I’m Really A Superstar Chapter 1694

Chapter 1694 Premiere Day

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More than half a month later.

On the eve of the premiere.

Back in China, it was extremely busy at Zhang Ye’s Studio.

The showtimes in the various countries were being aggregated here at the office.

America: 4.5%

England: 6.4%

Japan: 3%

Korea: 3.1%

France: 3.8%

China: 32.6%

The Chinese first-day screening rate went as high as 30%, and this was for an animated film that most people were not optimistic about. In the entire film industry, it was perhaps only Zhang Ye who commanded such influence and had such great appeal. When everyone saw this, they couldn’t help but feel terrified. But upon thinking about it, no one was particularly surprised either. It was Zhang Ye’s home field, after all. Now that Zhang Ye was getting besieged by the Hollywood directors, it would be quite unacceptable if they didn’t give their support and help one of their own. As for the overseas screening rates, there wasn’t really much that Zhang Ye could do about them. The average overseas screening rate was not very high and could only be described as minimal. One could also say that it was a rate at which the theaters of the various countries were testing the market with. Although Star Moon Animation Studios had been bought out, its business relations still existed, and the company’s deals and contracts were still in effect. If one considered that this was an animated film, and even a Chinese-directed animated film at that, this screening rate would be regarded as very high. At least compared to Wolf Warrior 2’s screening rate of 0.x% in the various countries around the world, it was already much, much higher.

Little Wang said dejectedly, “That’s such a low screening rate.”

Zhang Zuo sighed. “We’ve already lost at the starting line.”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “We can still make it.”

Ha Qiqi said, “I think it isn’t too bad either. Fortunately for us, we’re making a Hollywood movie this time. Otherwise, the overseas screening rate in North America and other markets would be close to zero. This was also the main reason why Boss Qian acquired a Hollywood studio. At the very least, the screening rate wouldn’t be too low. What we needed was a chance, a chance to use Hollywood as a springboard to move towards the global stage.”

Zhang Ye asked, “Is everything ready?”

“Everything is prepared.” Ha Qiqi nodded.

Tong Fu asked, “Director Zhang, are we not going to hold a premiere ceremony this time?”

Zhang Ye shook his head and said with a smile, “There’s no need. It’s too troublesome.”

Little Wang said anxiously, “Why do I feel so nervous now?”

“Who doesn’t?” Little Zhou was getting restless. “The movie will be premiering tomorrow!”

Zhang Zuo said, “This movie will really determine the success or failure of our careers. Director Zhang, I still feel that you shouldn’t have made that bet with them back then.”

Ha Qiqi said, “There are both pros and cons to making this bet. But it’s pointless talking about that anymore. Let’s all give it a final push. This is our most important battle to date. If we lose, we’ll have to leave Hollywood, and Director Zhang won’t have any hope of getting to the top of the international entertainment circle in his lifetime. If we can still win in the face of such adversity, then we’ll win both fame and fortune and can even completely branch out to open up a path towards the international entertainment circle.”

With that being said, everyone could understand the justification.

But the problem now was, could they really win?

If they won, then everything would be fine.

But if they lost, they would fall off the altar.

For a celebrity, this was as good as a “life-or-death” agreement.


At the Directors Guild.

“The screening rate is so low?”

“Haha, that’s how it should be.”

“The Chinese man really won’t be able to turn this around.”

“It’s just an animated film. What kind of screening rate are you expecting?”

“I’m also waiting for tomorrow to see what sort of a movie he can bring out.”

“The production cost of 200 million dollars will definitely go up in smoke.”

“Tomorrow will be the day that Zhang Ye officially leaves Hollywood.”

“Hehe, I can’t wait for it.”

“I’m already looking forward to seeing the look on Zhang Ye’s face.”

“How dare he bet against us veteran Hollywood directors? He’s too full of himself!”


“Frozen will be in the theaters soon.”

“Do you want to watch it?”

“I’m not really looking forward to it. Most animated films aren’t that good.”

“The trailer looks quite good though.”

“I’ll wait for the reviews first.”

“Zhang Ye is in a very dangerous position. If he can emerge as the winner from such circumstances, I’ll admire him. Actually, I quite like this Chinese celebrity.”

“This guy is a little different from the other celebrities. He’s pretty interesting.”

“Yeah, he’s the only person in international showbiz who would dare to accept a lost bet!”


“Zhang Ye’s new movie is premiering.”

“We already know. They’ve been advertising it for a long time.”

“How many people will go and watch it?”

“Who knows? In any case, I won’t be one of them.”

“I’m still looking forward to it a lot. Who knows if Zhang Ye can dramatically turn things around this time?”

“That’s impossible. Wilson’s new movie has already earned over 700 million USD at the box office.”

“But…he’s Zhang Ye. Honestly, have any of you seen him lose before?”




“The final showdown is happening soon!”

“Victory will be decided tomorrow!”

“Haha, this fellow will finally be chased out of the international entertainment industry. Without Hollywood as a platform, it is as good as losing the qualifications to be in the international entertainment industry.”

“Will it really go that smoothly?”

“Huh? Why do you say that?”

“I saw a Japanese netizen’s comment just now and became doubtful.”

“What did the Japanese netizen say?”

“He asked if we’ve ever seen Zhang Ye lose before.”


“It seems like—yeah, he really hasn’t lost before.”


On Weibo.

“Brothers! Sisters!”

“Face-smacking Zhang’s new movie is about to get released!”

“Everyone, get ready! It’s time to start booking the tickets!”

“Need you bring it up? I’ve already booked mine!”

“Haha, I’ve already booked tickets for my entire family.”

“Me too, I’m going to bring my children to watch the movie.”

“Although I’ve never been much of a fan of animated films, I’ll have to watch this one since it’s made by Zhang Ye. This is because none of Zhang Ye’s work has ever disappointed me before!”

“That’s right! Face-smacking Zhang might be quite hated at times, but in this critical moment, we should still support one of our own. Chinese showbiz is too messy, and there’s too much infighting. Only Zhang Ye dares to pick a fight with people on the outside. Now that he’s motherfucking fought his way to Hollywood, if we don’t support him now, then when? Ignoring how it performs at foreign box offices, we must make sure that the box office earnings in China aren’t bad. We have to let Zhang Ye know that we’re standing with him!”

“Well said!”

“I’m willing to do everything I can to help Zhang Ye fight Hollywood!”

“It’s time for Zhang Ye’s fan club to come together to get something done!”

“Is there anyone willing to help Teacher Zhang reverse his possible defeat?”

“Even if I know that we can’t win, we still must lose with pride!”

“Here comes Sister Zhang’s fan club! Count us in!”

“Sister Lan’s fan club reporting in to assist! Teacher Zhang has done quite a few favors for Sister Lan, so thank you for that. It’s time we repaid our debts. Isn’t it just a few movie tickets? We can still afford that!”

With a day left until the premiere.

A global storm started brewing.

The media.


The industry.

The people.

At this very moment, everyone’s attention had turned to Zhang Ye and his new movie, Frozen. The final battle was right about to begin!

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