Im In A Shuraba Every Time I Open My Eyes Chapter 87

Chapter 84: Third Battlefield

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The situation suddenly became confusing.

Yu Rongjiang almost thought he had heard it wrong.

Others also thought their ears were wrong.

Suddenly, what was the feeling of the green grassland above your head?

Yu Rongjiang could even feel Bai Xiyue herding sheep on it.

"You better understand what you are talking about now."

Tan also didn't say anything, feeling that he was blown into a fool.

What's more exciting than witnessing the ex-girlfriend of the scumbag leaving without saying goodbye to the scene is probably that the ex-girlfriend and her husband are still there.

He reacted and felt that Bai Xiyue was crazy.

Is this not going to be mixed up?

[System]: The host... your behavior is equivalent to a passive confrontation task, and you will be forced to file back.

[Bai Xiyue]: Finally not dumb?

[System]: Host... Your behavior like this will only bring bad effects to yourself, and it is recommended that you stop this behavior.

[Bai Xiyue]: Since I am not dumb, tell me the answer to my previous question.

There was another messy voice in my mind, and the system was quietly hidden again.

A huge anxiety arose in Bai Xiyue's heart, as if she saw a towering mountain collapse in front of her.

Sweeping sand and dust, it seemed to be able to drown her.

No matter how these worlds change, she always believes that she is okay, but now she has a doubt.

It's not about yourself, but about this world.

The sound of the system reverberated in my mind, no longer flat without waves, but with a kind of anxiety.

[System]: Host, please don't ask any more, you are about to return to the file, please take the task seriously after you return to the file.

[Bai Xiyue]: My task is to break up with these five people when Rong Jiang is not blackened, but this will not solve the problem at all. Even if all hands are involved, will the things that should come come? To die sooner or later, the ending is the same.

The system gave her a reason to continue to indulge in this illusion, and a reason to escape to believe that she was true, but Bai Xiyue didn't want to bother.

She didn't know why the system concealed it, and she didn't know what the world was like, she just wanted to know an answer, a real answer.

[Bai Xiyue]: Tongzi, tell me, even if you are a badass, I will accept it.

The expression on Bai Xiyue's face was the same as before, with some casual smiles.

It seems to be calm and gentle, and doesn't care about anything.

[System]: I...

Where Bai Xiyue can't see, the system is anxiously waiting for a reply from the superior.

The waiting every minute and every second made it feel long, and the busy tone finally disappeared, and it couldn't wait to ask.

"Boss, what the **** is going on? My function seems to be malfunctioning."

"My host asked...how should I answer?"

And there was not the electronic sound it had touched before, but the voice of a group of people.

"There is a problem in Area S 07, which is suspected to be questioned. Do you take any forced measures?"

"This is part of our ratings. We can't give it up like this. There is also a guarantee for the data to be replayed and completed, and then processed by B."

"Okay, do it now, what about the 07 system?"

"Proceed with formatting and leave it to the next one."

"Okay, do it now."

What are they talking about?

The system is a bit at a loss.

"Who are you? The boss?"

No one responded to it.

"Aren't we a social harmony system? What are you talking about?"

The system is aware of a problem.

"Host...please don't ask any more, you are about to return to the file, please take the task seriously after you return to the file."

Maybe this can be saved?

Maybe it can?

The system felt that it was being pulled away, a little flustered.

"Host, something is wrong...we are not..."

Bai Xiyue heard a murmur in her mind, which was extremely harsh.

[Bai Xiyue]: Tongzi?

After the hustle and bustle in my mind stopped, it seemed that no sound could be heard.

The world in front of him was changing. Bai Xiyue watched everything fall apart and the ground began to collapse.

The world is crumbling and falling to pieces.

The falling world was reflected in Bai Xiyue's eyes, and the people around her gradually disappeared. She raised her hand and those things disappeared from her front like a phantom.

This undoubtedly confirmed her conjecture.

This is not a simple task at all.

The voice in my mind disappeared, as if it never existed.

There was a sharp pain in her mind, and Bai Xiyue plunged into darkness.

When Bai Xiyue opened her eyes again, it was pitch black in front of her.

Is it dark?


Bai Xiyue tried to shout that voice in her head, but no one responded.

Her heart slowly sank, and her mind was chaotic.

Calm... Be calm.

Bai Xiyue's fingers scratched in her palm anxiously, causing a slight pain.

It was so dark in front of me that I could not see the surroundings.

Bai Xiyue felt that she was probably lying down, and tried to get up and sit up.

The pulling force from her arm changed her face immediately.

She tried to move her foot, and she felt resistance.

She probably knows where it is, and will never forget it.

This is where her nightmare began.

A cramped place where no sunlight can be seen.

what's the problem? Is she back?

Did you just come back?

Is everything that happened before, is it just her imagination?

Had she never been saved?

Even if it's just a fake salvation?

Bai Xiyue didn't believe it.

She tried her best to remember the bits and pieces of her mission world, how could those memories still be fake.

She tried hard to call the system in her mind. But those voices were like falling to the sea, and there was no response at all.

Calm......Be sure to calm down.

Bai Xiyue took a deep breath, wouldn't it be better to come back... at least it's not an unknown situation.

"Pei Yuzhou!"

Bai Xiyue read the name, staring straight in one direction.

If this is the place she is familiar with, then the exit must be there.

The light suddenly brightened, and the stinging Bai Xiyue's eyes ached, and the water floated uncontrollably.

Bai Xiyue saw that familiar face, and he walked towards her step by step.


Pei Yuzhou smiled softly at her, looking at her with obsession.

Bai Xiyue felt a little bit cold, even disgusted.

No matter how good this person looks, she is as hideous as a ghost in her eyes.

He imprisoned her freedom on the grounds of love and imprisoned her in a cage that only he knew.

His love was like a thick, dark, sticky thing, wrapped around her body layer by layer, dragging her to **** together.

Pei Yuzhou unfastened the shackles on her hands and rubbed the red marks on her wrists, which seemed very considerate.

"Pei Yuzhou, will you let me go?"

Bai Xiyue's voice was a little tired, leaning against Pei Yuzhou's arms.

Bai Xiyue was a little tired.

This dog day world.

Pei Yuzhou just laughed and combed her long hair with his fingers.

He kissed the teardrops from her eyelashes and kissed the corner of her eye again.

"I only believed one thing after seeing you."

There is really such a person in the world, even if he is desperate for her, there is no way to come with her.

"But I believe that thing can be changed."

"no, you can not."

Bai Xiyue said softly, biting the person in front of her on the throat without hesitation.


Whether he is true or not.

It's impossible to have HE with Bingjiao in this life!

The author has something to say: I have finally written here, and the lines will be laid out a little bit later, although you may think that it is not like Su Shuangwen that everyone thinks...

Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! ^_^

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