Im Really Not Targeting The Mages Chapter 271

Chapter 247: Faye Is Myself?

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It was an extremely weird monster.

Its basic appearance is similar to ordinary murlocs.

But a cat face is too long.

It makes people feel straightforward!

in the dark.

Roger lay down on the spot and slowly launched "Hide"!

The cat-faced murloc sniffed the air suspiciously, and walked over to the river beach unhurriedly.

It seemed to perceive a slight abnormality.

But in front of Roger's hiding at 541 points.

It didn't even find the root hair.

In the end, he could only leave angrily.

Roger calmly observed the movements of the cat-faced murlocs in the cave.

The reason for not making a move.

It is because these monsters are displayed as "Nightmare Templates" on the Wang Qi technique!

This means that they are purely monsters created by the Nightmare Dragon.

Considering that this is the back door of Yufeng's Nest.

The significance of these monsters is obvious-they are the eyes and ears of the nightmare dragon!

Once Roger started.

It is possible to alarm the dragon deity of Nightmare.

During the introduction, the two parties inevitably fought hastily, which did not conform to Roger's style of planning and moving.

At the moment, he used stealth and other skills to cleverly bypass the "cat-faced murloc" site and came under a step.


On the steps.

A tall figure is walking back and forth.

These creatures named "Half Sheep" are also nightmare templates.

Roger held his breath, tried his best, and finally quietly escaped from the loopholes of the half-goats and reached the highest point of the steps.


Roger saw a deserted underground square.

The square is paved with a single piece of flawless jade.

At its end stood a small stone pillar, and Ya told him from her heart that she could enter the real "Jade Phoenix Nest" by touching the stone pillar with both hands.

Roger was upset, but he didn't immediately relax.

He walked slowly around the square.


He found another group of nightmare creatures lurking in the dark--

It was a group of monsters named "Ghost".

The level of these shadows is high and scary-LV90 per capita!

On their claws lurking in the dark, Roger saw a powerful lethality.

He didn't doubt the fighting ability of these shadows at all.

Once entangled by them.

Roger is probably going to use the money in the poker pool!

more importantly.

These shadows have very strong perception abilities, and they can freely enter and leave the shadow world and the main material world.

This made Roger's plan of sneaking through the shadow world also failed.

Roger tentatively moved closer.

Immediately two shadows flew over keenly.

Scared Roger hurriedly started hiding.

Those two death-like shadows swiftly passed over his head, after all, he could not find Roger.

In the next half an hour.

Roger tried different angles.

But every time I was almost realized by the shadows.

If it hadn't been for his hiding skills to be too abnormal, I'm afraid the two sides would have already fought fiercely.

Rao is so.

Roger could also clearly feel that the shadow lurking near the square became restless.

Their intelligence may not be high.

But the intuition is terrible.

They may sense that a creature is approaching.

The longer time dragged on.

The higher the probability of being watched by the Nightmare Dragon here!

Thought of this.

Roger couldn't help but feel a little anxious:

"I have to find someone to attract attention so I can break through the past."

"Sandy can't do it, this guy will definitely give it to him for nothing."

"You have to find someone who can fight, resist and run..."

In addition to the above conditions.

Because ordinary characters can't attract all the shadows' attention.

So Roger had to find a guy who was strong enough.

After much deliberation, it seems that I can only turn to the Sea Snake Church.

He had just pressed the magic badge in his palm, and suddenly such a line of information flashed on the data bar.


"Friendly Cooperation Agreement: Your friendly partner'Sensonia''s fear personality exceeds 0.5, and the upgrade succeeded!"


Sonia Frightened Clan Great Devil LV103/Lord Template/Fear Person 0.53


"The queen gave her the personality of the mother of innocence?"

Roger's eyes lit up.

He suddenly had a perfect plan.

At the moment, he slowly retreated to the junction of the square and the steps.

This place happens to be the area where "Half Sheep Man" and "Ghost Shadow" do not care.

He quietly placed a "Servant Summoning Scroll" here.

Sensonia is not his servant.

But under the terms of "free service".

She couldn't refuse Roger's call.

After some preparations.

Roger put on "Shadow Boots."

Then the ability attached to the boots was activated.

Next second.

His figure slowly disappeared in place.


"Hint: You have entered the Shadow Realm. Within 60 seconds, you can use the "Shadow Springboard" any number of times."


And at the moment Roger escaped into the shadow world.

He used his hands and feet to activate the re-summoning scroll!

Accompanied by the black fire of purgatory burning.

The ascended breath from the devil lord suddenly descended on the square!

that moment.

All the shadows have been attracted!

Although Sensonia is likely to be the shame of the promoted, the personality is there-in comparison, even if there is a little movement in the shadow world, it is subconsciously ignored by the shadows.




Roger stepped on the tight "Shadow Springboard" one foot after another.

As if a bolt of lightning shuttled between the shadow world and the main material world!

in a blink.

He traversed the entire square and came to the stone pillar!

next moment.

He pressed his hands on the stone pillar, and was distracted to cancel the "Re-Summoning Scroll" with the power of the contractor!


The black fire on the scroll disappeared.

Before Sensonia's figure arrived, she was driven away by another powerful repulsive force!


Roger excitedly felt the powerful attraction from the stone pillar.

At this moment.

A turbulent black spear came from unknown and pierced Roger's heart fiercely!

"Bug...Go to death!"

The voice sounded furious.

The intense pain swept through Roger's body.

On the data bar.


"Hint: You were killed by the'Dragon of the Nightmare'"


"100% toughness is in effect, you have entered a near-death state"


Next second.

