Im In A Shuraba Every Time I Open My Eyes Chapter 88

Chapter 85: Third Battlefield

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Bai Xiyue tasted blood.

It was warm, filled with disgusting smell between her lips and teeth.

There was a moment of clarity in her eyes, and then turned deeper and harsher.

She has tried very hard to survive.

I work hard to change what I can change, just to survive.

And the world suddenly became unaware of true and false and became psychedelic.

She bit her mercilessly, her eyes fixed on the piece of skin in front of her.

Pei Yuzhou stiffened his body, but did not push Bai Xiyue away, his body slowly softened, enduring the pain.

He still patiently combed Bai Xiyue's hair, with a smile on his mouth.

As long as it is given by Bai Xiyue, even if it is painful, he will accept it all.

The place where Pei Yuzhou was bitten is bloody, Bai Xiyue is just an ordinary person after all, and does not have the ability to bite a persons throat like a beast.

She can't kill him.

"I hate you."

Bai Xiyue's voice was dumb and heard Pei Yuzhou's laughter.

"I know."

Pei Yuzhou held Bai Xiyue's hand, ignoring Bai Xiyue's wishes, and clasped her fingers.

"Even if you kill me, you can't escape from here."

Pei Yuzhou didn't mind his **** neck at all, and kissed the corner of Bai Xiyue's eye.

Here is the perfect cage he built for her.

No one will be able to find here for decades, no one will be able to find it.

Pei Yuzhou's lips were warm, but Bai Xiyue felt cold.

The coldness drilled along her bones and wrapped around her body.


too disgusting.

This morbid paranoid love without freedom.

Bai Xiyue opened her eyes and could almost imagine what she would become in the future.

I am numb and lose hope, and I feel cold after thinking about it.

Never live so long in the shadow of others.

When all the sharp edges and corners were removed by the study, they became obedient puppets attached to people, becoming dull and cowardly, pale and weak, Bai Xi Yueguang thought about it, and felt breathless.

In the beginning, she never thought about it.

But now, she really wanted to kill Pei Yuzhou, so she bit his throat and turned him into a lifeless corpse.

It seemed that such a system had never existed in her mind, as if all the tasks she had done before being rescued were just her long dreams.

But there is no illusion that it will be so real, so real that she can touch the body temperature of others, and so real that she can feel the pain of being killed.

But how could she suddenly be thrown back?

Even if it was just a game of misconduct, it shouldn't end in such a sloppy way, without a follow-up.

"What are you thinking?"

Pei Yuzhou looked at her red lips covered with blood, and looked at the flame that never extinguished in her eyes.

So lovely.

When Pei Yuzhou was about to kiss her, Bai Xiyue turned her head and let his lips rub her face.

Pei Yuzhou was not annoyed, so he kissed Bai Xiyue's face.

The stubbornness and affection in his eyes made Bai Xiyue's scalp numb.

Too much correctness is too much.

Bai Xiyue wanted people to love her, who didn't want someone to love herself wholeheartedly.

But the kind of love needed is moderate, not like this, like a heavy piece of iron, forcibly pressing on her body, making her breathless.

Why didn't Bai Xiyue know that pretending to be obedient and obedient could make herself less tortured, but she didn't want to.

Pei Yuzhou never tortured her when she was first locked in.

He just threw her into this dark and small environment, bound by limbs, facing the boundless loneliness.

Bai Xiyue felt that this was not love, it was torture.

She knew what Pei Yuzhou wanted to see, wanted to see her completely collapsed, wanted to see that she could not do without him, and regarded him as her only support.

Bai Xiyue endured it until she was in a trance.

Fortunately, that system suddenly appeared, allowing her to catch a breath.

Otherwise, she doesn't know when she will become what Pei Yuzhou wants.

"Yueyue, I love you."

Pei Yuzhou's voice rang in her ears, like a ghost.

This ghost kept talking love words in her ear, tirelessly, over and over again.

Sometimes when listening, Bai Xiyue would be brainwashed.

Bai Xiyue closed her eyes languidly, feeling Pei Yuzhou gently touching her face.

She was almost overwhelmed by a huge sense of powerlessness.

Trying hard to accomplish one thing, but no way to accomplish it.

Bai Xiyue was a little anxious and a little negative, and the mixture became an extremely complicated mood.

She did not want to see the world again.

I don't want to die like this, but I don't want to live like this either.

The air calmed down.

Bai Xiyue thought of the day when she said that she broke up. It was a very ordinary day, and the weather was not different from the usual. The things recorded before departure also felt lacklustre. At that time, she didnt know that she was on the verge of danger. It was an ordinary day in her life.

But when he stepped on it, the situation changed suddenly.

Bai Xiyue hated the feeling of self-pity, and also hated the helpless self now.

