I, the Demon King, Sign in the Abyss for a Hundred Years Chapter 8

Chapter 8:

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You know, it takes several death fights to evolve from a junior little demon to an intermediate demon, and it must be able to completely capture the essence of the opponent.

Not to mention the time spent, the risks of these battles alone are enough to dissipate most of the little demons.

And such a fast and stable advancement like Wu Ming is really unheard of.

Only those extremely special children of the abyss and girls of the abyss have a chance.


Quietly leaving the Valley of Pain, Wu Ming found a hidden area with no people.

Wu Ming chose here to prepare for the advancement because he did not want people to know his promotion.

After all, if this secret is let others know.

Will definitely attract greedy eyes and malicious prying eyes!

At this moment in this secret place, everything around is quiet.

Wu Ming began to indulge the violent blood qi in his body and let them automatically take over his body.


It was like the sound of bamboo shoots burrowing into the ground constantly appearing on Wu Ming's body, his body was evolving.

Not only the physical strength is getting stronger and stronger, even his body is getting taller and stronger.

And behind him, a pair of black meat wings also appeared, which is the sign of the advanced intermediate demon!

Not only did Wu Ming's advancement have no obstacles, but it went smoothly.

He can feel the rise of his life level.

And he felt a new ability burst out of his heart!


at last,

Evolution is complete!

Wu Ming successfully advanced to the Intermediate Demon and gained his first ability as a demon!

"Devil Physique" (rare): Your body has reached the basic conditions of a rare demon. You have a stronger body, faster speed and better recovery ability. Continue to grow, and you will become stronger!

Wu Ming saw a new ability. Although it was not the super power he wanted, this ability was also one of the strongest.

The demons themselves have good physiques, and the appearance of "Devil Physique" will also make their bodies stronger.

The physique of growth can not only change from rare to epic, to the legendary and legendary level behind, and even finally become a god-level demon physique!

By that time, "Devil Physique" can really be said to be one of the strongest abilities.

At this time, Wu Ming tried his new body after advancement.

He swiped a few punches in front of him, and the fist style appeared directly, which seemed to be quite powerful.

After trying speed, he found that he became more agile.

Unlike those cumbersome demons, he is more flexible and can make a lot of moves.

After the test, Wu Ming squeezed his fist.

"It feels full of power, so good!"

##Chapter 6 War in the Valley of Pain!

Wu Ming is ready to leave after finishing his advancement.

On the way to the Valley of Pain and Chu, Wu Ming found the smell of blood in the air.

There is a battle nearby!

And the smell of blood gets stronger as it gets closer to the Valley of Pain.

It seems that a large-scale battle has taken place ahead.

So he immediately became concealed and walked slowly towards the destination.

Sure enough, he found a lot of corpses along the way.

Apart from demons, these corpses also contained many cultists and witches.

Seeing this, there is a foreign demon army preparing to launch a plundering war against the Valley of Pain.

Wu Ming quickly arrived at the entrance of the Valley of Pain, and found that the entire defense line was densely packed with soldiers who died in battle from both sides.

This is the normal state of the abyss!

The purpose of the fighting of the demons is simple.

Loot and promote!

Loot more resources and fight with each other before upgrading.

But this time it is estimated that the nearby demons are carrying their own troops to take the city.

We must know that although the Valley of Pain is not as prosperous as a human city, it is a rare treasure in this chaotic abyss!

Therefore, in the abyss, even cities where transactions can be conducted are often uneasy.

The characteristics of the demons determine that their nature is to conquer each other and fight each other.

Wu Ming hid in a corner and slowly returned to the city in the Valley of Pain.

There was already a fire in the city at this time.

Roars, fighting, and screams came and went one after another.

Wu Ming saw that many local merchants had already taken up arms to fight the invaders.

They care more about the safety of the city than those homeless.

One of the witch merchants was holding a wand releasing low-level magic, and attacking the invaders outside her shop fiercely.

Although low-level but effective skills such as fireball and toxic fog make the intruders very headache.

And the witch laughed at the sight.

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