I Raised a Big Boss in the 90s Chapter 46

Chapter 47:

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He Donglin sat down and put on a black jacket. The tall man immediately showed his compelling aura, attracting the surrounding people to look around frequently. He Donglin tidyed up his collar and raised the chess to fall calmly. The opponent didn't take him seriously at first. After a few steps, he found that he was pressing harder and harder, and he couldn't help but straighten his face.

Ke Lao was quickly forced to sweat on his forehead. He Donglin seemed to be gentle, but his chess style was very strong, and he didn't give him any room for counterattack. Before he had time to recover, he had already forced him to the corner, just as he was. When he found another way and was triumphant about his escape from the predicament, he realized that he had fallen into the trap set by the other party.

"This is... really won?"

"Won Ke Lao? Can't you?"

"Isn't it? This is the first time that Ke Lao has been defeated? So, Ke Lao's unbeaten record has really been ended?"

"Get 100 yuan in the next game of chess? This money is too good to make!"

Ke Lao put down the last chess piece, inexplicably, everyone thought that he set the chess game to make money, in fact, he was just a lonely player seeking defeat, looking for someone who could accompany him to play chess. The old folks knew him before. He was so powerful that everyone gritted their teeth and refused to play with him. After several years of playing chess, they were finally defeated. Not only was he not lost, but there was an indescribable excitement.

Old Ke rubbed his hands and said with a smile:

"You kid is amazing! I don't know who you learned from?" It seems that most of the chess players are professional chess players. There are many big chess players in our country, and it is impossible to defeat him, a former national player without electric power.

"I haven't studied seriously." He Donglin said warmly.

Old Ke frowned. If he didn't study it seriously, he would be a wild way? No wonder his chess style is a bit unpredictable. There are many folks who can play chess. If they can beat himself, He Donglin must have learned a lot, right?

"How long have you been studying?"

He Donglin was silent for a moment before he smiled: "Actually, I don't remember anymore. I just watched you play chess and felt itchy, so I just try it. Who knows..."

People around were talking about it. Old Ke coughed and glanced at him secretly, thinking that this person is too sincere, and he won him by playing casually? Isn't this slap his face?

Old Ke glared at him and coughed: "Come on, follow me in the next game!"

There were people who had been abused by Mr. Ke and immediately laughed: "Old Ke, do you still have money to lose?"

"Why not?" He took the ten dollars in He Donglin's hand back, "Here, I'll bet ten dollars, I'll gamble with you again!"

The crowd applauded and scolded him for being treacherous and cunning, but He Donglin didn't say anything, only his eyes drooped, and the corners of his lips were slightly hooked, showing a faint smile. The two had another round.

Everyone's eyes fell on the two of Yi Yi, only Teng Teng stared at the man not far away from him. This man was outstanding in appearance, his complexion was neither black nor white, he was tall, his legs were slender, and his back was broad and wide. Strong, I dont know why, I just want to lie down on this back, want him to carry himself, want to play horse riding games with this man, and the mans voice just now sounds familiar, just like before. Hearing such a voice, it seemed that such a voice had coaxed him like a dream, but they clearly didn't know him.

Is it because you miss your father too much? Tung Ting frowned and fell into thought. This was the first time he had such feelings for a man.

The second game lived up to expectations. Elder Ke lost again. He patted his thigh and counted two hundred dollars to He Donglin, while regretting: "It's almost! You kid, you look like a bully, in fact, it's very dark! I am yours. Say it!"

He Donglin smiled with a good temper. After taking the two hundred yuan, he said warmly: "I have accepted it."

He got up and was about to leave, but he felt that his clothes seemed to be caught by something.

He Donglin turned his head and saw a little turnip head tightly grasping his coat. He squatted down and looked at the turnip head, and couldn't help but chuckle: "Little pot friend, what are you doing with me?"

Tung Tung stared at him, not knowing how to say it, not knowing what to say, what to say? Saying that he is familiar, saying that he is like the father of his dreams, saying that his back makes people want to lean on, saying that he plays chess very well?

In the end, Tung Tung didn't say a word, just referring to the chess game.

He Donglin frowned, slightly strange, "Do you want to play chess?"

Zongzheng nodded affirmatively. He observed for a long time, this chess game should have a certain routine. He understood some but didn't fully understand it, and somehow wanted this man to teach himself to play chess.

