I Was Adopted By A Dragon In Another World Chapter 131

Chapter 131:

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"So, did you win later?"

The little scarlet dragon cub held by Lu Ya looked up at Lu Ya, as serious as he heard the most important part of the story, and asked attentively.

"Nonsense, if we lose, can we still have you Lu Xiaofa now?"

Lu Ya poked the little dragon cub's forehead irritably, and shook her head helplessly, "Why haven't you inherited your father's wisdom at all? It's so stupid."

The dragon cub was poked to the ground, and its short fat body rolled on the ground, making a "Woo", appearing very aggrieved, and then got up and continued to ask in a milky voice.

"Then what happened later, how did you win?"

"This is a long story. After all, I wasn't on the battlefield at the time and didn't see the most important process. Your godfathers only briefly described the situation at that time."

Luya sighed. Every time she recalled that battle, she felt a thrilling unreality.

What **** did the final BOSS transformation twice, and almost resurrected on her... all these things happened!

"The summary is that Darius has absorbed all the believers and turned into an unprecedented monster, almost possessing the power to destroy the entire world. But your godfather Gudis is not a vegetarian, he has already arrived at Darius. The believers who abandoned him took this step into consideration, so they made a countermeasure. He used all his magic power to temporarily restrain Darius actions, and then the human hero chosen by the sword became a godslayer, killed the gods, and became The Godkiller as in the prophecy."

In the end, Gutis also extracted Darius' soul from her who wanted to escape to her to resurrect, and exploded him to pieces with enough energy, and there was no possibility of resurrection.

What kind of fierce battle was at that time, she did not see with her own eyes, after all, she was not the real protagonist, and the brave who saved the world was never her. But she also chose her own way to save the world.

"What happened after Nadarius died? I heard that Godfather Gutis was badly injured in that battle and stayed dormant for a long, long time. Is this the reason?"

The dragon cub heard it with gusto and asked excitedly, "By the way, grandpa, that bad guy, has he become part of Darius too?"

"Oh, no, we didn't give him this opportunity, Farus burned him to death with a mouthful of dragon flame."

Luya shook her head and said, "After Darius died, all the souls that were swallowed by him disappeared, and entered another world with the undead who wandered in the world without return."

In today's world, there is no longer any need to fear the night, and there will no longer be those dead souls that entangle the living in the dark, and people can finally turn off the lights and sleep well. But the empire still kept their tradition of a city that never sleeps. People can't get used to turning off the lights at night in a short time, and the lights are always bright day and night.

It is said that Zelos also abolished the privileges of the nobles, carried out a series of reforms, and transferred some rights to the people. In order to alleviate the problems of overcrowding and uneven distribution, the Shangcheng District, which originally belonged to the nobles, was directly opened, and many jobs were added. After the empire began to rebuild the destroyed cities and promulgated some favorable policies, many refugees regained hope and confidence in the country and expressed their willingness to return to their hometowns to rejuvenate the empire.

As for the human pasture, following the destruction of the ancestor vampire group, the human emperor personally negotiated with the demon archduke Gudius under the witness of the third-party red dragon. The restoration is a long process, and finally because they are killing God together. In the cooperation, mutual trust was obtained and an armistice agreement was reached. So the pig people released all the humans in the ranch and transformed the ranch into a plantation. In particular, a young pig race named "Ziger Chong", after inheriting his father's ranch, began to breed poultry, and the fried chicken chain business was booming.

In addition, the empire also recognized other orc races other than humans. After communicating with various ethnic groups, the human emperor and the leaders of all races reached an agreement. Under the premise of fairness and mutual respect, Trade with other races started, the trading market for Warcraft was cancelled, and now some special faces can be seen in imperial towns, and people have become accustomed to it.

"It sounds incredible." The dragon cub continued to climb onto Luya, found a comfortable position and lay down.

"By the way, I always have a question. Mom, aren't you human? How did I get here? Am I really the cub of you and Dad?"

The cub of the red dragon stared at Lu Ya with big round eyes, full of inquiry and curiousity and asked.

"Of course it is. Why do you think this way? Didn't you play nicely with Nicholas' son Niu next door? Isn't his mother also human."

Lu Ya took a sip of chrysanthemum tea, and the salted fish collapsed on the ergonomic chair. Since the empire and the demons allocated the territory, the mountain where the dragons nest was originally was also assigned to Luya. Gudius also lent her the dwarf construction team to build a house that was not completed at the beginning. Now she has a group of The goblins are responsible for helping her raise chickens and farm the land. In addition, she also fulfilled her all-time wish, raising a cat and a real Shiba Inu. Of course, the character of this Shiba Inu is much better than the original dog prince.

