I Was Adopted By A Dragon In Another World Chapter 130

Chapter 130:

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This color seems to imply something, but it is not easy to say.

Farus told her what kind of dragon humans became based on their own characteristics. For example, she had a golden spirit, so she was a little golden dragon.


Obviously turning into a dog is a big-looking wood with a beautiful coat color, and his personality is as stubborn as a Shiba Inu, but turning into a dragon is this mysterious color... Is it because he was betrayed twice by his brothers?

I always feel that the way of judging the characteristics of this potion seems to be a bit wicked, or does it imply that in his future life, he will also encounter...

For Zelos, the feeling of becoming a dragon is naturally much better than becoming a dog, especially being able to fly in the air without the help of any tools. He didn't mind becoming such a monster, but keenly he noticed that after Longhua, his friend looked at him with an emotion similar to shock.


what happened? Is there something wrong with yourself now?

...No, it should be a coincidence!

Luya decided to ignore this color issue. Although the green dragon did not look good, it was not the point. After seeing that Shiba Inu turned into a dragon, the gods who intercepted them were obviously nervous. They didn't even care about the Red Dragon and Luya, and instead focused all the artillery on the Green Dragon.

Zelos flapped the dragon's wings and expelled the energy from his throat at a favored person who rushed to him from a high altitude and was about to explode. A turquoise flame breath swallowed the favored person, and there was nothing left in an instant. Down.


Surprised! Amazing! There are flames of this color!

Luya thought of herself when she was shocked. She remembered that Niederhogg was also spraying black inflammation. Why did she only vomit acid?

It feels a bit out of line!

"Come on! Green... No! Your Majesty! You go to the pseudo-god. The time to change the dragon is only 30 minutes. Just leave it to me here, and I will help you."

Lu Ya lay on the back of the red dragon, spitting dragon flames at the Favored ones who rushed towards them, and shouted at Zelos.

She originally thought that Zelos would hesitate a little longer and chose to fight with them a few times before leaving. Unexpectedly, after the green dragon took a deep look at them, she almost didn't hesitate, turned around and flew away sharply. Around them.

... Well done, you deserve it.

The biggest difference between this guy and the protagonists of the kingly comics is here, that is, he is very clear-headed and does not hesitate in handling matters.

That's right, this is what he really should do!

"Are you ready? Going, Luya." Falus asked Luya on his back facing the increasing number of the favored ones.

"Of course." Luya started to tremble because of excitement. At this moment, she had no retreat. Whether mankind can have a future depends on this last battle!

"Fight together, Farus, to open up our future!"

The red dragon uttered a howl, and then rushed to the battlefield of the favored ones with the girl.


Zelos also had no doubt whether his friend could kill the fanatics, and directly hand over the battlefield over to her, which was his trust. And the only thing he had to do was to kill God.

He and his sword are already hungry.

Zelos quickly rushed out of the siege, and a few of the favored ones followed closely from the battlefield. The energy that the gods can distribute to them is very small, but all of them fight with the consciousness of being together. Zelos will respect each of his opponents, but in his eyes, these people are like walking corpses who have lost themselves. They have voluntarily given up their qualifications to become humans.

Gudis over there.

The battle between the devil and the gods leveled a whole mountain range, because the explosion of power created a bottomless crater on the ground.

The posture of the **** has become different at first, his body has begun to become huge, the golden magic circle follows the sky above him, and six golden wings of light grow behind him.

Gutis appearance has also begun to demonize. His original pale blue skin has turned into a deep purple, and his cold facial features appear in an inhuman form, just like a real battle between gods and demons. After the fight, the two are completely different. The energies of's collide with each other constantly, almost no one around the radius can approach, and any mortal who approaches will die instantly.

"Don't you understand, Grand Duke Gutis, you can't take advantage of me."

Darius said to Gutis in a nonchalant, non-sentimental voice. Obviously, his energy consumption is greater than he thought. On the one hand, he has to intercept the godslayers who failed to die in the prophecy, and on the other hand, he has to fight Gutis. This may be the most he has in hundreds of years. It was a moment of embarrassment, and he couldn't help but remember the last time he was killed by a human. It is also so unpleasant.

"Oh? Are you scared, Darius."

The demonized Gudis sneered, "After all, you have been a hopeless coward from the past to the present."

"If you die with me, what benefits can you get? Think about how bad the world is completely controlled by humans. You demons are not in harmony with people. Do you want to give up everything that you have finally gotten? "

"This is not something you need to worry about. The only thing that disrupts the balance of this world is you, who claim to be a god, Darius. You have always wanted to eliminate this threat from me, but unfortunately you have not been able to succeed. This is probably you. This is the last chance, don't you want to have a showdown with me?"

