Im A Paranoid Villain Harvester Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Xun Shen Bone 12

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On the top of Zhongling Mountain, the evening breeze was blowing gently, the grass shook his head, the stars were hanging down, and the moon was hanging far away.

The silver brilliance falls on the earth, the stars are like granulated sugar, and the white moonlight is like hoarfrost.

Yu Xu lay on the soft grass, stretched his waist, and looked at Yin Xun beside him.

No matter what the scenery is, he only looks at her.

After the loss and recovery, there was endless panic. His eyes never left her again, and the night was like a shadow. He opened two rooms and wanted to see her as soon as he raised his eyes.

That's why he couldn't sleep peacefully. He closed his eyes and rested according to Yu Xu's intention. But when she fell asleep, he would stand silently by the bed and watch her quietly, as if he was going to spend the past twenty years. Look back at all the vacancies.

You Xu knew that it was just not broken, and some sequelae had to be healed slowly.

Look at each other for a moment.

Yuxu glanced at the hip flask beside him, a bit greedy, and hadn't drunk for a long time, but she can't drink alcohol in her body now, because she has no internal organs.

"Yin Xun, is tea good or wine good?"


Because during the time when he only drank tea, nothing had happened. He only had to hide his emotions, and his biggest wish was to be with her forever as a teacher and apprentice in the Lihuayuan.

Seeing his dark eyes, Yuxu sat up, approached him suddenly, touched his neck with one hand, and felt the warmth of her fingertips. Her red lips twitched: "But I want to drink."

Feeling the slight coolness on his lips, Yin Xun's eyes trembled slightly, his breathing stopped instantly, his Adam's apple slid up and down, his hands suddenly gripped the green grass on the ground.

You Xu retreats when he touches it, and forcibly pretends to operate normally. The expression on her face makes her heart beating wildly. She coughed lightly: "That..."

Before she finished speaking, she noticed that Yin Xun was slightly bent over, lowered her head, her ears were red, and even the sides of her face and neck had a tendency to spread blush.

You Xu couldn't help but want to laugh a little, but Yin Xun was even more embarrassed when he was afraid to laugh.

She suddenly remembered that he had picked up the wounded young man back then and wanted to give him medicine. He held the quilt in one hand and the trousers in the other, and blushed with his head down.

Yoush thought that many of his things really remained unchanged over the years.

Seeing that it was too late, Yush said, "Let's go back."

Yin Xun: "Good."

Walking into the mountains and forests, the light and shadow were scattered, and his vision was dim. Yu Xu Guang noticed that his hand extended to her, stopped before touching her, and then silently retracted it.

The restrained restraint he cultivated since his youth made him habitually hide all his passionate feelings in his heart, just thinking not to affect her, not to cause any trouble or trouble to her, nor to let her have any words He speaks loudly.

You Xu raised her hand to hold him, fingers interlocking, feeling the hot flashes in his palm, she stopped, looked at him, and said every word: "Yin Xun, it's just us."

It's just us, how we should, nothing to do with anyone.

The branches and leaves in the forest rustled, concealing his trembling heartbeat. He lowered his eyes and looked at their clasped hands. He couldn't help holding out his other hand to hug her.




"I'm here."


"Yin Xun, I am here."

With his face buried in her shoulders, he whispered to her in a low voice, uttering all his thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, and delusions.

The breath on his neck and shoulders was warm, and Yuxu raised his hand and touched his head, watching the mottled moonlight leaking from the treetops, she said gently: "Yin Xun, do you believe it?"

"In fact, we have been in love for several lifetimes."

Back at Lihuayuan, the two entered the house.

Yin Xun was still holding her hand, reluctant to let go, watching her eyes were so tender and unbelievable, like the stars and moonlight outside were blending into it.

"It's okay if you don't let go." Seeing him like this, Yu Xu couldn't help but tease him. "You can also help me change clothes."