She wondered what kind of unknown she would go if she followed the road planned by the system.

If at the time the system was talking, it would go back and face all that according to the steps it gave, what would it look like now.

Bai Xiyue didn't know if she would regret it in the future, but she definitely won't now.

Abandon the false light and return to this dark day.

In this drowsy state, Bai Xiyue felt that she was falling continuously.

I opened my eyes again, but there was an off-white in front of me.

She sat up with her hands on her hands and looked around guardingly.

This is another unfamiliar environment.

"Pei Yuzhou?"

No one responded.

Bai Xiyue looked at her hands and legs, they were white and clean, without any trace of being restrained by shackles.

This should not be.

Did it appear in some strange place again?


Still no one answered.

Bai Xiyue pinched herself quietly, which was painful.

It was just with a pinch, Bai Xiyue realized that her clothes were different.

There was a mirror in the room, and Bai Xiyue walked over barefoot and saw herself in the mirror.

It's her, or rather, her face.

Bai Xiyue stretched out her hands and looked at the lines in her palm.

It's herself.

Bai Xiyue sat back on the bed, waiting for all the explanations.

After Bai Xiyue looked around the room, the silence was broken.

"Miss Bai, how is your rest?"

A crisp childish voice sounded in the room.

"Generally, who are you?"

Bai Xiyue looked around and spoke to the air.

"I am here."

The wall in front of me suddenly became a projection screen, and a cartoon little dinosaur appeared on it.

"I am your future system, you can call me KaKa."

The little green dinosaur flicked its tail, and a tender voice came from inside.

"I need an explanation."

"You have participated in our activities before, and we are also old friends."

"Who is an old friend with you."

Bai Xiyue twitched the corner of her mouth.

"What social harmony department do you belong to?"

"It can be said that we had a little trouble before, so we returned you to the original world. Now you can choose to continue doing the task."

The click sound was brisk.

"As long as you collect ten energy points, you can return to the original world. The previous world failure, we compensated for the energy points, and your current account balance is four points."

"What about my previous system?"

Bai Xiyue looked at the cartoon dragon on the screen.

"Something went wrong, maintenance is in progress."

"I want it, not you."

"Hey? My authority is higher than that. That's just a basic system."

"I want it."

Bai Xiyue repeated it.

"After it is repaired, you can be notified."

"If Ms. Bai is well rested, can she carry out the task?"

"I don't want to do the task, send me back."

Bai Xiyue stared at the dinosaur, his brain was running fast.

"We have signed a contract, and the task cannot be suspended until the task is completed."

The little dinosaur's tone was not as intimate as before, and his attitude became cold.

"That's okay, you are free, even if you put me in the mission world, I won't be able to do missions, and it's a big deal that you can get back infinite.

"Miss Bai, if you don't cooperate like this, it will be mentally injured, and it is very likely that you will enter an extreme state and cause mental illness."

"It doesn't matter."

Anyway, it's not far from madness.

She couldn't wait to commit suicide with Pei Yuzhou.

No, she hoped that Pei Yuzhou would take her own dog.

Bai Xiyues current attitude is that its nothing to do with me.

She just wanted to see what kind of medicine was selling in these ghost gourds, for a while, and for a while.

"Miss Bai, you can go back after finishing the task. We will rescue you as we said before and give you a sum of money. Don't you want this anymore?"

"I don't want to."

There was no fluctuation in Bai Xiyue's heart, and even wanted to rap.

Bai Xiyue calmly took the initiative in her hands and looked at the other party's intentions.

"But what good is this for you?"

"I'm happy."

"Where do you really want to go back? According to our estimation, you may be killed by Pei Yuzhou in a few days. Then, there will be no chance of regret."

"Huh? Then?"

Bai Xiyue even showed an interesting smile on the face, looking invulnerable, not eating soft or hard.

KaKa was silent for a while, as if thinking.

"Could it be that you can't let me do the task when I die?"

Bai Xiyue sneered, looking indifferent.

"Yes, when your vital characteristics die, we can't save you, so you have to seize the opportunity."

"That's not bad, at least you don't have to worry about being arrested as a labor force if you die."

Bai Xiyue breathed a sigh of relief, and was not afraid.

Ka Ka was taken aback, only to find that he was being talked about.

"Miss Bai, can I ask the reason? I think human beings should be very pitiful."

"Do you know what the greatest weapon of mankind is?"

Bai Xiyue blinked.


"No," Bai Xiyue shook her head, "It's the determination to go all out."

If you don't have any money, you can forget your life.

Even the weakest person can burst out of strength.

"I want to listen to the truth."

Bai Xiyue looked at the little green dinosaur.

What is the conspiracy about all this?

The author has something to say: "Do you know what the greatest weapon of mankind is?"

"It's the determination to go all out."

-Isaka Kotaro

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