Im Really Not Targeting The Mages Chapter 273

Chapter 248: Intestine War

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"This prerequisite is a bit outrageous..."

Roger shook his head silently in his heart.

He doesn't know how to play.

Second, there is no Yufeng.

It seems that the specific content of this extended career will take some time.

But in the process.

He also roughly learned some of the characteristics of Master Yufeng.

In fact, this profession is very similar to the contract division, relying on life entities other than oneself to provide combat strength guarantee.

The difference is:

The contractor is like opening the harem, basically one-to-many.

And Master Yufeng must be one to one.

Every jade phoenix is a proud mythical creature.

They are very possessive.

Basically, the second mythical creature will not be allowed to appear next to Master Yufeng.

of course.

Yufeng is also worthy of this pride.

They are natural wizards and possess the strongest magic talents in the entire multiverse-this is far superior to the true dragons of the legal system that are also mythical creatures.

Yufeng who has grown up is said to be invincible.

But the embarrassment lies.

Even in the history of Yufeng's Nest, Yufeng who was able to enter its heyday alive was counted by one hand.

The reason is also very simple.

Yufeng needs a lot of meat food and long sleep time to grow up.

Both eat and sleep.

These are actually two contradictory requirements-if you sleep too much, you don't have much time to hunt; you often hunt and you don't have time to fall asleep.

And according to the introduction of the preloaded content of the expansion module.

Roger learned that most of Yufeng died in dreams, and that he starved to death--

The young Yufeng was very lethargic.

Even when hunting, they would fall asleep unknowingly...

Although in order to cope with this fatal flaw, the Yufeng clan evolved an immortal personality and was born with the expertise of Nirvana.

But the Yufengs in their childhood and growth period still lived very hard.

And in the long history of Yufeng's evolution.

Some well-thought-out Yufeng found that cooperating with other creatures is a promising way!

So Master Yufeng came into being.

They are responsible for providing meat and shelter during Yufeng's infancy and growth period, in exchange for the longevity status and various incredible talents and magical powers given by Yufeng.

It can be said.

The strength of Master Yufeng depends entirely on the strength of the Yufeng that you raise.

"It smells like Pokmon."

The identity of the longevity species did not appeal to Roger.

But as a senior player.

The mythical creature is something he would never miss!

To know.

The rarity of mythological templates is still higher than that of hero templates.

This means that this biological potential is endless.

in summary.

Roger felt that he and Master Yufeng still fit in this profession quite well.

on the one hand.

Yufeng can bring him a spell ability that is not low in expectations.

on the other hand.

What Yufeng needs most is exactly what Roger lacks the most--

Isn't it just meat?

At least half of the tinder bag storage compartment is unsold monster meat.

He doesn't believe that Yufeng eats faster than kills himself!


After a while.

Roger jumped out of the bamboo building.

Except for the bamboo book.

He could not understand a word of the rest of the bamboo books, but this did not prevent Roger from washing the place away.

Immediately after.

He continued to explore the depths of the Phoenix Forest.

It took about 5 minutes to walk.

A black and green bamboo building appeared in front.

This bamboo building is higher than the previous one and is divided into two floors.

The bamboo house is still nowhere and nowhere.

Only the windows are open.

Outside this bamboo building, there is an introductory stone stele. There are words on the stele, and it is a common language


Ziqilou: Martial artists or gas refiners passing by here can go upstairs and hit luck.

Or blessings are not known.

The rules are as follows:

Martial arts masters or advanced gas refiners can go to the second floor.

Ordinary martial artists or gas refiners can enter the first floor


After reading through.

Roger thought secretly:

"I have the milestone of a grand master at any rate, and I am also the master of Qingquan Sect. How can I be considered a martial arts master?

"Even if you have good luck, it should be better on the second floor!"

Thought of this.

He tapped his right foot, and he lifted off the ground like a steel wire, and floated straight to the second floor window.

He was about to walk in from the window.


A gentle force emerged from the window and pressed Roger down with his head!

On the data bar.


Insight: You perceive that Ziqi Lou implies that you are an ordinary martial artist



If it weren't for the sixth sense, this purple gas building is closely related to the mountain protection formation.

He must take this thing apart.


Roger angrily jumped into the first floor.

I don't know if it's because of the second floor, the light here is very dark!

Roger hasn't landed yet.

So dark shadows suddenly appeared in the corner!

In an instant.

His eyelids jump wildly--

He has seen these shadows.

Those are extremely abstract stickmen!

It's just different from the stickman in Qingquanzong rockery.

The stick figures on the first floor of this bamboo building are all five short statures.

