Im A Paranoid Villain Harvester Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Xun Shen Bone 11

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Because the body destroyed the golden core, so that the consciousness and soul were greatly traumatized, and Yuxu became a remnant soul wandering in the world.

Most of the time, she is unconscious and will attach to trees and flowers when she is asleep, because these life forms are more pure.

Yuxu couldn't call seven or eight, only to find that the system had disappeared, and she was completely disconnected. She seemed to be forgotten in this world, and she didn't know whether the mission in this world was a success or a failure.

Without the system, she can't query the value. The trust value of the previous query was 100, but the black value was still 30.

Now it seems that her mission has failed. Yin Xun's blackening value must be more than 30, because in the past ten years, he has become a great devil who has made both good and evil.

Yes, it has been ten years, and she only discovered it with hindsight.

When she first did not find Yin Xun, she was wandering in the neighborhood wine shop. After listening to people chatting for a long time, the hottest topic could never be separated from Yin Xun, and even the name of Yu Xu would be involved.

Yin Xun's experience, identity, love affair with Master, what kind of school did he kill yesterday, etc.

He slaughtered all the sects who had participated in the Battle of Wuwang Mountain, and he never let go of the people who had hurt You Xu.

Everyone was extremely frightened that his cultivation was so madly long, as if he had cultivated some evil tricks. In short, the vitality of the immortal sect was greatly injured, the prestigious head elder was killed, and the rookies with cultivation skills were cut off, leaving only a group of people. Disciple who has not yet become a climate.

In his capacity, the Demon Race should have won the two confrontations of righteousness and evil for thousands of years. The Demon Race people also think that they have called Yin Xun the Demon King and want him to return to the Demon Abyss to unify the Demon Race camp.

Unfortunately, Yin Xun was not interested in the position of the Lord of Demon Abyss, and he was not merciful to the members of the Demon Clan. All the offenders were cut under the sword.

He doesn't stand on either side, and both are afraid and hate him.

You Xu sometimes stayed awake for dozens of days and fluttered turbulently. Maybe it was fate in the dark. She found Yin Xun on Wuwang Mountain.

She also doesn't know how she got here.

There were no corpses and magical instruments here, the thick blood had long since disappeared, as if the tragic battle had never happened.

Yin Xun was standing on the cliff, Gu Ying was stretched very long by the moonlight, still in that black dress, as if he was still waiting for a fight here, but everything can't go back.

You Xu stood quietly behind him, standing in the position where he was looking at him.

When he went to slaughter another school again, she followed him too, and saw him looking at the corpses all over the floor with desolation and pain.

She can't come back, no one can get her back, he thought.

He kept her black and white fan hanging around his waist, but he didn't let it get bloody.

After all, it is the ancient artifacts that are spiritual and interoperable with Yuxu, and Yuxu sometimes attaches to the black and white fan and continues to walk with Yin Xun.

After Yin Xun wiped out the last sect related to the Battle of Wuwang Mountain and another wave of demons who came to find fault, he changed into spotless white clothes, tied his hair neatly, and returned to his original appearance.

He didn't move anyone in the Eagle Immortal Mansion, because the Eagle Immortal is the place most closely related to Yushu, and it is also the last bond between him and her in the world.

After Ye Mingjiao learned that Master had passed away, he didn't want to return to other people, so he returned to the mountains, and Ye Qinwan also left Jiu Xianmen Mansion with him.

Yin Xun came to Zhong Lingshan and pushed open the wooden door of the yard, and the snow fell.

After Yuxu left, the sorbus blossoms withered and covered with snow overnight.

The white-clothed woman waved her sleeves, the snow melted, and the scene of pear blossoms was always carved in his memory.

She curled her lips and smiled while holding a basket and picking flowers, her blushing cheeks drunkly, she casually fanned the appearance of the fan and his dead heart, frozen together under the snow now.

Youxu saw Yin Xun raise her hand to pinch the tactics, and only melted the snow. For countless years after that, she silently followed him in the Zhongling Mountain, watching him plant pear trees with his own hands.

He stopped drinking tea and only drank the wine she liked. He also stopped reading history books and classics, but only read the travel notes of chronicles and travels she liked, and realized how she was reading at that time.

He was practicing swords in the courtyard as he did in the past, and she could see him as soon as she opened the window, as if nothing had changed, but in fact, everything had changed.

