Im Really Not Targeting The Mages Chapter 270

Chapter 246: The Back Door Of Yufeng Nest

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"This vest can actually be made."

"After all..."

"I'm still a tailor with a true roots!"

Roger held the drawing in the palm of his hand like a treasure, and concentrated on reading it quickly.

Not long.

On the data bar.


"Tailor: You have mastered the method of making the'soldier vest'"


"Soldiers Vest (list of materials):

1. Complete animal skins (most animals are acceptable, but the size is required to be medium and large)

2. High-quality cotton and linen thread (at least 1 roll)

3. Real dragon body fluids (dragon marrow, dragon jelly, dragon blood...)

4. The phoenix feathers of the Harpy (8


See here.

Roger couldn't help but frown.

He has plenty of other materials, but this Feng Yu...

"Why is it a harpy again?"

"Could it be that the "infinite stacking" feature was bestowed by the banshee's Feng Yu? "

Roger was puzzled.

The Feng Yu he had on hand was basically used on the tinder bag.

Fortunately, the Mystra sisters were quite clean even though they were killed by him.

But this is Quinan!

In the western continent.

Harpy is a very common monster.

In Roger's memory, there are more than a dozen harpy lairs in the south!

The number of hidden banshees is very large.

Especially the three big lairs in the country of the jungle!

The number of good sisters started at 10,000!

Thought of this.

Roger couldn't help but heat up.

"Soldier vest" he must do.

Not only do.

And do it hard!

May I ask who would think that the defense is too high?

As for Roger.

After reading the attributes, he silently set a small goal in his heart-

Stack it 10,000 pieces first!


Now that the forging personality has reached the upper limit before upgrading.

Roger decided to let go of the remaining evil sentinels.

These days.

He appeared in the Great Rift Valley. Although he was mainly hunting down evil spirit sentries, he did not forget to inquire about the situation on the main battlefield.

As far as he knows.

At the end of the Great Rift Valley is the entrance to the main gate of the "Jade Phoenix Nest" site.


The jackals garrisoned hundreds of thousands.

And there are troops of other races recruited by the Nightmare Dragon to help out.

This was just a tie with the Drovas camp.

In fact.

Had it not been for the dragon of nightmare to use the evil spirits to drag the sentinel's hind legs frantically, the gnoll kingdom would have been flattened by Turing's sentry army!


It may be afraid of the possession of evil spirits.

The remaining normal sentries are kept behind closed doors in the base at the entrance of the Rift under the leadership of the "Sentinel King".

Due to the intricate topography of the Great Rift Valley and the structure involving several layers above and below.

The two sides entered a chaotic and long guerrilla battle.

This melee is Roger's favorite rhythm.

It is also by virtue of this general trend.

He had the opportunity to clean up the evil spirit sentry.

He originally wanted to get some more good wolves.

However, the fairy in the fog is so urging.

After several trade-offs.

Roger decided to go to Yufeng Nest first.

In the unlikely event that the obsession of the God of the Mist really can't bear it, it would be a troublesome thing to let the dragon of nightmare obtain the treasure of the ancient ancestors.

Although he is sure to kill the opponent.

But for an old Yinbi like the Dragon of Nightmare, if he wants to escape, Roger has nothing to do.

It is the best policy to attack him when he is involved in Yufengchao's energy.

At the moment he cleaned up a bit and set off again.


Half a day later.

Under the guidance of Ya.

Roger successfully passed through the high-rise areas of the Great Rift Valley.

There are a total of 7 large camps of elite gnolls stationed here.

Five steps, one post, ten steps and one guard, the guards are tight.

But Roger's passing skills are too overbearing:

Stealth (200), hiding (541), earth escape, stealth...

Have these abilities in hand.

Roger thought that even if his grandma came to play, he could easily pass the level.

to him.

The most severe challenge experienced in this area is no more than passing by the camp of "Gallen Elite" several times without entering...

That is the most precious fragment of agility!

He almost couldn't hold back the knife several times.

But for the sake of the big picture.

He held back.

After a little half a day.

Roger successfully bypassed the two broken and ancient stone pillars.

Arrived in a vast underground space!


"Hint: You found the'Jade Phoenix Nest'"


Standing on a raised platform.

Roger looked down cautiously.

The first thing that catches your eye is a thick tail!

The deep purple scales are densely clinging to the dragon skin, and even though they are not close, they can feel the majesty of the superior person hidden in the darkness.

The tail stretched out from the endless darkness.

Layers upon layers entangled an indeterminate pillar.

The pillar stretched up endlessly.

With Roger's real vision, we can't see its end! Remember "m." in one second on the mobile phone to provide you with wonderful \ novel reading.

Perception told him.

The real "Jade Phoenix Nest" is built on top of this pillar!


"The God of the Mist said that the north wind holds the gate of Yufeng's Nest firmly, and no one can approach there."

"But he opened a back door for us."

"Just below that pillar..."

Ya's voice brushed Roger's heart like a gurgling stream.

At the moment, wearing the "Master Assassin's Nightwalker", he hid his figure and stepped off the platform, and tiptoed to the vicinity of a fissure glowing with fire.

From time to time, flames emerged from the crack.

It is also extremely tight.

The narrowest place allows only one person's head to pass through.

