I Want To Be The King Of Football Chapter 701

Chapter 673: Defending 3 crowns

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When Busaka blew the whistle for the end of the game, all the Bayern players who had been waiting on the sidelines rushed into the stadium frantically.

Club employees such as Wolfart also surrounded Sudong and Heynckes, rushed into the stadium, gathered with the players, and celebrated another Champions League championship of the team on the stadium.

Three to one, Bayern defeated Barcelona and successfully defended the Champions League!

This is the second team that has successfully defended since the Champions League reform. The previous team happened to be Barcelona.

What is even more amazing is that the two successful defending teams have a common core.

Su Dong!

"The champion has appeared!"

"Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona three-to-one and successfully defended the Champions League!"

"The fans in the stadium are cheering, we can clearly hear that many fans are chanting the name of Su Dong."

"This is not only a victory for Bayern, but also a victory for Su Dong!"

"Perhaps it is destined in the dark. When Su Dong left Barcelona and joined Bayern, he said that he hopes to lead Bayern to win three consecutive championships. This is interpreted by many people as Su Dong is provoking Barcelona. Because once wanted to help Barcelona achieve three consecutive championships, but was forced to leave midway."

"Now, two and a half years later, Su Dong led the Bayern team to successfully defend the Champions League, which makes us seem to see a brand new European top giants. Su Dong has shown super dominance in Bayern and is unstoppable."

"At this moment, in the chairman's stand of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Barcelona Chairman Russell is sitting there. I don't know how he feels after watching Sudong lead Bayern to defeat Barcelona? Will he regret the decision he made that year? "

"There are also many Barcelona fans in the stands. They were also the culprits who succeeded in driving away Su Dong. I don't know how they feel tonight?"

"But we must congratulate Su Dong, this is already his fifth Champions League champion!"

"This achievement also allows Su Dong, who is only 24 years old, to successfully enter the history of the Champions League."

"In the history of the Champions League, Real Madrid star Gento has represented Real Madrid in the Champions League final eight times, of which he won six times. He is the player who has participated in the most finals and won the most Champions League titles in the history of the Champions League."

"After Gento, seven Real Madrid celebrities including Hctorial and Juan Alonso have won the Champions League five times, basically during the period of Real Madrids five consecutive championships. Half a century later, Soto has become Another player in the history of the Champions League who has won five Champions Leagues, and he is still an active player. What an incredible achievement!"

"Successfully entered the history of the Champions League at the age of 24, and Su Dong was destined to write his name in the history of the Champions League!

Surrounded by everyone, Su Dong rushed into the court uncontrollably.

The faces of everyone around were filled with excitement and ecstasy, especially goalkeeper Neuer.

This seasons goalkeeper, who has only transferred from Schalke zero four this season, performed very well tonight. At the moment when the whistle sounded, he directly reached out and grabbed the crossbar of the goal and roared loudly. Catharsis of inner excitement and excitement.

Neuer absolutely has reason to be proud of what he has achieved this season!

The German goalkeeper walked all the way to the center of the court, separated the crowd, went straight to Su Dong, hugged Su Dong strongly, and shouted excitedly, "Thank you! Thank you, Su!"

It is Su Dong's strong recommendation that Neuer can join Bayern!

Tonight, it was Su Dong's hat trick that allowed Bayern to successfully defend the title!

It can be said that without Soviet Union, there would be no Champions League, and there would be no Neuer tonight!

More importantly, the German goalkeeper is very aware of his situation in the German national team.

Before joining Bayern, he could not even enter the national team, but after joining Bayern, he quickly staged his national team debut. Now he is helping Bayern win the Champions League and achieve the Triple Crown. His status in German football has risen. Although he cannot shake Adler's main position for the time being, at least he has the qualifications to attack the main force.

With his current performance, with his current strength, he believes that he is fully capable of depressing Adler within a year to become Germany's number one goalkeeper and play for the German team in the World Cup in South Africa.

And all this is thanks to Su Dong!

This also made Neuer a little gaffe, and even his voice was a little choked.

He never thought that he could win the Champions League so quickly!

This is the honor he dreams of!

Neuer's gaffe also infected the surrounding Bayern players.

In fact, everyone is very clear in their hearts that Bayern can win the Champions League for two consecutive seasons. Su Dong is the team's core competitiveness. If it weren't for Su Dong, Bayern might even have fallen when facing Manchester United.

Because they understand, everyone admires Su Dong more.

Even superstars like Ribery and Robben would feel ashamed in front of Su Dong.

It is precisely because of Su Dong's great contribution to Bayern, coupled with his ability to be a man and have a good relationship with everyone, his status in the dressing room is also quite lofty.

At this moment, Bayern's players are also closely surrounding Su Dong, so that everyone can clearly feel the weight of Su Dong, the core of Bayern's soul.