When Na Ke heard this, he laughed: "You kid, how old do you want to learn to play chess?"

Tung Tung gestured with 4 fingers.

"I want to learn to play chess when Im only 4 years old? Yes, its more promising than my great-grandson, but little guy, chess is not something that ordinary people want to learn. It needs a certain talent. So, if you want to play, let you The person next to me teaches you two things, I should do good deeds and play with you!" Elder Ke said, staring at Zongteng inexplicably, this child looks very good, but this is not what he was staring at. The reason is that he inexplicably thinks this child is like a person, but who is he like?

After Ke Lao sorted the chessboard, He Donglin couldn't help but become interested. Today, he just passed by here, the car was shipped, and the train blocked the way, so he stayed here. He asked himself that he was not a good person, and he was not interested in catching chickens for the owner. He came to the gate of this community and saw someone playing chess here. He felt that the scene of chess was a bit familiar, so he sat down and subconsciously came to two hands, and everyone won. .

The driver was still catching chickens and couldn't leave for a while. He Donglin looked at the watch and nodded: "Okay, I'll teach you."

Tung Teng nodded, He Donglin sat on the small bench, he was nestled in He Donglin's arms, and the two faced Ke Lao alone.

Ke Lao played first. He Donglin gave a countermeasure based on his chess and explained in detail why he had to take this move. Teng Teng nodded when he heard the words. Just like that, Ke Lao and He Donglin played chess while explaining, Tung Teng stood silently all the time. Well, I dont know what Im thinking.

Old Ke glanced at his expression, smiled and shook his head, "This kid, just like the real one, seems to be really thinking about what to do next."

He Donglin smiled without answering.

"Child, look good! Look at how your old man Ke played chess! Your old man Ke is so powerful, he has played invincible players all over the world..."

Just now did I remember that I had just been defeated.

This is embarrassing. Elder Ke coughed in time. Quan Dang didnt say what he said just now, but the boy Tung Teng was sincere. He pointed at He Donglin. The meaning was obvious, turning Ke Lao's face into red with shame. The mustache almost jumped with anger.

The two played two sets and the road was almost open to traffic. He Donglin muttered, "My child, are you coming to try?"

Tung Tung picked up a chess piece, he was held in his arms, and the smell of this man was everywhere. It was a good smell of soapy water, giving people an inexplicable sense of security. Tung Teng was greedy for such a taste, and subconsciously shrank into his arms. He Donglin only treated him as a child who was afraid of the cold, so he took him into his arms and wrapped his coat to protect him from the wind.

After the chess piece was dropped, Tung Teng frowned her head as she was thinking about what, when Old Ke saw this, he sneered and said: "You boy, the expression on the question is exactly the same as the one next to you. Those who don't know think you are father and son."

He Donglin was surprised for a moment, and then he looked at the villain in his arms. He didn't pay attention just now. Now when Elder Ke mentioned him, he realized that the villain was actually somewhat similar to him. Could this be fate? He smiled and shook his head: "I don't know which child it is. I think he should not be able to speak like this."

"The nobleman is too late, look at him, he still learns your posture, hey, this is the right way, tell me how good this luck is, you can get it right."

Old Ke said with a smile, and did not take it to heart. He also has a great-grandson who is similar to Teng Teng. The little guy also likes to play chess after he was born. But when people play it, they really play chess. They throw chess everywhere. Yes, I often plant chess in the soil. How could a three or four-year-old kid like Teng Teng who cant even understand the words play chess? Tung Tung played a few games after seeing it was fun. He dared to be sure that the child would soon be unable to sit still and run away.

"Hey, you kid really knows how to be fooled, and you were fooled again!" Old Ke said with a smile, only to realize that something was wrong.

He always thought that this kid didnt understand chess, he must be blind, but its okay to be blinded once or twice. Tung Teng has already been "blocked" for several steps, and Tung Teng did not hesitate when he settled, fast and accurate, every time. It was all right. When the game was about to end, Tung Teng did not make a mistake. He ate a lot of his chess pieces and made him, the former chess player, once again experience the fear of being abused, as if he was back to the time he was playing with He Donglin just now.

He couldn't laugh anymore, the whole person was dumbfounded, and he turned to stare at Xuanzhen in astonishment.