The light was blazing on the stone pillar.

That powerful attraction sucked in Roger's corpse and the black spear together!

The shadows flew over in hindsight.

But it's too late.

In the open underground world.

Suddenly there was an extremely angry dragon howl!

Immediately after.

It was a massive earthquake!

A large-scale collapse occurred near the Great Rift Valley.

For a time.

There was chaos underground.


"Hint: You have entered the'Jade Phoenix Nest'"



Roger casually pulled the black spear out of his body.

Hot and humid blood splashed his face.

Although it hurts.

But fortunately he is used to it.

Under the effect of the rapid resurrection, his body is getting rid of the dying state at a very fast speed, and slowly recovering the value of life.

He poured a few bottles of medicine in his hand, and then examined the spear in his hand with satisfaction.

This black spear is the "bone spur" of the Nightmare Dragon. It not only has strong penetrating power, but also has the personal power of the nightmare realm.

Because of this.

The relationship between this spear and the nightmare dragon is extraordinary.

Roger had long guessed that this old Yinbi would take action when he walked through the back door.

So at the moment the spear appeared, he hesitated.

Finally chose to take the blow.

The purpose is to get this spear!


He has the opportunity to lock the opponent's position through the ultimate hunter and divination!

In general.

Use the chance of a quick resurrection to get into the Jade Phoenix Nest.

This deal did not suffer.

The dragon of nightmare stayed outside for 500 years and couldn't get in.

I chuckled and came in.

Roger would think it was fraud if he didn't pay a price!



A cold voice rang in his ears:

"You came"

"I can rest in peace."

"I will leave it to you next. A new generation of "Jade Phoenix" will soon be born from the Ash Field. Don't let the North Wind get it! "

Having said that.

Before Roger looked up.

Such a reminder came from the data bar.


"Insight: You perceive that the obsession of the **** of mist has dissipated."


"Vision: The kingdom of the **** of mist has collapsed... the mist in the misty mountains has disappeared..."


"Hint: You have gained control of the'Jade Phoenix Array'"


"and many more!"

Roger got up from the ground with a carp.

It's a pity that he raised his eyes and didn't even see a ghost!

If it weren't for the dialogue records on the data bar, Roger would think he had auditory hallucinations!

"This is too sudden..."

"At least two more explanations!"

Roger scratched his head with a terrible headache.

But he also understood.

The support of that obsession has been very difficult now. Its consciousness is very thin and weak, and its behavior is almost instinctive, and it is reasonable when it dissipates.

Fortunately, he still has Ya.

The obsession of the God of Mist told her some information about Yufeng's Nest when he had contact with her before.

Led by the fairy in the mist.

Roger successfully passed through the rocky forest near the back door and came to a vast and desolate space.

This is Yufeng's Nest.


The layout and environment here are very different from Roger's imagination.

In his fantasy.

As a blessed place for gas refiners, the specifications of Yufeng Nest should be at least the same level as "Xianpeng Shuifu", right?

but it is not the truth.

Roger took a somersault cloud and flew up to the sky to overlook, and found that the entire Yufeng Nest was a desolate red clay basin!

Except for the "Phoenix Forest" in the northeast corner.

The rest is composed of shocking red and black colors!

Traces of cracks can be seen everywhere on the ground.

If you add more sulfur and magma.

Roger at a certain level who said it was "the abyss" would believe it!


"The God of the Mist told me that the most precious treasure of the Jade Phoenix Nest is in the "Ember Field", which is what the Dragon of Nightmare has always wanted. "

"But before that, you'd better go to the "Phoenix Forest". "

Ya tried to repeat the bit by bit that obsession gave.

Roger nodded.

He immediately hurried to the direction of Phoenix Forest.

After having the authority of Yufeng Great Array.

Roger can come and go here without hindrance, so it didn't take long before he arrived at his destination.

It was a strange forest covering an area of nearly a thousand acres.

Every poinciana tree in the forest is in full bloom.

Once approached.

The fire cloud of flowers was reflected in Roger's eyes.

He wandered outside the Phoenix Forest for a while.

Then follow the perception slowly.

It didn't take long.

Roger saw an antique bamboo building~wuxiaworld.online~The bamboo building has no doors on all sides.

But there are windows open.

After confirming that there was no danger inside, he jumped in directly from the window.

Bundles of bamboo books are placed on the first floor of the bamboo building.

Roger picked up one of the bundles and opened it, and found some incomparably complicated spells written on it in black ink.

Haven't waited for him to be careful

Surprising news came unexpectedly.


"You got a new job: Master Yufeng"


"Yufeng Mage career options: 1. Part-time job 2. Advanced 3. Expansion module 4. Give up"


"and many more!"

"Why are the options for expansion modules lit?"

"Isn't the expansion slot stipulated that it cannot be used for the mage profession?"

Roger was taken aback.

Soon he slapped his head and opened another translation of "Master Yufeng".


"Phoenix Cao: a profession that grows together with the mythical creature "Jade Phoenix"


"This translation... or Master Yufeng!"

After simply figuring out the basic mechanism of Master Yufeng.

Roger knew.

My own expansion slot must be handed over.

He thought so.

I chose 3.

On the data bar.


"Reminder: "Master of Jade Phoenix" has been included in your expansion module system"


"You have achieved a new milestone-Faye is actually myself. Click to view the content."


"You do not meet the prerequisites of'Jade Phoenix Master' for the time being, and the expansion content is being delayed..."


"The prerequisites are as follows:

1. Have a newborn "Jade Phoenix"

2. Master the skill "Blowpipe" proficiently click to view the content"


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