On the sidelines, UEFA staff are intensively preparing for the award ceremony.

The St. Blaise Cup has been sent for processing.

The craftsman will engrave the name of Bayern Munich on the body of the cup and the year of the championship. This will take a while, and UEFA is also using this time to arrange the podium.

The Bayern fans at the scene were happy and cheered, while the Barcelona fans looked frustrated and depressed.

After Su Dong finally got rid of Bayern's teammates, Barcelona's players came over one by one to congratulate him on winning the championship again.

Puyol, Harvey, Valdes and others are all depressed.

Once, they both fought side by side with Su Dong and won the Champions League for two consecutive seasons, but Barcelona personally pushed Su Dong to Bayern Munich. As a result, Su Dong led the Bundesliga hegemon and won the Champions League for two consecutive seasons. The season is to beat Barcelona to win the championship, which makes Barcelona feel very frustrated.

"Congratulations, Su!" Iniesta walked over, and after high-fiving Su Dong, he hugged hard.

After Su Dong hugged Iniesta, he reached out and touched the Spanish midfielder whose hairline was already high.

In recent years, Iniesta is one of the best midfielders in world football. Together with Harvey, he is known as the best midfielder combination in world football. With his key goal, Barcelona reached the Champions League final, and Iniesta received rave reviews.

Looking at Iniesta, Su Dong is really mixed.

He still remembers that when he first joined Barcelona, Iniesta was still an untrusted player, but now, he is already a big star in the world of football, and his fate is really amazing.

Like Messi, Iniesta is very grateful to Su Dong, grateful from the heart.

Back then, neither of them was accepted by the first team, and both of them were almost on loan out, but Su Dong helped them to gain a foothold in the first team, get a position, and play in the game.

To some extent, without Sudong, there would be no Iniesta and Messi.

Once, they looked forward to fighting side by side with Su Dong to retirement, but unexpectedly, now they have become the rivals on the court.

Good luck fooling people!

When Messi greeted him, Su Dong gave the Argentine a hug, touched his head again, and his hair grew longer.

Long before the game, Messi had expected this game to be very difficult, because he knew the strength of Su Dong better than anyone else.

He has repeatedly reminded Pique that he should be careful of Su Dong, but the result is still no good.

In this game, Pique was completely blown into a sieve by Su Dong.

"How is it? You asked me to teach him a good lesson, but this effect is still satisfactory?" Su Dong asked with a smile.

Messi laughed and shook his head, feeling very embarrassed.

It was indeed that he personally suggested to Su Dong that he would teach him severely when he met Pique in the future, but at that time, where did he think that Pique would return to Barcelona, and Su Dong would join Barcelona in the Champions League final?

If he had known it earlier, he would definitely not have said that.

"You are now unsatisfied with the championship, and you want to take the opportunity to cheat me?" Messi grinned and complained.

Su Dong is also purely joking, where would he talk about this kind of thing?

"Go hard, you must still have a chance!"

He stretched out his hand and touched Messi's head. For so many years, Su Dong has become accustomed to encouraging Messi like this~www.wuxiaworld~ Messi did not resist and nodded.

He will definitely win the Champions League!

He believes it!

The podium is located under the rostrum and is temporarily erected.

A red carpet was spread directly to the sidelines, with media reporters and fans separated by guardrails on both sides.

The Bayern players stood on either side of the red carpet and put the Barcelona players on the podium.

Su Dong stood at the end, shook hands with Barcelona players one by one, and even hugged, even Pique was no exception.

It's just that this guy who is constantly provocative before and during the game is very embarrassed to see Su Dong at this moment.

It can be seen that his provocation is actually a tactic, but he does not have enough strength to support it, making his provocation look more like a joke, even he himself feels embarrassed.

After the Barcelona players came to the stage to accept the award, Bayern's players were also led by Heynckes, one after another on the red carpet.

At this moment, Su Dong's name once again sounded in the field.

UEFA President Platini won the gold medals for Bayerns coaches and players one by one. When it was Su Dongs turn, he looked very intimate, and lightly put Su Dongs shoulders on Su Dongs shoulders and said something of appreciation to him. At the same time Also encouraged him to continue to cheer.

The age of twenty-four is the golden age of his career.

More importantly, Su Dong is not only the golden sign of Bayern and Bundesliga, but also the golden sign of the Champions League.

Not to mention anything else, tonight's Champions League final has created unprecedented ratings and attention in the world, which makes UEFA earn a lot of money.

And Su Dong is the most dazzling gem in the Champions League!

When Ram represented Bayern and took over the Champions League trophy from Platini, the audience burst into the most enthusiastic cheers.

Su Dong led Bayern to successfully defend the Triple Crown!

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