Tung Tung didn't know it, and just continued to take the next step, and then took another piece of Ke Lao's chess piece.

At the end of this step, everyone who came around shouted in exclamation.

"This kid is a god!"

"This is a child prodigy! It is unambiguous to attack and kill the enemy, so young and so versatile. If you are a few years older, wouldn't even Ke Lao be his opponent?"

"Lao Ke is no longer his opponent, right? You see, Ke Lao has a cold sweat, obviously he can't stop him."

"It's the first time I have seen a living genius when I grow up!"

"Why is there such a big gap between people? I have played chess for so many years, but I can't compare to a kid who just learned chess." Everyone sighed.

Mr. Ke did have a cold sweat, and he didnt know how the kid got it. He kept attacking. He played in the same way as He Donglin. Although he was small, he might be fearless and fearless. He played whatever he wanted. , Seemingly out of order, but by mistake made his own style. He played chess throughout his life and encountered many difficulties, but not once was like today. First he was defeated twice by He Donglin, and then he was killed by a three-year-old kid who made him retreat step by step. If this goes on, he will lose again. Up.

Old Ke gritted his teeth and continued to deal with it. After all, he had a lot of experience, and in the end he stabilized and narrowly defeated Tsang Teng.

However, this victory gave him no joy. He couldn't help but look at this little boy. He looked very smart, but he didn't expect to be so smart. Our country is not without a genius who participated in official competitions at the age of four. Those geniuses have gone through a long time of practice, but Zengteng, he won the first time he played it! This...Is this still a human?

In the compliment, He Donglin couldn't help being surprised. He looked at the child in his arms and found it interesting, "This is your first time playing?"

Tung Teng stared at him and nodded, inexplicably wanting to hear his praise.

His eyes were too obvious. He Donglin touched his head and smiled: "It's really amazing. He almost won the national champion at a young age. Do you know what national champion means?"

Tung Tung frowned, with a look of doubt on her face.

"It's the person who plays chess the best in our country."

Tung Ting's brows frowned even more tightly. This time he looked at Ke Lao with a bit more obvious questioning. Can anyone of this level be a national player?

Elder Ke was so embarrassed and angry, "What do you mean, boy! I have lost twice in this life. I am usually very good!!! Really!"

Teng Peng stared at him, his eyes were too lazy to give one, he was so cool, Ke Lao was inexplicably irritated by him, and he was so angry that he almost threw him into the flock of chickens.

He Donglin touched the child's head. The children who met by the water would never meet again even if they had fate. At the moment, Su Weiwei's shout came, and Zongzhen looked in Su Weiwei's direction. He Donglin saw a woman coming anxiously from a distance, "Is that your mother?"

Tung Tung nodded.

"Go back! Your mother may be in a hurry."

He wants to leave, but his clothes are caught again.

He Donglin was amused, and squatted down again, "If we can see you again, uncle will ask you to eat sweets?"

Tung Teng blinked and finally agreed.

"Yangteng!" Su Weiwei ran over, looking at the man's back, and said anxiously: "Who are you talking to? Didn't your mother tell you to be next to your mother? There are a lot of traffickers in big cities."

Tung Tung spoiled her with a smile, and quickly took her mother's hand.

Su Weiwei didn't find him just now, so she missed a beat. Fortunately, she was smart, knowing that she was waiting for her here, and she blamed her for being too careless. She caught the chicken and left the child aside. She secretly blamed herself for being careless. , The truck would not be able to go for a while, so she could only take a taxi and take Zongzhen to find a hotel near Weihai Middle School.

At the moment, an old lady selling cakes came in a cart. The hot cakes exuded a tempting aroma. Tengteng stared at the cakes and couldn't help swallowing. Su Weiwei smiled and said, "Hungry? Let's go, mom will give it to you. Buy one."

The old lady wrapped a piece of cake with lotus leaves and handed it to Teng Teng. Teng Teng took a bite and felt sweet to her heart. Moms hands were warm, and her stomach was warm after eating the pastry. It seemed that there was nothing dissatisfied, but he just felt that A piece is missing in my heart. If he also has a father, and if his father is like the man just now, will he be able to play chess with his father just like before?

Old Ke stared at the back of them leaving, inexplicably felt that Zongzhen looked familiar, and his mother looked more like someone, but who did he look like?