Gutis' ridiculous words determined that there was no possibility of a truce. Darius seemed to have no emotions, and finally showed a trace of sullenness on his face that was so beautiful.

"Well, since this is your own choice."

The godslayer had already escaped the siege, and those mediocre godsends could not stop him, and they were constantly approaching here. His original plan has been completely destroyed, so now, he has only one way.

Let these humans play their ultimate value, which is what they have been looking forward to.

Become the power of God.

Darius opened his arms and finally liberated the last secret method laid out on this land.



"Body, how can the body be?!"

"It's so uncomfortable..."

The bodies of people on the battlefield were emitting a weird light one after another. Originally, ordinary people in the town who responded to the first-level alarm, or the priests who took refuge in their homes, seemed to be gradually emptied of their strength. Suddenly I can't feel my weight.

A celestial being who was flying towards Luya about to explode suddenly lost the light wing behind him, and fell from the air. The energy in his body disappeared in an instant. Before his yelling lasted long, the whole person evaporated. Like light particles, they disappear.

People began to disappear one by one, turning into light particles and all flying in one direction. The number of people on the battlefield began to decrease rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye. Luya looked at this scene in surprise, not sure what happened.

"Master Grand Priest! Save me--! I don't want to die--"

A paladin whose body began to glow and become transparent like everyone else crawled towards the Grand Priest Lambda. They didn't understand what was going on, and watched their companions disappear in terror. But the great priest Lambda was unmoved by this scene, but showed an expression of ecstasy.

"This moment is finally coming... Don't be afraid, people of God! This is the salvation given to us by the great God! Give everything away. We dont need to fear. Only in this way can our souls become one, we I will get eternity in God's body! This is the supreme honor!"

He stood alone in the center of the battlefield, as if not afraid of life and death, declaring to the surrounding soldiers the miracle the gods would bring to them. The paladin who crawled towards him also turned into a particle of light and disappeared and flew away. Only a piece of holy robe and armor remained on the battlefield. The people in the city were also disappearing one by one. People did not understand what was happening at the moment. , Kept praying to their gods, but even so, did not stop the disappearance of the body. In an instant, a town that had started to lose control and was full of panic became empty, and even the screams disappeared.

Lambda raised his head and looked at Luya on the back of the dragon, without anger or fear, his eyes were filled with expectant fanaticism.

"What is going on with them?" Luya asked with a frown, "...has it been absorbed by Darius?"

"Yes, Darius doesn't want to fail, and has begun to absorb his followers. The entire Grandi continent is his place to draw. There will be no humans left here, and all of them will become part of his power."

Farus stared down and said, "He has finally reached this point. Gutis may lose."

"Humans are props to him. He doesn't need the humans here. At this time, he abandoned them all..."

"That is the choice of these human beings." Farus replied as if he knew what Luya was thinking. "Leaving his destiny in the hands of others will only end up like this."

Luya shook her head in disbelief. She couldn't sympathize with these people, but her feelings were quite complicated. "It's too sad. These humans didn't know it would become like this. They were told to get everyone equal and happy. Life, that's why they are willing to believe in gods, so they are willing to sacrifice themselves and throw themselves into the battlefield for the sake of the light, but they are all very scared now... Will they realize that they have been deceived by the gods they trust?"

"I don't think it will." Farus sighed. "No matter what you try, they will never wake up."

"Yes, don't use your thoughts to speculate on us! For justice and light, God's people have no fear of sacrifice, and it is incumbent for everyone to become the power of God!"

The great priest Lambda was in a frantic mood at the moment, and his own body finally began to become transparent, even so he was still extremely firm.

"My stupid traitor daughter, you will regret the choice you have made. You have not been saved. When God completely descends on this land, you will be punished by flying souls, even in **** without you. A place for you!"

The author has something to say: the finale is so hard to write! The last chapter is left!

The next article I want to write is "My Guardian God is Death", which is probably a supernatural unit drama similar to the Mother of Ten Thousand Demons, and various urban ghost stories.


Push Susu's article! One hundred years Su Shuangtian!

"After the five men should tease me overturned" Author: Su Mingsha

Introduction: Alice travels through the Otome game in the Western Fiction background. As long as the 6 male protagonists are down, you can go home.

When she worked so hard to attack 5 characters, gathered all the CGs, and finally entered the line of the last hidden character, she was horrified to find that other male protagonists had memories of being attacked!

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