon as Su Weiwei left, Cheng Ai followed in the car. She came to the village head and asked the person who had just said hello to Su Weiwei:

"Hello, it was Su Weiwei who passed by just now, right?"

Zhang Guihua was taken aback, looked at her car, somewhat surprised, "Do you know Weiwei?"

"Yes, I am her classmate, but later I married to the provincial capital and haven't come back for a long time," Cheng Ai found the reason, "Well, I haven't seen Weiwei for a long time, but how is she now? I heard she The man is dead, how is her life?"

Zhang Guihua felt a little strange for her inexplicably, so how can old classmates ask so much as soon as they meet? But the other party didn't do anything excessive, think about it, Zhang Guihua said:

"No, Su Weiwei's life was very bad. She took her son alone, and she had to pull the big son left by Heming, and she was often bullied by her mother-in-law. It's really hard to have a bad life, but all of them are Its a thing of the past."

Speaking of this, Zhang Guihua is very proud, so what if Su Weiwei is a widow? She doesn't like people singing bad widows, but the motivated and responsible, leading the family to live a prosperous life, who doesn't like it?

Cheng Ai was startled, "She's having a hard life?"

"Yeah, how can life be good if there is no man and no income? But she is also strong. Now Weidong has been sent to City No. 1 Middle School for re-study. Mingzhong has gone to Beijing to be a blind streamer, and Minying has gone even though he was divorced. I went to Shanghai. I heard that I made some money from going out. The younger sister and Zongteng also went to elementary school. The younger brother and Mingsu also mixed well. You and Weiwei are classmates. You should know her personality. She is strong and gentle. Kind, a woman like her can live a good life anywhere." After blowing her favorite junior Su Weiwei, Zhang Guihua went to dry the food contentedly.

Liu Cheng Ai stayed on the spot with his fists clenched, and there was a sigh of relief in his heart, and he couldn't get out. Where did it go wrong? Su Weiwei is not a woman in her impression that she dislikes the poor and loves the rich. On the contrary, she would like a woman like this. If Liang Heming knows that Su Weiwei has not eloped, then the chance of him falling in love with herself is even smaller.

Should she give up pursuing Liang Heming and let Liang Heming be with his original partner? Frankly speaking, Liang Heming didnt feel sorry for her. In her previous life, Liang Heming paid for her funeral out of affection and made her go with peace of mind. When she thought of this, she felt that Liang Heming loved her, but at that time. She didn't know how to cherish, cheated on others, and was pregnant with other people's children, which hurt Liang Heming's self-esteem.

She originally wanted to appear as a savior, saving Liang Heming's younger siblings and son Yu Shuihuo, and using money to buy people's hearts, but now, Su Weiwei has done everything she can think of and is doing better than her.

If she was grateful for Liang Heming to find his memory and stay with Su Weiwei, maybe they could also have a good time.

But she is not reconciled.

Cheng Ai hid in the woods at the door of Liangs house, secretly observing Su Weiwei. As soon as Su Weiwei brought out a basin of clothes, the basin was snatched by Liang Minying. Liang Minying said a few words to the effect that Su Weiwei should go and sit. Housework let her come. After that, Su Weiwei got a bunch of corn cobs and wanted to hang it on the door frame. As soon as she came out with the stool, Liang Weidong rushed to hang the corn cobs in front. Then Liang Xiaodi came out to teach Liang Xiaomei and Zongtang to do homework, and Liang Mingsu looked at Su Weiwei. Discuss with Su Weiwei about the books I bought.

No one can see that the family members are very emotional, harmonious and friendly. Cheng Ai dreams that she and the Liang family should get along like this.

In her previous life, she despised her family, but then all of them became the characters she looked up to. All this made her look like a joke. Such unwillingness, grievances, and regrets have tormented her for more than ten years. She thinks about time. Reverse flow gave her a chance to reverse all of this. Now the opportunity has come. The scene has not changed at all, but the heroine has changed, becoming Su Weiwei.

Cheng Ai's unwillingness was magnified to the extreme. She clenched her hands fiercely and sneered in her heart. What could she hesitate about? Is she stupid to give a good man like Liang Heming to his original partner? She shouldnt have a psychological burden, after all, in Su Weiweis view, her own man is dead, and Liang Heming doesnt even know who he is. She doesnt even know that there is a family waiting for him in this village. She doesnt have to do anything at all. , She just needs to leave dashingly, and then prevent Liang Heming from retrieving her memory. In this way, Liang Heming will never return here, and Su Weiwei will never know that her man is not dead at all.

At that time, she still has a quiet life, the protagonist is Liang Heming.

Su Weiwei looked at where Cheng Ai was standing with his left light, and didn't know when Cheng Ai finally left.

As it was getting dark, both Zhang Guihua and Shi Guiying came, pulling her and saying that today a strange woman has been inquiring about her, and she has been standing at the door for a long time.

"I know, I will be careful."