With that said, she took his hand to her girdle.

Yin Xun immediately released his hand as if touching a fire, and turned around quickly, resisting the warmth on his face and said, "No."

He was originally covered in dirty blood, reckless and lowly, and now he is still in the middle of the road.

He is not worthy.

She was holy and beautiful in a white dress on the high platform of the reception ceremony. This picture was carved into his bones.

She is the **** in his heart, and he is willing to be a humble believer.

Only kneel at her feet in this life.

It is only sincerely expecting her to look back.

Believers cannot get gods and are unworthy.

Seeing him with his back on his back, Yux didn't guess what he was thinking at the moment, so he began to undress the wide band, and wanted to change into a thin bedclothes.

She took off her jacket and found some fine powder. The clothes shook and dropped more.

Under the warm yellow light, Yosh looked at his body, couldn't help but froze in place, widening his eyes.

Large and small cracks appeared on the whole body's jade-zhi white skin, like the cracks that appeared when porcelain was smashed, and from the larger cracks, the cavities in the body were dark.

The wind pours in from the gap, and the sound is like the wind pours into a cracked porcelain pot.

This body...


Yu Xu recovered and said quickly: "Don't turn around, it hasn't been changed yet."

There is a finger-wide gap at the collarbone. She can no longer wear bedclothes and the collarbone will be seen.

After a while, Yush said, "Okay."

Yin Xun turned around and saw that she was still wearing a day-to-day dress, and didn't say anything, only Yu Xu was deliberately teasing him.

You Xu could not sleep all night. Although lying on her back, Yin Xun quickly realized that something was wrong with her and asked from a distance, "Master, what's wrong?"

She opened her mouth, not knowing what to say for a while, and the conversation turned around in her mouth, and finally turned into a silent sigh, "I don't know why, but I just can't sleep. Why don't you read the sword book to me."

He always took that book of swordsmanship that she used to read to him. He would often turn over the book, and the edges of the book were worn out.

Yin Xun picked up the book on the bedside and read it slowly.

Yush's eyes were sore that she was too afraid to say goodbye to face it, especially to him.

She pulled out the pear blossom hosta from her head and looked at the wall of the bed.

The reverberating low and clear voice in the room has not been cut off. She tried to hear each word clearly, but she became more and more unintelligible. Her body became heavier and her vision became blurred.

When the sky broke, the morning sun fell into the courtyard, the candles in the house burned out, and a ray of smoke seemed to be a broken line of life.

"Master?" Yin Xun sat on his bedside reading all night, his voice was slightly hoarse.

He didn't hear the answer, he thought Yush was asleep, and he wanted to look at her again while she was asleep, got up, and walked to her bedside softly.


Yin Xun's eyes widened suddenly, her eyes shrank, her fingertips trembling to touch her cheek.

She was breathless, her entire face was covered with cracks.

The blood all over his body instantly solidified, and Yin Xun stayed in place for a long while, and found that there were water droplets on her face. He carefully raised his hand to wipe her off, but found that more and more water droplets were falling on her face.

He later realized that he raised his hand and touched him before realizing that he had already burst into tears.

Yin Xun knelt on the ground, leaned over and hugged her into his arms. A hosta slipped from her hand. He was stunned and reached out to pick it up. He just raised his eyes to see a few words engraved on the corner of the bed

-Yin Xun, I have always liked you

-Every time, I am here for you

-Next time, I will definitely come to find you

-So don't be afraid, don't--

At the last sentence, her strength was exhausted, and the words became more and more blurred, and she could not finish the engraving.

There was a strange and sudden laugh in the cold and silent room, like crying like laughing, hoarse choking in the throat.

"Tick, tick."

Blood oozes from his fingers against the brow bone, and bright red runs across his face, dripping to the ground.

The world is extremely miserable, but few people are weeping and weeping.

