Immortal Martial Venerable Chapter 5614

Chapter 5719: Isn't This Guy A Fool?

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My magnificent master of the Qitianmen Formation Dao, a half-step holy realm master, unexpectedly recognized a little guy with only a **** realm cultivation base as the master, and I have all the desire to die!

Tianmeng really broke down, and he wanted face.

If people know that they have recognized a little guy in the realm of gods as their master, how can they still get stuck in this world of cultivation? Definitely to be everyone's after-dinner jokes!

However, he does not know how many people envy him.

You know, his master's master is suspected of being the supreme existence of the Promise.

Following this master's disciple, the future is absolutely boundless!

Of course, the current Tianmeng didn't realize that he was lucky.

Tian Meng looked at the cracked formation in his hand, and that almost spurted out another mouthful of old blood. This formation was nothing, but what was hidden in the formation was his lifeblood.

The team continued to set off, leaving the land, and then the plain of Yimapingchuan, and then through this endless plain, it entered the scope of the Eastern Moon Imperial Capital.

Gu Fei still kept a low profile, he directly led a black scaly horse over and rode up.

Sage Mingyang saw this, and immediately ran over and took the reins, but Gu Fei waved his hand and the guy flew out with a "swish", and instantly no shadow was visible.

The saint leads the horse?

And they weren't willing to wave his hand directly, this awesome saint flew straight away?

Seeing this scene, Tianmeng was immediately stunned.

Only then did he realize that his master's master was so powerful.

He suddenly became excited.

With such a powerful backing, Lao Tzu still walks sideways in the Promise World?

Although Qitian Gate is also an extremely powerful sect, the masters in the gate are like clouds, holy realm bulls are qualified to be elders in the gate, and there are many elders in the Qitian gate.

Especially the sect master of Qitian Gate, who has been in retreat for thousands of years, is said to be hitting the Promise Realm.

Of course, it is not easy to break through to the Promise Realm.

Even in the super-perfect world of the Promise Realm, there are only a handful of supreme existences of the Promise Realm, and there are only five on the bright side.

Of course, in the entire Promise Realm, there can be no five Promise Realms.

This is something everyone knows well.

However, the other Promises are very low-key, and the five great masters are just five of the more powerful ones in the Promise.

Really awesome, really awesome are those super old antiques in the boundless realm that have lived for endless years, even the world has forgotten their existence.

Tianmeng quietly put away his dissatisfaction, did not dare to blame himself, and began to be honest.

Because he found that the people around him were very honest, even the Twelve Great Bandits of Heishenling were as honest as a kitty, and all the rebellious and arrogant ones were all put away.

Even the boss of Heishenling was cautiously accompanied by this super man, alive and well as a servant.

"What are you guys doing, don't hang around in front of me if it's okay."

Gu Fei said calmly.


When everyone stopped, they were all awe-inspiring. Who would dare to dangle in front of you? The Mingyang Sage is a lesson from the past, the best example!

That guy didn't know where he flew, and he hasn't rolled back yet.

As soon as the team came out of the market, a divine light rushed over from far away. In the divine light, the figure of a black-clothed old man was looming, and powerful vitality fluctuations erupted from the divine light.

"Half Saint?"

The monks in the team were suddenly taken aback.

"Someone is making trouble again?"

Everyone was shocked and then ecstatic, and they had the opportunity to perform in front of the master.

However, the comer is a semi-sage, who dares to make a move easily?

However, some people were as excited as if they were beaten up with blood, and they rushed straight up.

"This idiot..."

When Wang Zhan saw it, he almost scolded him. The guy who couldn't wait to rush up was the subordinate he had just collected, the Great Master of Qitianmen Tianmeng.

This guy dared to take advantage of Lao Tzu?

Wang Zhan is depressed!

"Friend Tianmeng?"

The visitor was still an acquaintance, and as soon as the two met, the other party greeted Tianmeng.

"You fellow Taoist, are you here to do something? You won't talk if you win it."

Tianmeng couldn't help but said, as he came up to sacrifice his cracked disc, and saw the disc, the size of a hill, that changed in the wind, directly hitting the person's head.


The coming man was planted from the sky.


The ground vibrated and the dust was flying, and someone hit the ground directly into a big hole.

"Look at my mighty dragon!"

Tianmeng roared, and the imposing driving array suppressed downward.

As soon as the visitor emerged from the big pit, he was directly hit by the formation from the sky, and was directly suppressed in the ground.

"Who did I provoke?"

"Tianmeng, you bastard..."

The person who was suppressed under the formation spit out a mouthful of old blood, almost to death.

"Dare to do something, this is the end..."

Tianmeng descended from the sky with great power and wind, and landed on the formation. He looked at everyone, and saw everyone staring at him dumbfounded.

He immediately felt extremely proud.

It's done, it's done, I didn't expect that I could pretend to be coercive in front of the master just after confessing to the master, is there any? The master must look at me differently, and the master's master will also pay attention to himself, maybe he can get a reward.

Tianmeng was laughing wildly in his heart, but on the surface he was pretending to be extremely calm and calm.

I saw him standing on a huge formation like a hill, holding his hands on his back, standing against the wind, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, a slight smile, a trace of pride in his arrogance.


Just when Tian Mengshuang was crooked, a big hand was quickly enlarged directly in his pupils, and then he was slapped and flew out.

"the host?"

Tianmeng was shocked when he saw the guy twitching his big mouth.

"Are you a fool?"

As soon as Wang Zhan came up, he was yelled at.


Tianmeng fell from heaven to **** all of a sudden, and was suddenly stunned by Wang Zhan, clutching his swollen face, very aggrieved.

"Tianmeng, you bastard, I want to break with you..."


The popular person who was suppressed by Tianmeng underneath, Ruoyousi, is probably about to get his boxed lunch.

This guy Tianmeng is really ruthless!

"Brother Wang, shouldn't you be a fool!"

The fat man came up to tease.

"You see that the other person is here to do something? That's my master's subordinate, you know?"

Wang Zhans anger, Tianmengs head is really flooded, and he cant wait to do meritorious service, want to show himself, and indiscriminately beat people to death in the future.


Tianmeng was dumbfounded.

At this moment, Gu Fei's right hand waved to the circle, and the circle flew towards him immediately, quickly became smaller, and fell into his hand.

The man who had been suppressed by the panic stood up swayingly, his clothes in tatters, blood stained, and half of his life was gone.

This person is the elder of Tianwu Holy Land who was sent to Jinyang Holy Land by Gu Fei before, half-step to the Holy Land Menghe.


At this moment, Gu Fei's right hand used force, it actually directly caught Tianmeng's formation.

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