"Now this society is too chaotic. I don't know what to know about people. I think she has something wrong with her eyes and pretends to be your classmate. This person must have a problem. You have to be careful!" Shi Guiying was a little uneasy and kept reminding Su Weiwei.

Su Weiwei curled her lips slightly, she was not afraid, she just wanted to know how Cheng Ai would go next.


Su Weiweis test papers are not selling well. She has been thinking about other ways to make money. Some time ago, Director Zhang of the middle school in the district mentioned the test papers of Weihai High School. She was a little moved. She wanted to go to the provincial capital to see if she could do it. Go to Weihai High School.

Su Weiwei asked Liang Weidong that he had not done Wei Hai's test paper for five and a half years in high school. Although he had heard of Wei Hai's name, the school has never been able to get Wei Hai's test paper.

"But Wei Hai's admission rate is so high, they must have found their own teaching model, and the papers must be very good."

Su Weiwei nodded. There is no doubt that Wei Hai's teaching can have such a high rate of enrollment in this era.

"Is Wei Hai's test paper really that difficult to get?"

Liang Weidong shook his head, "It's too far away, no one can go alone for the test papers, right? Even if they can go, they may not be able to buy them."

The more this happens, the more Su Weiwei wants to go. If you cant get it, its just a trip. If you can get it, it will definitely make a lot of money, and its also a good thing for Liang Weidong. I bought a train ticket to the provincial capital in the city, but when I arrived, I discovered that it was the Spring Festival travel season now, and the provincial city ticket was not available at all.

Liang Minying groaned: "Sister-in-law, the truck driver I met last time in Shanghai, he has a lot of phone numbers for the team. If you want, I will ask if I can bring you."

Liang Minying asked, and the other party said that it was not convenient to bring them, but he knew that a merchant who was a live chicken wholesaler in the county town regularly went to the provincial capital. If he could bring people in the car, he had to pay for the fare.

Su Weiwei didn't even think about agreeing immediately.

"Sister-in-law, I want to go too!" Little Sister Liang cried and hugged Su Weiwei's thigh and acted like a baby. "Sister-in-law, you can't leave the little sister. It is very pitiful for the little sister to be at home alone. Take me! Take me!"

Her nose and tears were full of tears on her face. Su Weiwei couldn't cry or laugh. "Don't hold my thighs. If you hold me down, my sister-in-law's pants will all fall off. I went to the provincial capital this time for work and it is not convenient to take you.

"Sister-in-law...you don't love me anymore!" Little Sister Liang cried more fiercely, "You don't love the little girl anymore, you are leaving the little girl, the little girl will miss you very much."

Xiaomei Liang was acting up her body, Su Weiwei looked at her and wanted to laugh, "Well, there is no discussion about this matter. I'll be back in a few days. Will my sister-in-law buy you new clothes?"

Xiaomei Liang cried and shook her head, "If you don't need new clothes, you need a sister-in-law! You need a sister-in-law alone!"

Su Weiwei couldn't coax her well, so she had to take out the newly bought book. Liang Xiaomei was quickly distracted and went to read the book with Liang Weidong, but she frowned and looked at Su Weiwei without making a sound. what.

Su Weiwei took out another book and handed it to Brother Liang, "Brother, this book is for you."

Little Brother Liang was startled and looked at the cover of the book in disbelief, "Is this a book about the stock market?"

"Yes, there are not many books in the county town. It is hard to find one in the thrift stall. You don't want to give it up."

Brother Liang held the book tightly, how could he dislike it? He was too happy to have time. Before he went to bookstores to rent books, but most of the bookstores were romance novels and martial arts novels. This kind of economic books was particularly rare. He looked in several bookstores and couldn't find a stock-related book. Who knew his sister-in-law got it for him.

Young brother Liang couldn't put it down, didn't eat dinner, and has been studying the knowledge in the book.

He rubbed the yellowed pages, and the more he looked at them, the more excited he became. He always felt that he had a certain sensitivity to numbers. Every time he gave an example and analyzed in the book, his judgment was consistent with the correct answer. Sometimes the book would talk about negative teaching materials. He can always tell where the other party's mistake is, and the corrective measures given are exactly the same as those mentioned in the book.

He didn't know when he could practice it. He really wanted to know whether the stock market in reality could make a poor person become rich overnight.


In the early morning of the same day, Su Wei got up only after three o'clock. She lifted the quilt gently, afraid of waking up the children. Who knew that when she came back after washing, her baby boy was already dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed. Big black eyes stared at her intently.

Su Weiwei swallowed inexplicably, this baby... why doesn't it take the usual path?

"Why are you up?"

Tung Tung refers to the dark night sky outside, the meaning is obvious.

"Mom is going to a far place. The road is very bumpy. You should play with the little girl at home, right?" She said she was going to pull Tung Teng back into the bed, but she jumped off the bed and hugged her. She didn't let go of her thighs, and the two of them maintained this position. No matter how Su Weiwei shook them, they couldn't get rid of the leg pendant.