"Old Ke, what are you looking at?" Ye Zhuo was standing in front of him, pinching his waist.

Old Ke was startled and asked subconsciously: "By the way, I heard that your precious granddaughter has been found?"

Ye Zhuo snorted coldly: "What granddaughter! Is she my granddaughter?

"What?" Ke Lao felt strange. People outside said that the Ye family's young granddaughter had been found. It is said that Ye Chendong went to find him personally. Is it possible that this matter has changed?

Ye Zhuo sat down opposite him without expression, and said, "I look too ugly, unlike my old Ye family, so how can I look at it."

Elder Ke teased: "Why is your problem of judging people based on their appearance so serious?" This person is not saved, looking for someone to look good, he also asks his son not to look for ugly people with his daughter-in-law, and several grandchildren talk about the object, he takes a look. Other girls say they are ugly, and judge people to this point by their appearance. They are still the pillars of the country.

Ye Zhuo snorted, their Ye family's genes are excellent, and even if the gene mutations, they can't change like Su Yuanyuan.

"You also know that my granddaughter was stolen from the hospital. I suspected that many people had no evidence at the time. Now I can't be cautious when I get it back. And I dont have any feelings between grandpa and granddaughter towards this granddaughter. , As if she was just an unrelated outsider."

Mr. Ke is not good at making comments. The old Ye familys yang is declining, and the old lady talks early. Whoever wants to give birth to a granddaughter is the old Ye familys hero. Later, Cai Yunguo really gave birth to a baby, and everyone talked about it behind the scenes. It is said that Ye Zhuozheng is satisfied this time. That charming little girl who has joined Ye's family is so good at reincarnation. Everyone in this category is capable. This little girl has been able to rely on since she was a child, relying on grandparents, relying on Father and mother, relying on five each, relying on two uncles, relying on aunts... It is simply the strongest family, and the backing is not ordinary! Who wouldn't envy at that time? Who knew there was news every few days that the charming little girl had been stolen!

Now the Ye family is in a mess, and a thorough investigation of the relationship has been launched. However, the child changes every few days. China is such a big country. Where can I find a stolen child? Ye family searched for many years, but didn't find it, and gradually gave up, even Ye Zhuozheng said, don't ask the child to find it, just ask the child to live, just be alive!

The news came that the Ye family had found the child before, and he was also happy, who knew that there were still these origins.

"I heard that there is a paternity test technology now."

"Yes," Ye Zhuozheng has already asked the dean, "It's just that the technology is not mature yet, the probability of error is high, and the domestic instruments are not developed enough. If you want to verify, you'd better send it to the United States. I have already contacted. We will send samples to hospitals in the United States in a few days."

Hearing this, Ke Lao thought of the little boy inexplicably, his inspiration flashed, and he suddenly slapped his thigh! He remembered, remembering who the kid was like just now!

"What are you doing?" Ye Zhuo frowned, surprised at such an age.

"Lao Ye, I just saw a child I was familiar with, but I would forget things when I was old. I thought for a long time that I remembered that the child looked very much like Jersey when I was a child, no, not just like it, it's just a model. Carved out."

"Child?" Ye Zhuo frowned, "How old is the child?"

"4 years old, he is a genius, playing chess with me almost won me!"

Ye Zhuo was shocked. He had seen the chess skills of an old friend. A 4-year-old kid could stump a national player. This is really a genius.

"Only 4 years old, my daughter is 24 years old."

Old Ke patted his thigh, "I forgot to tell you. Although I didn't see the child's mother clearly, but from a distance, there is a bit of the shadow of Ye's family. Besides, what happened to the child when he was 4 years old? Now rural people get married early. , If your granddaughter is abducted to the countryside to marry and have children, it is also possible!"

Ye Zhuo thought about it carefully, stood up abruptly and grabbed him, and said anxiously, "Where are people going?"

"In that direction, you can look for it, even if it isn't, you will be dead!"

Ye Zhuo immediately drove down the road to find someone. He sent a paging message to Ye Chendong. Ye Chendong called quickly. After hearing the news, he drove over to find someone, but the two of them drove two cars to look for someone along the way. For a long time, I didn't even see the shadow.

The two of them looked for a day and sat in the car, relatively speechless.

