I Want To Be The King Of Football Chapter 700

Chapter 672: Su Dong, please take my knees!

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At the beginning of the second half, the situation completely changed.

Barcelona took the initiative to attack, trying to make a wave of attacks.

Less than two minutes after the opening, the Barcelona midfielder sent a threatening pass. Xavi passed directly behind Ram and Lucio. Eto'o quickly inserted and cut into the penalty area after getting the ball. In the face of Lucio, he forced his speed to get rid of the Brazilian central defender. He was about to kick to hit the goal, but found that Neuer abandoned the goal and directly hugged his shot.

Barcelona's attack was very threatening, and everyone on the scene was shocked in a cold sweat.

Soon, it was Barcelona's midfielder who intercepted the ball and instigated a counterattack on the spot. Eto'o went straight to Messi in the penalty area, but Pepe returned to the defense very quickly. He took the ball before Messi and kicked the ball out of bounds. , But also brought Messi down.

The Barcelona players kept protesting, thinking it was a penalty, and the fans on the scene booed.

But the referee Busaka still said that Pepe grabbed the ball first, not a penalty.

Messi also had no objection to this, and he stood up directly from the penalty area and continued to enter the game.

Not long after, Messi cut through Marcelo on the right and broke through Pepe from the straight after Iniesta broke through the middle. He kicked a long shot with his left foot and was saved by Neuer. Kancan resolved an offense.

With three consecutive shots, Bayern's goal is very dangerous.

Heynckes remained unmoved, but signaled Modric and Schweinsteiger to retreat a little bit and strengthen the protection of the line of defense. Basically, he did not make any adjustments and continued to be patient.

In the first half, Bayern led two to one, and it was Barcelona, not Bayern, who were anxious.

In this case, Bayern should be able to calm down.

In the face of Bayern, Heynckes would never believe that Mourinho dared to attack his life in the second half.

At best, it is to grab a wave.

Facts have also proved that Mourinho's abacus is like this.

Attacking for ten minutes, created some threats, but failed to score, especially after Modric and Schweinsteiger retreated, Bayern's defensive level has been improved, Barcelona also began to slow down the rhythm.

But at this moment, Bayern took the initiative to press out.

Lucio took the ball from the back line and kept beckoning his teammates to press on.

Barcelonas Etoo and Messi were both pushing forward, but Lucios footwork was good and he was not afraid of Etoo. After taking two steps forward, he sent a straight pass and directly penetrated both sides. The midfielder was given to Su Dong, who was on the frontier of Barcelona's 30-meter zone.

Sudong retraced, stopped the ball, and was immediately hit back and forth by Pique and Yaya Toure. After he protected the ball, he passed it back to Modric.

At this time, the Croatian midfielder has successfully overwhelmed halftime.

Modric stopped the ball, avoided Harvey, and passed to the piglet Schweinsteiger.

He also pressed the center line and quickly transferred to Marcelo on the left.

Brazil's left-back quickly crossed the center line and continued to rush forward after getting the ball. He was entangled by Iniesta, but it was quickly passed to Ribery, and he suddenly wanted to cut into the ribs.

Ribery stopped the ball with his back to Alves, unable to turn around, he could only stop the ball and pass it to Marcelo.

After Marcelo caught up with the ball, he had already rushed to the front of the penalty area.

As soon as the ball stopped, Puyol and Yaya Toure rushed towards him at the same time.

Marcelo is the one who has played the winger. His footwork is quite delicate. After two Barcelona players hit the front and back, he just passed the ball horizontally to Su Dong in the top arc of the penalty area.

Su Dong faces to the left, with his right shoulder facing Pique, while the Barcelona central defender stares at Su Dong in fear.

When Su Dong stopped the ball, Pique got close for the first time and pushed behind Su Dong, forcing him to take the ball with his back.

At this time, Su Dong's physical confrontation came into play.

No matter how Pique pushed forward, Su Dong remained motionless, but when he leaned back, Pique could not move.

To judge whether a center is a good center or not, there is actually an unwritten criterion, which is to see whether he can turn around after holding the ball with his back, because at the tactical level, holding the ball with his back is actually meaningless. It has tactical value only after passing away.

The reason is simple. Turning around, the offensive player can take the ball and face the goal directly.

Su Dong is undoubtedly a top center, so facing the Barcelona defender Pique, who has performed well this season, Su Dong first leaned back. After pressing him unable to move, he immediately turned around and suddenly pumped his right foot. Shoot.

Although Nuno Cruz hopes that Su Dong will start to reduce Batty's type of shooting, this does not mean that he should give up. After all, this is one of Su Dong's sharpest weapons so far. How can he give up when he gives up?

Transformation takes a long time.

After Su Dong suppressed Pique with his body, he turned around and kicked the goal. The ball suddenly flew straight to the right side of Barcelona's goal like a cannonball.

Valdes originally stood on the left. Following Marcelo's pass, he shifted to the middle, but he did not expect Su Dong to turn around and fire a Tomahawk missile.