She was angrily laughed: "Little Liang Congzong! You can't be such a rascal. Don't think you look good and I won't beat you up."

Yunzhen pursed his lips, with a clear smile in his eyes.

He will not let go, never will. Of course he will not be as stupid as Xiaomei Liang, who cried for a long time, but sleeps like a pig at the critical moment. What she pays attention to is strategy. This, Xiaomei Liang will never understand. .

Su Weiwei couldn't get rid of him, so he had to take him with him.

Behind her, the little sister Liang in the blanket slept particularly sweetly.


Su Wei almost vomited bile from the bumps along the way, and her condition was better when the road conditions improved near the provincial capital.

Although Tung Tung is young, but her physical fitness is much better than her, miraculously there is no motion sickness.

You know, even the car of chickens behind was dizzy, and never stood up again when he got down, the little friend Zengteng sat down to the provincial city to see the scenery without changing his face.

It was the first time for Tung Teng to travel a long distance, and it was very novel along the way.

Su Weiwei began to explain to him after getting better. Tung Teng nodded her head from time to time, and she was fascinated. When the car arrived in the provincial capital, Su Weiwei was about to drink water, and the world turned around. Block Tung Teng in his arms with his arms.

After she recovered, she realized that she had crashed the car just now. Fortunately, neither of them nor the driver was injured.

"Baby, are you okay?" Su Weiwei was really scared.

Tung Tung blinked. He was really scared just now and was almost thrown out. At the critical moment, his mother pulled him back, hugged him, and protected him from being hit with her body. Finally, her forehead hit a bag, and He has nothing to do.

Su Weiwei rubbed his forehead and got out of the car. There was a cart of chickens behind, running injuries, and chicken feathers fluttering on the ground. The situation was tragic.

The driver cried, "My chicken! My chicken! My chicken doesn't want me!"

The chickens clucked and yelled a few times. They had been in the cage for a day before, and now they were suddenly released. They all ran forward desperately, fluttering their wings and preparing to fly high, regardless of whether they could fly high or not, but their posture was certain. .

The owner ran up to chase, but the more he chased the chicken, the faster he ran. After chasing for a long time, he didn't catch the chicken.

He cried out crying for the chicken to come back, but the chicken ignored him.

Tung Ting frowned and followed him to the old hen, but as soon as he approached, the old hen stepped on his head and flew up, flying directly to the tree.

Su Weiwei saw it and laughed.

Before Tung Teng was depressed, another chicken stepped on his arm and jumped up. After that, more chickens came around, seeming to know that he couldn't catch it, and came over to **** him off purposely.


A group of people surrounded the gate of the neighbourhood, all watching attentively, Teng Teng was too lazy to catch a chicken, so he got in between their legs.

I saw a man in a white shirt sitting down.

"This Ke Lao is a well-known chess master in the past. He is one of the best in our country. If you think about it, young people, if you lose the 10 yuan, it will be gone!"

Ke Lao set up a chess game near here, the challenger can bet at will, if Ke Lao wins, the challenger only needs to pay the bet money to Ke Lao, if the challenger wins, Ke Lao will give the opponent 10 times Bet money.

10 times the bet is just a few dozen dollars, so there are endless people who come to challenge.

But since Ke Lao set up the game, he has never lost. Ke Lao maintained an undefeated record, attracting more and more people to challenge. Gradually, Ke Lao's chess game has become a miracle known to everyone in the neighborhood.

Everyone knows that it is impossible to win against Ke Lao, but the young man in front of him is 10 yuan. Does he really think he can win this game?

There are reminders around from time to time:

"It's a good thing for young people to be confident, so you should pay less."

"Yes, try a game first, if you win, then raise, there is no need to bet 10 yuan as soon as you come up!"

"Ke Lao's chess game is very famous in this city, don't you think you can compare to such a chess boss?"

He Donglin rolled up the sleeves of the white shirt, revealing strong and powerful arms. Without raising his head, he only held the chess piece in his hand, and said in a deep voice: "Let's start!"

Tung Teng stared at his face, inexplicably feeling that this person was a bit familiar.

Babies, tweet a post.

Name of the text: "Scumbag Predecessor Dressed as Three Big Brothers"

Author: Hun Yuan Sanxi


Cheng Dongtong penetrates into the dog-blood novel and becomes a vicious female partner of the same name.

The wealthy boyfriend broke up in a high-profile manner, berating her for deceiving herself, and regardless of years of love, quickly engaged to Cheng's cousin.

According to the plot, she should do everything possible to grab someone from the poor cousin of the heroine Xiao Baihua.

Ke Cheng knows how to count his account balance and look at his rich father. What do you think of a man? She wants to buy, buy, buy, beautiful! Also accidentally red.

at this time,

The three big men she used to be scumbags came to her door.

Gangster 1: Young and rich.

Gangster 2: The emperor superstar.

Gangster 3: Academic genius.

The three big guys said: This woman lied to my feelings, I tried to forget her for so many years, but she appeared on a high profile, and she was damned alluring!

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