"Have you contacted your American appraisal agency?"

"Get in touch," Ye Chendong said, "the other party said that hair with follicles is needed, just in case, I will prepare a few more samples."

"Okay, you must be fast! Should there be a result?" Ye Zhuozheng only thought of looking for a granddaughter before, but forgot that it is entirely possible for her granddaughter to marry and have children at her age. "By the way, have you checked Su Yuanyuan's parents? any questions?"

Ye Chendong frowned and said: "I haven't found the problem for the time being, but I will find someone to stare at. In fact, I always feel that something is wrong between the two of them."

"How to say?"

"When I was at their house, they kept saying that it was better to Yuanyuan than to their own daughter. Yuanyuan lives in a big house, and their biological daughter lives in a small house. I was thinking at the time that there would really be a parenting meeting. Is it better for children who are not related to him than his own?" Ye Chendong is also a reticent person, it is rare to say such a thing.

Ye Zhuo frowned, "Anyway, check the two people carefully, I have a feeling that since Yu found it, the truth is definitely not far away."


Su Weiwei went to the side of Weihai High School and finally found a cleaner guest house. She took out her credentials to check in, and asked the boss again, "Is this Weihai High School not open yet?"

"No," the boss smiled, "but it's fast, I heard that Wei Hai only took 10 days off in his senior year of high school this year, so it's almost time to count."

Su Weiwei nodded and took Tung Teng upstairs to get a brief familiarity. Because it was inconvenient to bring a child, she traveled lightly when she came. She only brought a change of underwear, and washing and brushing appliances, but nothing else. The sanitary environment of the guest house is very ordinary, but there are no decent hotels around it. This is close to and convenient for work. Su Weiwei stayed after thinking about it.

When the mother and son came to another place for the first time, Su Wei only deliberately took the child out to meet the world, so he took Teng Teng to KFC.

KFC at this time is a rare thing, the price is not cheap, but also foreign fast food, qualified families in the city will take their children to see it. Su Weiwei took Tengteng to sit in KFC and ordered him some meals suitable for children. Tengteng stared at the food on the table, and somewhat strangely pinched a French fries.

Is this shredded potato? Why didnt the potato shreds fry anymore and put it on the table like this? He pinched it into his mouth and chewed a few bites.

"How is it? It's delicious, right?" Su Weiwei asked, squinting.

Tung Teng's eyes lit up and he nodded sharply. It was delicious!

really! No child can avoid KFC's true fragrance law. Su Weiwei squinted his eyes and ate a few bites of burgers. The mother and son ate face to face with satisfaction.

When the child was full, he packed a fast food and went back, and Su Weiwei followed him.

When the mother and son came to the intersection, Su Weiwei took Teng Teng's hand and moved forward. Teng Teng looked at the crossroads in all directions, and suddenly became confused. There is no such road in the countryside, no traffic lights as Su Weiwei said, no high-rise buildings, and people will not walk in such a hurry. Is this a big city? He couldn't help holding Su Weiwei's hand tightly. He didn't dare to walk around, and he didn't dare to run wild. He was afraid that he would get lost here and would never find his mother again.

Su Weiwei sensed his nervousness and couldn't help asking: "What's the matter? I want my mother to hold it?"

Tung Teng stretched out her hand to hold Su Weiwei's cheek, and kissed her mother's forehead. He no longer has a father, and can't have a mother anymore. He must grasp it well. Thinking of this, he clasped Su Weiwei's neck tightly.

Su Weiwei patted his soft buttocks amusedly, and she took a taxi back. Although the price was painful, people didn't suffer that much anyhow. Tung Teng fell asleep on her shoulder halfway, Su Weiwei hugged him upstairs to clean up and fell asleep.

The next day, the mother and son had breakfast, and Su Weiwei went to a bookstore near Weihai High School. This bookstore is not small in size, with a total area of 500 square meters. It not only sells middle school reading test papers, but also sells books and varieties that ordinary people read. Rich, there is a printer on the left hand side of the door that has been working all the time, like agreeing to the materials needed by Weihai students, including historical and Chinese political test sites, and mathematical formulas.

She tried to strike up a conversation with the boss, but the boss ignored him at all.

Su Weiwei was about to think of a way, but when he went out, he bumped into someone.


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