I Want To Be The King Of Football Chapter 702

Chapter 674: This world is his!

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Great times!

After Bayern beat Barcelona three to one, the German Kicker magazine launched a special edition of the defending Champions League specifically for Bayern to win the championship. The cover is the moment when Su Dong blasted Barcelona's goal, and the title is Great Times.

This title is not only for Bayern, who successfully defended the Triple Crown, but also for Su Dong.

The achievements of Bayern needless to say, the successful defense of the Triple Crown, which is unique in German football, and even in the history of European football, is enough to make this Bayern one of the world's legendary teams.

Many media have begun to compare the Bayern team of Heynckes with Real Madrid in the Di Stefano era, Brazil in the 1970s and Milan in the Sacchi era, thinking that this team has created too many legend.

But in addition to paying attention to these, Kicker Magazine also pays more attention to Bayern's management and the first team's skills and tactics.

There is also a considerable amount of space to introduce Bayerns soul core Su Dong.

Kicker magazine believes that Su Dong has created a great era that belongs to him in European football in just a few years from his debut in Sporting Lisbon.

"From the beginning of the UEFA Cup on behalf of Sporting Lisbon in 2002, in just seven years now, Su Dong has won five Champions League titles on behalf of Valencia, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, and won a European championship for Sporting Lisbon. The UEFA Cup champion, the results are quite impressive."

Kicker magazine believes that in the past few years, European football has completely entered the Soviet-Eastern era.

Especially in the last six years, Soviet Union and Eastern Europe won the Champions League five years in six years. This efficiency makes everyone can't believe it.

Kicker Magazine also specially reposted a column by the Spanish legend Luis Suarez. In this article published during the period when Su Dong played for Sporting in Lisbon, the Spanish legend believes that Su Dong is a revolutionary player and will completely subvert Europe. The technical and tactical system of football.

"He will be a new type of football that has never been seen before in European football. He has a tall and strong body like a giant, unmatched strength, lightning-fast speed and explosive power, and dazzling With his exquisite foot technique, he can do anything and play any role on the court."

Luis Suarez believes that being comprehensive and versatile is the biggest feature of Su Dong and his biggest advantage, which has never been seen in the history of European football.

Now, many years later, Kicker Magazine believes that Luis Suarez's judgment was accurate.

The current Su Dong is very comprehensive, but the kind of comprehensive excellence. Every skill is selected at the world's top level. Apart from defense, who would be picky about the defense of a center?

"In this game against Barcelona, Su Dong's running distance was the longest in the team, even more than Schweinsteiger, who was replaced early, but at the end of the game, we can still see Su Dong. Still sprinting until he is replaced."

Kicker magazine believes that Su Dong's comprehensive versatility and his diligent running are the key factors for his outstanding performance in the game, and it is also the basis for his hat-trick in this Champions League final.

But Su Dong's performance is obviously not just this final.

Kicker Magazine lists the player data of Bayern and Barcelona this season. Before the final, Barcelona's trident in the front court, Messi, Henry and Eto'o scored 17 goals in the UEFA Champions League this season. The Su Dong just happened to be the same.

In other words, the number of goals scored by Su Dong alone is equal to the total number of goals scored by Barcelona's Trident.

What an incredible achievement.

What is even more surprising is that after the final, Sudong scored 20 goals, while the total number of goals scored by the Barcelona Trident was only 18 goals. Sudong alone scored more goals than the Barcelona Trident. many.

This is not a randomly selected player, but a trident of the three top stars of Messi, Henry and Eto'o. This can definitely make people feel the strength of Su Dong.

In addition, in the number of assists, Barcelonas assist king Harvey has seven assists, Messi five times, Henry three times, Iniesta two times, and Su Dong happens to be Messi and Ine. Star's total number of assists, like the assist king Harvey, is seven times.

In other words, Su Dong's performance in Bayern is comparable to Messi, Henry, Eto'o and Harvey.

Kicker Magazine believes that the data comparison may not be fair and objective, but it is enough to make everyone feel the strength of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

"Only the greatest star in history can be compared with the current Su Dong!"

Not only Kicker magazine said so, Bild reported after the match that Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero made it clear in an interview with the media after his defeat at Barcelona, Su Dong is the best player in world football today.

Spanish King Juan Carlos also said after the game that Bayern had not been able to gain an advantage in possession of the ball during most of the game, but they had suppressed their opponents on the scene.

"Su Dong's goal made me very excited, we enjoyed a very good game!"