He also often went to the top of Zhongling Mountain to watch the starry sky, always seeing the sunrise, the starry sky was bright, the sunrise was bright, and his eyes were only dark.

He set up a circle in Zhong Lingshan, not allowing others to enter, and also allowing himself to enclose himself in prison.

After another long ten years, the pear trees in the mountains are blooming, and they are as beautiful as they were back then, but the woman under the flowers is nowhere to be found.

Yin Xun stood quietly under the pear tree in the courtyard, slightly lost in thought. He remembered that she slept on this bamboo collapse that year, and the petals fell on the corners of her blushing lips. At that time, he put the petals in his palm. In the dead of night, he tasted After the petals, there is sweetness.

He came back to his senses and happened to have another petal falling. He stretched out his palm to catch it, then picked up the white flower and put it in his mouth.

Only bitter.


Yush has been silently by his side, but he doesn't know.

Zhong Lingshan does not distinguish between heat and cold, spring and autumn, one person and one soul repeats the time of day and day infinitely, forming an endless cycle of reincarnation, separated from the outside world.

Yush Wanwan didn't expect this situation to be broken.

The person who broke this moment turned out to be "Yush".

One night, You Xu sat with Yin Xun under a tree and watched him drinking. Who knew that the courtyard door was suddenly pushed open. She followed the movement and looked over, her eyes widened instantly, staring in place.

The person who appeared at the door was exactly the same as her, dressed in a white fairy dress with flowing clouds, a hairpin with a snow pear flower, and a snow-skinned red lips. It was almost carved out of a mold, and even Yux thought he was alive.

"You Xu" smiled at Yin Xun: "Yin Xun, I'm back as a teacher."

Yin Xun glanced at her, didn't say anything, and continued to drink up the wine in his hand.

"You Xu" walked over slowly, sat next to him, poured himself a glass of wine, and smiled: "Why, I haven't seen him as a teacher for more than 20 years, so he is so strange?"

You Xu was stunned. This "Yu Xu" looked like her very much in both voice and expression.

Yin Xun's magic circle enveloped the entire Zhong Lingshan, and his subconscious habit of setting the magic circle would allow Yu Xu to enter and leave. No matter whether Yu Xu was or not, it was obvious that this "You Xu" had her breath on him, so that he could enter Zhong Lingshan smoothly.

You Xu looked at Yin Xun, but saw that he had no expression.

After Yin Xun finished drinking the pot of wine on the table, "You Xu" took out a new pot of wine, poured a glass, and pushed it in front of him, "We have not seen each other for a long time, we really need to borrow wine to help , Not enough wine, there is still a lot for the teacher."

Yin Xun lowered his eyes and took a drink from his glass.

"You Xu" bends his lips: "Well, it's all pear blossom wine. Whose master and apprentice have better skills?"

You Xu was taken aback. He couldn't stop it before he could stop it. He watched Yin Xun's glass break after drinking and passed out.

"You Xu" pushed his shoulders and saw that he passed out completely, his eyes shone brightly, and his face smiled slightly: "Sure enough, as they said, if you see your master, you will have no reason. To die."

"Our Ming Su faction died in your hands," she took out her dagger and pointed it at Yin Xun's head. "Now is the day of my revenge!"

She raised the dagger high, the knife fell in her hand, and the cold light flashed, Yu Xu was anxious, forgetting that she was a remnant soul, and rushed forward to block it, but the dagger passed through her body and hit Yin Xun directly.

"Kang Dang--"

Yin Xun raised his hand and hit "You Xu" in the wrist, and the dagger fell.

"You Xu" widened his eyes and said sharply: "Impossible! This is the poison of Devourer, you can't..."

Yin Xun stood up and looked at her coldly: "Want to kill me? Give you a chance."

He picked up the dagger and threw it to her, and continued to whisper: "You are not like her enough. If you pretend to look like her, I will kill you."

"Heh," this "Yush" clenched the dagger tightly and sneered, "Mad, really crazy!"

You Xu was stunned, even when she saw this person for a while, Yin Xun could tell the truth from the false at a glance.

Heartache and pain overflowed from his heart. He lived too awake, and sometimes too eager to create a blur for himself.