A lunatic who no one knows appeared on Zhong Ling Mountain. He would run down the mountain madly in the daytime. When he saw a woman in a white dress, he would follow behind him, and kept chanting: "Master, Master..."

In the evening, he would change into a white coat and return to the mountain, muttering to a broken body like a devil.


The crowd couldn't beat him, they saw him far behind the white-clothed woman, and didn't make any deeds, so they no longer care about him, just treat him as a madman, and as a chattering after dinner.

"Tsk tusk, the mighty demon king is crazy, really ridiculous."

"It's not that there are too many people who have been wronged and got retribution."

Listening to other people's comments, a disciple looked at Fan Yanzhi who was sitting next to him in a wheelchair, and asked in a low voice: "Gu master material is like a god, and Yin Xun is really as you said, completely collapsed."

After several failures, Fan Yanzhi and others found that the power of righteous way was not enough to get rid of Yin Xun, so they united the people of Moyuan. After all, not all demons are willing to admit Yin Xun as king, and he has half righteousness. blood.

It is neither righteous nor evil, nor human nor demons. Such a defective product is not a pity.

In the depths of the Demon Abyss, there is an eight-legged monster who is good at sculpting the body. Both the human body and the devil body are moldable, but if you want to be able to hold the soul, you must get the magic glaze to shape it. Shaped the body of Yosh.

People shaped by magic glaze can perfectly replicate everything, including appearance, voice and attitude, but it has two great shortcomings. One is burning soul, if the body is to act, it will consume the soul, and the other is that the body container is worn out. When it's dead.

In fact, You Xus body is already ready, but its hard to find a soul that resembles You Xu. Through deduction and calculation, Fan Yanzhi took more than ten years to find a barely matching one, and it happened that the person wanted to find Yin Xuns revenge. Even if it was only ten days, even if it would be dispelled, she still agreed.

Of course Fan Yanzhi didn't expect her to kill Yin Xun through Yu Xu's appearance. He waited for his body to wear down.

Lost and regained and lost is enough to be the last straw to be overwhelmed and make Yin Xun collapse.

Fan Yanzhi looked at Yin Xun's madly leaving back, and said, "The time has come. We will wait for him at the foot of Zhong Ling Mountain in the evening."

Yin Xun was crazy in the morning, and he was sober in the evening. When the sun fell, he put on a white shirt, put it on his hair, and walked to Zhongling Mountain.

As far as the foot of the mountain, black magic energy gushed out of his palm, condensed into a long sword, and slew forward.

"Do you want to save her?" Fan Yanzhi said lightly without changing his face.

The blade stopped, Yin Xun stopped his hand as expected, and the eyes of the yin bird couldn't hide his hope, "How to save?"

The disciple beside Fan Yanzhi couldn't help being shocked, because what Yin Xun asked was not "Why do I believe you?", "You can save her?", "What can you do to save her?"

He only asked how to save.

It shows that he knew it was a trap, and for the sporadic expectations, even if the bottom was full of steel thorns, he did not hesitate to jump down.

That disciple couldn't help sighing, there is such a crazy person in the world.

Everything is expected, Fan Yanzhi said: "One life changes another life, the underworld has Tongyangjing, and there are other shore flowers, you can take her to find a chance, I will open the way to the underworld for you."

Those who pass the destiny can also pass through hell. They sacrifice their life and lose their bodies and souls, and do not enter into reincarnation.

This is the responsibility and ending of their family. He is the last one, and there is no chance for him.

Yin Xun went up the mountain to hug You Xu's body and said to Fan Yanzhi: "Start."

Fan Yanzhi drew a gate formation in the air, and then cursed himself, turning into a pool of blood and blending into the gate formation. In a flash, the space was distorted, and a pitch-black void appeared.

Yin Xun hugged Yuxu for a moment, and stepped directly into the pitch black hole.

After a while, the void disappeared.


The underworld is full of yellow sand, the wind howls, the sky is dark and low, and there is silent silence everywhere.