Speaking of it, the emperor of humanity recently promised to help her launch a satellite to connect to the Internet on the Dragon Nest.

She intends to wait for the network to resume and relaunch her comic series. The coloring must have a beginning and an end, and the **** can't be casual. The people of the empire liked her work so much, and she had to update it a lot to respond to everyone's expectations and to carry forward her talents in another world.

"But I always feel that something is wrong! A few days ago, Zhu Jia's brother helped the godfather to deliver the goods. He told me how life reproduces and can only reproduce in the same race. There is reproductive isolation between different races."

"...How can he teach children these things? It's so unremarkable."

Luya suddenly twitched her mouth, and began to scold Zhu Jia in her heart, telling her what she was doing? What's wrong with him!

"Ah, mother, don't blame him, because I asked Brother Zhu Jia why our cats and dogs have never had children. I really want kittens."

Lu Xiaofa looked at the red dragon lying on the carpet with doubts again, and said with all his doubts, "Furthermore, Zhu Jia said that he needs to use OO for males and OO for females for reproduction. The difference between you is so big, how do you do it? Arrived?"


The red dragon Farus, who had closed his eyes on the carpet, opened his eyes in embarrassment. He fell into a long silence, and some did not know how to answer this question.

In the end, he considered for a while before rigorously replied, "Lu Xiaofa, you are indeed the crystallization of the love between me and your mother. You are our son. There is no doubt that, including your name, is also yours. Mother made it for you in love."

Although I don't want to question Luya's naming ability, Lu Xiaofa is already a good-sounding name compared to the names given to the two empire princes...

"I'm not asking this! What I want to know is that dad, did you do that to mom? It's hard to imagine, how did you do it!"


Farus, who tried to change the subject, failed. He fell silent again until the cub of the Red Dragon got Luya's punch. "You can't ask questions that shouldn't be asked, know, why don't you care about learning next year? I'm going to send you to the Demon Academy run by your godfather, Grand Duke Gudius. You will grow up a little bit for me and don't shame your father outside."

"Wow wow wow-mother hit me -"

After being reprimanded, the cub cried loudly. The fat body was rolling all over the ground, and flames spurted out of his mouth from time to time, his voice twitched.

"I'm just worried! Wow wow... The little Ni next door said that we all picked it up from the trash, and I dont know how the dragon eggs hatched! Humans are obviously born in viviparous, but I was born from an eggshell. Come out, am I really mother's cub?"

Farus became more helpless, and when he was considering whether he should answer his son's question, Luya raised the cub again.

"Yes, no matter how you feel incredible, I will always be your mother, and you will have younger brothers and younger sisters in the future. When you grow up, I will tell you if you also have a human being you like. How did it come?"

"Hmm, is it true?"

As soon as he heard that he might still have a younger brother and younger sister, Lu Xiaofa suddenly became energetic. He immediately stopped crying and stared at Lu Ya very excitedly and said, "Then I want someone like Xiao Ni Black brother, the black dragon looks very cool!"

"...Then you should ask Zhu Jia about genetics. If it's a black brother, your dad's head will turn green."

Lu Ya sighed helplessly, only Lu Xiaofa still didn't understand what she said, "What does it mean to turn green? Is it a color like a dragon turned into a human godfather?"

"...You will understand when you grow up, be good, go play by yourself, if you are still curious about that battle, just ask your godfathers."

The 1-year-old Lu Xiaofa was kicked out of the house when he didn't understand anything, but he soon found new pleasures and started chasing the flame lizards that appeared in the dragon's nest.

After hearing nothing from him, Luya collapsed and lay on the ground.

Ah... it is so annoying to take a child.

Whether it is a cub of a human or a cub of the dragon clan, it is equally annoying.

What she didn't tell the cubs was that when they were close to the dragon clan, the human body would also be affected by the dragon's magic power and start to transform into a dragon, and eventually it would become suitable, as long as the magic power was exhausted, it would return to its original state.

Of course, Farus can also use dragon magic to become a human being. When they go to a human city together, they are like the most ubiquitous loving couple. And the feelings between them have also been blessed by all people and inhumans.

The birth of this little dragon cub was actually a complete accident.

But in the future long enough, there may be more accidents. Who knows?

The author has something to say: it's over! It's a very sweet HE!

Im too tired recently, take a break, the next book I want to write about Death and the Devil, what do you want to see more?

I found that I really want to write about supernatural. See you in two months.

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