Juan Carlos also entrained a little bit of private goods, revealed in the interview that he hoped that Su Dong would be more able to consider returning to play in La Liga.

"At least I know that Spanish fans still miss his goal!"

Everyone knows that Sudong and Barcelona are already at the same level, and Juan Carlos's appeal to Sudong to return to La Liga is actually equivalent to calling on Sudong to go to Real Madrid.

Florentino announced his return. Su Dong, as the number one superstar, appeared in Florentino's plan. Juan Carlos's appeal was obviously also for Real Madrid and Florentino.

In addition, Bild also wrote a report about their victory over Barcelona and Bayern successfully defended their title! .

The article believes that in this passionate game, the two superstars Su Dong and Messi both scored goals, and they are both quite beautiful, but Su Dong is even better, using a hat trick to make the world football player Mei Xishen was in the shadow.

Barcelona is the first team to successfully defend the title since the restructuring of the Champions League, but at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the former core soul of Barcelona, Su Dong, led Bayern to complete an epic revenge against Barcelona and helped Bayern successfully defend the title!

The headline of the French team newspaper is that Su Dong creates the Bayern empire!

The article stated that the three-to-one score allowed Bayern to successfully defend the title, and it also furthered the three consecutive championship promises made by Su Dong. Heynckes' team successfully defended the triple crown, which would allow him and him to coach. Bayern goes down in history.

The team newspaper believes that Su Dong fully demonstrated his ability in the game, and he finally won the applause of the audience, especially when he scored a direct free kick more than a minute after the start, Barcelona was in danger.

"Pique has been very mature in Barcelona this season. Before the game, he was considered to have a chance to compete for the best central defender. However, in the Champions League final, facing the inferiority of Su Dong, the image of Pique was ruined, which is very regrettable. ."

The team newspaper believes that Su Dong is helping Bayern build a brand new empire.

The headline of the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport is that Su Dong conquered Europe!

The article stated that defending the Triple Crown is wonderful for any team, full of magical fantasy events, but Bayern successfully defended the Triple Crown, which is an amazing achievement.

"On this night in Rome, Su Dong and Messi contributed very beautiful football, especially Su Dong, his three goals not only conquered Barcelona, conquered the Olympic Stadium, but also conquered the entire Europe!"

Gazzetta dello Sport also mentioned that Bayern Munich is the second team to successfully defend the Champions League since the restructuring of the Champions League, while Barcelona is the first. Barcelona only won the Champions League twice because of the goals of Su Dong.

The Portuguese media also spoke highly of the Soviet Unions performance.

Everyone knows that Su Dong came from the Portuguese Super League.

The Record believes that Su Dong once again became the winner in the competition with Messi.

In addition to three goals, Su Dong is the best player on the court, regardless of statistics or actual performance, Su Dong is the best.

According to the Record, as a group of stars such as Su Dong, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and others have gradually made their mark in European football, Sporting Lisbons youth academy reputation has become more and more loud.

"Every year, countless young players enter the youth training camp of Sporting Lisbon with their idols in their football dreams."

The Portuguese media also concluded that after successfully defending the triple crown, Su Dong will once again win the double player of football.

The Argentine Ole newspaper is sorry for Messi.

The article believes that Messis performance is good enough, he is one of the best players in the world, but Su Dong played even better, he showed an outstanding level of strength.

"At the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Su Dong performed a peak duel with strength, telling everyone with iron facts that this world belongs to him!"

The China News Agency from China also made a comment for the first time, the title is Defending Triple Crown, Su Dong is great enough! .

The article reported on the UEFA Champions League final in Rome, thinking that Su Dong made an irreplaceable contribution to Bayern in the game, especially his three goals, but also conquered all the media and fans.

China News Agency also reported that many Chinese fans came to cheer for Su Dong at the game site. After the game, in the comprehensive interview area, there were also many Chinese media requesting Bayern and Su Dong for interviews. China News Agency is The few media that can meet Su Dong face to face.

Although in the interview, Su Dong humbly stated that defending the title is the credit of everyone on the team, but he still can't hide his satisfaction with the hat-trick of the Champions League final, thinking it is one of the best matches in his career.

"Of course, we all know that for Su Dong, there are many best matches, not just the one in Rome."

"Even, we have every reason to believe that Su Dong's best game will not be in the past, but in the future."

"At the age of 24, he is about to usher in the golden age of his career, and he is bound to bring his overall strength to a higher level, and he will be more dominant!"

"Let's wait and see!"

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