There is a dark river in front of it, without waves, and the plane is like a mirror.

Yin Xun walked to the river bank, there was no reflection on the river, countless dark and sullen faces appeared under the water, and he was extremely excited with his teeth and claws.

Just at this moment, a few ghosts with dull expressions floated from nowhere. Suddenly a wooden boat appeared by the river with a scrawny old woman sitting on the boat.

The ghosts got on the boat. The old woman with her head down noticed something. She turned her head and looked at Yin Xun. She had no eyes, no nose or mouth, but she could make a sound: "Living people cant ferry. , Otherwise a dead end......"

Her voice drifted away, and the boat disappeared.

Yin Xun lowered his head and glanced at the person in his arms, hugged her higher, then raised his feet into the river, and suddenly made a sound of "pepper" at his feet.

The water near him became darker and darker, and all the ghosts in the river rushed towards him, greedily tearing his flesh and sucking his blood and bones.

When he walked into the river, he had no flesh and blood below his knees, and when he reached the bank, there were only cold bones under his thighs.

He supported his body forcefully, hugged her tightly, and moved forward persistently.

The lifeless place was searching for the breath of all living things, not letting go of a single bit.

The howling wind rolled up the yellow sand, invisibly twisted into a sharp blade, and slashed on his body. Soon, blood stains appeared on his face and body, bright red blood blossoms, and blood-colored footprints were covered by the yellow sand.

The underworld is a place where past lives and present lives are connected. After he crossed the Styx, countless fragments of memory have emerged like a tide.

In order to go to the world alone, he is Duan Min;

In order to cut open the heart alone, he is Shen Jue;

To struggle for one person, he listens to the skill;

In order to cut his tail and make foam by himself, he was Yu Si;

In order to enclose the land alone, he is Yin Xun.

These people are all him, for this person, this person who loves is also Yu Xu.

It turns out that they have been in love for so long.

At this moment, she burst into more gaps like ceramics in her arms, turning into fine sand from her fingertips and falling down.

Yin Xun trembled, trying to catch the sand in a panic.

At the same time, a man in black appeared with a chain on his right wrist and a negative card in his left hand.

Yin Xun raised his eyes to look at him, and quickly asked, "Where are Tongyang Well and Bi'an Flower?"

Heiwuchang looked at him lightly: "There is no Sanshengshi Naihe Bridge here, let alone Tongyangjing and Bi'an Flower."

Yin Xun knelt down and bowed his head, begging: "Please save her."

"Living people shouldn't be here."

"I can't save her," Hei Wuchang said coldly, "I can't save you either."

More fine sand slipped from her clothes, Yin Xun's face turned pale, her body trembled, and her eyes flushed.

Soon, Yuxu was not human, turned into quicksand fell into the yellow sand, and the clothing quickly dried out.

Yin Xun grabbed the quicksand frantically, and the fine sand slipped from his fingers. Everything was in vain. He said in a dull voice, "You Xu, you said you will come back to me next time."

"do not forget."

"Don't lie to me..."

Before the words fell, his figure shattered and turned into powder and disappeared with the wind.

Everything returned to the yellow sand, as if the two had never appeared.

There are countless stories buried under this boundless yellow sand, how strange.

Hei Wuchang has no expression. When he lifted his fingertips, the chain on his wrist flew out, and the chain seemed to be unable to find its direction, making two bends, and returning to his hand.

Heiwuchang won't save people, and he didn't bother to appreciate the tragedy of life and death. He just came here to find his soul in business, but why not this time?

He clicked the yin card and made sure again that it was right here, so he had no choice but to pinch his fingers.

After a while.

"Oh, that's it."

"It's two gods crossing the catastrophe."

The black figure disappeared in the yin wind, the underworld was dead, and everything was as usual.

The author has something to say: the explanation in the next few chapters and the removal of the foreshadowing lines are almost the same, the real end is coming~

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