Immortal Martial Venerable Chapter 5612

Chapter 5717: I Want To Be Beaten Too

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"Oh, my face, my old waist, how can I feel like my whole body's bones are falling apart!"

Beside the road leading to the imperial capital of Dongyue Dynasty, in a pit, a figure stood up swayingly, and then crawled out of the pit.

"Fat man, you are awesome!"

"This is not dead, Fatty is really dead."

"Fatty, is this immortal Xiaoqiang?"

A group of strong men directly gave a thumbs up to the fat man, and they all admired the fat man. Is this guy the legendary Son of Destiny?

Whether it was the three elder brothers and sisters of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect, Dongyue Xueer, or even the twelve great bandits, Mingyang Saint, they all had to look at the fat man differently.

This is a fat guy who can't even kill his master!

"What are you talking about, am I confused again?"

The fat man couldn't help muttering when seeing everyone looking at him with weird eyes.

What he said about being confused was that the sword spirit was possessed. He meant to fall into a coma directly. As for what the sword spirit did to control his Dao body, he didn't know at all.

"Yeah, yeah, Fat Master was sleepwalking again just now."

Everyone did not click on it.

"Sleepwalking you!" The fat man stepped forward, grabbed Wen Chen by the collar of the third elder brother of the Ten Thousand Gods Sect, and directly put him in his hand, "Quickly, who beat me so badly?"

The fat man stretched out his hand and touched his face, grinning with pain, and everything was a pig's head.

Furthermore, he felt that no part of his whole body was intact. This was too miserable. He was absolutely tortured again!

Maybe more than once.

"Fat, what are you doing?"

Wen Chen was shocked. He didn't dare to poison the fat man, because once the fat man "sleepwalked", it was no joke.

At this time, everyone knew that the fat man couldn't be stunned. Once the fat man was almost killed, the fat man would "sleepwalk" and become the man who stared at the red flame devil dragon.

They dont want to be stared to death by the transformed fat man.

No one knew that the sword spirit in Fatty's body had been sealed by Gu Fei.

At this time, even if the fat man was dismissed by the people, the sword spirit in his body could not come out to rescue him.

"What are you saying about me? Come on, who beat me like this."

The fat man is really angry.


Wen Chen looked bitter, how dare he tell the fat man that his master beat him into a pig? How dare, that's the master.

"Don't tell me? You have a kind!"

As soon as the fat man gritted his teeth, he slapped Wen Chen away.

"Even if you are dead to me, I won't say it."

Wen Chen gave it up.

"If you don't say it, then you say it!"

The fat man glanced at the people around him.


Seeing this wicked look of Fatty, everyone just hides far away.


The fat man was speechless.


Gu Fei coughed, and then looked at Wang Zhan who was fighting the fiendish snake.

"Fuck, old ancient, you beat me like this in your feelings?"

The fat man directly threw Wen Chen aside, and then rushed to Gu Fei. This guy was very clever, and he directly guessed who he was abused by.

"Hey, don't block me from watching the show!"

Gu Fei frowned.

"I don't care, you have to make up for me."

The fat man directly relied on Shang Gu Fei. He was extremely jealous at the old mud pill that Gu Fei had given to the Mingyang Saints and the Dao Yun leaves given to these guys.

Now it's time to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of Gu Fei's body!

"I will compensate you for the ball, and you can feel your own cultivation."

Gu Fei stretched out his right hand, grabbed the fat man's collar directly, and waved his hand to throw this guy out.

Fatty didn't have the strength to fight back in Gu Fei's hands. Then, he fell face down, threw his body to the ground, and gnawed mud.


The fat man almost went crazy, he ran away from the ground abruptly, and was about to have an attack.



The next moment he was stunned, because he felt his own cultivation level, and was shocked to find that his cultivation level had broken through to the holy realm.

This is the Holy Land!

The origin of the fat man is mysterious, but his cultivation is no secret in Gu Fei's eyes.

Although Gu Fei severely tortured the fat man, and sealed the sword yuan in the fat man's body, but at the same time, he also easily promoted the fat man's cultivation base to the holy realm.

Upgrading the fat man's cultivation base to the holy realm was nothing but a piece of cake for Gu Fei.

"Sanctified, am I sanctified?"

"Haha, I'm sanctified..."

"I am so holy, how can I become holy?"

The fat man jumped and screamed, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes roaring, and sometimes dancing and dancing, just like a fool.


All people are collectively forced.

"How is this possible"

Sage of Mingyang stared at the fat man, he was a casual cultivator, and also a saint. No one knew better than him how difficult it is for a monk to cultivate into a holy realm.

However, Gu Fei was able to turn a monk who was not a holy realm into a holy realm with his hands raised.

Moreover, the Black God Ridge Lord also helped Gu Fei at will, and his cultivation base broke directly into the Holy Realm. It only took a few days. Not only did the Black God Ridge Lord's cultivation base stabilize, but he also cultivated to the point. The peak of the elementary sacred realm is about to break through to the intermediate sacred realm.

Hei Shenling Lingzhu's cultivation speed is absolutely unprecedented in the eyes of the Mingyang Saint, but now, the record of the Black Shenling Lingzhu has been ruthlessly broken by the fat man.

Fatty was directly in the holy realm, if it hadn't been for Gu Fei to remind him, he didn't even know that his cultivation had broken through to the holy realm.


Fatty suddenly shook his body, and a burst of Saint Wei immediately came out of him.

The people around, except the Black God Ridge Lord and Mingyang Saint, were all trembling and terrified under the awe of this holy power.

"Old Gu, Old Gu, beat me again, please beat me again, beat me!"

The fat man rushed directly in front of Gu Fei, begging Gu Fei to beat him.

Everyone was stunned.

But the next moment, everyone was excited to the extreme, excited to the extreme.

Fatty was beaten by Gu Fei and he became holy, and he became holy after he was beaten. Who doesn't want such a good thing? Everyone present desperately desires to be sanctified!

"Master, you should beat me too, I should beat!"

"Master, I should be beaten, you all get out of me."

"I should be beaten the most!"

Wen Chen cried and rushed over.

"Go away!"

His big brother Wu Fan pushed him aside and squeezed to the front.

"Did those guys have water in their heads?"

"There are still people in this world begging others to beat themselves?"

In the distance, some big people watching the show are directly confused.

Hovering on the hill in the sky, Tianmeng, the Great Master of Qitianmen, was already frightened by this scene.

Beat someone up, and that person will be sanctified. Who the **** is this guy, its incredible, its incredible, its almost...I dont know what to describe.

"I want to be beaten too."

Tianmeng looked bitter.

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