I Was Adopted By A Dragon In Another World Chapter 129

Chapter 129:

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When the match-grade Shiba Inu with beautiful coat and color reappeared in front of Luya, she almost took a breath.

Road rhubarb! Those plump and stocky hairy ears, shrewd peasy eyes shining in the pitch black, and two white spots on the front of the forehead are really nostalgic...

Because she was too excited, she almost called out the name in an instant, but fortunately she restrained herself.

So dangerous! Almost beheaded. Now it is no longer possible to call his name when he was a dog in front of the emperor!

Lu Dahuang's expression was also very shocked, as if she couldn't recover from her sudden transformation into a dog. This look made Lu Ya couldn't help but think of the countless Shiba Inu emoticons in her QQ emoji.

...It's cute.

For fear of being seen by the soldiers of the empire, Luya hurriedly caught the dog and stuffed it into the dragons mouth, and said to him, "Are you missing anything? If not, we will let's go."

"Wang-woo woo woo !" Shiba Inu made a vicious voice with a fierce face.

...Ah, forgetting that he became a dog is just an ordinary dog, a dog can't talk.

"Okay, I brought them all." Luya pretended to understand. She avoided the question, nodded to Farus' consciousness and said, "Let's set out to support Gutis."

"Are you sure it's okay? After we set off, I won't be able to return for the time being." Farus looked at Luya and said, "By the way, I have brought your weapon back for you, and Gutis gave you the last one. The chameleon potion, in the last resort, you decide whether you want to drink it."

This feeling is quite like a question before the start of the final battle. Once you choose yes, there is no turning back. Luya nodded very firmly, although she has no god-level weapons, no magic resistance equipment, it is not like reading files after gameover, only one life. Everyone has no second chance in their lives, so they must go all out.

"Yes, sure."

I thought that when I saw him earlier, the sword of the gods and demons was still hanging on him. This was the most important thing. It's just that after becoming a dog, even the battle armor disappeared together. After the transformation spell is over, it will return.

So Honglong started to take off, Lu Ya let go of the Shiba Inu who had pushed her in, and found that he was a little shed again. The dog's hair was itchy when it got into the nostrils, Lu Ya couldn't help but sneezed several times, and couldn't help wondering if his hair loss was also serious.

"Calm down, Lu Da... Your Majesty, this is only temporary, please feel wronged a little bit."

Seeing Zelos who became mad after realizing that he became a dog, Luya had to persuade him.

Alas, she is actually from the cat. It's just that fate made her meet a dog. In fact, she prefers cats. She only treats cats and cats, boki.

"Wow! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo-"

Shiba Inu looked very anxious, his mouth kept pushing Lailai, as if he had something to say.

...What to do, I can't understand a word.

Forget it, in order to save the world, the emperor of mankind must have made his consciousness, and he has been a dog for so long without any sequelae, so let's do it.

So Luya pretended not to notice his discomfort, and continued to explain the current situation to him.

"Gods fuel tank has been blown up by me. Its hard to say whether he will continue to convert the favored ones to supplement it, but at the moment he rushed out of his city, and we have the great demon Gutis confronting him, so Very dominant. Oh, by the way, I know that your empire has a deep feud with Gudis, but Gudis is currently our important helper. Everyone has a goal to defeat the gods, so if everyones goals are the same, you can Cooperate temporarily, can you understand? If you understand, put your left hand up, and if you don't understand, put your right hand up."

Luya was afraid that Zelos might choose to hack Gudis first after seeing Gudis, so she told him the situation patiently, and opened her palm to him with a friendly smile. After all, she felt that if Zelos couldn't speak, she just had to answer YES and NO.

Shiba Inu stared at Lu Ya blankly for a moment, and then opened her hand with a slap.

by! What a fierce dog! No, he is a fierce emperor!

......If you are not careful, you will become a dog-facing attitude again! Luya wants to say that she can't control it at all. After all, if there is a dog in front of you, you really can't treat him like a human being. For example, pointing to an ugly man and saying that this is what Daniel Wu has become, and it is really impossible to treat him with the attitude and mood of facing a handsome guy. But considering that Zelos didn't seem to care before, he wouldn't care about it this time.

"Then I will assume that when you agree, if you disagree, I will call it three times."


The fierce dog stared at her viciously, without saying a word. So Lu Yaquan agreed as he agreed, and she continued to explain to him what she had seen and heard in the continent of God. Ordinary people are very friendly to other people, but when it comes to things related to God, they become very extreme. Human thoughts are too easy to be incited, and domesticated humans have no ability to think for themselves. In a blink of an eye, the cordial neighbor aunt will become a butcher who picks up a knife to eliminate heretics. Everything they come into contact with is instilled by God. of.

The earliest founding emperor of the empire was to completely eliminate the influence of gods on mankind, and therefore completely banned religion. The effect of this approach is obvious. Over the centuries, the empires science and technology has developed rapidly, but because the system has not changed, human life is comfortable and no one is willing to shed blood and reform, and finally becomes a cyberpunk world.

Because technology has done almost everything, and even life can be prolonged, almost all people in the empire are atheists. This kind of prosperity has continued for several generations, until the human world is unknowingly moved by God, the monsters begin to become extremely violent, the world is on the verge of destruction, and people are about to be unable to survive, so they will pin their last hope. On the gods.