More troublesome is.

The special soil quality here seems to be related to the great formation of the jade and phoenix nest, and such methods as "earth escape" and "flashing dagger" cannot be used!

The God of the Mist plans to create a mist here.

Then let Ya use the power of the fairy in the mist to bring Roger over.

But Roger decisively refused.

"It's too close to the tail of the Nightmare Dragon. It's too dangerous to create fog!"

"It's okay."

"I can get through!"


Roger lowered his body and pressed his head vigorously against the crack.

Next second.

Everywhere on his body became soft and collapsed.

Immediately after.

The part below his neck seemed to have turned into a mollusk, and it squirmed quickly!


"Reminder: Your specialty "Liquid Animal" is in effect..."


"This is all here!"


In the heart of Ya marveled.

Roger was stunned by rubbing his head over the crack, and came to the deeper part of the Yufeng Nest site!

In the narrow gap.

He perceives it for a while.

There are two forces that cover a very wide range.

One of them came from Yufeng Nest's mountain guarding formation;

And the other one naturally comes from the dragon of nightmare.

Arrived at this place.

Roger can only climb honestly.

After half an hour.

He got out of the small crack, and then swam into a warm underground river.

According to Ya.

Follow this underground river upstream.

You can reach the back door of Yufeng Nest.

"The layout here is a bit similar to Qingquanzong's separate dojo."

When swimming in the underground river.

Roger couldn't help but his thoughts flew:

"Speaking of which, Ah Ba is still waiting for me to go back and restart..."

"Hey, there are too many to-dos. When you get back to Mystra, you must go to him first."

"And the piano..."

Swimming around.

There were more and more thoughts in his mind, and his thoughts gradually became a mess.

His thinking froze uncontrollably.

The movements of flapping his limbs also became extremely slow.

Next second.

A strong heart palpitations slammed--

It seemed that someone was about to pull his soul out of his body.

But this feeling lasted less than 0.01 seconds!

Two wonderful air currents, one cold and one hot, rolled over his body from the top of his head and his chest respectively.

Roger woke up suddenly!


He subconsciously flopped in the river for a while.

On the data bar.


"Warning: You have encountered the'Nightmare Realm'"


"Hint: 100% of your fear resistance is in effect..."


"Reminder: Your specialty "Aura out of Aura" is in effect..." The fastest terminal https://m..c/o/m


"Reminder: "Queen's Right Hand" is in effect..."


"You are exempt from the passive effect of the Nightmare Realm"


See here.

He let out a long breath.

The strength of the Nightmare Dragon really should not be underestimated.

Judging from the power displayed in this nightmare field, his relevant personality is at least 0.8 or more!

This fellow is indeed a real senior upgrader!

Fortunately, he has enough cards--

The nightmare realm naturally has its own fear effect, but it is a pity that Roger is immune to fear.

The speciality of Yuanshen Out of Aperture actually had the effect of fighting against the Nightmare Realm, which Roger did not expect.

The heat flow just now should have been produced by this expertise.

As for "Queen's right hand."

As the land spokesperson of the Sea Snake Queen, Roger's magic badge naturally comes with additional resistance blessings, and it is not surprising that it can resist nightmares.

despite this.

The 0.01 second loss of control also sounded the alarm in Roger's heart.

The Dragon of Nightmare is definitely the strongest opponent he has encountered in his life!

Its heyday is definitely better than Weilan!

Even if it is injured, be very careful!


Right now Roger found a shoal, took out the "Sage's Book" and read it for a while, and after a wave of concentration, he went on the road again.

Under the blessing of high concentration.

The second half of the journey went smoothly.

Roger found a lot of broken Yuyao porcelain at the bottom of the underground river.

Their styles are very similar to those in the Qingquanzong secret library.

This made Roger couldn't help but doubt the relationship between Qing Quanzong and Yufengchao. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

About 20 minutes later.

Roger went ashore from the underground river and came to an open river beach.

Wang Qi technique shows.

There are monsters in the cave far away!

At the moment, he converged, and was about to go around to the back door of Yufeng's Nest.

Who knows at this time.

His temples jumped suddenly and violently!


"Sixth sense: You perceive that the piece of Yuyao porcelain buried under the river beach ahead is a bit unusual."



Roger tiptoed forward a few steps, then dug out a cylinder made of Yuyao porcelain from the river beach.

"It looks like a pen holder."

He reached in.

But this pen holder seems to be bottomless.

Roger squeezed his entire arm in, but he couldn't touch the end!

Wang Qi technique shows.

This is a "wonderful thing"!

If you want to understand its usefulness, you need 4 years of coherence!

This long flirting time is really speechless.

What's more, Roger is in the same tune with "Zhen Wu Jade Pei" every day, how can he double-heartedly?

So he temporarily threw the pen holder to Sandy.

After doing all this.

He just noticed.

There is a piece of "Martial Arts Jade Slip" buried under the pen holder.


"Transmitting sound into secret (advanced martial arts jade slip): You can transmit specific sounds to specific people's ears from far away."


"this is not bad."

Roger collected the jade slip beautifully:

"The back door of Yufeng's Nest is like this. How good is it?"

At this moment.

in the dark.

A strange monster came over.


"Hint: You have encountered the'cat face murloc'"


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