I, the Demon King, Sign in the Abyss for a Hundred Years Chapter 10

Chapter 10:

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Magic Sword is also very satisfied with this state, the red dot on the sword is getting bigger and bigger, and it has the size of a fist!


The body of a shapeshifter was thrown to the ground by Wu Ming.

At this time, he had killed almost 20 middle-level demons, and his own combat experience was also much richer.

And at this moment, only heard a deafening roar from the City Lord's Mansion!

Wu Ming turned his head and found a scene that surprised him.

##Chapter 7 Succubus City Lord!

The lord of the city in the Valley of Pain has always been very mysterious.

No one knows the true strength of the lord, only that the lord is a succubus.

But everyone in the city said that she had a powerful pet.

People in the city have different opinions on what the lords pet is.

Some people say it is a **** dog.

Some people say that they have raised a group of flying wing monsters.

However, now Wu Ming finally knows what the lord's pet is.

Abyss Worm!

This is the lowest level creature in the endless abyss, where their status is similar to that of the earthworms on the upper plane.

It is a creature that can make fertilizer for the land and is responsible for destroying carrion waste.

The important thing is that the common abyss worms generally grow up to more than one meter long, but this one of the city lord of the pain valley...

Wu Ming saw a hundred-meter-long abyss worm rushing out of the underground of the city lord's mansion, and then rushed towards the enemies.

Wu Ming has no doubt that it can swallow a house!

The mouth of the blood basin is full of sharp teeth, densely layered layer after layer.

Its body is completely different from the defensive ability of the same kind, it is covered with strong scales!

The abyss worm swallowed a demon warlord who was still dazed by the ground in one bite!

And it was not over yet, it was agitated by the smell of blood, and it was a little crazy at this time.

Several flying demons saw the situation badly and prepared to fly away.

But the Abyss Worm did not give them a chance, but twisted their bodies.

In the desperate eyes of several demons, he swallowed them in one bite.

The demon who led the army to invade before was also a little silly at this time.

It is estimated that the strength of this abyss worm can no longer be identified by the standards of the devil.

It is estimated that it can be regarded as a mobile natural disaster!

But he knew that there was no chance to escape, so he simply fought for it.

He raised his weapon, leaped towards the abyss worm, and gave the opponent a sharp knife!

This knife was also very effective. It directly slashed away the opponent's scales, cutting out a wound more than one meter deep, and the abyss worm suddenly shed blood.

But here comes the problem, a wound that is more than a meter deep...

For the size of this abyss worm, it is equivalent to a person scratching his finger.

It won't be fatal, but it hurts.


The Abyss Worm turned his head, his tiny eyes fixed on the person who was causing him pain.


Before he finished speaking, the demon who led the invasion was swallowed in one bite.

The people under him were scattered like birds and beasts, and they began to flee.

Residents in the city started to take the opportunity to beat down the water dogs!

Wu Ming also recovered from the shock and joined the hunting team, specifically hunting down those high-value targets.

Just when they were killing them happily, a clear voice came over.

I saw a succubus shrouded in tulle covered by an abyss worm on his head.

It is the city lord who just showed up now!

At this time she was shouting magically to the whole city.

"Kill them all, leave none! The bravest performers today will all be rewarded by me!"

After speaking, he led the Abyss Worm back to the City Lord's Mansion.

It is estimated that urging such a creature will consume her mind.

The rest of the battle is much easier.

The rest of the troops who had no intention of resisting were quickly hacked and killed, and those who survived were not lucky.

They will be sent to the slave market as slaves to make up for the losses of the war.

And from now on, unless it is death, they will not have any chance to be free.

Even after death, their souls will be used to make soul coins!


After the battle, Wu Ming returned to the "One Eye" tavern.

In front of the tavern, the former succubus bartender was whipping an inferior demon with a leather whip.

"Dare to grab my old mother's shop? I think you don't want to live anymore!"

The Inferior Demon had been injured before, and the courage was gone, so he could only beg for mercy.

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