Combined with their clumsy actions, the comic-like visual effect is particularly strong!

Roger couldn't help but laugh when he saw it.

But the next second.

His smile froze on his face.

At the moment he easily dodges the two stickmen who rushed forward, a powerful force hit his perineum!

Severe pain climbed up the spine and beat Roger on the forehead frantically.


that moment.

He breathed in pain!

With strong support, he reluctantly turned around, and a rough Taiyilihuo knife slashed it!

After a successful sneak attack, the stickman avoided with a clumsy and funny action.

But in Roger's perception.

The posture that the other party had just gotten out seemed a bit familiar.

He couldn't help but glanced at the data column.


Reminder: You were hit by the yin leg of Master Black Tigers Projection...


"Good guy!"

"It's really a projection of Master Black Tiger!"

Roger suddenly came to his spirits.

He didn't have time to think about why the projection of Master Black Tiger appeared here, so he could only stand up and resist.

The number of stickmen is constantly increasing.

They pounced one after another, and they were very fierce--

Slide shovel, knee hit, yin leg!

Googling, digging your heart, stepping on your toes!

It is almost omnipotent.

Just a few rounds down.

Roger realized that Heihu's stickman is much more fierce than the style of music!

Fortunately, he is not what he used to be.

With the blessing of toughness and basic defensive value, Roger insisted on standing upright against a black tiger's torrential attack!

The two sides fought for a while.

Roger knew that Taiyi Lihuo Knife's open-and-close moves could not deal with these nimble black dwarfs.

He wanted to use weapons.

But the first floor of this bamboo building seems to have a force field for banned weapons.

Without any choice.

He can only use small grappling techniques against the enemy.

After all, this is how he graduated from the rockery.

At that time, he didn't have a sixth sense, and he couldn't stand the stalking of the match people.

And now.

No matter from which angle the black tiger's stickman attacked, Roger was able to dodge him half a step faster.

In this way.

It would be difficult for the matchers to hurt Roger again.

But the same.

He had nothing to do with these brutal and flexible stickmen.

The two sides were thus caught in a long stalemate.

Roger relied on his vigor, and simply responded to the ever-changing situation, trying to use the most energy-saving method to resist the attack of the match people.

The match people are more unrestrained.

They tried various poses frantically.

Attempt to break through Roger's line of defense.

But he was forcibly held.

Occasionally several offensives worked, but they were also hard-topped by defense value and toughness!

Time passed by every minute.

Before you know it.

The two sides fought for 10 hours in one go!


10 hours later.

in the dark.

Roger was sweating profusely.

In the past every minute and every second.

Both his mind and body were tortured.

Heihu's stickman is not as talkative as the genre.

But the variety of methods and the weird moves made Roger an eye-opener.

He can only focus on defense.

despite this.

His ribs were also broken several times, and his left foot tendon was almost bitten off-as for the vital parts of his neck and anus, I don't know how many times it was attacked!

What's more terrifying is.

In this long struggle.

His stamina is almost exhausted...

This is the most deadly problem!

Because of his physique, he should have been sluggish long ago, and he relied on a breath of energy to continue his life.

but now.

The essence in Roger's body was also empty.

"Come and ask for advice tomorrow..."

He thought so.

Can't help but slowly leaned against the window.


A stickman relentlessly jumped onto the window frame and closed the window easily!

"This is fine too?"

Roger was surprised.

However, at the moment when he was distracted, a pair of strong and powerful hands pressed on his waist!

"You can't catch me..."

Roger was agitated and pressed his backhand forcefully on the back of the opponent's hand, but before the thought was completely flashed, his vision began to turn upside down!

Between sparkling flints.

A strong sense of weightlessness arises spontaneously.


Warning: In the past 10 hours, 100% toughness has been effective 24 times; in the next 12 hours, your toughness value is reduced to 95%!


Reminder: You were hit by the hug throw of Master Black Tigers Projection...



The sound of heavy objects trembling in the bamboo building.

The world revolves around.

Roger seemed to see the universe galaxy.

But in the end flooded his countless black fists!


Reminder: You were killed by the'Projection of the Black Tiger Master'


Warning: You have entered a dying state, and the quick resurrection is starting...


"A resurrection coin was knocked out!"

"Master Black Tiger is here for real?"

At that moment.

Strong hostility surged from Roger's heart, and at the moment he got out of his dying state, he suddenly opened the thorns halo!

Next second.

The match people who were too late to stop were caught off guard by the powerful anti-injury field.

Roger took the opportunity to throw out frost grenades one after another!

The use of weapons is indeed prohibited on the first floor of the bamboo building.

