I Summoned A Skeleton Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Asserting Dominance

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Everyone in Char's class gathered in the academy arena, in classes hour, the arena was used for sparring purposes and today was his class turn to use the arena.

When there is no class, the student council made an event for any student that wants to participate, they made a ranking system where students would fight to be the best.

At the top of the ranking was students in their last year, they were in knight rank while a few of them even reached baronet rank.

Mr. Brown was waiting for them on top of the arena, "Attention!!! For today's sparring session, each of you will fight twice, in the first fight you will be fighting someone I choose for you while in the second fight, you can choose your own training partner," he explained.

"The use of external magic tools are prohibited, anyone who could kill their opponent creature first wins, if you can not kill your opponent within five minutes then the fight will be considered as a draw," he added.

"If there is no question then we will be starting our class," Mr. Brown ended his explanation and started to call pairs of students to fight in the arena.

The first fight was funny and embarrassing to char, the pair just commanded their summoned creature to kill each other while they were watching their summoned creature, they did not even help them in the fight, it would be a shame to any magician if they ever claim to be a magician.

"What are you doing? Tell your summoned creature to use magic! And don't just watch from afar, join the fight, this is not a chicken dueling arena!" Mr. Brown scolded the pair who were fighting in the arena.

Char had expected this to happen, the worst students in the academy really lived up to their name and reputation that he was ashamed to be in the same class as them.

After being scolded by the strict teacher, the two students started to tell their summoned creature to use their magic, the result was both creatures explode when they tried to use the magic, it seems that they never tried to train their summoned creature's magic ability.

Mr. Brown's face cramped when he saw the end of the first fight, he did not expect that his student was even more hopeless than he had thought.

"Ok that's the end, any one of you that never trains your summoned creature please raise your hand," he said.

More than half of the students raised their hands albeit looking down in shame, "Those who never train their summoned creature go to our usual training ground and train them first, there is no sparring session for you today, I don't want to see another creature explode in the arena," he announced.

Those who had raised their hand went out of the arena, they had just missed their first chance to do live training with their summoned creature, it would make them lag behind the other student.

Mr. Brown looked at those who were left in the arena, with only eight students left in the arena his initial arrangement got messed up, he could not help but sigh.

"You guys pair up with anyone you like, you can fight as much as you want until the class ends but you will need to fight at least twice with a different opponent," he told the remaining student.

Bob and his lackey went to Char directly, they wanted to fight him to assert their dominance but someone else beat them to it.

A black-haired girl came to Char, she had short hair and blue eyes, her figure was top notch even though she looked tomboyish.

"Hi, you are Char the genius, right? I'm Anne, let's fight!" She invited Char for a spar.

"Ah? Okay, let's fight," Char answered as it did not matter for him who he was going to fight, Char only saw them as a way to sharpen his blade, the more he fought the better.

"Wait, I'm going to fight you! Don't think you can run away by fighting others!" Bob hollered at Char who was about to get to the arena.

Char turned to him with a smirk on his face, "are you that eager to be humiliated? Just wait a bit, I'm going to play with you later," he said to the fuming boy.

Bob was about to insist but Mr. Brown's voice stopped with a cough, "Ok, the first fight is between Char and Anne, fight well, don't disappoint me again," The teacher told them.

Anne summoned a small red creature by her side, Char recognize it as an imp, imps were not the little devil that comparable to cherub, imps was a distant relative of goblin that lives in hell, they were feared for their number but individually they were quite lacking compared to other creature,

Char was wary of the imp's long claw as the imp's magic was metal claw and flaming claw, for metal claw, Char was not too bothered by it as his skeleton had upgraded physical resistance but flaming claw was another problem altogether.

The fight started and the summoned creature started to go after each other, Char had told Bone to use its resistance magic from the beginning.

Char and Anne did not just watch their summoned creature to fight by themselves but they also went forward to join the fight.

Char and the skeleton were using an iron training sword while Anne and her Imp was barehanded, To his surprise, rather than going after his skeleton, Aya was going after him.

Char did not know what she was thinking as the goal of the fight was to kill the summoned creature.

Despite being confused, Char activated his resistance magic too and kept his guard against the girl's hand.

To his surprise, rather than clawing at him, Anne kicked out at his face, unable to dodge, the kick connected to his face like a metal baton, it sent Char staggering back.

Luckily, Char had his resistance ability active, the blunt force gave him a bruise but not enough to knock him out entirely.

"How the hell did her kick feel like metal?" He wondered as he checked the skeleton's condition.

The skeleton was fighting against the imp who strangely did not use its claw to attack but it was sending its short leg kicking at the skeleton, it was surprisingly quick on its feet despite its short stature.

That made Char come to a realization, "She changed the metal claw to metal kick?!" he wondered.

Giving a short creature a kicking ability was not common, three was rarely anyone that would make such a decision.

Another kick came at him which pulled Char out of his thought, He was barely able to dodge the kick by backstepping.

Char did not get the chance to counter-attack before another kick came toward his side, it was so fast that he could barely see it.

When the kick connects, it sent Char flying a few meters, he could feel his rib bones cracked from the kick, "Fuck! This girl is merciless, how the hell she ended up in this class!" Char protested in his mind.

Anne, summoned creature and her academic ability was subpar compared to the other, what the teachers did not account for was her talent with martial arts.

Char tried his best to pick himself from the ground and gritted his teeth before casting his regeneration magic, he could feel his injuries and broken bones mend back together while his pain ease.

"Damn, broken bones are painful," he lamented.

Mr. Brown was not worried that his student would get injured because there was a healer in the arena, the healer was on standby in case anything wrong happened.

Seeing both Char's and Anne's performance, Mr. Brown was quite satisfied with them, although it looked like char was being beaten by Anne, to be able to continue fighting her even after getting kicked multiple times was already amazing.

On the other hand, the skeleton was able to gain upper hand against the imp, it was like a tank that could not be killed as every fracture on the bone would be healed in seconds, on the long run the imp started to accumulate wounds and fatigue.

Normally a skeleton resistance ability and regeneration ability would not be that effective but the skeleton had trained both abilities to such a level that it would sustain it in a fight.

Of course, it was also because it was fighting against another weak creature, it was fighting against a golem or a dragon, then its resistance would not be able to sustain it in the fight.

After five minutes, there was no winner and Mr. Brown stopped the fight, Char was not able to touch a single hair on Anne's head.

"AHAHAHA, is this how you gonna beat me? You can't even beat a girl!" Bob taunted Char from the side.

"How about we fight so you can see how I'm gonna beat you myself?" Char did not back down.

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