I Summoned A Skeleton Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Gap

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"Don't be so hasty. Char, go get some rest, let the other fight first," Mr. Brown told Char to rest.

"Yes, Sir," he agreed as he did not want to piss off the older man.

Mr. Brown had given him hell when he was training under him, he knew that he better be obedient or his next training might become even more unreasonable.

Bob did not insist on fighting right away since their teacher had made it clear that they will need to wait and take turns.

The arena was actually big enough for multiple fights to happen at the same time but Mr. Brown wanted to watch how his student was doing.

So far, other than the students who never train their summoned creature to use magic, he was very pleased with Char's and Anne's performance, the girl had modified her creature's magic to suit her fighting style and it was actually very interesting.

On the other hand, he could not tell the difference between Char's magic with the skeleton's basic magic, but he could tell that the magic was trained to such a high level that their effectiveness was abnormal for monsters at their level.

"A slime against a horned rabbit? The slime probably won since it has physical resistance and corrosive body fluid," Char analyzed as two of his classmates were fighting each other.

The fight did not last long but the result was out of his expectation, the horned rabbit actually won by combining two of its magic, enchanted jump and impale, it swiftly made a hole on the slime's body and impaled through its core.

"Impale could actually ignore defense and resistance, it seems that I need to be careful with this magic," he thought as his next opponent was supposed to have the exact same magic.

"Char! Let's fight now! Don't think you can run from me forever!" Bob declared.

That made him shake his head, "Who is running from who? Poor you, you are so young but already senile," he said as he walked to the now vacant arena.

Bob followed after him and got ready to fight, he was carrying a training spear while Char was carrying a training sword.

They did not need to summon their summoned creature as they already summoned before the fight.

"Remember, this fight goal is to kill your opponent creature not to kill each other, If I find you try to do just that then I will personally deliver you to hell," Mr. Brown warned them as he knew they were as odd with each other.

Once they gave him their promise, the older man started the sparring between them.

The horned wolf started to lurk around them in a circle along with its owner, they were looking for an opening.

"It seems this guy is not that dumb," he thought as his opponent was actually being careful rather than directly rush at him.

"Bone, go at them," he commanded the skeleton since he was not reckless enough to be the bait, he would rather let this summoned creature attract their attack while he covered it from the side.

The skeleton raised the training sword and ran at the horned wolf, its movement was actually more fluid than the first time Char told it to help his training in swordsmanship.

Seeing the skeleton charge, the wolf dodged to the side before it rammed at it from the side, it had not even used its magic ability but it was already pushing the skeleton back with its superior physical strength.

Char did not wait and watch, he had waited for it to attack as he positioned himself beside the wolf and cut at its hind leg.

He could feel his training paid off as he actually moved better in a combat situation, pushing boulder had made his arms strong enough to lift his sword with ease, his body also becoming stronger.

"Cut!" he thought as his sword almost touched the canine but it actually dodges the sword, the wolf's natural instinct, and reflex allowed it to barely dodge his attack.

"Is that all you got?" Bob taunted him as he charged at Char with his spear pointed at him.

Ed hurriedly moved back and parried the spear to the side, in his eyes, Bob's spearmanship was subpar compared to Aya's skill in martial arts. He could suppress the spearman even though he was also a newbie in sword fighting.

"Luckily I had fought against Aya before, it was good training," he thought as his last fight had taught more about real combat.

He kept parrying the spear but he could not hit back since his reach was shorter, Bob had done a good job in keeping his distance.

On the other hand, the horned wolf lunged at the skeleton once it dodges another attack, it pushed the skeleton to the ground and bit at its arm.

It yanked it off with a single movement but the skeleton did not flinch as it could not feel any pain, it used its other hand and attacked the wolf on top of it.

The sword cut at its hind leg but the skeleton did not have enough strength to cut it off with a training sword.

The wolf yelped as it jumped back with the skeleton arm on its mouth, it tried to put some distance.

"Polo!" Bob called the wolf in worry while continuing to attack Char.

Char saw it as an opening and pushed the spear to the ground beside him with his sword before closing the distance, he was about to cut at his opponent when suddenly Bob's eyes glinted.

It made him pause as fear and terror suddenly appear in his mind, "No! Don't falter, this is magic!" he tried to rationalize but he could not do anything as his body won't move.

He could only watch as Bob kicked him to the ground, the pain pulled him out of his fear, "Damn, Intimidation magic!"

Char had recognized that Bob had used one of the horned wolf's rare magic abilities, it could stop other's movement for a few seconds as it induced fear.

He was laying on the side when Bob put his spear edge on his throat, "Polo, now!" he commanded the wolf.

The wolf howled to the sky before its eyes glint as it used its intimidation magic at the skeleton and ran after it as fast as it could, it was trying to impale the skeleton, as its horn glow indicating that the magic was activated.

Seeing Bob was focused on the creature's fight, Char took his chance and swept his leg under his opponent.

It made the off-guard man fall to his side, Char got up and kicked his opponent's spear away and pointed his sword on Bob's neck in return.

At the same time, the wolf was already upon the skeleton, it attacked from the front since its enemy would not be able to defend because of its intimidation.

Once the impale connected, the skeleton would collapse and it could just eat the bones but to its surprise, at the last moment, it actually moved.

The training sword on its hand pointed at the wolf's face, and in a split second, it pierced through the wolf's face through its skull.

That killed the wolf but did not stop its impale, it shattered the skeleton's body into individual bones that scattered across the arena.

"This idiot tried to intimidate an undead, he is too stupid," Char shooked his head as it was known that undead was immune to all types of mental ailment.

"That's enough, Char is the winner of this sparring," Mr. Brown announced.

Bob was displeased but he could not do anything, he lost because of his own carelessness.

On the other hand, Char did not have time to be happy, he did not even provoke his opponent, his last fight was too close, had his opponent not made so many mistakes then he would have lost the fight.

"The gap between creature innate strength could not be overcome that easily, my magic abilities are not that useful against it," he lamented as his regeneration and resistance barely usable in the last fight.

He almost made the skeleton to overload mana from the surrounding into its body to suicide with the wolf but luckily it could win without using his trump card.

"I need offensive magic, regeneration and resistance are not useful against enemies that could surpass them," he thought.

The horned wolf was a creature that focused on offense and agility, coupled with the impale that could ignore resistance it was actually a natural counter for his ability.

"I will overcome this gap somehow," he promised himself to work harder in order to be stronger.

The sparring continued as more and more students fought each other, Char did not get as much challenge as he thought he would get as the other student had seen his strength and knew he was not an easy target to bully.

"Char, can you come to my room after this? I have something to tell you," Mr. Brown called him when the class was over.

"This is bad," Char lamented.

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