I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Chapter 1250

Chapter 1244: JH is in Huo Jingluo's hands

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Chapter 1244 JH is in the hands of Huo Jingluo and Master Pei

Huo Jing has always been fearful in scientific research, and there are too many believers in and outside the circle.

And her theory writes the advantages and disadvantages of variant research too truthfully and in detail. Once it really caused a sensation, then their more than ten years of hard work will be completely abolished!

So at that time, Ji Linling wanted to kill Huo Jing for the results of the experiment. They ignored it, and even helped Ji Linling solve Huo Jing.

And they tampered with the theoretical manuscript left by Huo Jing and published it in the international scientific research circle to make more people believe that their experiments are for the benefit of mankind.


As a result, people who were close to an island died because of this experiment.

Fortunately, they took into account the dangers mentioned by Huo Jing, and they only conducted experiments on a relatively sparsely populated island.

But that was also thousands of lives.

They kept silent about the results of that experiment, while Ji Linling used the dead Huo Jing to commit the crime!

They put all the responsibility on a dead person.

So that Huo Jing was always expelled from the scientific research circle.

They survived well, enjoying the fame and fortune in the circle.

In the eyes of everyone, they are highly respected people who almost gave their lives for scientific research.

At that time, there were no fewer than 30 big figures who participated in the variant research, but only seven survived in the end.

One of them died in a crash a while ago.


After Zhou Yue recorded these events twenty years ago, he did not consciously press his lips.

Soldiers are born for the nation, then researchers are born for humans.

They can use science and technology to make human civilization further, and they can easily use experiments to destroy all human beings...

If it werent for Huo Jing, then in which country the experiment was conducted, it is likely to lead to a national subjugation.

"Does Miss JH's manuscript still exist?" Zhou Yue asked.

This is Huo Jing's name for publishing articles and experimental results.

He Jingshan and the two looked at each other, and then he took a deep breath, "The draft...maybe in the hands of State R member Moira."

This is a very famous female politician in R country.

"I have a copy!" He Xionghui said suddenly, "As long as we let us go, I will give it to you!"

"Professor He, why do you think you are staying here?"

Zhou Yue laughed, "Or let me ask you another way, guess what, why did the person from Country S crash by accident?"


He Jingshan's two people are terrified.

"What do you mean?"

Zhou Yue continued, "Even if you are sent out of this place, you will die. Someone is buying the lives of the seven of you."

The words fall.

He Jingshan was cold all over, and it seemed to be suddenly awake!

"Is it Ji Linling? Or Moira?! Hahahahaha, I know! I know! Karma, how long can I take care of myself?" He Jingshan's eyes were teary.

"I want to live! Please, the dungeon, I will always listen to you, don't let me die!" After He Xionghui returned to his senses, he immediately kowtow to Zhou Yue!

Zhou Yue calmly glanced at them, but there was no trace of disgust in his eyes.

Scientific research circles also have such scum.

"Since you want to live, tell me where is Miss JH's research paper."

He Xionghui took another deep breath and smiled disastrously, In the library of Laboratory No. 191, I entered a copy in the computer system.

"Cangshu Pavilion..."

The more Zhou remembered something.

Didnt Miss Pei have taken all the manuscripts in the 191 laboratory library?

(End of this chapter)

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