The ball flew out extremely quickly, traversed an elegant arc, and fell straight to the right side of the goal.

Valdes struggled to save, but still failed to prevent the ball from reaching the net.

Three to one!


"Fifty-sixth minute, Bayern will have another victory, three to one!"

"Su Dong is like a **** of war. This shot completely captured Barcelona's goal."

"From the slow motion, we can see that Barcelona's defender Pique was completely suppressed and unable to move behind Su Dong."

"This is the difference in strength. Pique has no way to disarm Su Dong directly!"

"hat trick!"

"Su Dong once again completed a hat-trick in the Champions League final!"

"My God, I don't know what I should use to describe my mood at this moment. I really can only say to Su Dong, please take my knees!"

After Su Dong scored, he quickly rushed out of the stadium and rushed directly to the bottom of the stands where the Bayern fans were, kissed the ring on his left hand hard, and slammed his fists at the Bayern fans in the stands.

Bayern fans all over the stadium shouted Su Dong uniformly.

Three to one, this means that Bayern has seized the most favorable point in this Champions League final.

Mourinho stood on the sidelines, his face sinking like water.

He knows the current situation well, and he also knows that there is no choice now.

Based on the current defensive strength of Barcelona, he has carried out a strict defense against Su Dong, especially Pique, who followed Su Dong almost every step of the court, but even so, Su Dong still seized the opportunity to stage the show. Hat-trick.

Look at Pique's frustrated and annoyed expression at this moment, he was really abused by Su Dong.

This kid has always been that kind of self-confidence, even a little arrogant and arrogant, but now he is beaten by Su Dong and has no temper at all. What can Mourinho say?

His own central defender was beaten and disabled, what can he do?

One to three, Barcelona has no time.

So Mourinho immediately walked to the sidelines and immediately made adjustments.

Henry went up and replaced Seduceta.

Messi still plays in the middle, Henry and Eto'o are separated.

Don't look at Messi's size, but he is Barcelona's most exquisite shooting and the strongest scoring ability.

After Henry came on the field, Barcelona's formation returned to the traditional four-three-three formation.

Harvey and Iniesta firmly controlled the passing of the midfielder and planned offensive opportunities for the frontcourt.

Bayern still played smoothly. The overall focus was on defense, but it did not retreat. Instead, it was a bit of a needle-point to Maimang and wanted to fight Barcelona.

Especially as in the 70th minute, Heynckes replaced Schweinsteiger, who was too stamina, replaced by Toni Ross, and allowed the young midfielder to form a midfielder with Modric and continue to maintain The suppression of Barcelona has even begun to grab possession of the ball with Barcelona.

Soon after Tonick Ross came on the field, another long pass instigated an offense. Su Dong gave a header from the front of the penalty area to Robben behind him, but the Dutchman followed the goal and missed the goal slightly.

Barcelona also organized several threatening offenses, especially in the 76th minute, after Messi withdrew from the midfield to receive the ball, he completed a quick two-to-one match with Iniesta and drove the ball forward. Advance, and quickly passed to Eto'o on the right, he went straight into the penalty area goal.

After Eto'o broke through Marcelo from the wing, he made a low pass, Messi stopped the ball, dunked Pepe, and hit the goal with his left foot from close range.

This shot was blocked by Pepe and Lucio for most of the angles, UU reading www.uukanshu. com Messi too pursued the blind spot, and hit the post, bounced back to the court, and was pressed down by Neuer.

Mourinho quickly made a second substitution, replacing Yaya Toure with Pedro.

With ten minutes left in the game, Mourinho showed his determination to give it a go.

But Heynckes was old and prudent, and soon adjusted his tactics.

In the 82nd minute, Badstuber replaced Marcelo to strengthen the defense on the left.

Regardless of whether it is Marcelo or Schweinsteiger, this game performed very hard and the intensity of the game was also very high. At this time, they are replaced, and more I want to avoid excessive physical consumption. And cause the technical action to be out of shape.

This is also strengthening defense.

Subsequently, the game completely entered the situation controlled by Barcelona.

Bayern is mainly defensive, with counterattack, so Barcelona is also quite jealous, especially the existence of Su Dong, but also makes Barcelona defenders like a spur. Where can they be attacked?

In the last ten minutes, both sides were basically in a stalemate, and neither of them was able to create a good opportunity.

Obviously, Su Dong's third goal was a very big blow to Barcelona, and it can even be said that it disintegrated their will to counterattack.

In the eighty-fifth minute of the game, Heinkstuck replaced Sudong with Klose.

This is more hoping to allow Su Dong to accept the cheers from the fans, especially the Bayern fans.

This is the treatment he deserves!

When Su Dong left the field, all Bayern fans, neutral fans, and even some Barcelona fans stood up and gave him warm applause and cheers.

Once again performing a hat-trick in the Champions League final, Su Dong deserves everyone's respect!

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