The "You Xu" lived in the fourth vacant room. She seemed very anxious. For several days, she tried to assassinate Yin Xun but failed.

No one would let a person who wanted to kill him anytime and anywhere to be around, but he did so, because of the skin, he wouldn't even act on her.

Those who can come up with this plan are quite clever and foresight.

"You Xu" failed again, his eyes full of hatred: "Why are you not dead!"

Yin Xun cleaned the yard and swept the fallen leaves under the tree roots, his tone was unwavering: "I said, as long as you pretend to be like her."

He can only die in her hands, if it is delusional, then he can only die in the hands of someone who looks like her.

He is willing to use pupa as a cocoon to weave a dream of dying.

But there are no two people in the world who pretend to be alike.

"It's ridiculous!" She mocked, "Your master is dead if he is dead, his soul is gone, and he will never come back"

Before she finished speaking, Yin Xun grabbed her neck with a gloomy expression and a cold tone: "Do you really think I dare not kill you?"

"Come on! You can't bear this body at all!"

You Xu saw Yin Xun's eyes drooping from a distance, and he really let go of his hand, his eyes filled with silence.

"You Xu" smiled triumphantly, and when he saw that he couldn't be killed, he didn't make him feel better. Using that face and mouth, he said cruel words in an attempt to crush all his dreams and hopes.

And Yin Xun never did anything to her again, only he knew that he even cherished the voice of this body.

Every word sound made him recite very deeply.

Yu Xu, who could only watch quietly, found the increasing despair in "Yu Xu"'s eyes. She didn't understand at first, until the night of the tenth day, "Yu Xu" failed to assassinate again and returned to the house to lie in bed. Completely shrouded in despair.

Yuxu floated to the bed to look at her, only to see her clenched fists, gritted her teeth and said bitterly: "Daddy, I'm sorry, it's a daughter who is useless, and she can't avenge her if she exhausts her soul..."

Yush guessed that she wanted to cry, but did not cry for some reason.

"Yush"'s muttering to himself disappeared in the middle of the night, and his breathing stopped, completely lost his breath.

Yuxu Zhengjue was strange, and raised his hand to explore her heart. Who knew that suddenly a strong suction came, and her eyes went dark and she lost consciousness.

When dawn broke, the morning sun fell into the window, and Yu Xu's consciousness slowly returned to the cage, with a sense of reality, and his body was heavy and stiff.

She opened her eyes and looked down at herself. It was no longer transparent, but solid.

But this body is not flesh. It looks like it was made of something, without heartbeat or pulse, and it feels like the whole body is empty, but it has five senses.

Yuxu suddenly understood why the man was so sad that he didn't cry because he couldn't cry.

She touched her limbs, as if she had touched porcelain, the temperature was slightly cool, the touch was hard, and she was not as flexible as an ordinary person.

She hadn't figured it out clearly before she heard a "swish" sweeping sound from the yard, Yin Xun was already up.

Yu Xu's heart jumped violently, with no shoes on, he hurried to the ground and opened the door.


As soon as the wooden door opened, the sweeping sound stopped, Yin Xun moved for a while and looked up.

The two looked at each other in the air.

Yuxu was taken aback, and saw that he stood still, his eyes instantly red, and tears rolled silently.

I have never seen him cry before. The young man who was about to be eaten by the centipede in the crypt did not cry. He who stood on the cliff of Wuwang Mountain and died without red eyes, but now he looked at this one, and his tears stopped. Constantly flowing over his face.

It's like the rest of my life, and it's like a delusion come true.

Yuxu curled his lips, stretched out his hand to him, and said softly, "Yin Xun, come."

The author has something to say: Explain why Yu Xu died like that in the previous chapter.

She herself was seriously injured and overdrawn, and she was dying at the last moment.

She stood on Yin Xuns side, which is equivalent to standing on the opposite side of everyone, and killing so many people of the sect. In their eyes, it is a heinous crime. Death is not a pity, even if it is the one who must be killed afterwards Kind.

You Xu said that he betrayed the Eagle Immortal Mansion, but in the eyes of others, it would still be blamed on the Eagle Immortal Gate Mansion. She said that it was not just a matter of talking, and then died under the sword of Song Wu Li, that was the real thing. Set aside the relationship with the door.

I dont want to write too much from the perspective of God, but I dont want to understand it, so Im in a hurry, huh!

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