Because as far as the bottom humans are concerned, everyone's rule is the same, anyway, it won't get worse, as long as they can survive.

But now the new emperor gave them hope, hope is the most precious thing, the earthly demon eyes will attack the place where hope appears, only hope can defeat the gods.

At this point, Luya felt that she could see the light. Only when the false gods disappear can mankind have a real future.

She stayed with the dog in the mouth of the red dragon until the red dragon once again passed through the fire of the gods, but at this time, she was bombarded.

"Stop them! Never let evil dragons and godkillers approach the great gods!"

Perhaps it was the plan of the sinners, the Lambda priest had led the Favored and the priests to the edge of the fire wall to intercept, trying to intercept the red dragon. In the center of those priests, Luya even saw the priest Thomas, Priest Gerrard, who first brought her.

They are all good people, but the premise is that they are only loyal to the gods, and in a blink of an eye they will become executioners for the gods.

At this moment, they were full of anger as if they had been deceived, shouting "May the power of light be with me", and constantly using the heraldic magic stone to launch holy light bullets into the air. The three celestial beings are bursting out of power, using the light wings behind them to interfere in the air.

"They are at the end of the crossbow." Luya took the dog out of the dragon's mouth and said to Farus, "God will definitely not distribute power to those favored by the gods, they will rest after they use up the energy. Cai, but seeing their entire army dispatched to intercept us, you know how much God fears the Godslayer. They are here to delay time, and we dont need to waste time with them here."

As long as Darius is completely killed, everything will really end. This monster created by humans should also be ended by humans.


The dog yelled at Luya twice, seemingly impatient, reminding them to change him back quickly.

"I haven't forgotten you! Don't worry, little brother!"

Luya took out her coat of arms and thundered the holy ones who attacked them in the air. Her attack was missed, but the priests who exploded to the ground were in a mess.

Those few celestial beings bit them, and the battle situation was quite stalemate. Darius might also be willing to fight, and wanted to divide the battlefield into two. Luya quickly realized that their purpose was a dog, and she couldn't help shouting at Farus while preventing them from approaching.

"Can't you change Zelos back?"

"You can't use dragon language magic right now, you must leave the battlefield first." Farus sprayed dragon flames at a sacred person who rushed over, and answered Luya with difficulty.

"They are staring too closely. If this goes on, they will miss the best time and Gutis will be in danger."

The second celestial being approaching here didn't wait for Luya to respond, his body suddenly burst into bright light.

Lu Ya instantly realized the danger, "No! He wants to blew himself up!"

Just like Honglians self-explosion and the end of the worlds demon eyes, they also chose to sacrifice themselves for the sake of gods. Although they dont have the energy of Honglians time, they should not be underestimated. These people are brainwashed lunatics. , They can do everything!

The moment Farus accelerated to leave, Luya hugged the dog tightly to protect it, and the huge wave caused by the explosion almost blew her away from the dragon's back.

After the daylight disappeared, Lu Ya, who was on the back of the dragon, opened her eyes with difficulty, but she suddenly discovered that, at some point, there seemed to be more people in the sky.

Originally there were only three, but one was blown up, but now it has become five!

how is this possible? !

Lu Ya was taken aback again, and then she found a problem.

The gods have begun to increase the number of the blessed--

These people are used as death squads, and he wants these people to blow them up directly here.

Even if Zelos changed back to the original state, they couldn't deal with so many people at the same time, especially when so many lunatics just wanted to die with them.

"Farus, if you fly at full speed, can you escape?" Luya asked Farus, clutching her explosively bleeding arm.

"It's difficult, or you can kill them before they explode." Farus replied.

In this case, too much time will be wasted. Luya thought for a long time, and finally took out the last potion that Gudis had given her from her pocket.

She stared at the potion and began to hesitate.

This is the last time, as long as she swallows this potion, she will become a dragon forever, but now it seems that there is no better choice...This is the only way to get out of here.

Farus seemed to perceive what she was thinking, and told her gently, "It's okay, according to your own judgment, do what you want to do."

"Yes... don't worry! I will do the right thing!"

Luya finally made up her mind. She opened the potion and poured it down on the dog beside her.

"Go on, Your Majesty Zelos! Become a dragon and go to fight!"

That's right, if she can't use it anymore, the effect on Zelos will be the same, she is so witty.

The dog seemed to be frightened after being given the medicine, struggling violently to free Luya, and then the next moment, the Shiba Inu's body began to swell rapidly, and the beautifully-colored fur changed into hard scales, and the limbs grew sharp claws, gradually The form of a dragon appeared.

I don't know what kind of dragon the crown prince will be. Luya looked at the dog's changes, and judging by his hair color, it was probably also a golden dragon.

The Favored were aware of the crisis, and their offensive trend became more fierce, but this still could not prevent Zelos from transforming, but until Zelos became a QQ emoji dragon king, the color of the scales was radiant and bright. Luya couldn't help but stay in a daze when the green dragon came.

This buddy... is not easy...

The author has something to say: The dog prince who was betrayed twice by his brothers has become a mysterious color dragon!

Push the new pit of friends

Enter the spiritual world of the goddess

Author: Fei

Opening his eyes, Gu Mengli traveled to a sad and devastated place.

She worked hard to survive in such a difficult environment and turned the barren land into a home for birds and flowers.

It turns out that he has actually passed through the heart of a big man in the cultivation world?

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