But it didn't say that you can't use props!

Because of previous experience with stickman.

Roger thought that the two sides were just a close-up contest, so he didn't use these outside moves.

But it's different now.

He was beaten to death alive, naturally there are not so many rules to talk about!

after all.

The dead are the big ones.


boom! boom! boom!

The crack of grenade sounded from the bamboo building.

Bingogen spread rapidly.

The actions of the stickman were obviously affected.

Roger sees this.

Could not help but sneer.

But seeing his hands point out like a machine gun frantically, hot lava sprayed from his fingertips!


Spell-like: Lava Jet!


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Roger gave all his fingers.

The shot was heartily.

Inside the bamboo house.

The shadow of the stickman was shot through by the thick or thin flames.

Holes stained with black fire were burned out on the floor.

Not long.

The number of stickmen dropped sharply to only five or six people.

When the five or six people saw this scene, they were actually integrated, and they said for the first time:

"Not bad."

"Finally know how to work."

"Have you learned my skills?"

At this time.

Where does Roger fail to understand the meaning of Black Tiger?

Right now he got up from the floor.

Nodding vigilantly.

The stickman gave a long laugh:

"Just learn it..."

Next second.

Its figure slowly disappeared in place.

There was a muffled sound.

The windows of a bamboo building.



Reminder: You have comprehended the master Black Tigers unique Eighteen Hug and Fall (click to view description)


You got the "Black Tiger Master's Hugging Mark"*3

Description: Every time you consume a layer of mark, you can use the hug thrown by Master Black Tiger himself


For the first time in a hand-to-hand combat that lasted more than 10 hours, you have achieved a new milestone: Pan-Intestine War

War of Hearts: The first fierce battle of young people

Corresponding title: Viet Nam and more courage (after more than 6 hours in a single battle, your physical recovery speed will increase by 100%)


"God's intestine war!"

Roger left the bamboo building with a backache, and while walking, he checked the new arrivals

Although the milestone system is still wrong.

But this title is very solid.

He chose the exchange without hesitation.

And Master Black Tiger's hug and fall imprint made Roger like a treasure.

Judging from the tone of the original genre mentioning the black tiger, it is very likely that both sides are martial artists of the same level.

The floating cloud palm of the song wind has immortal power.

Heihu's hug and wrestling would not be too bad.

Just look at it from the description.

Roger can determine that the hug is at least the same level as the sliding shovel!

"I just don't know how big the nightmare dragon is..."

He thought so.

Continue to the depths of the Phoenix Forest.


This time.

He walked for a long, long time before he found the third bamboo building in the Phoenix Forest.

This building is located in the center of Phoenix Forest and is three stories high.

What is different from before.

This bamboo building has a door.

Roger walked in from the gate.

The bamboo doors on both sides opened and closed trembling slightly.

The breeze brushed his face.

The simple and elegant interior decoration comes to your eyes.

Square table.

High chair.

Blank picture scroll.

There is also a jade futon!

See here.

Roger couldn't help but move towards the futon.

On the futon.

An irregular yellow crystal was placed quietly.

There are faintly dark things inside.

"what is this?"

Roger smoothly opened the lookout technique.


Tip: You have obtained the Jade Phoenix Monks Relic (click to adjust the translation mode)


"What is this for?"

Roger observed patiently for a while~wuxiaworld.online~ The sixth sense told him that there is a very powerful force in this little yellow bead!

That power is no less than the mark on the palm of his hand!

He stared at the bead for a long time.

Then I realized that the black thing might be a humanoid!

On the data bar.


Insight: You found the "Immortal Remnant of the Jade Phoenix Monk"


A strange feeling flooded into Roger's heart.

He tried various methods, but he couldn't resonate with this relic.

Time passed by every minute.

One hour later in the blink of an eye.

Just when he almost gave up.

Suddenly he sat down cross-legged like a heart.

next moment.

He held the relic in the palm of his hand, and then launched a special skill he had never used before!


Reminder: You have activated the Soul Spirit Out of Aperture...


Warning: Your primordial spirit has entered the relic...


That is an extremely dark world!

The turbid yellow liquid slapped continuously like huge waves

Roger's consciousness evaded embarrassedly under the package of the soul.

He flew strenuously for a long time.

Only found the remains in the center of the world!

It was a monk who looked like a living person.

He has a tattoo of Huoyun Chasun on his right arm, which is the symbol of the Yufeng clan!

Roger flew around the remains for a while.

Next second.

He flew behind them, and then pounced forward!


Reminder: You successfully entered the'Jade Phoenix Monk's Remains'


You have obtained an external avatar (temporary)!


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