I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Chapter 1251

Chapter 1245: Master Pei praised the fairy gap

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Chapter 1245 Master Pei praises the fairy gap of the mother-in-law

Zhou Yue: "..."

What happened to Miss Pei?

The more Zhou Yue thinks, the more his scalp becomes numb, in case Miss Pei disagrees with Lord Dus plan, and even stands on the opposite side of Lord Du.

At that time, the last person who stabbed Master Du was Miss Pei. Master Du was afraid that he would be crazy...

Zhou Yue has nothing to do, but Huo Shidu is really willing to hand his life to Pei Yunge.



"Is it done without you?"

Bae Yunge is not too impatient.

Si Cheng Yan is used to it, but the graduate students led by Si Cheng Yan were stunned.

Where did this new student come from? He actually talked to Professor Si like this.

"Dont rush, dont rush, how old are you, can you be patient?"

Sicheng Yan is using Pei Yunges robot to collect data, looking envious.

What kind of brain is this guy?

This kind of robot was actually made for her.

Pei Yunge has no expression, and continues to look at the manuscript she brought back in Lab 191 last time.

In a short while.

When Pei Yunge was fascinated by it, Si Chengyan didn't know when she was by her side, "What are you looking at? JH? How come I haven't heard of this scholar.

Are you not reading any messy books? "

Pei Yunge glanced at him leisurely, "In another twenty years, you may not have her level."

Sincerely: "..."

It is strange that this person can still have friends.

Pei Yunge is really interested in this JH, and she is also very surprised, why there is no JH related information in the circle.

I always feel that this JH is an incredible figure, including all aspects of ideas and accomplishments are extremely strong.

"Then you also lend me a look?" Si Chengyan asked unwillingly.

Pei Yunge retrieved the information, and quietly looked at Si Chengyan, and persuaded him in a familiar language, Brother Yan, you dont understand this.

Sincerely: "..."

Damn, where did his knife go? ? !

"Do you work on a project for one year?" Pei Yunge asked.

Sincerely: "..."

if not?

After doing two or three months like you, I won the K.Z. Busaka Award?

"Pei Zai, if you can't speak, you should shut up." Si Chengyan went back and continued working on the project.

Pei Yunge's eyelids moved: "...you keep me here forever, what about my physics class?"

"Do you still need them to teach you physics?"

The Secretary promised and laughed.

"What do you always do, right?" Pei Yunge asked.

Si promised that while immersed in the experiment, he nodded calmly, Yes, Professor Huang of your department likes to assign big homework, basically once a week. If freshmen are just starting out, they may hand it in every two weeks.


Pei Yunge took a deep breath, then asked in a cool whisper, "Is it the Friday of the second week?"

Si accepted the promise and suddenly got cold back: "..."

He actually forgot about this moment.

The old bald donkey with the surname Huang, but it's a pretty good thing. If Pei Yunge hasn't handed in his homework, Huang Zuyi may be able to blow up the computer department on the spot.

"Quickly, quickly, Pei Yunge, go and hand in your homework!"

Pei Yunge stood up subconsciously and walked outside. Suddenly she stopped and turned to look at him: "...I don't know what homework is."

Sincerely: "..."

In a short while.

Si admitted to ask about the homework, let Pei Yunge make up in the laboratory quickly.

The graduate students are jealous.

When did Professor Si speak so well and let people make up their homework in the laboratory? ?

(End of this chapter)

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