I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses Chapter 1252

Chapter 1246: Pei Zhuangyuan: I enlighten myself

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Chapter 1246 Pei Zhuangyuan: I enlighten myself and make trips


The graduate students also heard Professor Si praise Pei Yunge next to him and exclaimed, "Yunge, your writing speed is very fast."

"Write a review and practice."

Pei Yunge did not look up.

Graduate students: "..."

Turning his head to look, Professor Si looked at Pei Yunge with an extremely admiring look like a devil.

The way two people get along is not at all a teacher or student.

"Daddy, write quickly."

Si promised to lower his voice, "If you can't hand in your homework, Huang Zuyi's old bald donkey may carry explosives and die with me."

He didn't dare to provoke that lunatic.

Pei Yunge glanced at the confession, and the speed of writing the manuscript also accelerated.

Professor Huang Zuyi has always insisted not to mention pen and forget the words, so unless it is a complicated and difficult subject, it is necessary to hand in manuscripts.

"Okay, it's finished."

After Pei Yunge finished writing, he immediately went to the physics building to hand in his homework.

However, I didnt expect to see a student with a sense of compassion at the door of Professor Huang.

"Classmate, do you also hand in your homework?"

The boy asked in surprise and surprise.

Bae Yunge: "...um."

"It's over. Professor Huang asked for a handover at 2:30. Now at 2:31, he won't accept it."

The boy sighed, but after looking at Pei Yunge, he was gradually relieved.

Someone like him forgot to hand in homework!

Pei Yunge held the homework in his hand and thought for a moment.

But I didnt expect to fall into the eyes of boys. It was Pei Yunges sadness and loneliness because he might turn in his homework.

The boy comforted generously and passionately, "Come on, classmate, don't be immersed in sorrow!

We must know that our great college entrance examination champion once said that the past is the past. Remembrance is just an incompetent escape. Facing reality is the normal life. "

Bae Yunge: "...This is what I said."

This is the content of the review book written by Pei Yunge. I heard Lu Yuansi say that it was hung in the exhibition column of Hengde High School, and it has not been torn off.

Boy: "???"

"Are you the top pick in the college entrance examination?!" The boy widened his eyes in disbelief.

Pei Yunge lowered his hat smoothly: "..."

"No wonder I haven't seen you. Professor Huang has made the boss's fire these days, and you didn't report to him the progress of the big homework in the first class." The boy sighed and became more excited for a while.

He was late in handing in his homework, so he still has the champion father to back it up? ? ?

What kind of luck is this? ? ?

Bae Yunge: "..."

It didnt take long.

Just as Pei Yunge was about to knock on the door, she saw Hai Ning come out from the inside, just glanced at Pei Yunge lightly, and she smiled.

"Are you here to hand in your homework? Professor Huang has already left.

And... Pei Yunge, you have been staying with Professor Si these days, and you have not handed in your homework. Professor Huang may not have such a good temper with you. "

After Hai Ning finished speaking, she took the recommendation form and walked out happily.

Pei Yunge heard that before he took the next move, the boy next to him frowned and said, "Student Pei, you should apologize to Professor Huang. Professor Huang and Professor Si are notorious rivals. Be careful not to graduate. "

Bae Yunge: "..."

Hearing this, Pei Yunge also did not consciously think about the possibility of killing Si Chengyan and letting their department professor calm down.

"Also, I heard... Your class is divided into groups and you and the students from the countdown to the class are grouped together." The boy stopped talking.

Cloud's large workload is notoriously crushing.

What's more, Pei Yunge hasn't been in class these days, no matter how she can't bring others.

(End of this chapter)

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