I, the Demon King, Sign in the Abyss for a Hundred Years Chapter 9

Chapter 9:

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"Come on, you cowards, dare to attack my shop, I am the black witch of the Tarros Forest! I want you all to be skinned and demolished, and then become my soul puppets!"

After that, another fireball hit a cultist, causing him to burn from head to toe.

At the same time, there was a scream of infiltration.

"Boom boom boom!"

It's a pity that the old witch hadn't been happy for long, and saw a demon warlord rushing over with four legs.

The 5-meter-high body, coupled with huge muscles, made the witch's skills useless.

Then the Demon Warlord waved the iron rod in his hand and smashed it down!


Like crushing a bug, when the giant stick is raised again.

Only a pool of blood remained where the old witch was.

The strength of this demon is so terrifying!

Wu Ming stood by, hesitated, not knowing whether he was involved in the battle.

But Demon Sword gave him the answer.

The Demon Sword trembled slightly, as if urging Wu Ming to join the battle quickly.

And Wu Ming didn't hesitate anymore, directly raised the magic sword and jumped into the battle.

Catch the thief first!

Wu Ming's first goal is the demon warlord.

The Demon Warlord is an enemy who has just entered the intermediate demon level, with a strong physique and courageous strength.

They are often the formidable force in the demon army, but also a certain degree of command candidates, who can command small-scale troops.

If the Demon Warlord continues to advance, he will become the Demon General, and then the Demon Warlord, with stronger individual strength and command more armies!

Seeing Wu Ming rushing over, the Demon Warlord immediately felt something was wrong.

He quickly swung down a stick, and slammed it heavily on the ground.

But Wu Ming jumped away with a speed much more flexible than the opponent, and then raised his sword to counterattack!


Wu Ming slammed a sword **** one of the opponent's legs.

I saw that leg was cut off instantly.

The other party screamed, and for a while, he broke his leg and was a little unsteady.

He was also fierce, waving an iron rod and hit Wu Ming horizontally.

Wu Ming dodged again, and directly lowered his head to avoid the fatal blow.

Then he jumped high, and a sword plunged into the opponent's heart, making it a mess by the way!

The demon warlord roared unwillingly, but unfortunately he still couldn't resist the passing of his life.

The magic sword staying in the opponent's chest was excitedly sucking the opponent's flesh and blood, and the corpse over 5 meters tall was shrinking visible with the naked eye.

At this moment, the cultists and the little devil on the side saw a bad situation and wanted to escape.

But how could Wu Ming give the opponent a chance to escape.

With one sword, several cultists were split open, and the little demons found that they couldn't run, so they simply turned around and wanted to fight Wu Ming.

The magic sword in Wu Ming's hand cuts them like melons and vegetables.

It doesn't matter who is here.

It's all one sword at a time!

After the battle, Wu Ming stood on the street covered in blood.

Like a **** of war.

At this time, he looked at the magic sword and found that the red dots on the magic sword had increased a lot. It seemed that this level of battle could make it unlock faster.

At this time, the battle in the city continued, and it didn't seem to stop at all.

"This is a good opportunity. I only need to pick the elite demons who are alone to start. It's a real benefit!"

After speaking, Wu Ming threw away his broken cloak and took a set of simple armor from the old witch's booth.

He was going to change his appearance during the battle, and the province would be recognized by the caring people.


On the other side, a dreadlord who is close to the high-level demon level is commanding his troops in the center of the battlefield.

He suddenly sensed that one after another in his army disappeared.

And those who have disappeared are those who have command or combat ability.

This makes him feel very wrong.

"Is there a master in the city?"

However, he did not have time to manage the rear of the troops at this time, instead focusing on the current goal.

The City Lord's Mansion in the Valley of Pain!

He knows that if he wins this battle, with the resources of the Valley of Pain, he can sit back and relax in the advanced high-level demons, and even stronger, even the fourth level of the endless abyss can compete for it. !

Thinking of this, there was unspeakable enthusiasm in his eyes.


Wu Ming was already happy and crazy at this time.

The discipline of the demon army is particularly poor, and often the army will start to burn, kill, and looting before the end of the battle!

And a group of scattered demon army, here Wu Ming is not defended at all.

He chose suitable targets, and killed each other one by one.

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